Government Essay Examples and Topics

Illegal Immigration in the USA

Introduction Based on the recent presidential election, one can definitely comment that ‘Illegal immigration’ was a key component of the Democratic Party’s winning strategy. Americans have repeatedly advocated for a more secure border, but often anti-immigration protests are painted as racially inclined when the truth is rather contrary. More often than not, people who advocate […]

Poverty: Research Proposal

Introduction For a long time, poverty has been perceived to constitute lack or inadequacy of basic needs, including food, clothing, and shelter. The levels by which different societies achieve these three basic essentials vary, and this explains the differences in poverty levels among different societies. Today, America is described to have the highest level of […]

The Federal Government in the United States

Federalism and policy development The federal government has some powers over the States in the United States (Dye, 2010). In this regard, it makes choices on a range of aspects. The idea that the federal government has far-reaching powers over a number of issues raises questions regarding the extent to which the government should interfere […]

Public Policy Problems

Dye (2010 p.4) explains policy analysis as the process of getting to know the activities of governments, why they have to undertake such events, and the difference they realize from the activities. Policy analysis is primarily concerned with an explanation as opposed to the prescription of policy matters. It involves a rigorous investigation into the […]

Phoenix City Council Formal Meeting

The formal Phoenix City Council meeting occurred on Wednesday, October 16th, 2013. The public meeting at the Phoenix City Council Chambers had the agenda of the liquor license bill and review of the planning code for construction projects within the Phoenix district. Before entrance into the public chambers, members of the public had to register […]

Planning Law and Governance

Why Do We Plan There are myriad range of reasons why planning should be exercised in the society. The reasons can range from protection of public interest, regulation of private development to facilitation of public and private development in the society. There is a general agreement that planning is the best tool that a society […]

Relationship of religion and politics in India before independence

Introduction The state of India was subdivided in 1947 based on religious beliefs. This partitioning established two states namely India and Pakistan. Pakistan was predominantly occupied by Muslim faithful’s while India was occupied by a population which subscribed to the Hindu religion. However, even though religion has been a significant central factor in the growth […]

Negotiation Analysis

Introduction The term negotiation refers to a dialogue between two or more parties or people. It is aimed to reach an understanding, gain advantage in the result of dialogue, produce an agreement upon courses of action, resolve a certain issue and bargain for an individual or group. Negotiations always aim at compromise. Negotiation usually happens […]

What is the Importance of Ethics When it Comes to Governance?

Ethics is the study of what should be done. The terms ethics and morality are often used interchangeably . The word ethics comes from a Greek word ethickos – meaning an ethos, habit, pattern of behaviour or prevailing attitude. It has been widely viewed that ethics is not an easy word to define. We believe […]

Innovation in Brazil

Innovation is increasingly becoming a fundamental aspect in the development of the modern world. Apart from development of services and products for purposes of improving quality, innovation also involves new business systems, processes and methods of management, all of which present a very significant impact on business productivity and development. As it would be observed, […]

History of the Intelligence Community

The United States Intelligence Community (IC) is believed to have been brought into existence by the challenges of intensification and expansion of the Cold War between 1950 and 1960. However, several factors such as the need to gather, produce and disseminate intelligence information as well as support for military’s special activities led to the formation […]

Data Collection in Intelligence

Intelligence in the United States is considered as a specialized product of information. Its sources emanate from an effective collection, assimilation, analysis and interpretation of data. The ability of the intelligence community to generate requisite information depends on the capacity to collect relevant and precise data. Therefore, the adopted methodology is critical in developing acceptable […]

Challenges of Neglecting Strategic Intelligence

Introduction The 21st century has witnessed a lot of transformation in regards to intelligence and security issues. The latter have become more pronounced in the western political discourse (Bell 2003, 245). Strategic intelligence issue has been a major topic of discussion since the September 11 terror attacks in the United States (Orton and Callahan 2008, […]

Kuwait’s Opposition and the Freedom of Expression

Introduction In many countries around the world, there have been attempts to champion for the freedom of expression. According to Kai (2007), countries in the West have achieved this freedom in accordance with the international standards. However, other countries are still struggling to achieve this freedom. In Kuwait, opposition leaders have criticized the government for […]

How was independent statehood won for India?

