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Week one Project Essay

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Updated: Aug 7th, 2019

Health and medicine is an important field in the human life. This paper provides a summary of an article about key elements of various sources of primary law. It also explains how interest groups influence the policy and decision-making processes in pharmaceutical industry in the United Kingdom.

The article on “In whose interest?” by Kathryn Jones (2008) explores how consumer groups in the United Kingdom manage, unfold and engage in the policy-making process. Consumer groups are greatly involved in health policy process. Particularly, the author examines how consumer groups relate to pharmaceutical industry.

The main aim is to incorporate groups’ agendas into industry’s policies. The author refers to these groups influence as “political settlements”. As a result, healthcare services offered are effective and efficient. According to Jones (2008), “political settlements” ensure availability of safe medicine as well as accessible and affordable health care services.

Jones (2008) established that 26% of consumer groups confessed that they receive financial support from the pharmaceutical industry. An interview conducted by Jones showed a coincidence of purpose among consumer groups, stakeholders and the pharmaceutical industry. These stakeholders acknowledge that their collaboration is crucial because it minimizes conflicts of interest.

In addition, the collaboration maximizes benefits and the quality of health care services offered. Jones (2008) noted that consumer groups act as mediators between pharmaceutical companies and clients. This means that, consumer groups promote the interests of users or patients. Moreover, Jones (2008) explores how this relationship affects debates related to regulation of industry activities, access to medicine and inclusion of consumer interests in policies.

Jones (2008) concludes that the link between the pharmaceutical and consumer groups has been over-stated. The author states that consumer groups lack transparency. As a result, mistrust between policy- makers and consumer group is inevitable. The fact that consumer groups receive funds from pharmaceutical industry reduces their credibility. As a result, inclusion of consumer needs can be ineffective.

The article authored by Alison Kitson et al. (2013) on core elements of patient-centred care examines the key aspects of this policy in medicine and nursing. Kitson et al. (2013) noted that existing health care approach is being transformed to patient-centred care. In addition the author notes that, governments and lobby groups put emphasis on health care services which focus on needs of an individual patient. The author identifies dimensions to be addressed in order to achieve the goals of patient-centered care.

Kitson et al. (2013) noted core elements in patient-centred care policy which include; respect for patient’s choices and effective communication. However, the value attached to these elements by different groups is not ascertained. The author utilized review and synthesis to build literature in order to understand the concepts of patient-centered care policy. In addition, Kitson et al. (2013) explored views of different groups in respect to core values of the policy. The author majorly utilized secondary data from policy documents, patient organizations and medical studies among others.

In addition, the data primarily focused on patient-centred care policy. Data used was derived from diverse sources in order to make sense of a complex concept. Kitson et al. (2013) found out that patient-centred care had seven key aspects: respect for patients, coordinated and integrated care, communication, information and education, emotional and physical comfort, family and friends’ involvement, transition and continuity.

Kitson (2013) noted that patient-centered care focuses on improving the relationship between a patient and doctor. Doctor-patient involves six interactive aspects. Patient-centred care approach is crucial in all fields of medicine. Kitson et al. (2013) concludes that the aspects of patient-centred care exceed the professional boundaries.

In addition, it is important for members of different disciplines to acknowledge the importance of patient-centred care. Moreover, Kitson et al. (2013) notes the need to have a common conceptual framework to make the approach effective and efficient.


Jones, K. (2008). In whose interest? Relationships between health consumer groups and the pharmaceutical industry in the UK. Sociology of health & illness, 30(6), 929-943.DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9566.2008.01109.x.

Kitson, A., Marshall, A., Bassett, K., & Zeitz, K. (2013). What are the core elements of patient‐centred care? A narrative review and synthesis of the literature from health policy, medicine and nursing. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 69(1), 4-15. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2648.2012.06064.x.

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