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60 Serial Killer Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Serial Killer Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Serial Killer “Theodore Robert “Ted” Bundy”
    As much as the psychiatrists related his problems to mental disturbances, this was not a major issue that determined the outcome of the cases.
  2. Albert Fish – the Serial Killer
    Fish’s mother, forced to look for another source of livelihood due to her inability to take care of her son following the death of his father, took him to Saint John’s orphanage in Washington.
  3. Serial Killers: Women and Men Comparison
    Most of the time, crimes of men serial killers are heard regularly as they are more horrible than that of women serial killers. The physical counting of the men serial killers victims is very high […]
  4. The Psychology of Serial Killers
    These are just a fraction of questions that require answers in order to have a complete understanding of the psychology of serial killers.
  5. Frankston Serial Killer: Background, Crimes, and Motives
    At the time, the police noted that Denyer was with his girlfriend. The letter claimed that Denyer knows his whereabouts, and that he was planning to break out of prison to kill him.
  6. Jeffrey Dahmer: Serial Killer
    At the center of the legal debate was the interpretation of insanity, and how it could be utilized to absolve a criminal. George Palermo, a psychiatrist, made the conclusion that Dahmer was not insane.Dr.
  7. Serial Killer Psychology: Eileen Wuornos
    Eileen was a woman without remorse as she was not bothered by the death of her victims. It is said that her intention was to capture the attention of the man she was dating.
  8. Richard Angelo: A Serial Killer and His Ethical Dilemma
    The convicted claimed he made the injections to cause crises to be able to revive patients and become a hero in front of his colleagues.
  9. A Study on Serial Killers: “Encounter and death: The Spatial Behavior of U.S. Serial Killers”
    From an analysis, of the article, it is evident that the research focuses on the geographical locations that surround the killings; the location of the first meeting between the serial killers and their victims, the […]
  10. J. Dahmer as a Sexually-Motivated Serial Killer
    The paper at hand is devoted to the investigation of the life, personality, and criminal behavior of one of the most notorious American serial killers of 1980s-1990s, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer.
  11. Serial Killers: Tommy Lynn Sells
    It is believed that in October of the same year he killed a 13-year-old girl in Missouri and moved to Texas.
  12. Arthur Shawcross and His Serial Killer’s Behavior
    Although most of his victims were killed in the late 1980s, his case still evokes a lot of debate since he is considered to be one of the most demonstrative examples of prisoners who were […]
  13. Charles Manson: Serial Killer Profile
    One of the first crimes that he committed was connected to a stolen car that Manson took to have some fun and visit his relatives.
  14. Serial Killers and Their Social Construction
    Social construction of serial killers has become the subject of various studies, and it is recognized today that the social position, social interactions, and perceived social image may play a significant role in the process […]
  15. Serial Killers, Their Crimes, and Stereotypes
    The other serial killers presented in the killers list also conform to the stereotypes presented in Fox’s and Levin’s article. Most of the killers also rape, mutilate, and degrade their victims in order to feel […]
  16. Ted Bundy, a Serial Killer and Psychopath
    The same was said about Ted Bundy, one of the most notorious serial killers in the criminal history of the United States.
  17. Aileen Wuornos: Anatomy of a Female Serial Killer
    Moreover, feminist scholarship has recently begun to examine serial murder as “sexual terrorism” or as a perpetuation of gynocide, the systematic crippling, raping and/or killing of women by men.
  18. Criminal Profiling of Serial Killers
    Ted Bundy was one of the most famous serial killers of the 20th century. These are the types of serial killers that will target gays, minorities, and prostitutes.
  19. Principles of Justice: Serial Killers and Rapers
    On the same note, Ernest van de Haag mentions the use of principals relating to the utilitarian perspective where the law would be lenient and work for the greater good of people as a whole […]
  20. Edmund Kemper: The Serial Killer
    Kemper committed most of the murders in one year and confessed to his crimes only after he killed his mother. However, in a short time, Kemper decides to stop and report on his crimes to […]

🎓 Good Research Topics about Serial Killer

  1. A Serial Killer: Typology and Abnormal Psychological Gratification
  2. Luis Garavito: The World’s Worst Serial Killer
  3. Existentialism: Serial Killer and Right Things
  4. Charles Cullen: Healthcare Serial Killer
  5. Israel Keyes: The Reluctant Serial Killer
  6. Countess Elizabeth Bathory: Serial Killer
  7. Arousal Theory and the Serial Killer Jeffery Dahmer
  8. The Dangerous Mind of a Serial Killer
  9. Clifford Olson: Canadian Serial Killer
  10. The Development of Serial Killers: A Grounded
  11. Exploring the Life and Possible Motives of Serial Killer
  12. How Edward Theodore Gain Became a Serial Killer
  13. Blood Loss, the Decline of the Serial Killer
  14. Sociological Theories: Rationalization and Motivation of the Serial Killer
  15. Serial Killer Era: So Many Murders in 1970 – 2000
  16. Famous Serial Killer: Jack the Ripper
  17. Defining the Factors That Contribute to Serial Killer’s Identity
  18. Deadly Motives: The Hedonistic Drive of Serial Murder
  19. Details of a Typical Female Serial Killer
  20. Profiling Art and Australian Serial Killer Ivan Milat

⭐ Simple & Easy Serial Killer Essay Titles

  1. Brilliant Serial Killer Jack the Ripper
  2. America’s First Serial Killer
  3. Serial Killer and Racism: African-Americans and Serial Killing in the Media
  4. Life and Death of a Serial Killer: Are Serial Killer Born or Created?
  5. Serial Killer: Erikson’s Theory-Based Analysis of the Behavior of Robert William Pickton
  6. Differential Association Theory and Serial Killer
  7. Aileen Wuornos America’s First Female Serial Killer
  8. Mary Bell Was Britain’s Youngest Serial Killer
  9. Criminal Shadows: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer
  10. America’s Sweetest Serial Killer – Sugar
  11. Unique Characteristics of a Serial Killer
  12. American Serial Killer: Albert Fish
  13. Serial Killer: The Mechanism From Imagination to the Murder
  14. Critical Theories: Crime Ted Bundy Serial Killer
  15. The Uncatchable Serial Killer: No Motive, No Victim Profile
  16. Serial Killers: Death and Life in America’s Wound Culture
  17. The Life of a Serial Killer: Edmund Emil Kemper Lii
  18. Luis Garavito: The World’s Worst Serial Killer
  19. Criminal Justice: The Criminology Behind Serial Killers
  20. Canadian Serial Killer: Robert Pickton

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