The Indian independence movement is now widely studied by historians and political scientists who attempt to understand how and why various groups managed to reduce and eventually eliminate the dominance of the British rule. This paper is aimed at examining the way in which independent statehood was won for this country. It is necessary to […]

Analysis of Hamden Fire Department’s Budget

Introduction Hamden is a county situated in the state of Connecticut (Hamden Economic and Community Development 1). Just like any other county in the United States of America, it has in place several programs that are targeted at providing social and other services to the inhabitants. The local authority in Hamden is in charge of […]

Creation of Pakistan

The partitioning of the Indian subcontinent led to the foundation of Pakistan as a predominantly separate state for Muslims and established a sectarian boundary with the Republic of India, which became predominantly Hindu. The main explanation for the creation of Pakistan was the need to protect the Muslims from oppression and discrimination they faced as […]

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Since the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990’s, the United States’ economic clout has been rising in an unprecedented rate, remaining virtually unchallenged till the late stages of the 21st century’s first decade. The US’s financial system by virtual of its sophistication and size is the engine of the world economic system, […]

Effects of the U.S. Government Shutdown on the African-American Communities

Introduction The U.S. government shutdown that occurred between October 1 and October 16, 2013 had a significant effect on many populations. The shutdown affected African-Americans significantly as it shutdown led to deprivation of a number of services offered by the federal government. In many cases, Blacks comprise a huge population that depends on government support. […]

Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commissions

Introduction The 20th century is characterised by a lot of political activities that led to democratization of many societies. People have gained significant access to certain rights and privileges. One of the most important rights that people enjoy today is the access to information, which is essential because it enables people to identify and demand […]

Affirmative Action Policy

In the US, affirmative action is a term used in reference to equal opportunity policy, which national contractors and subcontractors are lawfully required to implement. This policy was put in place to thwart unfairness against workers or candidates for employment based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or nationality. Affirmative action’s immediate goals are to put […]

Politics and Public Policy

Introduction Public policies formulation and implementation form some of the most important factors that define and dictate the trends of social-economic and political considerations in a country. With all societal aspects being directly or indirectly guided by the public policies that operate in a country, their establishment has remained one of the most contended consideration […]

The Cuban Health Care

The contemporary health care system of Cuba develops in association with two main but opposite tendencies. On the one hand, the Cuban health care system remains to be one of the most patient-oriented systems in the world because of focusing on family doctors and preventive medicine, while accentuating the moral aspect in relation to the […]

American National Politics

The process involved in the transformation of a bill into a law is quite intricate. Initially, legislation is introduced by any member of the Congress, received by the clerk and then passed on to the Senate/House which acknowledges its launch. Through the Speaker of the House, the bill is then referred to a suitable committee […]

Religious and Cultural Conflicts in Syria

Before the ongoing Syrian uprising that has surprised the whole world due to the government’s brutality and interests from various world powers, the country’s administrative system was suppressive and indifferent to the sufferings of the majority. The country declared its independence in 1946 and held elections, but the overthrow of the government in 1949 brought […]

Challenges of Social Integration: Poverty

Introduction Poverty eradication is an issue of global concern, even forming one of the millennium development goals (MDGs). Factors such as socioeconomic status, vulnerability, income levels and consumption rates are the major indicators of poverty in a society. In economic terms, income poverty describes a situation where the average family income falls below an established […]

The National Security Strategy of Japan

Introduction Two decades have passed since the cold war ended and the world is on the brink of a new era. Even though security threats from non-state actors have persisted, the relationship between the powerful nations is considerably changing (Colombier et al., 2009, p. 7). India and China have become significant players in the global […]

The Department of Homeland Security and its Impacts on the United States’ Emergency Preparedness: Success or Failure

Introduction The September 2001 terrorist attacks in the US made the US’ citizens concerned about the capacity of the government to ensure that they are secure at all times whether while in their country or in foreign nations. The resulting impacts of the terrorism act also had severe ramification on the government’s part. The government […]

The Marshallese and Nuclear Weapon Testing

Military progress is the aim of at least every country in the world. Many nations have invested a lot of money in research and development of various weapons that will enhance the security of the country as a whole. In the effort to come up with the perfect weapons, it becomes necessary for any country […]

