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The UAE’s Historical and Constitutional Basis

The agreement to form a federation was due to the need to form a viable, independent, political, and constitutional entity. The birth of a federation was not well thought, and thus not all frameworks and [...]

Presidents of the US: Absolute Power

The organizational theory implies that all executive body has to be in the hands of the president. In this case, the unitary executive theory is of help to the president of the United States.

The Book “Portfolios of the Poor”

The other claim is also on how the poor are able to manage their meager incomes, especially the various complex ways in which they are able to survive in the days when they have no [...]

Local, State and Federal Governments

The existence of the layered approach to the limitation of the governmental powers hinges upon the implementation of federalism as a system of checks and balances that have been put in place to safeguard citizens [...]

President’ Policy Decisions in the USA

Some of the gun control laws are in the Gun Control Act 1968 and the National Firearms Act 1934. Shootings in the recent past informed the decisions of most Americans to advocate for strong and [...]

Collaborative Governance in Theory and Practice

Chris Ansell and Alison Gash from the University of California explored the phenomenon of collaborative governance and aimed to create its effective model in their article "Collaborative Governance in Theory and Practice".

Corruption in the South African Public Sector

Studies done have clearly shown that most of the public is fully aware of corruption in South Africa and also that the public is aware of the efforts being made to root out corruption in [...]

457 Visa Program: Business Report

The government seeks to reintroduce the labor-testing clause to the program. In the short term, there is likely to be a shortage of workers.

Corporate Political Activity

For each of the following five factors explain how they are expected to affect the level of engagement of a corporation in political activity.

The Political and Economic Misgivings of the Arab Spring

More specifically, the proposed study aims to evaluate why all the people-centered efforts that led to the Arab Spring are yet to translate into tangible political, democratic, and economic benefits for people in the affected [...]

Business, Government and Society

Pe a concerned the infringement of rights of women and the immigrant workforce, it must be mentioned that the case was already related to the Constitutional issues.

Family and Work Politics

Hence, the discursive significance of the book's title it is meant to accentuate the idea that, while trying to expand the range of social rights and freedoms, to which Americans citizens should be entitled by [...]

Foreign Policy and Global Challenges of Canada

After the Second World War, diplomacy received a slightly different meaning particularly in the light of the Cold War and in the 1980s it metamorphosed as a result of improved communication channels to take a [...]

The Concepts of Power and Authority

To begin with, the idea of authority is correctly applied to a Canadian Supreme Court Justice because the court can pass legislation and influence certain practices and laws in the country. The concept of authority [...]

Distinction Between Power and Authority

Authority is explicitly outlined, and thus it is fixed and well defined as opposed to power, which is the innate ability of the person that holds a given office.

History and Recent Upsurge of Regionalism in Canada

According to Simeon and Robinson, vertical competition of federal government and provinces since1970s and 80s and in Canadian politics depicts a shift to regional orientation because the constitution does not enumerate areas of provincial and [...]

Political Systems Centralization and Decentralization

The decentralization form of government adopts a devolution form of government where administration and distribution of resources are taken closer to people. The family acts as the smallest unit of government in a state or [...]

Factions, Interest Groups, and American Government

This is where Madison's idea of control comes in as he argues that for factions to prevail within a unified government the coercion need to be eliminated and minority group ideas' represented accordingly.

Presidential Dictatorships Around the World

Various nations all over the world have been recognized to be having a government that comprises of the members of parliament plus the overall advisor who is the president.

Harper’s Government Inefficiency in Canada

This whole arrangement, in my view, is not only laughable but it also exposes one of the most predominant weaknesses of the conservative government the inability to streamline the public sector to achieve maximum productivity [...]

Indigenous Self-Government in Canada

Based on this, it has to establish self-government that will play the role of empowering the citizens to catch up with the rest of the world.

Elected Representatives as Trustees and Delegates

The first approach holds that political representatives should indeed be trustees who first listen to their constituents' opinions and viewpoints before employing their sense of judgment to chart the way forward and act sorely in [...]

Liberals and Conservatives’ Differences in Politics

Lakoff puts the state as a family and the government as a parent to illustrate opposing political views of conservatives/Right and liberals/Left even when the two use same the metaphor to discuss the same topic [...]

