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Police Officer Situational Analysis Essay

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Updated: Jan 15th, 2021

Situational analysis for a police officer

Every career has its in-depth needs for effective accomplishment of duties. In my duties as a law enforcement agent I have had the chance to interact extensively with the members of the society and this has necessitated me to come up with a good marketing strategy that will ensure that I am able to deliver my police obligations maximally. This is because the society demands that I should have high quality police skills that will enable me arrest offenders and ensure that the overall tranquility of the society is not destabilized. It is my duty to make sure that the well-being of the society is maintained at all times and this will be maintained through my continued development as a police officer in order to align myself with the changes in society to meet the diversity of the ever-evolving criminal minds.

Market Summary

Being a police officer has laden me with the volumes and volumes of information about the society and how crime is propagated in the community from one generation to another. This knowledge has enabled me to attain a great deal of knowledge on the common attributes of crime from some of the most frequent criminals in the society. My possession of this information leverages me by placing me at a better position to understand who is most likely to be criminal in the society, the specific needs of a community and how best to communicate to all the members of the society without jeopardizing trust that the society members have on me and my credibility to ensure that laws that govern the country are adhered to hence ensuring that order is maintained at all times.

Market demographics for the police officer

The police job is one of the most strenuous jobs that exist in the planet due to the complexity of the obligations that are entailed in it. Therefore, stress is an inevitable part of the police personnel. The demographic factors that affect effective operation of the police personnel are castigated by the poor working environments, the poor living conditions that police officers are exposed to, the dwindling of the confidence in the police unit, the need to make some of the hardest decisions among others and this requires some strong mental power to handle some of the scenarios that police officers are exposed to in their line of duty. For instance, bloody body mutilation of some victims in some incidences of violence, a psychopath killing menace among others requires extra ordinary mental power to handle. Other demographic factors that affect the policing job include population, geographical and behavioral factors in the society.

Market Needs for the Police Force

It is the duty of any police under oath to provide the society with the best police duties possible. This necessitates the high number of police that are required to execute policing responsibilities which must be packaged in such a way that they denote the godliness of being a police officer. This is because it is the duty of the police to identify criminals in the society, arrest them, and carry out intensive and conclusive investigations for the crimes that have been committed with the objective of getting justice served. These are just but a few of the responsibilities that are bestowed on a police officer. Therefore, the magnitude of the responsibilities overlap each other and they require a concise presentation program that will guarantee that each and every police officer knows what exactly his or her responsibility are in policing and the services that the society demands to get from them.

Competitive analysis

The Competition trend in the market of police officers is gearing to find better ways of ensuring that the duties and the obligations of maintaining law and order in the society is upheld. A modern police officer is now being asked to take more administrative duties in the community so as to be in a position to address the tremendously changing security needs in all aspects of the society and the ability of the police officer to work alongside other law enforcing agencies and colleagues. In order that the police officer realigns him or herself along the market trends in delivery of police duties, he or she should come up with innovate creations that are tailored to cater for particular incidences that occur to negate the serenity of the societal peace. He or she must ensure that the quality of the police duties delivered are of high quality and they are paralleled to the needs of the society. This is because the changing market trends in policing job have been necessitated by progressive sophistication in technology which has given birth to new forms of crime such as online frauds, sabotage, spoofing among others. This has created the demand for the adoption of newer crime control methods possessed by police officers as there is no need to be complacent with the status quo at the expense of the safety of the society.

SWOT Analysis

The effective and efficient management of any organisation is based on an effective SWOT analysis. Therefore, thispaper,aims at evaluating the strengths that are held by a police officer. This is because it is crucial that any police is able to delineate his or her strengths so as to be in a position to discern whether he or she is capable of providing the police services that everyone in the force is obliged to provide. It is evident that the identification of the strengths that are held by a police officer enables him or her to channel his or her energy towards maximally meeting the societal needs (Banerjea, Mukherjee and Chatterjee, 2005).