Political Landscape in the US

Introduction As the most developed state in the world, the United States takes centre stage in shaping up any events that warrant attention on the international scene. Different political theories and concepts have been developed to help explain the interplay of politics on the global scene and the role of the United States in shaping […]

The HR labor relations: Unionization

In today’s world, labor unions have become popular in all sectors of the economy. The unionization process begins when a selected group of representatives obtains the authorization permits for a particular group of employees. This allows it to play the role of an intermediary between management and the workforce (Budd & Richard, 2013). Although I […]

Ethical Implications of Data Mining By Government Institutions

Introduction Data mining can be defined as the process of extracting useful information from the large amount of data stored in databases. With the rapid development in computer and information technologies, large databases are used to gather, store and retrieve data (Vaidya & Clifton 2004). Data mining systems exploit these data sources for the purposes […]

US Gun Legislation

Human safety is, arguably, the most important issue discussed by any individual or group of people. As a result, every nation tries to ensure that its citizenry gets the best security. Good mannered citizens must be protected from criminals who might not only harm them, but also kill them. However, there are very few security […]

The federal government should run a national system of health care

Introduction Many debates have emerged as to whether the government should run a national system of health care or not (Giaimo 148). This comes after realizing that the health care costs are continuously going up. This leaves many Americans worried about the cost of their health care and health insurance services. Some of the reasons […]

Having the Correct Attitude towards Politics (Singapore)

Introduction The mainstream media in Singapore during the National Day Rally in September 2013 observed the country as one that has undergone radical changes. The day was a defining moment and a mark of how significantly the administration had reformed. The change was observed as the result of the government listening to its people. The […]

Human Rights in 21st Century: China

Introduction Human rights entitle all individuals to be treated equally without discrimination. Although individuals are of different nationalities, color, ethnicity, religion, sex or place of residence, human rights are inherent. As such, human rights guarantee equal treatment of individuals without discrimination on the basis of any of the above-mentioned status. In many cases, human rights […]

Local Government Budget Reduction Processes

A review of the issue/topic selected In history, budget reduction has become one of the most frequent and unlikable means of dealing with nonprofit organizations (Cogan & Timothy 112). Despite the fact that the practice has always comprised of the usual cycles of deficit and surplus, operating under reduced budget has become very common habit […]

Health Sector Challenges

Introduction The health sector has faced one problem after another. However, this sector has proven resilient in solving most of the challenges that it faces on its own. Currently, there are very many challenges that the sector faces. This paper discusses two challenges that affect health care in relation to health economics. These are the […]

The Impacts of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 on the National Intelligence Community

9/11 Commission’s Major Recommendations for Reforming the Intelligence Community One recommendation of the 9/11 Commission to reform the Intelligence Community was the separation of its two arms, the Intelligence Committee and CIA Management. This was aimed at reducing conflicts within the Intelligence Community when gathering information. Similarly, the 9/11 commission was to ensure that the […]

Health Policy: A Critical Analysis

Executive Summary The Australian Health Care System faces many challenges that affect efficient delivery of services. The challenges range from lack of a clear distinction between the roles of the State, Commonwealth, and the private sector. Issues of persistent health insurance wrangles, influx of untested technologies, little emphasis on preventive health care, and prohibitive cost […]

Egyptian and Tunisian Transitions

The Arab world has recently witnessed massive transitions in their systems of governance, Egypt and Tunisia included. Even though the countries have been targeting significant reforms during the transitions, the trends have taken different dimensions. For instance, the two North African nations experienced successful revolutions, and have tried to alter their governance system. A close […]

Nation-State Building in Southern Sudan

Approaches to Political Development: (Nation-State Building in Southern Sudan) Introduction Political matters form an integral part of human life and almost every country across the world has its own political policies and systems controlling its national development agendas (Kingsbury 2007). Perhaps one of the most recently formed African nations is the Republic of Southern Sudan […]

Foundational Values Report

Who are we as Americans? Defining the Americans is an issue that has attracted a massive attention of various scholars across the globe. People have been trying to define whom the Americans are, and what makes them special among the rest. According to McKay (2013), the American nation has been given various definitions by scholars […]

The Danger of Intelligence Politicization

National Intelligence Council (NIC) remains the America’s most important agency in charge of the country’s security. It is charged with the responsibility of enhancing the depth and accuracy of intelligence investigation and integration of domestic and foreign dimensions of the country’s intelligence. This is done to ensure that the threats to United States’ national security […]

Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage in San Francisco

Same-sex marriage simply refers to a marital relationship between people of the same gender or sex identity. As it would be observed, this form of marriage has recently raised a lot of controversy from across the world. Those who support marriage between couples of the same sex view have always seen it as a form […]

UAE Law Comparison with other GCC Legal Systems

Introduction This essay compares United Arab Emirates (UAE) laws with those of other GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) member countries. It covers various areas of the UAE laws and other GCC legal systems. GCC countries consist of Kuwait, Bahrain, the UAE, Qatar, Oman, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The UAE legal system focuses on the […]

Island Core Strategy Planning

Introduction In the recent planning systems, governments are adopting strategies that deliver objectives of the local authority. In addition, they are implementing the strategies satisfying the needs of residents to ensure that they are viable economically and socially (Adams, 2006). Through the ministry of labor, the government designed and implemented the spatial planning strategy. This […]

Welfare Reform – Social Welfare Change

Any attempt by the government to transform the social welfare policy of a nation is referred to as welfare reform. There are myriads of reasons why a government may desire to undertake a social welfare reform program. For instance, there are several poor households who continually depend on the assistance from the government. However, a […]

Immigration and Deportation Processes

Immigration is the movement of people from one country to another with the aim of acquiring permanent residence in the regions they settle in (Jonas and Suzanne 3). The immigration act has become a big issue in the world with over two hundred million people migrating to new countries in the whole world. Europe is […]

President Barack Obama’s Healthcare Reforms

Introduction Since President Barack Obama took over office in 2008, there has been a heated debate on his healthcare plans for all Americans. A significant number of people have faulted the healthcare plan on various grounds. Some of the prominent critics of Obama’s health policy proposition were members of the Republican Party. This is well […]

Major Shifts in the Politics of Republican and Democratic Parties

The history of the Democratic Party has seen significant policy shifts since the end of the Civil War. Today, the party boasts as the sole supporter of the interests of middles class Americans, farmers, and workers. Throughout its 19 and 20th century history, the party held socially conservative ideologies hence drawing substantial backing from working-class […]

Lahore City in Pakistan

Lahore, which is the capital city of the Punjan province of Pakistan, is a major business hub. Indeed, it stands out as the second largest city in the nation. The politics and government of the city are shaped around a strong and long cultural history that dates back to about a millennium. The organization of […]

Social Welfare: Strengths and Weaknesses

Welfare is money that the government gives to people who are in the position of being not able to work. Social welfare is the provision of services like educational, health, cultural, and financial assistance to needy. The following are modern social welfare measures; treatment of the mentally ill, relief, and care for the needy families, […]

Social Security Reform

Social Security system in United States is a social insurance program that covers the welfare of elderly, survivors and disabled people (Bovbjerg 2). The program is fundamentally funded through a dedicated payroll tax (Walker 13). Due to challenges such as long term funding, reforms are being proposed to the program. Expenses accrued by the program […]

Should Cigarettes be Illegal?

Introduction Numerous allegations have been put forward against tobacco in bid to make United States of America’s government declare cigarette smoking illegal. Research has shown that one in every ten adults die out of tobacco related illness. In fact, there has been argument that the only preventable deaths are those caused by tobacco. In addition, […]

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Introduction The federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is a state agency that is operated under the department of Homeland Security. It is tasked with the important responsibility of responding to cases of emergency, as well as disasters that may occur mainly within the United States; the agency mostly targets at finding solutions by responding to […]

Factors Affecting Government Size

An inclusive account of the enormous growth and transformation in the structure of government expenditure has eluded economists operating in public finance over time. This development is, partially, as a result of the extension of the voting franchise, which includes voters from the lesser tip of the income distribution. This paper scrutinizes this assertion by […]

Public Policy Rulings

The US amended its constitution in 1965 to include everybody in national voting process. The law outlawed discriminations based on ethnic and racial qualities that had been practiced since independence. In this regard, Africans had been disenfranchised because they could not elect leaders of their choice. The Act followed the 15th amendment, which prohibited states […]