FedBizOpp: High Tech Government Contracting

That said this work discusses the reasons why FedBizOpp enhances opportunities for minorities, any possible improvements on the site, the elements considered when designing the website, and gives a detailed analysis of the services provided.

The American Political System

Of course, there are some controversies, but it is possible to note that the political system of the country does work.

Federalism of the United States

The end result showed that the federal government was using publicly owned land, which in the end, belonged to all citizens of the United States, thus the local state government had to make sure the [...]

Values of Government

Thus, the critics of the American government can say that the will of the nation is not properly represented by the state.

US Intelligence Services and Security Improvement

This ability could prove highly beneficial to an intelligence service, as the availability of the information enables data gathering on other countries while also highlighting potential weaknesses of the nation and ways to mitigate them.

Politics and Government Promotion in Media

The peculiar feature of the state of Texas is the presence of two types of cities, "general-law" and "home-rule" and three types of political culture. What are the responsibilities of the media?

Chinese Perspectives on Global Governance

In the first chapter of their book, Chan et al.write about the nature, purposes, and goals of the given phenomenon and discuss the major barriers to effective international cooperation and equal distribution of welfare.

The United States Congress and Passing Legislation

The constitution of the US clearly explains that both the House of Representatives and the senate are even, but it goes ahead to accord each side its responsibilities or, in other words, the powers. First, [...]

India in “Power Politics” Book by Roy Arundhati

One of the central arguments that the author makes is that the forces of globalization have made India financially dependent on Western economies and that this dependence gives many loopholes for the exploitation of these [...]

Lobbying: Ethics, Morality and Legalities

In bribery, the objective of the bribe is clear while in lobbying, the person giving the gift may necessarily not state the reason why s/he is doing so but in mind, s/he is sure the [...]

Democracy in the Arab World

Ousting of long serving dictators in Egypt and Tunisia early this year is an attest to the growing discomfort of citizens in dictatorial states in the world.

Forms of Power and Their Sources

Nevertheless, their ideas and findings are still applied in the study of the problem of power and significantly contribute to understanding this concept and the way leaders influence other people.

Leadership and National Oversight

This tendency culminated in the adoption of the Intelligence Oversight Act that required the IC to report their actions to the Congress and the Senate.

Quality Management Principles in the Dubai Government

The lack of leadership actions also result in the limitation of alignment with stakeholders, the absence of a change management plan, and insufficient internal and external communication plan assessment.

Agenda Control in Congress and Party Effect

The most significant contribution made by the authors is the thorough investigation of negative agenda control in the Senate, as opposed to the majority of studies that investigate the House.

President’s Power and Executive Orders

This order demonstrates the original ideology of Trump's presidential campaign as it reveals the focus on national businesses and the opposition to foreign workers. According to the officials, this EO was not acting in line [...]

The United States’ Political Landscape

For instance, when defining the policies that can be used to encourage the further development of the stated, the U.S.government must take the provisions of the Constitution into account and ensure that every single population [...]

UAE Government’s Initiatives for National Identity

In spite of the fact that the UAE's government has focused on developing initiatives to preserve and protect the national identity in the country, specific steps to address the problem should be completed: the promotion [...]

Intergovernmental Relations and Technology

The state government is in charge of maintaining control of the state, and the Federal government regulates all the national as well as international affairs and creates laws for the whole country.

Crisis Management and National Security Strategy

This is a crisis because the company will lack the expertise to enhance the operations of the business. In addition, crisis assessment is a vital approach to ensure that the crisis does not affect or [...]

General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai is a government agency within the Ministry of Interior which is primarily responsible for the regulation of the entry and exit of international travelers and residency [...]

Empire and Democracy Conflict by Thucydides

First of all, Thucydides emphasizes the very core of the conflict between empire and democracy, which is the fact that an empire must be strong and tyrannical.

Sunni–Shia Religious Conflict in Iraq

It would be proper to state that approximately sixty-five percent if Iraq inhabitants are the followers of the Shia movement, whereas the other thirty-five percent of the state's population contributes to the Sunni group.

Smart Services and Re-Engineered Government in Dubai

The study aims to examine the subject of smart services and re-engineered processes in government operation and activities in Dubai. The first research objective is to establish possible benefits from the automation of services and [...]

Central Intelligence Agency’s Structural Analysis

The formalization of the CIA is also at a high level, as due to security protocols and other regulations, actions of employees and their responsibilities are regulated by policies and formal rules.

