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Government Essay Examples and Topics

State-Building Process and Its Components

In this respect, the aspect of good governance is one of the essentials in strengthening the capacity of public institutions. This is the reason why some countries are run by economic cartels that benefit from [...]

Drug Traffickers Arrest: Intelligence Cycle

The case study about the arrest of 7 drug traffickers by Drug Enforcement Agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Homeland Security Investigations agents is a perfect case that required collection of information, processing it to [...]

Burma Government

The geostrategic position of the government is, therefore, to strike a deal with the communities that are fighting in a bid to regain investor confidence and other people from foreign countries.

The Queen of England and Her Role in Canada

The issue of Canada's monarchy is very controversial: the population of the country cannot come to the same conclusion whether it is fair and justified that the Queen of England remains to be the head [...]

Russia’s Uncertainty Future

Power distance reveals the extent to which a culture considers the distribution of powers in governments and organizations. The attempts to evade the uncertain circumstances require the creation of more structure.

Voting Times and Its Problems

He addresses some of the most important issues that pertain to the right of people to vote, their equal ability to do so and the government that has a responsibility before the citizens to provide [...]

Syria Rebel Militia

The photojournalist recorded the two main events in the video; the shooting of the unarmed man and torturing of the captured man.

Roberts Court and Its Political Relations

The supreme court of the Unites States has been the upholder of the fundamental and basic human rights; however, in recent times the decisions passed by the court has demonstrated an inclination towards the conservative [...]

Political Violence on Government

Considering the enormous impact that political violence has on a nation and its people, it would be a worthwhile endeavor to review the justifiability of political violence.

Canada’s Access to Information Act

The main concern by the government at the time of the Act's enactment, as voiced in the Discussion Paper of 1980, was that the access to information requests would overwhelm the government and as such, [...]

Three Problems that Obama Should Fix

The efforts by Obama to deliver this promise has been dealt a big blow due to the problems he is encountering and which he has to fix to continue with his bid to fulfill his [...]

Democracy in Chile: Evidence and Effects

However, with the reinstatement of elected government in the year1990, the country was once again plunged into the global limelight. The above institutions have fostered democracy in the country.

Coase Theorem: An Option of Government Regulation

There are several ways to define the phenomenon; traditionally, the Coase Theorem is identified as the statement that "in the absence of government authority, the private sector will step in to provide alternative services, depending [...]

The Chinese Government: Exercises of Power

It is the belief of this paper that the exercise of power to control a subject population can be categorized as being rational only when it serves the needs of the people and not primarily [...]

Is Dubai Police Force a World Class Organization?

The organization's mission is to improve the life of every citizen in the country. The agency uses the best institutional performance indicators in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of its operations.

US Congress Powers, Their Sources and History

The Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence provide the Congress with not only the power of affecting the processes of foreign trade, the taxation issue, the defense and welfare of the [...]

Confederation’ Problems

The effects of power abuse still in the minds of the federalists and the antifederalists, both groups had a hard time to come into terms with the intended ratification and implementation of the United States [...]

Syria’s Participation in the Arab Spring

Syria being an integrated part of the Arab world could not resist the strong effect of rebellious mood in the neighboring countries and join the Arab Spring, a series of protest in the Middle East [...]

Turkey: Middle Eastern or European?

The assumption's validity is further confirmed, in regards to the fact that, just as it is happened to be the case in European countries, Turkey adheres to the ideals of democracy, with one of the [...]

The Chinese Communist Party

The country's contentious politics contribute to the stabilization of the authoritarian regime, which has eased political transition to the extent that the country has failed to achieve democratization.

Growth of the US President Office

The establishment of the office of the president by the United State's Constitution towards the end of the 1780s marked a significant milestone in the country's history.

The Supreme Court Role in Canadian Politics

The introduction of the Charter of Rights and Freedom in 1982 formed a foundation through which the court makes final verdicts relating to the law of the land. The aim of the current research is [...]

The King of Saudi Arabia and His Influence

The issues addressed include, among others, the king himself, the country's constitution, the royal family, and the national government. The royal political class influences power and culture in the country with the blessings of the [...]

The Political Leadership Conception

This is usually manifested through the power of attraction and seduction and manipulation of the people under the leadership authority. Competent and profound leaders should be in a position to manage the organization for which [...]

Democratic Governance Concept

The United States proves to be a main player in the promotion of democratic governance in countries where conflict dictatorship and war is involved.

