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Modern Conservatism Political Ideology Term Paper

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Updated: May 13th, 2022

Conservatism can be defined as a social and political term used to mean save or preserve. Though its application differs from country to country, conservation political ideology holds up all the tradition and tradition values i.e. it is a preference of historic ideas rather than the modern ideals and abstracts (Heywood, 2007 pg 107-113). Conservatism was developed in the 1789 as a reaction to the French revolution. This was attributed to the fact that the French Revolution had an effect on the traditional values and beliefs and thus the conservatism developed this ideology that tried to restore the pre- revolutionaries’ tradition and tradition values.

Conservatism belief that the society is not only a collection of individuals but rather a living organism that is closely related but with different individuals; it thus allows for the gradually developing institutions and practices that are shown continuity and stability (Rejai Mostafa, 1995 pg 30-45).

Conservatism political ideology is practiced in the modern political world as it opposes the liberalism and radicalism opinion that the human beings can be ethically modified through political and social changes. However, conservatism argues that human beings are guilty of original sin and are full of evil thoughts and actions. Moreover, conservatism tends to assume that human beings are pushed by their zeal and craving and thus they will act in a violent and irrational al manner so as to achieve their desires (Heywood, 2007 pg 112-140). Thus conservatism tend to address tradition al politics and cultural values so as curb restrain human behavior and thus ensuring ethical behavior.

Conservatism as opposed to liberalism, embrace concrete traditions which are used to plan the society. Conservatism supports the idea that the society is complex and there is a difference in what the government plans to do and the actual thing that happens in the society. This is because people adopt skills, manners, morality and other cultural values and practices from their ancestors thus knowledge of society history is essential especially to a political leader as he or she will be able to anticipate the effect of the change that he or she want to instigate in that particular society.

Moreover, this knowledge will help in the implementation of the government or the political leaders’ ideas in the society (Rejai, 1995 pg 80-104). All these ideals of conservatism political ideology are largely practiced in the world; many leaders have gone to the socity so as to understand their culture and their cultural values before instigating their political ideas. This has resulted to the adaptation of their ideas at the grassroot level and this has lead to societal growth.

In the future the political leaders of the world are likely to adopt the organization political ideology. This political ideology seeks for social array which follow collective goals, control its performance and has put bounders to distinguish it from surrounding environment (Heywood, 2007 pg 140-230). Under this, the society will formulate collective goals that they want to achieve and the political leaders have to follow these goals.

This ideology is the seen to develop in the future because the society is becoming more knowledgeable about the political arrangements and thus they are coming together to ensure that their needs are met by the political leaders. This can only be achieved if the society formulates their own collective goals and objectives that they will force the political leaders to help them achieve (Rejai, 1995 pg 50-79).

The leaders of today should ensure that they understand their societies in regard to their culture and cultural values so that when the future comes they can be able to help them achieve their goals and objectives.


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