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Government Essay Examples and Topics

The King of Saudi Arabia and His Influence

The issues addressed include, among others, the king himself, the country's constitution, the royal family, and the national government. The royal political class influences power and culture in the country with the blessings of the [...]

The Political Leadership Conception

This is usually manifested through the power of attraction and seduction and manipulation of the people under the leadership authority. Competent and profound leaders should be in a position to manage the organization for which [...]

Democratic Governance Concept

The United States proves to be a main player in the promotion of democratic governance in countries where conflict dictatorship and war is involved.

The U.S Government Drug Policy

S uses the policy of foreign assistance restrictions to hold their assistance to the states that may have failed to make efforts in drug control under the strategies set at the international agreements. S uses [...]

Egyptian Government Interference in Media

The goal of this research is to review the topic of Egyptian government's interference in media and analyze the impacts it has on the public perceptions of politics and freedom in the Egyptian state after [...]

Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Program

The positive aspects of the program's development are the orientation to the proven technologies, the establishment of the minimal operational requirements to provide the company with the possibilities to meet them effectively and the progressive [...]

The Role of the White House Chief of Staff

In the course of conducting his/her role as the head of state, the President of the United States of America requires advice and support of key government officials to ensure that he/she comes up with [...]

Canadian Government: Issues and Perspectives

As many individuals have to rely on the government for funding and social support, the changes that were made to the policies on provincial level were an addition to an already existing welfare of citizens.

The Sinai Fire Disaster’ Management

It is therefore very important that in the event of a disaster, the different arms of government would join up and come up with an effective way to avail all the essential services needed in [...]

The Georgia State Constitution and Systems

The two branches are the executive branch, which is composed of the governor, the plural executive, and constitutional boards and commissions, and the judicial branch composed of trial courts, appellate courts, and district attorneys and [...]

Chinese Democratic Dictatorship Essence

Mao's definition excluded western imperialists and oppressors who brought suffering to the people of China. The inspirational nature of Mao's speech sought to mobilize people to support the communist regime.

The Executive Council of Dubai

The performance of the Executive Council of Dubai and the effective realization of duties depend on the organizational structure of the Council and distribution of responsibilities among the Council branches and members.

Electronic Voting in the United States

Electronic voting is not a new idea, and the US government has always thought of introducing it in the country, but it has always been feared that rogue states and other enemies of the US [...]

Limitation in the Use of Force

However, according to Pasri, the interest of the US and Israel on the Iran nuclear program has amplified the security threat that Iranians face1.

The State of the Future

Nations as large groups of people sharing the culture, religion, history, and traditions choose to develop according to two different scenarios which are the formation of the nation-state with the focus on the political recognition [...]

Egypt Political Situation Before and After the Revolution

Political theorists and practitioners are in agreement that the recent Egyptian revolution was triggered by the rapid deterioration of the socioeconomic and political conditions in the country under the oppressive and authoritarian regime of President [...]

Governance and the Public Good

One of the most important aspects that should be considered is that the cost of the production of such goods does not increase with the number of consumers.

Sustainable Democracy in Developing Countries

However, the sustainability of such states is dependent on a variety of factors such as the efficiency of the government and economic development of a country; to a great extent, the future of these democracies [...]

China’s Petitioners and Their Rights

According to the key principles of the Chinese petitioning system, the so-called petitioning bureaus are in charge for collecting the letters that the Chinese people send to their state authorities in an attempt to change [...]

Economic Explanation of Political Dishonesty

With the national debt increasing by $500 million every year since 2003, the federal government proposed that the move to cut expenses in government offices like in the Social Security, Medicare, Military Pensions, Education and [...]

Gandhi and Law Breaking

I am here, therefore, to invite and submit cheerfully to the highest penalty that can be inflicted upon me for what in law is a deliberate crime and what appears to me to be the [...]

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Comparison

These policies are based on the premise that the main concern of the government should be social welfare. Nevertheless, Mitt Romney does not say that the government should pay no attention to the work of [...]

The US Counterintelligence and Counterespionage

The paper looks at the 21st challenges facing the implementation of counterespionage and counterintelligence measures with respect to the emerging threats, the changes that need to be initiated, and the effective results.

Public Transit Policy Implementation in US

The federal government ought to raise gas prices in order to lessen the high usage of automobiles in the U.S. With the rise in fuel charges, individuals are beginning to search for methods to hoard [...]

The Security Dilemma and Its Causes

Any country, irrespective of the defence mechanisms, can be subject to security dilemma; for instance, after the event that occurred on 11 September 2001, the United States faced a security dilemma that originated from the [...]

Contemporary American Federalism

Dual federalism is a system characterized by a national government that only governs by the rules that have been laid out in the constitution, national and state governments that are supreme in their allocated spheres [...]

Political Problems in the Atlantic Ocean

However, these human activities have posed a menace to the ocean's life, a situation that has led to the development of international ocean policies that include laws, guidelines, and conventional practices to enhance the life [...]

Democracy and Wealthy Americans Policy

The high attention on economic wealth and improved contact of the resources from the wealthy with the political structure in the United States are the two aspects that increase this danger.

Mobilization of Voters

The decline of voter turnout in the United States has prompted researchers to examine the factors that contribute to this trend. This is one of the factors that contribute to the decrease of voter turnout.

US Government and Politics

Obama's bill has its weaknesses, however, it is in line with the original intent of the commerce clause, and that is why judges find for it.

The US Constitution Overview and Its Aspects

In the constitution a lot of individual rights are mentioned and seem to be the top agenda in the composition of its text. The interpretation of the constitution should not be left to the politically [...]