Affordable Care Act Analysis

Provisions of Affordable Care Act (ACA) that intends to Reduce or Increase Directly the Quantity of Healthcare Consumed The ACA provisions aim at ensuring provisions of quality and affordable healthcare to all Americans. Some of the ACA provisions will alter the quantity of healthcare consumed. The first part of the essay is going to show […]

Management of Water Supply Projects in Malaysia

Water is one of the fundamental elements that supports life and forms part of the resources that influence human economic development. Water is not readily available in some parts of Malaysia and its abundance is largely determined by climatic changes, geographical positions and political environment to some extent (Yong, 2004). The world today is facing […]

Gun Violence in USA

Introduction Several debates have been raised on the efficiency of the existing gun control laws in the United States. The Newtown school shooting incident evolved the gun violence debate causing a public uproar to review the gun control laws currently in enforcement in the United States. While it is a personal responsibility to treat human […]

Gun Control in US

All year round, approximately 30,000 people are reported to die from gunshot wounds in the USA. In 2010, the US reported gun violence as the leading cause of premature mortality, with young people falling victims. However, it is such a pathetic state for a developed country as the US to have such high mortality rate […]

Political Dynamics in the Middle East

When it comes to discussing the essence of political dynamics in a particular part of the world, it is important to understand that that these dynamics’ significance reflects the objective laws of evolution, concerned with the process of states striving to expand their geopolitical niches, while undermining their competitors’ ability to do the same. This […]

Florida Healthcare System

Abstract Revenue management in any organization involves four basic elements, which are very vital. These include policy planning, assessment, evaluation and corrective measures. For any organization to run successfully it must have a planning method for its revenues that is concise and meets the organizational needs. In fact, technical expertise is needed in carrying out […]

Vale in the Brazilian Government

Analysis of the Non-Market Environment Political forces The leadership of the Brazilian government under President Luiz Inacio da Silva adopted an explicit policy that intervened on the strategic operations of business enterprises in the country. The government was putting immense pressure on Vale to increase its investments within the home country. The political leadership was […]

Government of Iran under the Theory of Social Contract

Introduction Several scholars have advanced several theories to explain the relationships between the government and the governed class. One of such theories is the social contract theory. The theory has its roots anchored in the age of enlightenment. This age typically answers the question of where the society came from coupled with the legitimacy possessed […]

How Limited Congressional Involvement Caused PART to Fail

The dawning of the 2009 summer marked the birth of PART, otherwise known as Bush administration’s Program Assessment Rating Tool. This tool saw a lot of opposition from other programs as it was considered less effective. This prompted the Congress to depart from its ideas and sought to fight for the American ideas and goals […]

Politics and Government in Lahore City in Pakistan

Lahore city is the capital city of Punjab province in Pakistan. However, it is the second largest urban centre in Pakistan. It has the highest population in the entire Punjab province (UN Habitat-Pakistan, 2012). Therefore, it acts as an important administrative center in Pakistan. Lahore is also a City District that has been subdivided into […]

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Maggie Fox writing for NBC News wrote that, if health care was banking it would take days to withdraw money from an ATM because records would be misplaced and if it were airline pilots would have to depend on their own intuitions to dictate which safety checks to carry out (Fox, 2012). Well, not too […]

Critical Discussion of the Post-Revolutionary Situation in Egypt

Introduction According to Campante and Chor (2012), the last decade witnessed a situation of unrest in the Arab world, with civilians in a substantial number of countries rising against the regimes that were deemed to be autocratic. The full scale of the revolution was witnessed in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, where the scale of action […]

Critical Analysis of the Role of Leadership in Improving Performance in Public Sector Organisations

Introduction Distributed leadership is a post-heroic understanding of leadership that advocates the liberation from bureaucracy and strengthening of stakeholder involvement (Jackson 2000, p. 70). It has traits that make it relevant for public firms that are in need of a turnaround in performance (Harris, 2005, p. 82). Integrity or openness to criticism, delegation of duties […]

Analysis: “Governing from the Bench: The Supreme Court of Canada and the Judicial Role” by Emmett Macfarlane

Brief summary Despite the Supreme Court of Canada being the top governing institution in the country, many people do not understand its role. After its establishment, the court got little media attention until the establishment of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. With time, the court has shifted from addressing disputes to making major […]

