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80 Ocean Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Ocean Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Policy Change to Control Ocean Dumping
    Policies addressing the issue of ocean dumping and the need to curb it have been in place. Several factors fueled the change; for instance, change in the information concerning the effect of ocean dumping to […]
  2. Ocean Currents: General Information
    There are generally two types of ocean currents depending on the water level where the movement of oceanic water takes place and they are the deep ocean currents and the surface ocean currents.
  3. The Ocean’s Rarest Mammal Vaquita – An Endangered Species
    The vaquita looks like a curved stocky porpoise, and it is the smallest of all the porpoises in the world. This is a matter of concern and ought to be investigated if the survival of […]
  4. Ocean Pollution and the Fishing Industry
    In essence, the activities of over six billion people in the world are threatening the survival and quality of water found in the oceans, lakes and other inland water catchment areas.
  5. Movie Making: Movies That Take Place on the Ocean
    As the Waterworld was “one of the most troubled productions in Hollywood history” and the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean was easy and quick, it possible to notice that the filmmakers got the success […]
  6. Plastic Ocean Pollution on Ocean life in U.S
    Ocean plastic pollution has had a great impact on a minimum of two hundred and sixty seven species across the world and these include forty three percent of all of the sea mammal species, eighty […]
  7. The Problem of Ocean Pollution in Modern World
    Wastes such as toxic matter, plastics, and human wastes are some of the major sources of pollution in the ocean. Many people consume fish as food; when marine life is affected by toxic substance in […]
  8. Living Resources of the Ocean
    The most commendable among the benefits of marine life to human life are the fact that marine life can act as food and the fact that some oceanic organisms have medicinal value.
  9. The Viability of Continuing Investment on Tourism in the Great Ocean Road Region
    Tourism in the Great ocean Road region Tourism is a very critical sector of the economy and it entails provision of various services to tourists who visit tourism attraction sites which in most cases are […]
  10. Blue Ocean Simulation: Innovation in New and Existing Firms
    On the contrary to what red ocean has to offer, the blue ocean is a representation of all the industries and markets that are not in existence in the world currently.
  11. Analysis of Group Identity and Norms in Ocean’s Eleven
    In this respect, the members of Ocean’s group reveal their ability to think in accordance with group’s objectives and contribute independently to the success of activities they were engaged in. In the search of oscillator, […]
  12. Ocean Fisheries Sustainability Analysis
    It is necessary for fishing industries to use better fishing methods in the ocean to ensure that their activities do not endanger the ecological balance. Fish species do not get the chance to replenish and […]
  13. The Global Ocean Conveyor Belt
    This ocean water phenomenon is a result of the temperature difference in the ocean waters between the warm, salty surface water, and the less salty cold water in the ocean depths.
  14. Ocean and Atmosphere Circulation
    Oceanic and atmospheric circulation is the means by which heat is distributed on the surface of the Earth by large scale circulation of air.
  15. The Great Ocean Road Triathlon
    The website will have information about joining the triathlon, and will give advice on how to prepare for the event. The group will be responsible for the quality, safety and fairness of the event.
  16. Early Americans and Easter Island Colonization
    Genetic evidence has been used to prove the theory that though the Europeans were the first inhabitants of this Island, South Americans assisted in the colonization.
  17. Ocean Literacy and Exploration
    From the onset of “human-ocean interaction and exploration in the fifteenth century” and despite ocean being the largest feature of the earth, only 5% of the ocean is known.
  18. The Indian Ocean Economic Future
    In particular, the increasing interest of China, India and other southern Asian states in the Africa-Asia and Asia-European trade is expected to play a significant role in determining the future of the Indian Ocean trade […]

