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Immigration Bill in US Essay

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Updated: Nov 25th, 2019


There exists various and varied reasons for a person to traverse a border illegally into a foreign territory or overstay their visa. Such a person goes by various titles including illegal immigrant or illegal alien, undocumented immigrant, and unauthorized immigrant (US Immigration Support, 2012).

Commonly, the reasons given for such illegalities include the need to re unite with their families, running away from war or prospects of war, job seeking, seeking political asylum, and seeking for medical attention (Phil for Humanity, 2013). This essay seeks to prove that it is proper for such people to acquire citizenship in the United States of America through the passing of the pending immigration bill.

Positive Role of Immigrants

Immigrants have had a positive bearing on the economy of the United States of America. In other words, immigration leads to increase in wealth. This arises from the fact that the US has an economy that generates more than enough job opportunities for the Native Americans (Abraham & Hamilton, 2006).

America has been able to maintain a competitive edge courtesy of immigrants. Immigrants play very significant roles in crucial fields related to science and engineering (Abraham & Hamilton, 2006). It is on record that half of those who sought admission for engineering graduate studies in the US were immigrants in 2004 (Abraham & Hamilton, 2006).

The US has no option but to keep attracting and assisting immigrants to enrich the economy as they are always among the best and brightest in the face of tight competition by China and India (Abraham & Hamilton, 2006).

Immigration enhances entrepreneurship because the probability of immigrants engaging in self-employment is quite high. For instance, the number of enterprises owned by people from Hispania “has grown at three times the national average” (Abraham & Hamilton, 2006).

It is common knowledge that such establishments are bound to create employment to the population in America and this contributes to economic growth. In addition, “one quarter of Silicon Valley start-ups were established at least in part by immigrants, including Intel, Sun Microsystems, and Google” (Abraham & Hamilton, 2006).

Dynamism is a prerequisite for any state that seeks to entrench itself in the global system. Immigration is one of the driving forces of this dynamism. This dynamism manifests in the types of food taken in America, forms and places of worship, entertainment as well as sports (Abraham & Hamilton, 2006). Immigrants have excelled in areas like estate management, theatre and military service to name but a few (Abraham & Hamilton, 2006).


The pending immigration bill is very significant. Having seen how useful the immigrants are and can be to the welfare of the US, it is up to the government to push the bill into law so that their contributions to the economy becomes formal and enhanced (Moffet, 2013).

The immigrants will pay taxes once they become legal citizens and will thus contribute to government revenue. As long as they remain illegal, they continue evading taxes for fear of arrest and prosecution yet they continue enjoying the government resources. Most of them are knowledgeable and have skills that can assist in the economical growth of America.

It would be very costly to deport such a huge number of illegal immigrants currently estimated at 11 million people. Integrating them would be more beneficial to the United States of America.


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