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  1. Importance of Police Training
    Majority of people have always aspired to become police officers for the reason that the job holders are seen to be the public vigor.
  2. DNA Definition and Its Use by the US Police
    The location for most DNA is the nucleus though some may be found in the mitochondria and is called mitochondrial DNA.
  3. Greenfield Police Department’s hiring process
    Using a language that is not in line with the policies of the Greenfield police department lowers the validity of the test since it makes it complex to find clarity on factors that motivate applicants […]
  4. Police subculture
    The group of people that adopt a sub culture may or may not have the same goals and beliefs as the rest of the organization or community.
  5. Police in law enforcement misconduct
    This creates a rift between the community and the police leading to further misconduct in the process of enforcing the law.
  6. Police Corruption
    Some developments in the state fought the criminality of the state machinery indirectly, such as the endorsement of the civil rights in 1964.
  7. Police Professionalism Issues
    In order to ensure that the much anticipated policing is achieved, the relationship between the police and the community needs to be streamlined.
  8. Excessive force by the police
    On the other hand, the media reported on the severity of misconduct by police officers and cited the Blue code of silence as the key setback against the fight against police torture.
  9. Police Minority Killings
    It is of significance to differentiate a hate crime from other criminal activities due to the fact a hate crime has a life of its own as it intends to create fear among those facing […]
  10. Contrast the different levels of police operations and their unique operations
    In this essay, I wish to discuss the differences and similarities between the federal, state, and local levels of law enforcement and contributions of August Vollmer and other pioneers to the development of Criminal investigative […]
  11. Virtual police department
    To start with, the presence of these constables changed how the laws were made and implemented in the department. The captains oversee the operations of the bureaus and also act as a link between the […]
  12. Police-Youth Relations and Community policing
    This is because of the long history of the strained relationship between the Canadian youth and the police which has created a very negative perception of the police to the youth.
  13. Police-Youth Relations/Community Policing and Young Offenders
    Aims of the Study The study is aimed at determining the fairness and acceptability of the youth justice system and its effects on the youth-police relations in Canada.
  14. Discipline as an integral part of effective police supervision
    Supervisors as disciplinarians The ability to maintain discipline among the subordinates is one way of measuring the suitability of a supervisor for the role.
  15. Police Deviance
    For the sake of this paper, the scope of this paper will only examine the code of conduct in reference to the relationship between the police force and the society.
  16. Management of Police department
    Employment equity is a theory, a model and a concept, and therefore in the analysis of the problem, it would be put into the three categories.
  17. Steelhead Police Department
    Organization Theories that relate to law enforcement and criminal justice agencies Various organization theories apply in the running of various organizations in the aim of improving efficiency.
  18. Police Misconduct
    Police officers are the individuals charged with the task of maintaining law and order and ensuring the security of the population.
  19. Police Misconduct
    Actually, prosecutors are always reluctant to try these victims in the court of law for the following reasons; police officers, in most cases, are protected by the prosecutors.
  20. History of Police Psychology
    Increased applications of psychology in law enforcement departments have led to rampant professional issues, legal issues and ethical issues within the police departments.
  21. The Role of Public Police in United States
    Office of the president The office of the president is quite responsible for the amendment and enactment of the right to die policy.
  22. Community Policing and Police Psychology
    Community policing calls for police responsiveness to community concerns and not just the engagement of the community. Thus, the police need to induce the consciousness of the community and organization to deal with problems.
  23. National Security Policies That Intersect/Conflict With Local Police Power
    The state police have a role to play in the information sharing policy because the state police advise the governor on the best practices to employ regarding terrorism.
  24. The Decision-Making Process of the Police Service
    This paper would seek to discuss the decision making process within the hierarchy of the police service. In this case, the model suggests that members of the police service must come up with a technique […]
  25. New Technological Advances within the Police Department
    According to the parameters used in the grant process, it is obligatory that the organization should use novel equipment in promoting decision making and operations in the organization.
  26. Police Trauma: Paying the Ultimate Price to Protect and Serve
    Importance of the Study Study of traumatic experiences that predispose police officers to trauma and subsequently to depression, suicide, alcoholism, and loss of the family is critical in understanding the physical, emotional, and mental health […]
  27. Proposed Budget for an additional five police officers for the city council
    To achieve its objectives, the chief of the police shall deliver relevant justifications for the proposed increase of the number of police by about five officers.
