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Aspects of Talent Visas Essay

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Updated: Aug 22nd, 2022

In the US, there is a specific non-resident O-1 visa type that has the two following directions – O-1A (for people with significant abilities in sciences) and O-1B (for ones with extraordinary capabilities in the field of art, movies, and TV. There are nine requirements, and an applicant should provide evidence that he or she meets at least three of them. The most notable ones may be formulated as follows.

First, a person should have domestic or international awards in his or her sphere. Second, he or she should be a participant in an association, the membership of which implies great achievements recognized within the global scope or nationally. Third, the products of the applicant’s work should be featured in mass media. Fourth, “The applicant has served in some capacity as a judge of others in the same (or closely related) field” (Shiraliyeva, 2020, para. 5). Finally, the applicants should have considerable remuneration for the provided work.

In Australia, there is the Distinguished Talen visa; however, it should be noted that there are two subclasses – 858 and 124. To apply for the former, it is necessary to be inside this country when the mentioned visa is being decided. Hence, it seems reasonable to specify the requirements for subclass 124. First, an applicant is to be outside Australia when the visa is given. Second, applicants should possess globally recognized attainments in the framework of several areas – starting from science and ending with art. Third, “Be nominated by an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, eligible New Zealand citizen, or Australian organization with a national reputation concerning your area of talent” (Shiraliyeva, 2020, para. 8). Fourth, the applicant should know English well, or an extra charge should be paid. Finally, if one is under 18 or more than 55 years old, he or she has to demonstrate exceptional benefits for this country’s community.

In New Zealand, there is the Skilled Migrant Category which implies that if one has abilities, qualifications, and experience, he or she may apply for a resident visa. The mentioned Category is a points system that is founded on several aspects, including age and offers of skilled employment. However, if a person is not eligible or does not want to apply in this way, they may choose an option to do this under the Talent Work Visa. There is a distinction between Talent Work Visa in the framework of art-sport-culture and accredited-employers types. The former implies that an applicant will need the support obtained from an organization in New Zealand that is recognized in the area of this applicant’s sphere of talent; a sponsor is also necessary. After two years of activity in the field of talent in this country, one might be eligible for the visa.

Given the presented requirements for talent visas in three significant countries, there are some aspects to consider for UAE in this regard. First, UAE does not have a distinction between the talent visa granted for applicants involved in the scientific sphere and the field of art and culture. In this vein, the experience of the US and New Zealand may be taken into account. In particular, the crucial requirement here might be the references of UAE’s recognized establishment that the applicant has demonstrated notable achievements in his or her area of talent. Then, a noticeable approach is provided by Australia regarding the age factor – UAE may set a requirement that under or upper a specific age, the applicant must be of exceptional benefit to the country’s community.


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