Political Ideologies Essay Examples and Topics

Wahhabism Movement and Its Political Influence

Introduction According to Algar (34), “Islam has two distinct sects called the Sunnis and Shiites”. These two Islamic groups have unique sub-orders or schools. Wahhabism is a popular Sunni Movement in the Middle East. This movement is common in many countries across the Middle East. The Islamic Movement emerged in the 1700s. This movement “was […]

The Islamic Political Movements Influence

Introduction The global split concerning political ideologies is eminent, especially when one considers the political differences that exist amongst the Asian economies, the Arab economies, and the European nations (Fox 415). Behind all these differences in the political divergences is the concept of religion, which seems to affect the global politics. Islam is one of […]

“Reform without Justice” by Alfonso Gonzalez

Introduction The speaker was Alfonso Gonzalez. He is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Lehman College of the City University of New York. He was launching at book tour for “Reform without Justice: Latino Migrant Politics and the Homeland Security State”, on December 4, 2013 at a small independent bookstore in Manhattan called Bluestockings. The […]

Marx, Wallerstein and Baudrillard

Karl Marx and Marxism Marxism can be defined as a method social inquiry which looks at economic, socio- economic and socio-political aspects of a society. In its attempt to explain social change, the method relies on the concept of historical materialism, the rise and development of capitalism as a mode of production and the study […]

Hegemony and Ideology

The media plays a pivotal role in defining the world and providing models for appropriate behavior and attitudes. Ideology has a link with concepts such as belief system, worldview and values, but is broader in context. The media is considered to be an avenue through which dissemination of ideology takes place. Hence, this is one […]

Education Theories: political ideologies

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to understand political ideologies and apply them in real life situation. The political ideologies include, conservative, libertarian, liberal and radical. The essay also involves applying the ideologies to social issues. The essay also includes an analysis of the Harlem project in relation to the political ideologies. The analysis […]

Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto

An Analysis of Nationalism and Imperialism in Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto Karl Marx is a political theorist, who is well known for his liberal ideas in Communist Manifesto. He has significantly influenced political dynamics throughout the world. In the 19th century, the political world was characterized by nationalism. It involves a sense of love and […]

Partisan Demagoguery

The difference between socialism and active state liberalism Socialism is viewed as a complicated system since it entails diverse implications, as far as freedom is concerned. Socialists believe that, the idea of individual freedom is not appropriate because it overlooks many fundamental aspects. Since proponents advocate for freedom that jointly affects the entire community, other […]

Sodaro, Michael. Comparative Politics

To address the current issues in politics, Sodaro has come up with a number of political approaches that can be used to understand the political ideologies of people (Sodaro 12). In his book, Sodaro has critically explained the trend politics in several countries. To achieve this, he has explained the types of governments that different […]

What is Politics?

The real meaning of politics may seem difficult to unravel because of the difference in systems of government, applications and functions or attributes of the politicians in different countries. A Canadian definition of politics would significantly vary from that of an American since the Canadian sees politics as natural and a growth in human behavior. […]

Conceptualization of Politics

Introduction Very many definitions cloud a universal application to understanding politics. There are those who argue that the search for a legal understanding of politics is practical. Given this scenario, it becomes necessary to place more emphasis on the characteristics of politics to arrive at a clear understanding and a better analysis of what actually […]

Brief Political Ideologies

Modern Liberalism The ideology of modern liberalism is a recent thought which has been developed by borrowing views and ideas from other theories to form a huge body of ideology from the works of renounced scholars and philosophers such as Theodore Roosevelt, J.F Kennedy, Woodrow Wilson and Lyndon Johnson. These people came up with powerful […]

Authoritarian-Minded Populism in the United States

The evaluation of particular historical events always depends upon the historians’ perspective and their ideological beliefs. In that regard, any war can be defined as antihuman or patriotic and heroic, depending upon the chosen angle for viewing it. After Thycydides justified the Peloponnesian War as an epochal event for the whole mankind, similar strategies have […]

Was Mao Zedong Correct to Argue “Political Power Grows out of the Barrel of a Gun”?

Introduction “Ideology is the most elusive concept in the whole of social science”, this quote captures the difficulty in defining an ideology (McLellan 1995). We can identify ideologies based on the words used to describe them. People subscribed to the capitalism ideology will use words that express freedom of commerce and market price determination among […]

Liberalist and Socialist Responses to Khomeini

Introduction Khomeini was an outstanding political leader who strived to reorganize the government and imposes his religious vision of ruling the economy. In particular, his work entitled as The Necessity for the Islamic Government, he outlines his position towards the government and his vigorous apposition against Western tendencies in administering the state. The main point […]

Political Ideologies: Capitalism vs. Socialism

Introduction Inthe contemporary times, two dominant ways of life reign humanity. These two ways of life have gradually degenerated into two ideologies, viz. the Western capitalism and the Eastern socialism. Most of the Western countries embrace capitalism, which reflects liberalism, competition, and unrestrained freedom (Pejovich 71). The states promote a competitive economic environment where individuals […]

Comparative Ideologies

Introduction Different forms of governments are based on different ideologies. The ideologies are important as they shape the political, social and economic structures that are important in governance. These ideologies may be different but in some cases they intertwine in order to achieve good governance. According to Mullins (1972), political ideology refers to a collective […]

Samuel Adams: Radical Puritan

Political Views Over the Sugar act The Sugar act or simply American revenue act entails the derivation of a mechanism to raise tax. The act, passed by Great Britain parliament in 5 April 1764, states that, “it is expedient that new provisions and regulations should be established for improving the revenue of this Kingdom…and…It is […]