  28. Use of Social Media In The Police Force In Queensland
    The disaster however has changed the belief and with the above disaster scenario in mind, it will be important to state the benefits of introducing use of social media in the police force.
  29. The Royal Oman Police’ Traffic Safety
    Websites such as the Salim and Salimah ‘Safe and Sound Road Safety’ rules, the royal Oman police traffic safety and social websites like the Traffic Safety Oman Facebook page have acted as tools to show […]
  30. Police Service Transformation: A Critical Evaluation of Implementing Transformational Leadership in the Homicide Division
    It will evaluate how to integrate transformational leadership into the division and analyse factors that hamper the transformational leadership and critically assess the effectiveness of implementation, analyse the efficiency of Transformational Leadership, its implication on […]
  31. Bangladesh Police Institution
    This paper will concentrate on the police institution reform in order to make the police institution free of corruption, compromise, and injustices to the citizens.
  32. Increase Police Numbers to Reduce UAE’s Juvenile Crime Rate
    The information obtained in the literature review will be used to outline the causes of the rise in juvenile crime rates, the most effective strategy that can help the government to deal with the problem, […]
  33. Final Program Evaluation: Increasing Police Numbers to Reduce Juvenile Crime in the UAE
    The nature of the crime will also be recorded by the police officer to enable this project determine the prevalence of specific kind of crimes in the UAE.
  34. Public Administration Issue: Police Brutality
    The trend is ongoing and is not expected to end any time soon because of the social structure and the culture that does not value the contributions of minorities and people of color.
  35. Police Suicide and Preventive Programs
    The traumatic experiences that the police officers encounter and endure during the course of their duties make them susceptible to suicide.
  36. Organization of Abu Dhabi Police
    This led to a change in the organization structure of the police force, an increase in the number of police officers, introduction of rigorous training and development exercises, and the acquisition of sophisticated technology to […]
  37. The Abu Dhabi Police
    The vision of the Abu Dhabi Police is to ensure that it meets the needs of the public through effective training and integrity.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Police

  1. Police Brutality in the USA
    This paper aims to discuss the types of police brutality, the particularities of psychological harm inflicted by the police, and its consequences for the population affected by these forms of violence.
  2. Police Abuse and Laws Against It
    It is no doubt that the police are there to protect the welfare of the public in general and also to maintain orders as provided by the law.
  3. Police Work in Community
    Another benefit to the community is the publication of articles such as this, as people become aware of the help and safety that the policy provides. The article fails to mention the specifics of police […]
  4. Social Issues: Police Protection of the Ku Klux Klan
    The situation when the police protected the Ku Klux Klan while gassing and arresting the demonstrators can seem to be unexpected and controversial because people are often inclined to associate the Ku Klux Klan with […]
  5. Police Authority or Brutality?
    For instance, in Maryland, the court decided that the use of Tasers by police officers is justified as police officers “should be permitted” to use Tasers “to shield themselves from any possibility of harm and […]
  6. San Diego Police Department
    The department also addresses the issues affecting the surrounding community. The applicant should be a citizen or inhabitant of the United States.
  7. Abu Dhabi Police Organizational Change
    It will highlight the causes and the benefits of the changes that have occurred in the police force since 1957. In 1959, the number of officers in the police force was increased from 80 to […]
  8. Police Courts and Corrections Management
    The lieutenant needs to ask other officers in the department to give Ripley the support he requires by following the vehicle to find out the real intentions of the driver.
  9. Police, Courts and Corrections Management
    The public is the main customer of the criminal justice system that is why the functioning of the agencies and police should be influenced by the public’s needs.
  10. Communication and Ethical Issues in Police
    However, the man was not a threat to the police officer. In addition, the incidence happened during the day and the police officer could clearly tell that the man was holding only a knife.
  11. American Police Community Relations
    In the US, the introduction of community policing strategies and engagement of the public in crime reporting and detection strategies help to improve security measures in the country.
  12. Police and Corrections Officers’ Stress – Psychology
    According to Zapf, “Emotional dissonance refers to the structural discrepancy between emotions on one hand and the emotional-display requirement that is appropriate in the working context on the other”.
