Effects of illegal immigration on the economy of the United States and the measures that be taken to minimize the effect

Abstract Considering that the legal migrants have high selection of the jobs available makes them less productive to the economy of the United States. One can become a legal migrant through relatives. Others are temporary legal immigrants with invitations by employers in the United States. The government should consider that illegal immigrants contribute to the […]

How has Immigration Transformed the Life and Culture of London over the Past 150 Years?

Over the last one and half centuries, the United Kingdom has experienced a substantial turn up of its immigrant population. Some of the common reasons why people from other countries would move into the UK include; joining family members already living in the country, search for employment opportunities, educational needs, and escape from natural disasters […]

Comparing U.S and Canada immigration

Immigration in the United States and Canada in the Post Hart-Cella Act (1965) and Canadian Immigration (1976) Act Era This paper addresses the socio-economic benefits of immigrant population in the United States of America (USA) and Canada. The USA and Canada have adapted stringent immigration policies aimed at either drastically reducing the influx of immigrants […]

Economic advantages and disadvantages of immigration into the U.S.

Abstract Immigrants to the United States have historically elicited passionate debates on whether they are of economic benefit or an economic burden to the country. Those who hold the view that immigrants are of economic benefit have advanced views including that with the coming of immigrants into the country there is availability of cheap labor […]

Immigration Reform and the Economic Impact

Introduction As globalization and industrialization continue to influence the development of megacities and urban centers across the world, the attention of civilians on immigration for socioeconomic purposes has increased (Eakin 2). An influx of mass population resulting from mass immigration trends has significant influence on the national economy. Although immigrants are a potential source of […]

Immigration Bill

Introduction There exists various and varied reasons for a person to traverse a border illegally into a foreign territory or overstay their visa. Such a person goes by various titles including illegal immigrant or illegal alien, undocumented immigrant, and unauthorized immigrant (US Immigration Support, 2012). Commonly, the reasons given for such illegalities include the need […]

The unemployed and illegal immigrants in the United States are more likely to be involved in crime than the employed and legal immigrants

Theoretical perspective/Literature review Various researches such as the one conducted by Merton (1938) have shown that individuals tend to resort to crime if they cannot obtain decent livelihoods by legal methods (Chiricos 1987; Thornberry Christenson 1984). Illegal immigrants contribute to the increasing rates of unemployment in the United States and this therefore leads to increased […]