👍 Good Topics about the Ocean

  1. Climate Change Impacts on Ocean Life
    The destruction of the ozone layer has led to the exposure of the earth to harmful radiation from the sun. The rising temperatures in the oceans hinder the upward flow of nutrients from the seabed […]
  2. Ocean Acidification: Marine Calcification Process
    This article correlates calcium with oceanography because the process of acidification, which causes the ocean’s pH to decrease because of excess carbon from the atmosphere, has impacts on calcifying organisms in the oceans.
  3. The World Oceans Pollution and Overfishing
    Human beings have taken a lot of time to realize the need for ocean conservation to the extent that the ocean has succumbed to ecological challenges that have affected their lives in a variety of […]
  4. Political Problems in the Atlantic Ocean
    However, these human activities have posed a menace to the ocean’s life, a situation that has led to the development of international ocean policies that include laws, guidelines, and conventional practices to enhance the life […]
  5. The Ocean Beauty Center’s Marketing Strategy Issues
    The current marketing strategy of differentiating the business from current bridal salons by offering unique customized products and services to customers has seen a decline in the number of customers, despite the improvement in services.
  6. The Ocean Pollution Problem Overview
    Ocean pollution is the unfavorable upshot due to the entrance of chemicals and particulate substances into the ocean. The land is the key source of ocean pollution in the form of non-point water pollution.
  7. Danny Ocean’s Character in the Film “Ocean 11”
    In addition, a leader keeps his word, and Danny does that after promising Bruiser that he would be back to the holding.
  8. Ocean Beauty Center Marketing Program
    In order to satisfy the customers, the firm will incorporate the concept of product diversification. The firm intends to achieve this objective by developing a high level of customer loyalty.
  9. Pacific Ocean: Essentials of Oceanography
    The ocean has about 25,000 islands which are in excess of the entire number islands in all the oceans across the world. The volume of water in the ocean is about 622 million km3.
  10. Ocean Acidification Impact on the Sea Urchin Larval Growth
    Due to the carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere, acidity in the oceans is increasing++ and a fast increase of change rate is experienced.
  11. Blue Ocean Strategy: New Market Space
    The new and uncontested sphere of market makes the competition irrelevant, so while all other companies and business makers struggle in the red ocean full of sharks fighting for influence, power and revenues, the inventor […]
  12. Water Crisis, Oceans and Sea Turtles Issues
    In the case of Mexico, it appears that the past regimes have never put a lot of focus on the utilization of water resources.
  13. Ocean Spray Company’s SWOT and Marketing Strategy
    The marketing strategies of this business should highlight the health benefits of cranberry juice, especially the prevention of cancer and heart diseases.
  14. Ocean Beauty Center’s Logistics and Distribution
    Chopra and Meindl refer to it as “the process of planning, executing, and controlling efficient and effective storage and flow of goods and services” p.22). The aim of such a flow is to meet the […]
  15. Competition: Blue Ocean Strategy and Five Forces Model
    It is called Five Forces model and it states that businesses should ensure they are ahead of the game in order to defeat their competitors.
  16. Dubai Port World’s Blue Ocean Strategy and Management
    The answers of DP World’s representatives help to understand that blue ocean strategy is the way of how to create a new company, avoid significant losses, and reduce costs.
  17. Blue vs. Red Oceans in Kim & Mauborgne’s Study
    Initially, the authors of the article use the terms “red oceans” and “blue oceans” to refer to two different categories of existing industries.
  18. Common Ownership of Oceans and Regulations
    The “common ownership” problem relates to the pollution and unsustainable use or overexploitation of a common access resource. Regulations that address the problems of overexploitation and pollution are required to preserve marine life.