When I conduct a personal SWOT analysis in regard to my job, it is evident that there are some strengths as well as weaknesses that are exhibited in line of duty. It is also evident that there are some opportunities that are yet to be exploited, despite them being promising as far as their capacity to improve my performance is concerned. It is also evident that the police work has some threats which may affect the success of a person as an effective police officer. The strengths that I exhibit are outlined below.

  • Possessionof better equipment provided by the police force
  • I poses excellent leadership skills
  • I have a down to earth attitude
  • I am of stable and quality mental strength
  • I receive a good salary and accruing benefits
  • I have always exhibited professionalism
  • Society satisfaction of the services offered by the police officer

To guarantee continued forward progression of any police officer in the delivery of services to the public, this necessitates the need identifying the weaknesses that are held by the police officer. The identification of the weaknesses will to give the police officers the opportunity to enhance their efficiency in service delivery by eliminating the process inhibitors where possible. The weaknesses include:

  • A very limited budget allocation to the entire police force
  • Limited training availability on criminal psychology
  • Bureaucratic regulations that demand information sharing
  • Large population coverage
  • Lack of acknowledgement for commendable tasks that are achieved
  • Lack of acceptance by the public
  • overall police bureaucracy

The delivery of policing services to the society conceives a number of opportunities that can be realised by apolice officer in developing new services delivery possibilities away from the traditional service delivery scope. This means that there are numerous opportunities that exist for the police officer and they include:

  • Optimistic feedback from the public
  • Changes in technology
  • Technical advancement in criminology
  • Good relations with the public
  • Possible support from the government
  • Good rapport with the media

The effective and efficient execution of the police officer duties is at times way out of the control of the police officer. These factors emanate from the internal and external environment of operation of the police officer. Therefore, apolice officer has to identify these factors and come up with plans and programmes that are projected towards mitigating them or responding to threats that jeopardises the duties of the police officer.Recognising the threats that face a police officer enables theofficer to prepare ways of reducing the potential loss that can be incurred if the threats occur.The threats include:

  • Increasing crimes rates in the society
  • Increase in population as compared to police officers
  • Limited jail verdicts for critical offenders
  • Increase in cybercrimes
  • Economicrecession that affects stability of the society

Value chain analysis

The public demands that the service delivery of a police officer be differentiated in such a way that will ensures that it targets the right channels of crime and perpetrators of the crime. This is attainable if the police officer targets criminal gangs and organised crime in the society, they should tackle all incidences of mugging and street crime. Apolice officer should be able to analyse crime and consequently, prevent it from happening. This will ascertain that people and their property in the society are safe (Oc and Tiesdell, 2007).

Cover letter

Dear Madame/sir,


My unique mix of work experience in the police force and my qualifications have made me one of the effective and efficient police officers in the force with regard to the maintaining law and order in the country. I have arrested criminals of all types, collected information and evidence that have successfully incriminated the criminals to the crimes committed and I have testified in courts in regard to some of the criminals that I had arrested. This proves of the build experience that I have gained.

My experience in ensuring that the rule of law prevails in the society has been catapulted by the training I received at the police training academy and also by continued job experience. The incorporation of self-skills in the training have enabled me to protect myself, firearms and any other tool assigned by my employer. However, my ability to prevent crime from happening remains my strongest point of my career

This experience has convinced me that being a police officer is a career that I have dedicated my life to and I am ready to explore every bit of it. I believe that the combination of my experience, police training and motivation will always make an asset to the police department that can be exploited to the fullest to ensure that the well-being of the society prevails at all times regardless of the sacrifice.

Your consideration of my analysis will be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully submitted

Reference List

Banerjea, D., Mukherjee,A.,P. and Chatterjee, D., K.2005. Central police organisations.New Delhi: Allied Publishers.

Oc, T. and Tiesdell, S.2007.Safer city centres: reviving the public realm Urban and Regional Development Series.New York: Sage.

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