  13. Police Development Foundations and Functions
    The objective of the paper is to compare and contrast the major characteristics of the political and reform eras of policing, and identify the skills necessary for the police trainees nowadays.
  14. The Police Agency’ Conflict Management
    In the police agency, parties may use the collaboration strategy involving information sharing, openness, and elucidation of the various conflicting issues not only to reach a common ground that is satisfactory to the conflicting parties […]
  15. Police Supervisors’ Influence on Law Enforcement Changes
    This essay discusses the various ways the police supervisors can, through coaching, monitoring, and counseling their juniors to effect change in their institutions and ensure a religious following of the law.
  16. Corruption and Accountability of Police Work
    In this regard, lack of strong and proper policies on misconduct and unethical behavior in the line of duty has helped to perpetrate the corruption of law enforcement officers in various sectors of their work.
  17. Employees Management in the Police Department
    It is important to understand the needs of each employee and make sure that basic needs will be addressed. It can be effective to ask the employees to complete a brief questionnaire on their aspirations, […]
  18. Police Officer Job Requirements and Hiring Process
    With this in mind, it is possible to say that the humanistic image of modern society promotes the growth of the interest and the level of attention devoted to these very aspects of society.
  19. Is Dubai Police Force a World Class Organization?
    The organization’s mission is to improve the life of every citizen in the country. The agency uses the best institutional performance indicators in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of its operations.
  20. Knowledge Sharing in the Dubai Police Force by Seba et al.
    The research is important because it seeks to review the proposed approach of how the public sector in the Middle East, especially the police force in Dubai, can use the knowledge management system to promote […]
  21. Concept of Police Detective Job
    In order to qualify for recruitment as a police detective, the candidate must have a minimum academic qualification of high school diploma or an equivalent of the same.
  22. Abu Dhabi Police GHQ Management and Leadership
    It is imperative for the HR manager in Abu Dhabi QHQ to exploit the concept of diversity. The HR manager has an obligation to enhance a high level of collaboration amongst the diverse team members, […]
  23. Police Violence Issues
    Commission on Civil Rights argues that police officers are legally entitled to use force to protect the public, apprehend criminals and avoid risking their lives.
  24. Dubai Police Force Organizational Culture
    Some of the outside forces that have promoted an organizational change in the Dubai Police Force include globalization and sustained economic growth in the country.
  25. Dubai Police Force: Human Resource Department
    The mission for the Dubai police is to strengthen the security systems of the city to facilitate the protection of the citizens’ rights.
  26. Management and Philosophy for Police Departments
    Through this, the police departments can evaluate what type of crime is to occur, the scene of the crime, the time of the crime, and the causes of the crime.
  27. Police Technology: Development and Progress
    For the modern police departments and officers, the technologies are just as crucial as for the rest of the world as they significantly increase the efficiency of their day to day work and ensure a […]
  28. The English Influence on Modern Police
    The police followed Peel’s Nine Principles: preventing crime, depending on public approval, securing the public, securing the public proportionately to the necessity of physical force, demonstrating service to the law, restoring the law with physical […]
  29. Police’ Discretion: Definition, Examples and Rationality
    Meanwhile, Dempsey and Forst assume that discretion is particularly vital in the context of the police officers’ activity. Despite the ambiguous character of the discretion outcomes, there is a series of reasons that explain the […]
  30. Police Ethics and Misconduct
    In the first place, according to the Code of Ethics, the police officer has to be a representative of the law enforcement system and “protect the constitutional safeguards”.
  31. Police ‘Shooter Bias’ Against African-Americans
    Certain police officers seem to be biased against African-Americans, as the latter is reported to be far more likely to be shot than detained compared to white people.
  32. Police Officers’ Morale and Resources Availability
    To check the hypothesis, it is essential to ensure the conceptualization and operationalization of the major variables of the study. To conceptualize such terms as the availability of personnel, resources, and equipment, it is necessary […]
  33. Police Issues and Practices Discussion
    The adoption of technology by the police both improved the ways in which the officers fought crime and created a gap between them and the community.
  34. Blue Wall of Silence in Police Subculture
    Nevertheless, the problem remains topical, and it is necessary to resolve the issue so that the members of the LA department could accomplish their tasks and, at the same time, make sure that the representatives […]
  35. Dubai Police and Expo 2020 Security Strategies
    The technological benefits observed in Dubai and the attention to a human factor that is evident in the work of the US and UK officers help to promote the strategy for Dubai police.
