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International Law Essay Examples and Topics

Human Rights and Laws on the International Level

Zewei provides a characterization of the Tributary System and the concept of the Celestial Order of China, the impact of international law on China's Confucianism worldview, and the process of integration of international law into [...]

International Law and Its Adoption by Nation States

Now because most international laws as we have seen are actually natural laws that already exist in many of the countries globally, then it is obvious that many states will observe international laws since they [...]

Vienna Convention on Law of Treaties

Because Vienna Convention treaty redefines much of the general laws that are already in existence by classifying them in the context of the convention framework it means that it is not involved in creation of [...]

International Law: War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

The history of the formation of the principles and norms of international law, applicable in armed conflicts, shows that it took thousands of years for the legal provisions in question to attain the status of [...]

Jurisdiction and Immunities from Jurisdiction

The doctrine of foreign state immunity originated in the 19th century as part of the general understanding that independent countries equally have the right to protect their national sovereignty. The principle of foreign state immunity [...]

Bribery and Corruption in International Arbitration

The tendency towards the globalization created the basis for the improved cooperation between states, companies, agencies, individuals, etc.and preconditioned the shift of priorities towards the global discourse as the most promising mean of cooperation.

Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe

The constructivist point of view, however, focuses on the perception of the roles of the international norms for the subject state, their legitimacy, and domestic value, as the major aspects that determine the response of [...]

Resettlement Support Center Africa in the US

For instance, in 2017, the number of refugees that can be accepted is reduced from 110,000 to 50,000. For example, PRM helps refugees in different parts of the world.

Effects of the UK Exit From the Union

Based on the reasons summarised in this report, the UK regarded the move of being part of the EU as costly since it had resulted in excessive immigration into the country in line with the [...]

Marxism and International Law

The inclination of international laws is also highlighted by the political and economic imbalances that foster the development of laws to accommodate the changes.

Temple of Preah Vihear: Cambodia vs Thailand

The Court found that the subject of the dispute is the sovereignty of the promontory of Preah Vihear and that it extends according to the line on the map set out in Annex I.

International Judicial Review and Culture

Sharma explains that the system of judicial review in India is separated into three distinctive areas: judicial review of legislative action, judicial review of executive or administrative action, and judicial review of the judicial action.

International Law in the 20th Century History

A review of historical events that transpired after the creation of the United Nations and the International Court of Justice is the natural and expected counter-argument from those unwilling to acknowledge the value of international [...]

Genocide Factors in Rwanda and Cambodia

By the start of the last decade of the 20th Century, animosity between the Hutus and the Tutsis had escalated with the former accusing the latter of propagating socioeconomic and political inequalities within the country.

Global Commons and International Environmental Policies

These issues include an increased consumption and utilization of natural and environmental resources, lack of property, poor defined property rights governing the use of the commons, lack of well-structured international enforcement mechanisms competent enough to [...]

Trademark Laws Between the US and China

In order to completely realize the present state of things, it is necessary to look into the history of patent development in China and the US.

Human Life Regulation by United Nations Documents

International law aims to create the general picture of the world, and the more states integrate into the area of international law, the easier it gets to cooperate with other countries.

European Trade Law

In this critical analysis and discussion paper, the focus is on the contribution made by the Court of Justice of the European Union case law regarding Article 36 TFEU to the achievement and maintenance of [...]

Syrians’ Protection by International Community

The international community should take measures to protect the Syrian population and to stop the violation of human rights of Syrian citizens by applying the Responsibility to Protect norm that is based on three principles: [...]

International Criminal Justice and Atrocity

The end of the Second World War saw the establishment of international structures such as the United Nations and the International Court of Justice that aimed at safeguarding the rights of all individuals and ensuring [...]

Transnational Organized Crime and Its Factors

According to Best, the position of the United States as the leading economy in the world, and as the world's only Superpower makes it a major target of organized terror groups.

The Flags of Convenience’ System

The flag demonstrates that a ship is subject to the legislation of the country, and it helps to find the location of the ship's owners easily.

Service of the United Nations and Reparations

Reparation Policy of 1949 minimises the scale of effects suffered by the United Nations organization and its human resources, who sustain injuries in the course of duty.

EU Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive

It was with this issue therefore that the EU resolved to introduce the Electromagnetic Compatibility directives which would be enforced and monitored to ensure that the environment was kept free of electromagnetic waste and that [...]

Assassination: Moral, Legal, Political and Practical Views

This paper intends to support the policy of assassination by evaluating the moral, legal, political and practical dimensions of assassination. The immunity theory and consequentialist approach will be revisited to espouse the political dimensions of [...]

Human Rights and Legal Framework in Poor Countries

In this article, Benton traces the origin of international order to the 17th century. Moreover, Benton claims that the two approaches have been utilized to explain effect of imperial administration on trends in international law.

Maritime Conflict: Offshore Political Geography

Some of the legal rights and issues provided by the convention on the law of the sea that countries party to the convection enjoy include the passage, fishing, and territorial rights.

International Law: the Nature of Power and Legitimacy

Therefore, the claim about the reliance of the U.S.legitimacy on international law is false because the latter disapprove of the actions of the United States against other economies. In fact, the legitimacy of a specific [...]

Public International Law: Norms and Sources

A variety of sources are used to provide evidence of the existence of opinion Juris. 1 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice as the primary source of international law.

International Law and Its Regulations

As well as the overall ideologies of regulations and agreements, the customary international law usually is deliberated by the International Court of Justice, jurists, the United Nations, and its associate countries appear to be amongst [...]

Principle of International Law

The Court shall consider the case under Article 38 of the Statute "in accordance with international law" and apply sources of law based on the international convention, international customs, the general principles of law as [...]

Law in the International System and Its Aspects

The court's stipulation are articulated basing on the findings and rulings of the available tribunals implying that the court may be having a certain order of laws, that is from the most important to the [...]

International Relations Issues

The United States has accepted the jurisdiction of the international criminal court; therefore, the principles are embedded in the national constitution.

International Law and Vienna Conventions

The Article 1 of VCDR defines the concepts related to a diplomatic mission of a country and the personnel participating in this mission, which includes such notions as "the head of the mission," "the members [...]

International Law is not really law

In 2009, the federal government of Australia has realised such technical, legal challenges and consequently introduced a bill so as to change the relevance of international law in the country.

Global Justice in Modern World

The Concept of Globalization Globalization can be defined as the minimization of the differences between people of the world and the maximization of their similarities through interactions, cooperation and communication.

International Legal Norm

It is therefore, important that the interest of the government should be subject to that of its people. Sovereignty of a state would always be considered secondary to human rights needs, and this has helped [...]

The Geneva Convention

One of the signatory states that have been a great obstacle to the implementation of the provisions is the United States.
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