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Capital Punishment Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

📝 Key Points to Use to Write an Outstanding Capital Punishment Essay

Capital punishment has been a debatable issue for decades. Some people believe that the death penalty plays a crucial role in the criminal justice system, while others think that this procedure is highly unethical.

An essay on capital punishment may be a challenging assignment because students should know much about the subject. Do not worry, we have got you covered! Read this article until the end and learn some important tips on writing capital punishment essays.

Start with choosing the subject for your paper. Here are some capital punishment essay topics that you can use:

  • Capital punishment in the media
  • Crime and punishment in today’s world: Death penalty
  • Capital punishment essay: Arguments against death penalty
  • The legal and ethical implications of capital punishment
  • Capital punishment should be forbidden: Anti-death penalty arguments
  • Why capital punishment may target the poor
  • Death penalty: An issue of life and death

Remember that these are just examples of topics and titles for your paper. You can choose any related capital punishment essay titles. Once you have selected a topic of your essay, you can start working on the assignment. Here are the key points you should use to write an outstanding essay:

  • Study the subject thoroughly. Use reliable sources to analyze the legal and ethical aspects of the death penalty. Select the sources you will use in the paper and remember that they should be credible.
  • A well-developed outline is key. Make sure that your paper includes an introduction, a conclusion, and several body paragraphs.
  • If you are not sure about the structure of your paper, check out essays online to see how they are organized. This step can also help you to see whether the selected problem is relevant. Remember that you should avoid copying the information you will find online. Plagiarism will make your essay look unreliable and get you a bad grade.
  • Remember that you should present your capital punishment essay thesis in the last sentence of your introductory paragraph. Hint: Start working on your introductory paragraph after you research the subject. It will help you to present the background information correctly.
  • Identify the goals of your paper clearly. Do you want to prove your point or provide insight on the issue? Answer these questions before starting to work on your assignment.
  • Define capital punishment. You can discuss its legal implications, its prevalence in different countries, and the offenses that can potentially lead to a death penalty.
  • When working on an opinion piece, state your viewpoint clearly. Do you think that all countries should legalize death penalties? Do you believe that capital punishment is unethical? Do some offenders deserve a death penalty more than others do? Answer these questions in detail.
  • Remember that the purpose of your paper should be to help the reader understand capital punishment better. Your essay should motivate the audience to develop an opinion about the subject.
  • Always support your arguments with evidence. Cite articles in an appropriate style (MLA, APA, Harvard, or other). The best type of sources for your paper is peer-reviewed articles and other scholarly publications.
  • Restate your arguments and the thesis in a concluding section. Provide a summary of your findings along with recommendations for future research.