America and the Problem of Illegal Immigration

The presence of the illegal immigrants, commonly known as illegal aliens, is such massive numbers has brought the issue of illegal immigration to the limelight of the U.S.political scene, to the halls of Congress, and [...]

Identifying Good Cops

It is evident in the article that in evaluating the performance of the police officers, the police department has traditionally used crime-related methods in which the cop who had made the highest number of arrests [...]

Al Ain Municipality

The vision statement of this municipality is very specific and it captures the dreams and aspirations of the residents. To this end, it can be argued that the government does benefit from the implementation of [...]

Ralston Valley Volunteer Fire Department Case

The intended promotion should therefore convince these people that there is need to take part in the program and become volunteer firefighters for the common good of the community in times of emergencies.

Driving Forces in AI Ain Municipality

An analysis of industry driving forces usually comprises of three stages namely identification of the driving forces, making an assessment to establish whether presence of the forces decreases or increases the attractiveness of the industry [...]

The Development of America’s Democracy

To understand the meaning of the founding principles for the Americans as citizens and for the whole society, it is necessary to provide the proper analysis of them from the historical perspective and with references [...]

American Democracy

Democracy is a cherished virtue on which the American government is built upon and upon which the whole society takes pride in and guards jealously."Democracy is defined as a government of the people, for the [...]

Combating Human Trafficking in the USA

It is necessary to note, however, that numerous researchers claim that the number of human trafficking victims is quite difficult to estimate due to the lack of effective methodology.

PIPA and SOPA’ Decision on Internet Privacy

The right to access information is fundamental in any open society, the and so is the protection of intellectual property. Gillmor's sentiments are on point and I agree that the intention of the lawmakers was [...]

Business-Government Trade Relations

Subsidies are given to help the domestic companies to compete with international companies. Nations also have other agencies that are there to support the companies.

California State Government

Provost and Hyink point out that some of the challenges facing the state of California include poor wealth distribution, poorly established leadership structure that runs the government, inadequate basic public education, lack of information flow [...]

Military and Civilian Safety Management System

The operation or workings of other related organizations such as the Occupation Safety and Health Administration will also be analyzed to ensure that the project proposal is in line with the laid down procedures.

Analysis of Piracy in Somalia

After the fall of the government following the death of Siad Barre, a state of lawlessness ensued, and brought about an uprising of different factions claiming authority. These factions include the Government of Somaliland, the [...]

The Foundation of Army Leadership

The Army leaders therefore, need to be swift, adaptive, and multi-skilled both in the country and across the world. This ensures obedience of the Army to the authority of the President and his authority from [...]

Policy Processes – Government

The engagement of advocacy agencies, individuals and other lobby groups in the influence of policy choice and implementation mechanisms within various states is evident. Economic crises have severe implications in the process of policy choice [...]

The DREAM Act Issues

The DREAM Act is the document which can make people believe that the American Dream is still a reality. The young people are brought to their new homeland without their permission.

Business and Government Relationships Policy

In the quest of making profits, businesses tend to be so profit oriented at the expense of the welfare of citizens and therefore governments sets in to ensure that there is fair competition among businesses, [...]

Human Security in International Conflicts

Stakeholders in this school of thought feel that human security is secondary and less important in dealing with the issue of violent conflict However, many advocates of human security hold the view that the foremost [...]

Policy in the Military

A battalion of soldiers is composed of a number of personnel of different backgrounds under the supervision of a single commander.

Democrats vs. Republicans Analysis

The second and third sub-group is also related to the elections and focused on destroying the credibility of the Obama government while highlighting the achievements of the party.

Illegal Drug Trafficking

This is one of the most thriving trades in the world markets owing to the fact that, although majority of nations have criminalized drug trafficking, due to effects of the economic crisis that affected most [...]

Justice Anthony Kennedy

In 2003, a petition was filed in the Supreme Court by the government against a decision by the Supreme Court located in Missouri.

Immigration Amnesty

A great percentage of immigrants have a positive significance to a country; amnesty, therefore, may be a solution to problems that the government has never regarded serious before.

U.S. Military Draft

Re-introduction of the Military Draft is one of the most controversial debates in America, because too many American citizens, mentioning of the Military Draft elicits in the painful memories of the Vietnam War that left [...]

Concepts of Legalizing Marijuana

Although in most cases, most individuals associate Marijuana with numerous health complications and social problems, for example, brain damage, and violent behavior hence, supporting its illegalization, such individuals take little consideration of its significance in [...]

The Disciplines of Emergency Management

It is in charge of the provision of training, funds for the purchase of equipment, support for planning and execution of exercises, technical assistance, and other necessary support services to the states and jurisdictions in [...]

UK Immigration in 2015

In 1993 the percentage of the foreign-born population in the country accounted for 7 percent, and in 2013 it reached 12.

The Political Situation in Ukraine

These wins can be discussed as the most vivid examples in order to state that the authorities or the government act according to the consent of the governed.

Good Governance and Political Development

Over the past decade, the concept of good governance and political development has dominated development literature. A good governance system provides for the participation of citizens and various groups in the society.

Congressional Roles

As a member of the American Congress representing Alpharetta in the state of Georgia, my work primarily involves making legislations for the nation and representing the interests of my constituents.

The Indian Political Parties

The President is the head of the state while the Prime Minister is the head of the government. A multi-party system is the final type of party system in the country.

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

With the current political upheaval in Egypt with the ouster of President Mubarak in 2011, gaining control over the political machinery in the country soon after, and ultimate fall from grace of the democratic forces [...]

Abu Dhabi Police Organizational Change

It will highlight the causes and the benefits of the changes that have occurred in the police force since 1957. In 1959, the number of officers in the police force was increased from 80 to [...]