Health Care for All the Citizens

The health of the nation is the social issue. The statistics reflecting the state of the people’s health within the country can be discussed as the mirror to reflect the social welfare. Furthermore, in theory, all the citizens have the right to receive the necessary help including the medical help because they have the right […]

Energy and Poverty Solutions – World Bank

Project Cycle Steps in the project cycle A project refers to development activities implemented by countries established on the basis of borrowed cash from the World Bank. These projects follow certain rules and procedures according to World Bank standards which enables accomplishment of the intended target. However, there are several steps and procedures followed within […]

Governance and Development in The Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), previously known as Zaire, is located in Sub-Saharan Africa. By area, the nation is the second largest in Africa and eleventh worldwide with an estimated 71 million people (Weiss 2000). Presently, the country is led by President Joseph Kabila who succeeded his father (Nzongola, 2004). Politically, DRC has been […]

The NSW Government Strategy on Education: Identification of Gifted and Talented Students

Introduction Gifted and talented students have skills that set them apart from the other average students. Gifted students have superior intellect and academic performance above average while talented students perform above average in more than one area of human performance particularly in physical, creative, intellectual, and social areas. However, these students fail to achieve their […]

‘On Revolution and the Printed Word’ by Elizabeth Eisenstein

Introduction Printing is an important aspect of communication in contemporary society. It is described as the act of reproducing images and texts on a print medium. In this case, a print medium refers to any material that images or texts are reproduced on (Guenkel 2003). It includes, among others, paper and plastic. In most cases, […]

The National Curriculum for England and Wales from an Ideal Democratic Learning Society Perspective

Introduction The educational system of a society is fundamental to the development and ultimate advancement of the community. Educators and governments all over the world have acknowledged that the educational structure and practices adopted can have a significant effect on the education of the population. This can lead to significant impact on economic and social […]

Nationalistic Strategy of Emiratisation

Introduction Emiratisation is a nationalistic strategy which has been adopted by the government of the United Arab Emirates to employ its citizens in a meaningful and efficient manner in the public and private sector with a chief aim of utilizing country’s human resources optimally in the economic process and to transfer skills and knowledge from […]

American Politics in “Patriot Acts” by Katherine Crier

In her works Patriot Acts, Katherine Crier talks about the nature of American politics. She suggests that politicians must be held responsible for their behavior. Most politicians do not have the interests of the Americans at heart since they will always mislead the public by circulating propaganda. Crier urges American politicians to tell the public […]

Ohio State Organisation

Abstract Budgeting and financial management are important aspects in the smooth running of any entity. The effectiveness of a management body depends on how efficient it is in using the available resources to increase the productivity of the organisation. The state of Ohio has put various mechanisms and strategies in place to enable it continue […]

Definition of Fiscal Stress

The government’s lack of ability to balance its budget is fiscal stress. It creates a state of disparity in provisions of government services and the inability to cater for such services. According to Mouritzen, fiscal stress creates a situation in which to “balance the budget, a government must increase taxes, reduce real expenditures or engage […]

Manitoba “First Nations’ Home & Community” Care Program

Background The First Nations and Inuit Home and Community Care (FNIHCC) Program was approved by the Federal government in 1999 to provide basic home and community care services to people with disabilities, persistent or acute illnesses and the elderly. The program aims to maintain optimum health, well-being and independence of the target groups, develop and […]

Law and Constitution

Introduction Social scientists have subjected the conduct of attorneys to theoretical conceptualization in cases of litigation on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. A spirited discussion by legal scholars has been advanced to assess the conduct of attorneys in the said litigation. The dominant issue in the said debates has been to establish the role […]

How is Silvio Berlusconi Perceived and Portrayed by the International Media?

