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International Relations Theories Essay Examples and Topics

International Systems Analysis and Its Levels

The individual level looks at the contributions that individuals make towards the circumstances that occur in the international system. In this level of analysis, the states are assumed to determine the states of war at [...]

The Intifadas in Israel

The Arab forces that had camped around the border of Israel and the Arab world encouraged the war. Indeed, after the six days of continuous fighting, the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, the Gaza strip, West Bank, [...]

International Law and International Relations

With this in mind, the international law and international relations are in direct correlation as the first phenomenon creates the framework for the evolution of the second one.

Constructivism as International Relations Theory

At the same time, the end of the Cold War set the state for constructivism to spread as its major proponents called for a reevaluation of the debates surrounding international relations.

Ukrainian Crisis in the International Relations Theory

Seeing that the conflict in question incorporates the cultural issues together with the political and economic ones, the theories of nationalism and liberalism pertain among the methods of analyzing the Ukrainian crisis, which defines the [...]

Dependency Theory and Complex Interdependence

In the middle of the 20th century, complex interdependence and dependency theory were introduced as the opportunities to describe how the relations between states and societies of different types may be developed.

Cooperation Importance in International Relations

Nowadays, it became a commonplace practice among many Western politicians to suggest that the realities of post-modernity presuppose the eventual transformation of the very paradigm of international relations from having been concerned with the ongoing [...]

China–Japan Relations: Realism and Constructivism

The invoking of realism as a framework often happens in the description of the relationship between China and Japan. In order to examine the research question, the theories of realism and constructivism will become the [...]

“The Future Attempt” by Joseph Nye

In "The Future Attempt," Nye tries to summarize the ideas expressed in his earlier works and to perform a profound analysis of power's character in the twenty-first century."The Future Attempt" represents a systematic examination of [...]

International Politics Discussed by Wendt and Waltz

In his book chapter, The anarchic structure of the world politics, Waltz argues that the domestic power structure is defined by the principles that govern it as well as the specialisation of its various functions.

The Role of International Companies

The progressive growth of the Chinese economy can be attributed to the policies and strategies that have been put by the Chinese government as well as the relationship that it has with other nations across [...]


In the field of international relations, constructivism stands for the belief that crucial features of international relations are collectively and historically conditional, rather than predictable effects of human nature and other vital elements of world [...]

International Conflict Analysis and the Main Actors

In the study of international conflict, there is no one single method that can be termed as the dominant or most preferred in the analysis of the various processes, reasons and genesis of the conflicts.

Explaining of Liberalism

The structure of payoff, the future of the shadows, and the players' numbers are the factors that affect existence of cooperation in states that are afflicted by anarchy.

Theories about International Relations

Traditional theories of international relations are the various schools of thought that criticize the political status and the theoretical aspect on the international front.

International Relation Theories

It is evident that although realism lacks sufficient evidence on why there are mighty and violent powers in the world, the theory is still significant and applicable in modern Post War governments.

Idealists and realists

The reality of the matter is that the role of the state in the international system is diminishing due to the emergence of other actors such as international organizations, supranational organizations, and Multinational Corporations.

International Relation

The development of the League of Nations to protect the interest of the allies, the partnership of France, Britain and USA to form the allies and the struggle for Germany to control Eastern Europe clearly [...]

Review of the article ‘Book Real World Order’

The main idea of the article is the theory of democratic peace, which stipulates that in international sense, democratic countries behave in a manner that is in opposition to those countries that are not democratic.

Idealism and Realism

Of the two, spiritual is considered the most important human aspect because it focuses on the mind and character but not the physical human body. It says that the strength of the minds of people [...]