The Creation of the Nonaligned Movement

It is proposed for the Union of Burma to reevaluate its views on the non-alignment movement, which is abandoned, to ensure sustainable growth and compliance with global standards.

The US Government Funding of the Broadcasting Service

On the other hand, opponents argue that PBS has a business model that provides sufficient revenue to sustain its operations without government funding and there are more deserving entities that could benefit more from the [...]

Lobbying and Special Interest Group

This implies that it is possible for the organization to enhance its success in the advocacy process by ensuring that the issues at hand evoke a steamed political environment.

United States Intelligence Reforms

These reforms only focused on how to restructure the top leadership and to redefine the strategic objectives of the intelligence service in the 21st century.

US President’s Office and Congress Power Relation

Any kind of talk regarding the power relation between the Office of the President and the U.S. The gulf that separates the Presidency and Congress was by design, in accordance with the legal requirements stated [...]

Overall American Policies

The Federalists papers are the documents that preceded and anticipated the Constitution of the United States. It underlines the duty and right of the Congress to make necessary and proper laws.

Increased Spending Bill for the US Government

This part states that every bill which passed through both the House of Representatives and the Senate can be presented to the President for signing. The votes for this bill were 256-167 in the House [...]

Theories Analysis: Who Governs America?

Some go as far as stating that it is an example of democracy and that it is the only country that is governed by the people in the broadest sense.

US Agencies’ Investigative and Judicial Powers

The EBSA, also known as the Employee Benefits Security Administration, has the authority to investigate, receive, and disclose information that is related to the employee benefits and security to any parties that may be affected [...]

Democratic Deficit in the European Union

In theory, the foundation of democracy is to be composed of the political equality of citizens and the control of the population in the process of making decisions.

The Arab Spring and Social Injustice in Tunisia

This is, however, not the case of this state owing to the fact that the population is exposed to all forms of oppression and low standards of living. The government is responsible for overseeing the [...]

Donald Trump’s Political Role in the USA

Although there is a significant part of the population which could not accept Trump as the would-be President of the USA, he should still take up this post because he remains the only legitimately elected [...]

Kenya in Pre- and Post-Democracy Periods

The colonial government failed to establish a nation characterized by meaningful ideals, laws, and ideas that could serve the interests of the people.

Texas and Florida Governments Comparison

The government structure helps determine the functional role of each county government in the entire system of the state and identify the legal responsibilities of each agent, as well as delineating the legal system of [...]

Egypt’s Political Situation in the Next 5 Years

Still, the evaluation of the current financial reports and the observations of the current achievements that are defined as the means to survive help to realize that Egypt may see the significant changes in the [...]

Transparency in California State Politics

The fundamental problem that is associated with governmental transparency is the fact that getting information, the majority of people is not satisfied with it and demand more and more. The bill is considered to be [...]

Government Influences on Private Projects

The type of the project is not taken into account, and the paper is devoted to the general ideas concerning the importance of government influence for project evaluation that are illustrated with specific examples.

Canadian Cities and National Identity

Although this has several advantages, it is a major weakness and cause of the financial problems in the local governments because the provincial authorities place strict budget requirements and limitations to the local governments.

The Supreme Court of the United States

This paper examines the structure and functions of the structure of the Supreme Court of the United States as described in United States Courts.

Middle Eastern Revolutions, Causes and Outcomes

However, the people of the Arab world have risen up, to change the situation and restore democracy in their countries. For example, in Egypt and Tunisia mass civic revolutions led to the overthrowing of dictators.

Silver/Skelos Scandal in the New York State

The life of the general public depends greatly on the way the country and state are governed. The citizens will not suspect them of being engaged in frauds and will know to whom address the [...]

East Asian Countries’ Domestic and Foreign Politics

Consequently, the company poses a critical challenge to the management of mineral resources, and its actions could lead to a drastic, premature end. It is the ultimate responsibility of South Korea and the international community [...]

Income Inequality in America: Support and Critique

Monrone and Kerg also say the income of the wealthiest 1% Americans has increased by 154%, while the income of the rest of the population has only grown by 17%. For example, they say income [...]

The United Arab Emirates’ Border Security Issues

On evaluating the awareness of residents of the United Arab Emirates about the importance and protection of border control and homeland security it is found that the residents of the country are aware of the [...]
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