Introduction Born in 1936, Silvio Berlusconi has become one of the most controversial leaders in Italy’s government, in recent times. Initially, Berlusconi was a businessman with large business holdings and substantial influence in international media. To many, he was regarded as a political amateur who achieved his political office through his influence on the media. […]

The Incident Command System: High-Reliability Organizing Tasks

The ICS or incident command system must have the following main aspects: unity of command, common terminology, management by objectives, modular organization span of control. Before anything else is done in a natural disaster rescue operation, the ICS or incident command system requires that there should be a unity of command, where each participating unit, […]

Implementing Security Policy at Dog Parks

Dog Parks are places where people take their dogs for exercise and socialization. The people who engage in such kinds of activities are those who reside in apartments or in big cities. Therefore, these kind people do not have enough spaces where they can take their dogs for exercise. There are other people who engage […]

The Concept of European Citizenship

Introduction The concept of European citizenship has in the past been marred by theoretical and historical problems. Thirty-five years ago, a French scholar by the name Raymond Aaron disputed the concept of European citizenship by stating that there was no such thing as a European citizen; he instead proposed that there were only nationals such […]

US Cyber Command

The cyber space has been recognized as the new domain of warfare; cyber warfare is actions of either states or non-state organizations to penetrate another nation’s computers or other networks for the purpose of causing damage or disruptions. Cyber warfare target not only national security, but also frauds like identity theft and stealing of classified […]

Negotiations to End Apartheid in South Africa

Introduction The white rulers of the National Party (NP) initiated the apartheid system in South Africa. The system segregated the Africans from accessing certain privileges, and it became a policy in1948. The policy required inhabitants of South Africa to be classified into racial groups, where, one was black, white, colored, or Indian. People were obligated […]

The Concept of the US Two Presidencies

The concept of the US being ruled by two centers of power was introduced by Wildavsky in 1966 (Fleisher, Bond, Krutz, and Hanna 4; Wildavsky 23). The author argued that one presidency was involved in ensuring domestic affairs of the country were maintained as intended. The other presidency focused on ensuring that the US was […]

The Public Value of Urban Parks

Introduction Public administration refers to the execution of government policy and strategies. The concept stipulates how appointed officials ought to conduct themselves in order to enable the control and running of the state. State employees manage public programs and transform politics into tangibles so that citizens can benefit from them. Public administration entails the manner […]

Emergency Planning and Disaster Management

Department Fire departments are usually front line workers in a disaster situation. Therefore, during a disaster, the general public depends a lot on fire department for assistance. However, provision of rescue services complexes under calamities like earth quakes, hurricanes and floods. Therefore, this necessitates increased staffing to meet the threshold of effective response. Under calamities […]

Political Power in Nursing

Traditionally defined as “special kind of a social relationship” (Fairholm, 2009, p. 5), power can be applied to practically any field and alter it significantly. The concept of political power, in its turn, is typically rendered as the hierarchy of the people exercising and producing it (Chaplin, 2009, p. 43). The very essence of political […]

US Border Protection and Drug Policy

Abstract The United States of America has always given special priority to the homeland security. The U.S. Border Patrol is the primary governmental authority responsible for border control of lands and ports. However, the U.S. Military Forces take the active part in the so-called supporting Border Patrol in executing their functions. Since the 1960s, the […]

Security Parameters Set in Place to Mitigate Human Threats

Abstract This project attempts to analyze the characteristics of security parameters and their accompanying effects to the law abiding citizens. Establishment of modern security measures has been known to cause some impacts in the society. On the governing body’s perspective, the impacts of these parameters have been considered to be all positive. However, there are […]

Possibility of Attaining a Democracy in the Middle East

Aims of the research This paper aims to assert the reasons for the problematic transition into democracy in Middle Eastern countries. It will give a brief introduction to the political history of the region and better assessment of the system that Syria currently uses. Secondly, it will address the attempts made by the United States […]

Citizen Participation in the Budgetary Accountability

Introduction Citizens’ participation in the budgetary and financial processes is aimed at ensuring good governance, provision of public goods and general accountability1. There are three fundamental reasons behind the attempts to increase citizens’ participation in the matters of governance and policy-making. First, civil society and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) are increasingly calling for the participation of […]

The Legalization of Marijuana

Cannabis is considered to be one of the most widely consumed prohibited drugs in the U.S.A, especially among young people. Every year the quantity of middle and high school undergraduates using marijuana increases while the awareness about the health damage of cannabis deteriorates promptly at the same time. In this essay, we will establish the […]

Counter-Terrorism and the Patriot Act

Recent acts of terrorism have not escaped the notice of the department of homeland security. Through the Patriot’s Act, the United States uses the provisions of this law to fight terrorism. A major concern of late to the department of Homeland Security is domestic terrorism, combating terrorism via agencies such as the FBI; DEA has […]