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Key Points to Use to Write an Outstanding Capital Punishment Essay

Capital punishment has been a debatable issue for decades. Some people believe that the death penalty plays a crucial role in the criminal justice system, while others think that this procedure is highly unethical.

An essay on capital punishment may be a challenging assignment because students should know much about the subject. Do not worry, we have got you covered! Read this article until the end and learn some important tips on writing capital punishment essays.

Start with choosing the subject for your paper. Here are some capital punishment essay topics that you can use:

  • Capital punishment in the media
  • Crime and punishment in today’s world: Death penalty
  • Capital punishment essay: Arguments against death penalty
  • The legal and ethical implications of capital punishment
  • Capital punishment should be forbidden: Anti-death penalty arguments
  • Why capital punishment may target the poor
  • Death penalty: An issue of life and death

Remember that these are just examples of topics and titles for your paper. You can choose any related capital punishment essay titles. Once you have selected a topic of your essay, you can start working on the assignment. Here are the key points you should use to write an outstanding essay:

  • Study the subject thoroughly. Use reliable sources to analyze the legal and ethical aspects of the death penalty. Select the sources you will use in the paper and remember that they should be credible.
  • A well-developed outline is key. Make sure that your paper includes an introduction, a conclusion, and several body paragraphs.
  • If you are not sure about the structure of your paper, check out essays online to see how they are organized. This step can also help you to see whether the selected problem is relevant. Remember that you should avoid copying the information you will find online. Plagiarism will make your essay look unreliable and get you a bad grade.
  • Remember that you should present your capital punishment essay thesis in the last sentence of your introductory paragraph. Hint: Start working on your introductory paragraph after you research the subject. It will help you to present the background information correctly.
  • Identify the goals of your paper clearly. Do you want to prove your point or provide insight on the issue? Answer these questions before starting to work on your assignment.
  • Define capital punishment. You can discuss its legal implications, its prevalence in different countries, and the offenses that can potentially lead to a death penalty.
  • When working on an opinion piece, state your viewpoint clearly. Do you think that all countries should legalize death penalties? Do you believe that capital punishment is unethical? Do some offenders deserve a death penalty more than others do? Answer these questions in detail.
  • Remember that the purpose of your paper should be to help the reader understand capital punishment better. Your essay should motivate the audience to develop an opinion about the subject.
  • Always support your arguments with evidence. Cite articles in an appropriate style (MLA, APA, Harvard, or other). The best type of sources for your paper is peer-reviewed articles and other scholarly publications.
  • Restate your arguments and the thesis in a concluding section. Provide a summary of your findings along with recommendations for future research.

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Capital Punishment

Introduction Capital punishment refers to the act of killing an individual who has been found guilty of committing a certain crime (Gottfried, 2003, p.35). Capital punishment is a severe form of punishment because a victim cannot repeal a death sentence. A less severe alternative to death sentence is life imprisonment. Despite its existence, some countries […]

The Consequences of Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is a controversial topic in the world especially in the Western countries. Countries such as United States of America, India and China give the penalty in the severe murder cases. The human rights activists however continue to complain on the disadvantages of capital punishment in the judicial system. My hypothesis is that Capital […]

Moral Issue of Capital Punishment

Capital punishment refers to inflicting death to offenders who are convicted of capital crimes. During the medieval times, criminals sentenced to capital punishment were put to death using gruesome methods such as decapitation, burning, stoning and quartering by horses (Marzili, 2008). However, such methods stopped being used, as they were considered too heinous. Instead, methods […]

The Death Penalty Debate in the United States of America

Introduction Capital punishment has otherwise been referred to as death sentence or death penalty. It can also be used to refer to legal execution of a convicted individual or through a judicial process. The capital punishment has always been used in situations where an individual or criminal is judicially convicted of a capital offence or […]

Psychological Aspects of Capital Punishment

Introduction Capital punishment is commonly associated with death penalty. Capital punishment is for inmates on death row. The psychological aspect associated with capital punishment is a subject of interest. According to many, the execution of capital punishment and especially to inmates on death row is one horrible event. Some inmates are psychologically tortured by the […]

Capital Punishment: Advantages and Disadvantages

Within the realms of the American laws, criminal justice system comprises of the law creators (legislative), courts (adjudication), and correctional facilities such as probation, parole, prisons, and jails. American criminal justice system comprises of the jurisdictional, normative, functional, and institutional components. These components work simultaneously in defining the goals of procedural laws and decision to […]

Capital punishment and deterrence of crime

Introduction Capital punishment can deter crime. Many individuals oppose the death penalty because of moral and aesthetic reasons. The problem with these justifications is that they are susceptible to subjective interpretations. An economic analysis of the deterrence effect of capital punishment provides a rational and objective way of analyzing the effectiveness of such a mechanism. […]

Avoiding of Capital Punishment

Introduction Capital punishment is used to execute criminals and suppress political dissent terms of murder, espionage, and treason. In the most historical records and practices, punishment was used as a way of enforcing justice. They used different ways to punish different extends of crime. They could stone person to death, boil to death, crucifixion, using […]

The Economic Significance of Capital Punishment

Introduction The survival of any civilization hinges on the establishment of laws and codes of conduct and the subsequent obeying of the same by the society’s members. Due to the fact that not all members of the society are going to follow the law on their own accord, forms of punishment for wrongs done may […]

Capital Punishment

Death Penalty in the United States: A Brief History The British law helped in forming the earlier US capital punishment law. Finally, different American colonies developed their own lists of capital crimes which varied from region to region (An overview of the Death Penalty and Capital trials, 1994, pp1-18). Overview Abolishing the death penalty completely […]

Analysis of Capital Punishment in the Films

Capital punishment can be defined as a judicial process that involves an individual being subjected to some form of severe punishment for offences committed. After watching the films titled “Thin Blue line,” “the Empty chair” and “Fighting for life in the Death Belt,” it can be noticed that they all include the theme of capital […]

Capital Punishment Legislation

Introduction Capital punishment can be defined as the deliberate and premeditated termination of human life as a punishment for the victim who is convicted under the provisions of the law. In the United States, capital punishment remains a highly debated and controversial topic as substantial portions of the U.S. population are proponents or opponents of […]

Capital Punishment in Political View

Introduction Capital punishment refers to death sentences that are accorded to individual offenders by judicial institutions. The sentence has raised controversies especially due to the fact that innocent individuals may be victims of such sentences in inefficient judicial processes. Political influence has also been raising controversies over the sentence. This paper seeks to discuss the […]

Capital Punishment: A Critical Evaluation of its Appropriateness in Modern Society

The public reflection on the legality and morality of capital punishment has over the years been well documented by historians, philosophers and other theorists amid the complexities and controversies the debate continues to attract. Although the practice is institutionalized and practiced in some countries, the raging debate about its appropriateness demonstrates a subtle balance of […]

Capital Punishment: Proponents and Opponents Arguements

Introduction Capital punishment is a judicial death punishment for people convicted of committing heinous crimes. The use of capital punishment all over the world varies from one country to another, although it is being removed gradually from the current constitutions of various countries because it is considered as an inhuman form of punishment. Capital punishment […]