  36. American Police Officers’ Ethics and Professionalism
    The gravity of failing to follow the existing ethical principles is typically detailed to the future members of the law enforcement departments, yet the issue of police misconduct remains drastic in the United States, especially […]
  37. Power Abuse in Police Officer’s Actions
    The fact that Officer Gregory possibly bribed the Commander by giving him the watch that he stole, as well as him placing his things in the Commander’s car, shows that there might be an instance […]
  38. Police Officers’ White Lie in Criminal Investigation
    For example, they are told by consumers to their hairdressers, servers, and friends to hide their true feelings and evaluations of situations in order to ensure that their interactions proceed smoothly.

💡 Simple & Easy Police Essay Titles

  1. Black Panthers’ Violence Against Police Officers
    According to Alexander, “The police force was one of the main instruments that were used by the ruling class to oppress the African American,”.
  2. Change Management Steps in Police Organizations
    In the constantly changing world, every organization needs to adjust to the current environment and alter according to the dictates of the time, and police departments are also subject to this phenomenon.
  3. Organizational Culture in Police Department
    In order to prevent any crime, I would immediately hold a meeting and indicate to the staff the consequences of misbehavior.
  4. South African Police Service v Solidarity obo Barnard
    She wanted to fill the promotion position of the superintendent advertised by the National Inspectorate aimed at improving the quality of delivering services of the Police Service to the public.
  5. Police Stress Within Law Enforcement
    The author of the research proposal reaches a rational verdict concerning the insinuations of further investigation and discusses the present strengths and limitations of the study.
  6. Corrupt Practices of the Police and Correctional Systems
    Terms like police misconduct and corruption are used to describe the situation when police officers abuse their authority, driven by greed, desire for personal gain, ignorance, prejudice, and malicious intent.
  7. Homeland Security: Police and Profiling
    Apart from the stage of the investigation, it is possible to add that psychological analysis is central to the domain of defense.
  8. White Police’s Discrimination Against Black People
    Biased views of the police officers towards blacks and discrimination on them are often caused by the environment, in which all people are brought up.
  9. Dubai Police, Politics, Retail, and Tourism
    In conclusion, the Dubai Emirate is a symbol of the unique governance and Law enforcement mechanisms compared to all other major global cities.
  10. The Management of Police and Development of Law
    Thus, the definition of strategy and policy, as used in the military and in the development of law, are the same.
  11. Police Culture in “The Critical Criminology Companion”
    The scholar suggests the analysis of major works of the distinguished scientists on the history of this concept in order to understand the nature and origin of the contemporary police culture.
  12. Police Patrol Presence in Crime “Hot Spots”
    In particular, Sherman and Weisburd mentioned that some criminologists based their denial of the effectiveness of police patrols on the absence of evidence of the impact their presence produces.
  13. Local Police Role in Homeland Security
    In the framework of the investigation, the police identified carjacking suspects who were later connected to the bombings. The influence on terrorism and homeland security urged the police to streamline the improvement of their services.
  14. Police Shooting Behaviour, Memory, and Emotions
    The subject of the study was limited to analyzing the shooting behavior of police officers in danger-related situations. It is supposed that officers with low capacity of working memory are more likely to shoot the […]
  15. Police Officer’s Power Abuse and Plain View Doctrine
    The given case could be investigated to understand the importance of the issue and acts that could be applied. In such a way, Jones adhered to this doctrine as the trash provided by the collector […]
  16. Quarantine, Its Legal Process and Police Power
    The authority of the CDC to quarantine people is given to it by the federal law. The case is brought to the magistrate that determines the necessity of quarantine.
  17. Justice Department Ends Era of Pushing Police Reform
    Brian Charles aims to discuss the recent changes to the Department of Justice’s approach to the law enforcement. However, the recent changes to the DOJ’s approach to law enforcement, which is now in line with […]
  18. The Organizational Reasons Police Departments Don’t Change
    The regulations promoted by the government can be used to describe the nature of the American police force. The nature of this problem is also attributable to the public opinion existing in the United States.
