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FedBizOpp: High Tech Government Contracting

That said this work discusses the reasons why FedBizOpp enhances opportunities for minorities, any possible improvements on the site, the elements considered when designing the website, and gives a detailed analysis of the services provided.

Federalism of the United States

The end result showed that the federal government was using publicly owned land, which in the end, belonged to all citizens of the United States, thus the local state government had to make sure the [...]

Values of Government

Thus, the critics of the American government can say that the will of the nation is not properly represented by the state.

US Intelligence Services and Security Improvement

This ability could prove highly beneficial to an intelligence service, as the availability of the information enables data gathering on other countries while also highlighting potential weaknesses of the nation and ways to mitigate them.

Politics and Government Promotion in Media

The peculiar feature of the state of Texas is the presence of two types of cities, "general-law" and "home-rule" and three types of political culture. What are the responsibilities of the media?

Chinese Perspectives on Global Governance

In the first chapter of their book, Chan et al.write about the nature, purposes, and goals of the given phenomenon and discuss the major barriers to effective international cooperation and equal distribution of welfare.

India in “Power Politics” Book by Roy Arundhati

One of the central arguments that the author makes is that the forces of globalization have made India financially dependent on Western economies and that this dependence gives many loopholes for the exploitation of these [...]

Lobbying: Ethics, Morality and Legalities

In bribery, the objective of the bribe is clear while in lobbying, the person giving the gift may necessarily not state the reason why s/he is doing so but in mind, s/he is sure the [...]

Democracy in the Arab World

Ousting of long serving dictators in Egypt and Tunisia early this year is an attest to the growing discomfort of citizens in dictatorial states in the world.

Forms of Power and Their Sources

Nevertheless, their ideas and findings are still applied in the study of the problem of power and significantly contribute to understanding this concept and the way leaders influence other people.

Leadership and National Oversight

This tendency culminated in the adoption of the Intelligence Oversight Act that required the IC to report their actions to the Congress and the Senate.

Agenda Control in Congress and Party Effect

The most significant contribution made by the authors is the thorough investigation of negative agenda control in the Senate, as opposed to the majority of studies that investigate the House.

President’s Power and Executive Orders

This order demonstrates the original ideology of Trump's presidential campaign as it reveals the focus on national businesses and the opposition to foreign workers. According to the officials, this EO was not acting in line [...]

The United States’ Political Landscape

For instance, when defining the policies that can be used to encourage the further development of the stated, the U.S.government must take the provisions of the Constitution into account and ensure that every single population [...]

Intergovernmental Relations and Technology

The state government is in charge of maintaining control of the state, and the Federal government regulates all the national as well as international affairs and creates laws for the whole country.

Sunni–Shia Religious Conflict in Iraq

It would be proper to state that approximately sixty-five percent if Iraq inhabitants are the followers of the Shia movement, whereas the other thirty-five percent of the state's population contributes to the Sunni group.

Smart Services and Re-Engineered Government in Dubai

The study aims to examine the subject of smart services and re-engineered processes in government operation and activities in Dubai. The first research objective is to establish possible benefits from the automation of services and [...]

The Creation of the Nonaligned Movement

It is proposed for the Union of Burma to reevaluate its views on the non-alignment movement, which is abandoned, to ensure sustainable growth and compliance with global standards.

Lobbying and Special Interest Group

This implies that it is possible for the organization to enhance its success in the advocacy process by ensuring that the issues at hand evoke a steamed political environment.

United States Intelligence Reforms

These reforms only focused on how to restructure the top leadership and to redefine the strategic objectives of the intelligence service in the 21st century.

Overall American Policies

The Federalists papers are the documents that preceded and anticipated the Constitution of the United States. It underlines the duty and right of the Congress to make necessary and proper laws.

Increased Spending Bill for the US Government

This part states that every bill which passed through both the House of Representatives and the Senate can be presented to the President for signing. The votes for this bill were 256-167 in the House [...]

US Agencies’ Investigative and Judicial Powers

The EBSA, also known as the Employee Benefits Security Administration, has the authority to investigate, receive, and disclose information that is related to the employee benefits and security to any parties that may be affected [...]

Donald Trump’s Political Role in the USA

Although there is a significant part of the population which could not accept Trump as the would-be President of the USA, he should still take up this post because he remains the only legitimately elected [...]

Texas and Florida Governments Comparison

The government structure helps determine the functional role of each county government in the entire system of the state and identify the legal responsibilities of each agent, as well as delineating the legal system of [...]

Egypt’s Political Situation in the Next 5 Years

Still, the evaluation of the current financial reports and the observations of the current achievements that are defined as the means to survive help to realize that Egypt may see the significant changes in the [...]

Transparency in California State Politics

The fundamental problem that is associated with governmental transparency is the fact that getting information, the majority of people is not satisfied with it and demand more and more. The bill is considered to be [...]

Government Influences on Private Projects

The type of the project is not taken into account, and the paper is devoted to the general ideas concerning the importance of government influence for project evaluation that are illustrated with specific examples.

Canadian Cities and National Identity

Although this has several advantages, it is a major weakness and cause of the financial problems in the local governments because the provincial authorities place strict budget requirements and limitations to the local governments.

Middle Eastern Revolutions, Causes and Outcomes

However, the people of the Arab world have risen up, to change the situation and restore democracy in their countries. For example, in Egypt and Tunisia mass civic revolutions led to the overthrowing of dictators.

Silver/Skelos Scandal in the New York State

The life of the general public depends greatly on the way the country and state are governed. The citizens will not suspect them of being engaged in frauds and will know to whom address the [...]

East Asian Countries’ Domestic and Foreign Politics

Consequently, the company poses a critical challenge to the management of mineral resources, and its actions could lead to a drastic, premature end. It is the ultimate responsibility of South Korea and the international community [...]

Nigerian Poor Governance and Leadership

In the paper under consideration, we will examine the concepts of the good governance and leadership, the problems concerning the implementation of these concepts in the Nigerian government; then we will investigate the history of [...]

Intelligence and Strategic Management

According to Hill and Jones, strategic management refers to "the formulation and implementation of the major goals and initiatives taken by an organization's top management on behalf of owners, based on consideration of resources and [...]

National Dialogue in Tunisia: Aims and Perspective

The National Dialogue is represented by the core associates: the Tunisian General Labour Union, the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, the Trade and Handicrafts, the Tunisian Human Rights League, and the Tunisian Order of Lawyers.

US Intelligence and Private Business Collaboration

Particularly, the measures taken to prevent and address the incidences of terrorism, maintain the homeland security levels high, and promote the development of state intelligence need to be listed among the primary areas of concern [...]

Intelligence Problem in the Trump Administration

As the majority whip in the Senate, Senator John Cornyn has the responsibility of leading other senators in coming up with pieces of legislation that will help the new administration deal with some of the [...]

State-Building Process and Its Components

In this respect, the aspect of good governance is one of the essentials in strengthening the capacity of public institutions. This is the reason why some countries are run by economic cartels that benefit from [...]