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78 Crime Prevention Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Crime Prevention Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Computer Crimes Defense and Prevention
    Naval Academy and he said that the security of the United States is threatened by a new breed of adversaries that has found a way to harass and terrorize America.
  2. Crime Prevention Programs in the State of California
    The purpose of the study is to analysis the success and the effectiveness of Gang Violence Suppression Program in California. Gang Violence Suppression Program was therefore established to support the district attorneys’ offices in prosecuting […]
  3. Local Crime Prevention Program: Colonial Heights’ Senior Citizens Crime Prevention
    This program is especially structured for the senior citizens and is based on the fact that older people are more fearful of crime as compared to the other members of the community.
  4. Approaches to Crime Prevention
    The objective of the criminal justice system is to ensure proper enforcement of the standards of conduct in protecting the rights of the individuals and the community in a free society.
  5. The Most Effective Crime Prevention Strategies in the Past Two Decades
    The conditions are; the desire of the criminal to carry out an offence, the opportunity to carry out the crime and finally the possession of skills and tools necessary for commitment of the crime.
  6. American Mafia: Crime Prevention and Prosecution
    The Mafia is an informal and unofficial name given to a crime organization that has its roots in New York’s Lower East Side and other areas of the East Coast of the United States of […]
  7. Hughesville’s Environmental Design in Crime Prevention
    However, these figures are higher for property crimes: the chances of becoming a victim of a property crime are 1 in 86, which is only two times lower than the state average of 1 in […]
  8. Crime Prevention and Control Effectiveness
    Another aspect that needs to be acknowledged is that it is impossible to avoid all of the crimes because some individuals will participate in such activities even if it is dangerous and significant risks are […]
  9. Internet Crime Prevention by Law and E-Business
    Such measures as laws prohibiting direct links in the e-mail, or authentication and anti-virus systems, might be beneficial to secure citizens from cybercrime.
  10. Internet Crimes and Digital Terrorism Prevention
    The model has the potential to affect the social welfare of different populations. The political impact of the use of technologies to deal with digital terrorism cannot be ignored.
  11. Crime Prevention and Risk Management
    This brochure will outline some basic notions of risk management and assessment and crime and victimization prevention; additionally, it will provide the reader with some basic strategies of daily risk management and include sources for […]
  12. Crime Prevention Approaches
    There are various approaches to this; one of them is based on the idea that the redevelopment of physical space in a neighborhood can decrease crime rates in it.
  13. Crime Prevention at the Workplace: Employee Theft
    Considering that any form of employee theft induces substantial harm to the financial performance of companies, the integration of adequate crime prevention procedures in the corporate security system is of great importance.
  14. Phoenix Park: Community-Based Crime Prevention
    First of all, due to the community-orientedness of the mentioned strategy, it is essential to explain to the residents that their reports may significantly contribute to the effectiveness of the police.
  15. Violence, Security and Crime Prevention at School
    The second type of violence is the one directed toward employees by students, parents, or any other category of people served by the school.
  16. “Broken Windows” and Situational Crime Prevention Theories
    In the end, the conclusions are drawn to summarize the key findings and determine the importance of the definitions to the understanding of the conceptualization of security.
  17. Crime Prevention and Juvenile Delinquency
    As a specific jurisdiction that will serve as the basis for assessing and implementing the provisions of the crime prevention program, the District of Florida will be considered.
  18. Crimes Against Small Businesses and Prevention Strategies
    Small companies have to pay more taxes because of reduced government revenues this is another reason white-collar crimes are ruining them and can even lead to bankruptcy when they cannot face an advantage created by […]
  19. Crime Prevention in the United States
    In the case of shoplifting, the first process undertaken by the police could be to question the criminal on site, followed by contacting their legal guardians, referring them to a community agency, or arresting them.
  20. Situational Crime Prevention
    SCP focuses on deterring crime by increasing the risk and effort in committing a crime. However, they add that the effect of such measures varies based on the location and type of crime targeted.
  21. Situational Crime Prevention Strategy
    The origins of SCP date back to the early 1990s, when one of the strategy’s most prominent advocates Clarke had argued that the key to improving the criminogenic situation in a particular area is ensuring […]
  22. Effective Physical Security and Crime Prevention
    Therefore, for effective implementation of the defense-in-depth strategy for the protection of assets, it is important to address the following issues: knowing the enemy, understanding the external enemies, defending against an internal enemy, and knowing […]
  23. Prevention & Control Of Crime
    The study of crime, society’s response to it, and its prevention, including examination of the environmental, hereditary, or psychological causes of crime, modes of criminal investigation and conviction, and the efficacy of punishment or correction […]
  24. Technology for Crime Prevention
    With the modern computer technology and advanced software, criminal justice system has been in a capacity to compile data and store it as well as share its analysis with other agencies both in and out […]
  25. Crime Prevention Programs in America
    In the overwhelming majority of cases, the term “crime” is defined as the violation of the rules, established in the society or as the breach of existing legislation.
  26. Prevention of Sex Offenders From Committing Crimes
    The article draws attention to the current problems in the perception of sex offenders by the community. The importance of the continuance of sex offender treatment is emphasized through the notion of a decrease in […]
  27. Screening in Aviation: Prevention of Crime
    This essay will provide a critical analysis of the strengths of screening, such as the prevention of crime, as well as the weaknesses, such as their congestion, bypassability and privacy concerns, that enable its failures […]
  28. The Prevention of Crime and Community Justice
    The psychological and physical developments are very frequent and that is why young people are always anxious and it is very difficult for them to make the decisions.
  29. White-Collar Crimes: Prevention and Fight
    The article gives the effects of white collar crimes in different areas of the economy. This article discusses white collar crimes in the perspective of the court.
  30. Neighborhood Watch Programs and Crime Prevention
    The presence of a service that supports victims of crimes in the area also plays a significant role in the lives of the residents and of the neighborhood watch program.
  31. Displacement: Crime Prevention
    It refers to circumstances where crime intervention efforts make the cost of committing an offense greater than the benefits accruing from the crime.
  32. Social Developmental Crime Prevention Programs
    Neighborhood networks in Memphis focus on the provision of resources and high-quality programs to the youths and families who are exposed to crime.
  33. Applied Crime Prevention in Hollywood 20 Cinema Location
    The movie theatre is the main business premise within the area. The primary function of this place is to provide entertainment to the public.
  34. Crime Prevention, Law Enforcement and Correction Theories
    Other scholars define crime as a deed or an instance of defiance that is considered hazardous to the morals of the community and the concerns of the nation and is legitimately forbidden by the law.
  35. Crime Prevention Strategies at Walden University
    The other components of the crime prevention program at the institution include the existence of a campus security authority and a memorandum of understanding with the law enforcement authorities.
  36. Developmental Theories and Crime Prevention Programs
    The use of developmental theories in the design of crime prevention programs can be viewed as a significant breakthrough and an essential step forward as it permits the design of a set of correct behavioral […]
  37. Crime Prevention Strategies and Quality of Life
    The aim of crime prevention strategies is to create conditions that cut the chances and motivation for crime, transforming the capability of the criminal justice system to handle crimes.
  38. The Use of Social Crime Prevention Techniques in the UK
    The measures or techniques used in situational crime prevention are intended to pass across a message to the potential criminals that the efforts needed to carry out crime and the associated dangers have been magnified, […]