  19. Ending Police Misconduct: Cleveland Police Department
    Furthermore, the events like the killing of Eric Garner in New York, the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, the shooting of Tamir Rice in Cleveland, and the death in custody of Freddie Gray in […]
  20. Baltimore Maryland Police Department
    This is an implementation plan for the ethical situation, racial profiling in the BPD. Given the weighty matter of racial profiling in the US, the Police Commissioner is an important stakeholder for this plan.
  21. Predictors of Job Satisfaction Among Police Officers
    The job satisfaction was measured with the help of Dantzker’s job satisfaction scale, the job characteristics variables was measured with the help of the job diagnostic survey.
  22. Police Officers’ Attitudes to Mentally Ill Women
    It examines the police officers’ attitudes and views to determine if they bear the signs of the PMI-related bias and sexism and examine the way the two intersect and affect the officers’ behavior.
  23. Decision-Making Information System for Police Department
    The development of an adequate information system to improve risk assessment in the police department is important since almost all duties of law enforcement officers expose them to daily liability episodes. The development of an […]
  24. Police Beliefs and Attitudes Towards Interrogating Minors
    The article by Meyer and Reppucci is about the research that was conducted to study the beliefs and attitudes of police officers concerning juvenile interrogation.
  25. Police Communication Skills Importance
    One of the main causes of misconceptions is the difference in the perception of each party. Suspects, on the other hand, often feel frustrated by the actions of police officers and administration, regardless of whether […]
  26. Interrogation Techniques Used by the Police
    The literature on the subject shows the prevalence of Reid techniques in interrogation. The study makes a good representation of the entire population, as the participants were diversified in age, sex, race, and rank.
  27. Police Departments: Defective Areas and Solutions
    The police are the main actors in the first cog of the criminal justice domain popularly referred to as “entry into the system”, whereby citizens bring criminal incidents to the attention of law enforcement officers […]
  28. American Police Corruption and Its Classification
    The invention of camera phones gave everybody the ability to document the wrongful actions of police and have undermined the trust people had in the police authority.
  29. Police Officer’s Must-Have Characteristics
    There are a lot of other characteristics that should be present in every police officer, but these seem to be the most critical because without them officers would not be able to perform their duties […]
  30. The Abu Dhabi Police Corporate Sustainability
    The influence of some external factors is present; nevertheless, the internal structure of this organization and the principles of its functioning primarily influence the nature of any changes that are being implemented and how these […]
  31. Police Workplace Discipline and Misconduct
    The question of discipline is vital in every workplace with police not being an exception, as the government and the public need to know how officers’ misconducts are addressed.
  32. Police Accountability and Community Policing
    The authors were trying to accomplish the cause of a rise of law enforcement misconduct that had been evident in various metropolitan cities leading to egregious human rights violations.
  33. Police Misconduct and Forces of Deviance
    Residents in the area at the time recall a climate of mutual distrust between police and black communities, and how the response of law enforcement was to militarize and see increases in incidents of police […]
  34. Gratuities for Police and Professional Ethics
    As a Chief of Police, I would not allow police officers to accept gratuities because tokens of gratitude can be used to compromise their integrity, judgment, and impartiality in the administration of justice and law […]
  35. Dubai Police Applying Total Quality Management
    One of the key elements of the TQM model is that of innovation. The organization allows and encourages them to use modern technologies to meet the needs of the people they serve.
  36. Police Managing the Ambiguities of Gifts
    Nevertheless, while it may be prudent for officers to visit coffee shops and restaurants where their food and drinks are characteristically discounted or they do not receive a bill, it is reckless for them to […]
  37. Police Accountability and Vollmer’s Reform
    Accountability is included in the form of a commitment to protect the rights of the people, partnerships and collaborations with communities, and the impartial enforcement of law.
  38. Police Accountability and Public Information Access
    The proposal to implement superior policies that have the potential to benefit the liberty and safety of community members can be a powerful step towards demonstrating the level of police accountability.

📌 Interesting Topics to Write about Police

  1. Abu Dhabi Police Self-Assessment
    It is imperative that the police is able meet public expectations and bring tranquility and comfort to the citizens, residents, and guests of the country.
  2. Police Force in Interactions with Mentally Ill
    The main goal of this paper is to research the issue of the police use of force involving mentally ill people.