The U.S Government Drug Policy

S uses the policy of foreign assistance restrictions to hold their assistance to the states that may have failed to make efforts in drug control under the strategies set at the international agreements. S uses [...]

Egyptian Government Interference in Media

The goal of this research is to review the topic of Egyptian government's interference in media and analyze the impacts it has on the public perceptions of politics and freedom in the Egyptian state after [...]

Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Program

The positive aspects of the program's development are the orientation to the proven technologies, the establishment of the minimal operational requirements to provide the company with the possibilities to meet them effectively and the progressive [...]

The Role of the White House Chief of Staff

In the course of conducting his/her role as the head of state, the President of the United States of America requires advice and support of key government officials to ensure that he/she comes up with [...]

Canadian Government: Issues and Perspectives

As many individuals have to rely on the government for funding and social support, the changes that were made to the policies on provincial level were an addition to an already existing welfare of citizens.

The Sinai Fire Disaster’ Management

It is therefore very important that in the event of a disaster, the different arms of government would join up and come up with an effective way to avail all the essential services needed in [...]

The Georgia State Constitution and Systems

The two branches are the executive branch, which is composed of the governor, the plural executive, and constitutional boards and commissions, and the judicial branch composed of trial courts, appellate courts, and district attorneys and [...]

Chinese Democratic Dictatorship Essence

Mao's definition excluded western imperialists and oppressors who brought suffering to the people of China. The inspirational nature of Mao's speech sought to mobilize people to support the communist regime.

The Executive Council of Dubai

The performance of the Executive Council of Dubai and the effective realization of duties depend on the organizational structure of the Council and distribution of responsibilities among the Council branches and members.

Electronic Voting in the United States

Electronic voting is not a new idea, and the US government has always thought of introducing it in the country, but it has always been feared that rogue states and other enemies of the US [...]

Limitation in the Use of Force

However, according to Pasri, the interest of the US and Israel on the Iran nuclear program has amplified the security threat that Iranians face1.

The State of the Future

Nations as large groups of people sharing the culture, religion, history, and traditions choose to develop according to two different scenarios which are the formation of the nation-state with the focus on the political recognition [...]

Egypt Political Situation Before and After the Revolution

Political theorists and practitioners are in agreement that the recent Egyptian revolution was triggered by the rapid deterioration of the socioeconomic and political conditions in the country under the oppressive and authoritarian regime of President [...]

Governance and the Public Good

One of the most important aspects that should be considered is that the cost of the production of such goods does not increase with the number of consumers.

Sustainable Democracy in Developing Countries

However, the sustainability of such states is dependent on a variety of factors such as the efficiency of the government and economic development of a country; to a great extent, the future of these democracies [...]

China’s Petitioners and Their Rights

According to the key principles of the Chinese petitioning system, the so-called petitioning bureaus are in charge for collecting the letters that the Chinese people send to their state authorities in an attempt to change [...]

Economic Explanation of Political Dishonesty

With the national debt increasing by $500 million every year since 2003, the federal government proposed that the move to cut expenses in government offices like in the Social Security, Medicare, Military Pensions, Education and [...]

Gandhi and Law Breaking

I am here, therefore, to invite and submit cheerfully to the highest penalty that can be inflicted upon me for what in law is a deliberate crime and what appears to me to be the [...]

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Comparison

These policies are based on the premise that the main concern of the government should be social welfare. Nevertheless, Mitt Romney does not say that the government should pay no attention to the work of [...]

The US Counterintelligence and Counterespionage

The paper looks at the 21st challenges facing the implementation of counterespionage and counterintelligence measures with respect to the emerging threats, the changes that need to be initiated, and the effective results.

Public Transit Policy Implementation in US

The federal government ought to raise gas prices in order to lessen the high usage of automobiles in the U.S. With the rise in fuel charges, individuals are beginning to search for methods to hoard [...]

The Security Dilemma and Its Causes

Any country, irrespective of the defence mechanisms, can be subject to security dilemma; for instance, after the event that occurred on 11 September 2001, the United States faced a security dilemma that originated from the [...]

Contemporary American Federalism

Dual federalism is a system characterized by a national government that only governs by the rules that have been laid out in the constitution, national and state governments that are supreme in their allocated spheres [...]

Political Problems in the Atlantic Ocean

However, these human activities have posed a menace to the ocean's life, a situation that has led to the development of international ocean policies that include laws, guidelines, and conventional practices to enhance the life [...]

Democracy and Wealthy Americans Policy

The high attention on economic wealth and improved contact of the resources from the wealthy with the political structure in the United States are the two aspects that increase this danger.