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🏆 Best Capital Punishment Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Capital Punishment: Proponents and Opponents Arguements
    The opponents of capital of capital punishment argue that it is not a just and humane way of punishing heinous criminals in the society because everybody has right to life.
  2. Capital Punishment: A Critical Evaluation of its Appropriateness in Modern Society
    In line with the above argument, supporters of capital punishment argue that the practice permanently removes thieves, murderers, rapists, and other criminals from the face of society, in the process making it safer for compliant […]
  3. Capital Punishment in Political View
    This is because quiet a number of the abolitions have been associated with democratic developments in political systems of the countries that have abolished the penalties. Conservatives have in the United States been strongly opposed […]
  4. Capital Punishment as an Option in Maryland
    Death penalty is the most serious punishment that can be used by the government against people; and even if it costs less then keeping a person in jail till the end of his/her life and […]
  5. Capital Punishment Role in the World
    However, it is wrong and unjustified because it is inhuman, unfair, violates the human right to life, and it does not aid in reduction of crime.
  6. Capital Punishment Legislation
    The main reasons that opponents of the death penalty give for their position are, the fact that the death penalty is inhumane and cruel.
  7. Analysis of Capital Punishment in the Films
    Those for the death penalty in the movie are represented by Ramunda who becomes a strong advocate for the death penalty and in many instances, is a counterpart of Cushing.
  8. Capital Punishment
    Politicians are frequently trying to expand the scope of capital punishment by bringing in a host of crimes under it.”The US public has deep concern over violent crimes due to the cynical manipulation of capital […]
  9. The Economic Significance of Capital Punishment
    The survival of any civilization hinges on the establishment of laws and codes of conduct and the subsequent obeying of the same by the society’s members.
  10. Avoiding of Capital Punishment
    Capital punishment is also unnecessary since there are better ways of punishing criminals such as life imprisonment to keep the society in order and at peace.
  11. Capital punishment and deterrence of crime
    For the case of murder or crimes that necessitate capital punishment, the incentive to commit murder is directly related to the uncertainties that punishments for the crime will generate.
  12. Analysis: Speech In Favor of Capital Punishment by John Stuart Mills
    Mills rightly points out that the very grounds of humanity used to support the removal of the death penalty should also be the ones used to support retaining of the sentence.
  13. The Death Penalty in the Modern Society
    The cost of maintenance of the convicted individuals is also one of the reasons that necessitate the death penalty. The reaffirmation of the death penalty is also attributed to the teachings portrayed by most religions.
  14. Capital Punishment: Advantages and Disadvantages
    This paper examines death penalty from an impartial view by considering disadvantages and advantages of capital punishment in society. Thirdly, Teeters views that death penalty is a retribution action in which a victim is punished […]
  15. Psychological Aspects of Capital Punishment
    According to research done by Freedman and Hemenway on a group of death row inmates, it was established that almost a two-thirds of the death row inmates are retarded.
  16. Utilitarianism: Death Penalty – View on Capital Punishment
    Another significant benefit offered by the death penalty to the society is that it leads to the permanent incapacitation of the convicted person.
  17. The Death Penalty Debate in the United States of America
    The punishment is believed to have been there even at the time of the earlier colonies of the United States; it as well continued to be in force within the states that came to form […]
  18. Moral Issue of Capital Punishment
    Capital punishment is also a form of premeditated death as the action is planned for, does it mean that the state has the right to premeditate deaths for some of its citizens because they are […]
  19. The Consequences of Capital Punishment
    The appeals in the death penalty cases are usually many and cause the social costs of the cases to be even more expensive.
  20. Does the Death Sentence Offer Justice to the Criminal?
    It is not enough to be locked in prison for ending the life of a fellow human being. Revenge is one of the ways that can be used.
  21. Isolation and Capital Punishments
    On the other hand, capital punishments such as deaths deprives of people the freedom of life and goes against God’s command which disallows intentional killings of persons, or murder. Similarly, capital punishment in the form […]
  22. The Ethical and Legal Standards of Capital Punishment
    This is one of the details that should be considered. This is one of the pitfalls that should be avoided.
  23. Capital Punishment
    For example, capital punishment is the best punishment for murder because it is equal to the crime. Thirdly, capital punishment is a violation of the human right to life.
  24. Capital Punishment in United States
    The most compelling argument in support of capital punishment is that failing to execute murderers may in itself put more lives in danger.
  25. Capital Punishment and Unusual Punishment
    The issue of capital punishment has always been on the radar of the Supreme Court of the United States. The key question that should be answered is the future of capital punishment and unusual punishment […]
  26. Capital Punishment, Its Ethics and Infair Justice
    The main factors leading to differences in stands between the anti-capital punishment and pro-death are the morality and religious issues surrounding the matter.
  27. Capital Punishment in Indonesia
    The government is also known to safeguard the details of capital punishment in the country. The targeted prisoners are “executed in the middle of the night”.
  28. Capital Punishment in Melville’s “Billy Budd, Sailor”
    One of the reasons for the triumph of Billy Budd, Sailor in America and the United Kingdom, was the precision, with which the author portrayed the historical and cultural context, particularly Melville analyzed both issues […]
  29. The Controversy Over Capital Punishment
    It is as a result of this that he concludes that Ford calls for the execution of capital punishment as a penalty in criminal offences.
  30. Capital Punishment and Race Factor in the US
    First of all, it is necessary to briefly discuss the history of race in the U.S.to provide a foundation for the bias and explain its causes.
  31. Public Opinion on Capital Punishment for Juveniles
    This essay is a study of the public opinion on Capital Punishment for juveniles, this is a very controversial subject as many people are against Captial punishment, and many are for life imprisonment, capital punishment […]
  32. An Orwellian Look at Capital Punishment
    His reaction to the actual hanging of a puny Hindu man borders on a strategy of remaining as a detached viewer and subconsciously, his gorge rises at the thought of a human being with a […]
  33. Capital Punishment in the US Analysis
    Capital Punishment is the lawful infliction of death as a punishment for a major crime. The first argument against Capital Punishment is that it is inhumane.
  34. Capital Punishment – Moral or Immoral?
    It would not be a futile exercise to interpret capital punishment in the light of religion before proceeding to the subject of my argument. Countries that give importance to such punishments should tone down and […]
  35. Capital Punishment in the UK Should be Reintroduced?
    ‘Capital Punishment’ or the ‘Death Penalty’ is the judicially ordered, lawful infliction of death as a punishment for a serious crime called a ‘capital offence’ or a ‘capital crime.
  36. Capital Punishment: Term Definition
    In that regard, taking such issues such as euthanasia, abortion and capital punishment, the latter can be considered as the most delicate, especially considering many cases that represent exceptions that are feared to be repeated.

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