  3. Police Corruption and Citizen’s Ethical Dilemma
    There are three key stakeholders in the given situation, which are the policemen, who set the terms; the father, who is to take the pivoting decision; and the family, who depends on the decision which […]
  4. A Ride With a Police Officer
    By signing the waiver, I assumed all the risks that I could have been exposed to at the time of the ride and throughout the program.
  5. Police Officer Situational Analysis
    The demographic factors that affect effective operation of the police personnel are castigated by the poor working environments, the poor living conditions that police officers are exposed to, the dwindling of the confidence in the […]
  6. Police Psychologist’s Role in Homicide Investigation
    Some of the roles that I would play as the police psychologist involved in the above investigation include conducting an analysis of the pre-crime scene behavior.
  7. Criminal Justice Administration and Police Functions
    To ensure the success of these aims, all the components of the justice system including the courts, the police, and the correctional section need to work in harmony.
  8. Police Attitudes Toward Drugs and Drug Enforcement
    The researchers suggest that the cause of these gaps in knowledge is the lack of large-scale scientific studies of the perceptions or perspectives of the police.
  9. Decision-Making and Problem-Solving in Police
    My grade is the captain and I have to take the responsibility to coordinate the work, which requires problem-solving skills. I believe that in order to make the right decision, you should be confident in […]
  10. Student Police Officer’s Decision-Making in Campus
    Taking an example of a police officer, decision-making has a lot of challenges and in many instances, officers are required to make a decision on the best course of action to take.
  11. How Can Police Develop Trust Among the People?
    The philosophy of community policing suggests that the community needs the police to provide policing based on service and to avail the cooperation of the community in such policing. A police chief is also committed […]
  12. Gender and Perception of Police Work
    The deductive approach will be used since the research will begin by the description of concepts such as the relationships between gender and the perceptions of how the work of the police, after which it […]
  13. Deadly Police Pursuit
    In the year 2010, specifically in Milwaukee, the policy chief introduced a new policy indicating that the police force was not to engage in these violent and high-speed chases if the crime of the suspect […]
  14. The New World of Police Accountability
    However, to avoid misunderstanding and the incorrect assessment of certain situations, a monitor should have a law degree and working experience among the representatives of relevant agencies.
  15. Police Officer’s Career Research
    The minimum requirement for a successful applicant is as follows: the candidate should be a high school graduate or the candidate should have a GED Certificate. Police officers should be keen to self-develop and to […]
  16. Police Officers’ Excuses for Unethical Behavior
    However, the excuses used by the police typically include the denial of the victim, i.e, in the case of a drug addict; the denial of injury, etc.
  17. Noble Cause Corruption and Police Misconduct
    However, the phenomenon is based on a misconception about the purpose of the justice system and the role that the members of the police must play in society.
  18. Police Officers’ Bias Against Black Men
    In the context of police brutality, officers deprive black men of their humane features and treat them as the ones posing a threat to other members of society.
  19. Hiring Police Officers in Five Steps
    As a rule, such tests contribute to the applicant’s comprehensive evaluation and allow predicting the person’s perspective behavior in the framework of police work.
  20. Criminal Law: Racial Profiling by Police
    As a rule, when detecting the primary factors affecting the changes in the racial profiling rates among the representatives of the law enforcement, one brings up the concepts of race and social class, stating that […]
  21. Noble Cause Corruption in Police Officers
    One might argue that NCC has a reason to exist as it may serve as the means of safeguarding the wellbeing of the members of the community in dire situations.
  22. Designing a Recruitment Program for the WA Police
    This is one of the advantages that this strategy can bring to the recruiters. This is one of the arguments that can be advanced.
  23. Police Brutality: Dissoi Logoi Argumentation
    Under the influence of societal views, the majority of the representatives of the general public tend to perceive police officers as a safeguarding force that gathers individuals who perform their duties to ensure that the […]
  24. Los Angeles Police Department’s Use of Force Policy
    Statistically, officer use of deadly force in unwarranted situations has spiked to unprecedented levels, leaving civilians as victims when the job of the police is to serve and protect.
  25. Manners of Death in Police
    The authors of the report also provided diverse sets of data sorting the incidence of death in custody in the state of California by various features such as the demographic characteristics of the victims, the […]
  26. Police Stereotyping in a Multicultural Society
    Therefore, biases held by police officers in the United States decrease the effectiveness of law enforcement, one of the critical components in the criminal justice system, and minimize the opportunity for building efficient police-community partnerships.