📃 Good Essay Topics on Crime Prevention

  1. Assessment of the Sociological Perspectives on Crime Prevention
  2. Background Information About Crime Prevention Policies
  3. Overview of Biosocial Criminology and Modern Crime Prevention
  4. Situational and Social Crime Prevention Techniques
  5. Criminological Classical Theories and Crime Prevention
  6. A Powerful Role for Communication in Crime Prevention
  7. Overview of Community Crime Prevention Programs
  8. Comparing Cyber Crime Prevention Strategies in the UAE and the UK
  9. Computer Crime Prevention and Innovation
  10. Crime and Crime Prevention Through Environment Design
  11. Link Between Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice System
  12. Crime Prevention and Control of the United States
  13. Correlation Between Crime Prevention and Risky Social Problems
  14. Crime Prevention and Its Effects on the Neighborhood
  15. Developmental Crime Prevention and Juvenile Delinquency
  16. Crime Prevention Issues: Murder, Organized Crime, and Fraud
  17. Differences Between Crime Prevention and Community Safety
  18. Crime Prevention Policy and Juvenile Courts as Prevention
  19. Displacement and Diffusion, Mass Media and Crime Prevention
  20. Crime Prevention Program Adopted by Police Force in Australia

🔎 Interesting Topics to Write about Crime Prevention

  1. Ethical Strategy for Crime Prevention: An Overview
  2. Crime Prevention Program: Gun Control in the USA
  3. Gang Groups and National Crime Prevention Council
  4. Crime Prevention Programs: Evidence for a Developing Country
  5. General Crime Prevention Approaches and Strategies Analysis
  6. Crime Prevention Programs Help Protect and Deter Crime
  7. Improving Crime Prevention: Knowledge and Practice
  8. Crime Prevention: The Assessment of Development Applications
  9. Juvenile Crime Prevention With a Christian Worldview
  10. Police Crime Prevention and Partnerships With the Community
  11. Realism and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  12. Reducing Crime Through Situational Crime Prevention
  13. Routine Activity and Situational Crime Prevention Theory
  14. School Control and Crime Prevention Within the Walls of the School
  15. Specific and General Crime Prevention Approaches and Strategies
  16. The Police Visibility and Its Effect on Crime Prevention and Control
  17. Methodology of the Proactive Crime Prevention Strategies
  18. The Pros and Cons of Crime Prevention
  19. Major Components of the Crime Prevention
  20. Explaining and Understanding Crime Prevention

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