💡 Most Interesting Ocean Topics to Write about

  1. Climate Change Effects on Ocean Acidification
    The scientists realized that the crisis lasted for several millennia before the oceans could fully recover from the impacts of the drop in the pH level.
  2. Ocean-Plate Tectonics and Geology
    Bathymetry of the ocean seafloor refers to the measurement of how deep the sea is in relation to the sea level.
  3. Hudson River’s Ocean Floor Investigation
    Mapping the ocean floor of the Hudson River would enable the analysis of sediments and the bottom surface hardness as well as would provide data on bottom features and the depth of the river.
  4. Plastic Accumulation in Oceans
    However, it is also important to state that the East Pacific garbage patch is rather unique in its concentration of plastic on a large area that is discussed as the widest plastic accumulation zone in […]
  5. Ocean Park Hong Kong and Its Future
    As a result, it is possible to expect the attraction of more visitors and significant increases in the number of hours they usually spend at Ocean Park Hong Kong.
  6. Ocean Park Hong Kong in the Philippines
    Despite the fact that the number of visitors to Hong Kong outweighs that of the Philippines by close to ten times, the majority of visitors to the latter are on vacation and, thus, are looking […]
  7. Ocean and Motiongate Amusement Parks’ Comparison
    These parks can be found around the globe; for example, Ocean Park is a leading amusement park in Hong Kong, and Motiongate Amusement Park in Dubai offers similar services in the United Arab Emirates.
  8. Blue Ocean Strategy and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    In relation to the proposed product, in particular, a smart first-aid kit signaling the expiring shelf life of drugs, this assessment strategy may allow evaluating potential impacts and risks associated with the promotion of the […]
  9. Concerns of Ocean Ecosystem Pollution
    The range of adverse outcomes for ocean ecosystems can be discussed in volumes; however, the current discussion will focus on trash in the ocean waters, acidification, and the disruption of the marine life cycles.
  10. Marine Biology: Polar Oceans as an Eco System
    The water in and around the Antarctic continent is referred to as the Antarctic or Southern Ocean. The Atlantic Water is situated between the Arctic Surface Water and the Arctic Deep Water.
  11. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
    The warm seawater is carried into a chamber and is used to produce vapor that, in turn, is used to rotate a turbine.
  12. Ocean and U.S. Naval Transportation
    This is in response to the jurisdictional revolution in the law of the sea, the expansion of economic activities at sea, increased concern for the health of the world’s oceans, and awareness of the importance […]
  13. Islam Expansion With the Intrusion of European Powers Impact on the History of the Indian Ocean
    This development has been researched and most of the research dwells on the activities of the Islamic rise between the seventh century and the 15th century.
  14. Ocean Circulation in a Warming Climate
    These effects will enhance the development of reduced release of radio-carbon depleted carbon dioxide gas and thus the idea of the self-restoration mechanism of the earth to this global warming.
  15. Intergovernmental Relations and Ocean Policy Change
    The administration of Ronald Reagan contributed to the Federal ocean policy in the 1980s. During this change, analysts believed the United States was making a shift from ocean protection of the 1970s to ocean management […]
  16. Gulf’s Indian Ocean Connections and Cultural Exchanges
    The persistence of Indian Ocean-Gulf trade due to demand of the goods resulted in a mixture of heritage and culture from the sailors, fishers, and traders from the western Indian Ocean system.
  17. How Climate Change Impacts Ocean Temperature and Marine Life
    The ocean’s surface consumes the excess heat from the air, which leads to significant issues in all of the planet’s ecosystems.
  18. The Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 and Its Consequences
    The worst effects of the great wave were observed in Indonesia, where the death toll exceeded 160,000 people, and the overall damages almost reached $4.
  19. Life in the Bottom of the Ocean and Its Protection
    While we all strive hard to detect and analyze the essence of life and the impact it has on our lives, we need to understand that life in itself is a big mystery, the truth […]

❓ Research Questions About the Ocean

  1. What Are the Ocean Zones?
  2. How Does Water’s High Latent Heat Influence the Ocean?
  3. Why Won’t California Fall Into the Ocean?
  4. What Is the Craziest Fact About the Ocean?
  5. What Are Best Practices for the Ocean Moored Observatories?
  6. Why Dolphins Are the Chimpanzees of the Ocean?
  7. What Are Three Interesting Facts About the Ocean?
  8. What Are Acidification and the Ocean’s Changing Climate?
  9. What Is a Good Description of the Ocean?
  10. Can Nano Technology Help Clean up Oil Spills in the Ocean and Seas?
  11. How Does Carbon Dioxide Affect the Levels of the Ocean?
  12. What Are the Similarities Between the Ocean Marine and Temperate Grasslands Ecosystem?
  13. Why Are the Sky and the Ocean Blue: Rebecca Solnit on the Color of Distance and Desire?
  14. What Are Five Facts About the Ocean?
  15. How Do the Ocean and Plants Affect the Carbon Removal in Our Atmosphere?
  16. Where Did the Water of the Ocean Come From?
  17. How the Ocean Became Salty?
  18. Is It Possible to End Overfishing and Increase the Resilience of the Ocean to Climate Change?
  19. What Are Chemical Diversity and Biochemical Transformation of Biogenic Organic Sulfur in the Ocean?
  20. Why Exploring the Ocean Is Mankind’s Next Giant Leap?
  21. What Is the Scariest Thing About the Ocean?
  22. How Dangerous Can the Ocean Be?
  23. Where Are the Youngest Rocks in the Ocean Crust?
  24. Why Doesn’t the Ocean Boil Away at the Equator?
  25. Are Any Drugs Derived From the Ocean Presently Approved?

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