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Capital Punishment Debates Essay Examples and Topics

Is the Death Penalty Discriminatory?

This paper identifies the paucity of research on the death penalty and preliminarily investigates the discriminatory course of justice when the death penalty is applied in any jurisdiction.
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Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished in China?

The aim of this research paper is to advocate for the eradication of the death penalty in the People's Republic of China, based on both human rights as well as practical deterrence grounds.
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The Furman v. Georgia Case in America

After the court suspended the death penalty in America; there was a reduction in the enforcement of the death penalty fueled by racial discrimination.
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Capital Punishment Debates: Death Penalty

The capital punishment has been practiced in almost all the societies and all epochs in the development of the mankind. The author educates the society as a whole on litigious issues of the death penalty [...]
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Capital Punishment in Florida

The system is erroneous and cases that almost end up in the 'chair' are overturned contrary to the expectations of the family members of the murdered.
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The Death Penalty, a Just Punishment

The principles of the criminals should be used against them, consequently, the death penalty is the best way to give humanity to realize the horror of death and the fear of being killed.
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Sangmin Bae on the Death Penalty

While majority of the countries have abolished the death penalty, America continues to remain a prominent protagonist for the death penalty.
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Capital Punishment: Term Definition

In that regard, taking such issues such as euthanasia, abortion and capital punishment, the latter can be considered as the most delicate, especially considering many cases that represent exceptions that are feared to be repeated.
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Capital Punishment – Moral or Immoral?

It would not be a futile exercise to interpret capital punishment in the light of religion before proceeding to the subject of my argument. Countries that give importance to such punishments should tone down and [...]
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The Death Penalty in the United States

Some would argue, for example, that imprisonment of any amount of time for 'crimes' such as gambling, prostitution and the possession of drugs should be interpreted as excessive therefore 'unusual.' The use of the death [...]
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Capital Punishment in the US Analysis

Capital Punishment is the lawful infliction of death as a punishment for a major crime. The first argument against Capital Punishment is that it is inhumane.
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Death Penalty: Critical Thinking & Arguments

The execution sermons of the early colonies were full of warnings against following in the footsteps of the condemned, and executions were public events designed to instill fear and reverence for the law in the [...]
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Opposition to the Death Penalty

However, the minority did not give up the expectation of capital punishment, for the reason that of a minority's point of view, merely the most horrible oppression of the minority.
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Death Penalty Websites’ Accuracy and Objectivity

According to the above stated, the topic of the current paper is the comparison of two websites dedicated to the topic of the death penalty in respect of their reputability, accuracy, and objectivity.
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The Death Penalty Is Not a Deterrent to Homicide

In addition, there is statistical evidence that some public officials may routinely use inflammatory remarks designed to inflate the effects of the death penalty on the rate of homicide for their own personal and professional [...]
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An Orwellian Look at Capital Punishment

His reaction to the actual hanging of a puny Hindu man borders on a strategy of remaining as a detached viewer and subconsciously, his gorge rises at the thought of a human being with a [...]
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Public Opinion on Capital Punishment for Juveniles

This essay is a study of the public opinion on Capital Punishment for juveniles, this is a very controversial subject as many people are against Captial punishment, and many are for life imprisonment, capital punishment [...]
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“Dirty Laundry” Essay by Barbara Ehrenreich

The problem of capital punishment is one of the issues that get the author's thorough investigation. The controversial nature of the problem discussed seems to have encouraged the author to choose the same strategy of [...]
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Death Penalty and Moral Multiplicity Approach

Kaplan and Tivnan consider the moral judgment to be a result of a spontaneous association between particular emotions and cognitions that occurs in the course of moral motivation.
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Capital Punishment in Indonesia

The government is also known to safeguard the details of capital punishment in the country. The targeted prisoners are "executed in the middle of the night".
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Death Penalty for Murder by Terrorism

The case of Timothy is the first instance of the death sentence against a terrorist in the United States. The law enforcement agencies try their best to get rid of the terrorists and their activities [...]
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Death Penalty: Mistrial, Racial Bias, Crime Ranking

Given the gravity of the outcome, i.e, the death of the person that was possibly innocent or guilty to a lesser degree than stated in the course of the trial, the concept of capital punishment [...]
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Capital Punishment and Unusual Punishment

The issue of capital punishment has always been on the radar of the Supreme Court of the United States. The key question that should be answered is the future of capital punishment and unusual punishment [...]
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The Death Penalty Costs and Consequences

It remains a dilemma why a criminal in the same country should face heavier judgement than another in the same country, yet they have committed the same crime. Crime should be punished with the same [...]
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Capital Punishment in United States

The most compelling argument in support of capital punishment is that failing to execute murderers may in itself put more lives in danger.
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Capital Punishment

For example, capital punishment is the best punishment for murder because it is equal to the crime. Thirdly, capital punishment is a violation of the human right to life.
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Is the Death Penalty Effective?

For a while now, Saudi Arabia has remained one of the global nations that strongly believe that punishing by death is one of the ways of giving justice to victims of crime and one of [...]
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Isolation and Capital Punishments

On the other hand, capital punishments such as deaths deprives of people the freedom of life and goes against God's command which disallows intentional killings of persons, or murder. Similarly, capital punishment in the form [...]
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Death Penalty: James A Inciardi Perspective

The author thinks that the death penalty does not play a role in the rehabilitation of offenders. The proponents of the abolition of the punishment have also used their knowledge of the fact that states [...]
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Capital Punishment: Advantages and Disadvantages

This paper examines death penalty from an impartial view by considering disadvantages and advantages of capital punishment in society. Thirdly, Teeters views that death penalty is a retribution action in which a victim is punished [...]
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The Death Penalty in the Modern Society

The cost of maintenance of the convicted individuals is also one of the reasons that necessitate the death penalty. The reaffirmation of the death penalty is also attributed to the teachings portrayed by most religions.
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Death Penalty Issues in Tennessee State

This argument tends to disregard the death penalty for the benefit of the TN state. This thwarts the need to execute them in the context of death penalty.
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Death Penalty for Young People

This raised the question as to whether death penalty was the suitable punishment for such criminals or whether they actually reduce crime.
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Capital Punishment Role in the World

However, it is wrong and unjustified because it is inhuman, unfair, violates the human right to life, and it does not aid in reduction of crime.
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Capital Punishment as an Option in Maryland

Death penalty is the most serious punishment that can be used by the government against people; and even if it costs less then keeping a person in jail till the end of his/her life and [...]
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Capital Punishment in Political View

This is because quiet a number of the abolitions have been associated with democratic developments in political systems of the countries that have abolished the penalties. Conservatives have in the United States been strongly opposed [...]
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