  27. Dubai Police and Cooperation with Media
    This report provides an analysis of the media activity of the Dubai Police and some of its procedures. The major purpose of the application and the service as a whole is to increase public satisfaction […]
  28. Individual Liberties: Police Searches Without a Warrant
    The decision to consider the evidence obtained in the course of the search without a warrant as invalid despite its obvious connection to the case might seem as unjust and going against the rights of […]
  29. False Confessions and Unethical Police Behavior
    Nevertheless, when assessing some cases of the violation of official powers among police officers, it is possible to meet the concept of false confessions.
  30. Police Misconduct and Addressing Recommendations
    The present document is a report on the investigation conducted in the local police department and correctional facilities based on citizens’ reports of misconduct.
  31. The Job of Police Officers
    The aim of the current reflection is discussing the encounters of a police officer with public health specialist on a daily basis for determining possible points of collaboration and identifying challenges that require addressing in […]
  32. Anti-Terrorist New York City Police Department Shield
    The formula for the SMA is the following: Since the program is not new, it has accumulated a significant amount of historical data, which can be used for forecasting expenditures and outcomes.
  33. Police Actions in “44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out”
    I believe that this crime thriller was shot to restore the reputation of the Los Angeles Police Department. The filmmakers achieved this goal; that is why the film encourages the audience to feel proud of […]
  34. Technology Influences on Police Brutality
    Modern platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can be used to inform and educate more people about the nature of police brutality.
  35. Social Psychology: Police Brutality
    The first group of solutions to the problem of police brutality includes technical measures, such as the use of body cameras and dashboard cameras. Finally, another potential solution to police brutality is the diversification of […]
  36. Police Brutality: Internal and External Stakeholders
    To begin with, internal stakeholders such as police officers and judges have been observed to enforce the law discriminatively. Policymakers can be encouraged to propose and support powerful laws that have the potential to deal […]
  37. Police Brutality as a Law Enforcement Challenge
    The problem has persisted due to the ineffectiveness of different leaders. The number of unexplainable shootings, severe beatings, and mistreatments continues to be reported in the country.
  38. Police Brutality: Graham v. Connor, 490 U.S. 386
    In this essay, a summary of the Graham and Connor case and the decision of the court will be introduced. In case this suggestion is correct, Connor appears as a police officer who failed to […]

🎓 Good Research Topics about Police

  1. The Los Angeles Police Department Program Initiative
  2. The Case of Terryl Smith, the Oakland Police Officer
  3. Small Police Departments’ Organizational Analysis
  4. Police Departments and Accreditation
  5. The New York City Police Department and Society
  6. Police Support for Community Problem-Solving and Broken Windows Policing
  7. Professional Police Officers Nowadays
  8. Police Decision Making Analysis
  9. Walker’s New Framework for Police Accountability
  10. Police Corruption in Russia: Determinants and Future Policy Implications
  11. Police Reform in Russia: Evaluation of Police Corruption
  12. Strategies of Police Organization
  13. Royal Canadian Mounted Police vs. Software Piracy
  14. The New York Police Department’s Policing Style
  15. Policing: CompStat and San Diego Police Department
  16. The Police Tapes by Alan and Susan Raymonds Review
  17. Police Liability Issues and High Speed Pursuits
  18. Setting Up of a Behavioral Science Unit in a Police Department
  19. Waterloo Regional Police’s Centralised Information System
  20. Training Theories for New Police Recruits Review
  21. The Job of Police Detective
  22. Police Investigative Questioning and Techniques
  23. Police Interrogation: Legal Issues and Limitations
  24. Police Administration Structures in America
  25. Police Functions: Forensic Science and Fingerprinting
  26. Stress of Police Officers and How They Cope With It
  27. Police Dogs Usage Analysis
  28. Organizational Structure in American Police Analysis
  29. Police Officer Pushed a Cyclist: Media Coverage
  30. Shortfalls in Recruiting and Retention: New York Police
  31. Top Court Rules Against Police in Search Case
  32. Arming Police Assault Rifles
  33. Problems Facing Police Departments in Recruiting and Retention
  34. Police Psychologist Interpretation
  35. Police Officer Job Analysis

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