International Trade Essay Examples and Topics

International trade and global politics

Economic negotiations and institutions are vital to international politics. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the predecessor to the World Trade Organization (WTO), was formed after World War II, to arbitrate on international trade issues. GATT was formed to enable countries to lower their tariffs and other trade barriers, which impacted negatively on […]

Colonisation and Drug Trade

Abstract The global drug trade is worth billions of dollars. Colonialism has had a huge role to play in the growth of this trade. Consequently, this paper traces the influence of colonialism in the emergence and growth of the drug trade. Comprehensively, this paper shows that the influence of colonialism on drug trade centres on […]

USA and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia International Business Transactions

United States of America and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia International business transactions Economic transactions The economy of United States of America is currently the third largest in the world with imports and exports estimated to be worth trillions of dollars. As such, the economy plays a critical role in determining the world trade (Dickson […]

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Free Trade

Overview The World Trade Organization is the sole global body that deals with fairness in trade among nations. It designs rules to ensure that large economies and small economies are at par in economic growth. However, its policies and propositions are not popular with most nations. Its aims are to facilitate demand and supply by […]

Trade in Human Organs across Borders

Globalization has made it possible for people to participate in trade that takes place in different parts of the world. The emergence of the Internet has further enhanced globalization because transactions now take shorter durations to be completed. One trade that has been the subject of discussion in most places is whether the sale of […]

Laws and Regulations for Business Transactions in Canada and Brazil

The success of international business associated with trade relations among foreign countries and with different business transactions is based on the correlation of the countries’ laws and regulations connected with these business relations. From this perspective, it is important to focus on laws and regulations regarding business transactions which are followed in Canada and Brazil […]

Policy Mechanisms for Trade Reform in a Democracy

The article “Escaping a Protectionist Rut: Policy Mechanisms for Trade Reform in a Democracy” by Blanchard and Willmann published in Journal of International Economics in March 2011 offers a two period overlapping generations (OLG) model for discussing the mechanisms of trade liberalization and the main influential factors affecting them. The authors distinguish between the two […]

State Power and Economic Crisis

Introduction The power of the state as reflected in the political system is related to the economic development of most countries. Modern development economists believe that quick and robust economic growth is a function of the political system of the day. At the international level, most developed countries are now using their state powers and […]

International Trade as a Significant Issue in International Political Economy

Introduction There are a number of economic issues which have to be evaluated by different scientists and philosophers in order to identify how it is possible to improve living conditions as well as introduce the most effective steps in the chosen field. The idea of international relations is widely spread nowadays and provides the representatives […]

International business articles

The ability to balance between economic development and availability of natural resources towards sustainable development is indeed a major challenge in international business. One of the contemporary issues affecting international trade is the concept of global warming. Although the understanding of global warming is highly contested, the revelation of its related impacts has created a […]

A Borderless Society

Introduction With the development of market relations, the target sectors for marketing the products are broadened, and new markets are penetrated. This also resulted in appearance of new sources of different products. With food products coming from other countries, we raise not only questions of manufacturing practices and methods used for producing them, but also […]