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Propaganda Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Propaganda and Mass Media: Obstacles and Best Conditions for Propagandist
    The first obstacle is to comprehensively understand the nature of the target audience that the propagandist wants to modify through the use of propaganda.
  2. Media Propaganda
    Further, at the lower right corner, the poster has a picture of the spray under consideration and the name of the spray: “New Axe Essence”.
  3. History of Hitler’s Nazi Propaganda
    According to Hitler, the German’s defeat in the First World War, the Bolshevik Revolution, German’s post war inflation, and the economic crisis of the year 1929 were accredited to International Jewry. Over time, the masses […]
  4. Chomsky/Herman propaganda model
    In Chomsky’s opinion, the conclusion that the tyranny of the majority can threaten the rights of persons, including the rights for freedom of speech and conscience, was the result of confusion caused by the vague […]
  5. Propaganda in Pro-slavery Arguments and Douglass’s Narrative
    Propaganda refers to the form of communication that is meant to influence the feelings and attitudes of individual to believe or support a certain viewpoint.
  6. Propaganda, Persuasion and Public Relations
    For example in the case of the Australia’s cancellation of the Fuel Watch program Senator Xenaphon utilized propaganda stating that Fuel Watch was not an effective means of helping consumers stating the need to tackle […]
  7. Hezbollah’s Propaganda
    These strategies include the construction of a propaganda theme park, the establishment of a Hezbollah television station, the development of anti-Israeli video games, and the production of varied merchandise that promote Hezbollah’s ideas and values.
  8. The Marlboro Ads as a Propaganda Advertising
    As such, the target of information presented is to alter the attitudes of consumers towards the interests of the advert sponsors.
  9. Influence of Propaganda Politics
    The organizers of the event were well conversant with the impact of the flag to the message; it created credibility and believability among the members of the public.
  10. Propaganda Movement in Mass Media
    Through the study of Gimenez et al, it was seen that the correlation between the propaganda model and the power of the media can be summarized on the impact of irrational exuberance as a means […]
  11. Propaganda Model Research
    The media is expected to expose any practices of the government and corporate bodies that may cause any harm to the public in one way or the other.
  12. Propaganda in the Democratic Society
    The article focuses on the effects of propaganda on the democracy. In the article, he focuses on his experiences in the media industry with respect to the past and the present news.
  13. Forms of propaganda
    They both target the anti-government group that is most likely to criticize and question the actions of the government. The policies of the government have been hijacked and are now in favor of the ruling […]
  14. Propaganda Techniques in Movies: Light, Camera, Action
    Despite using rather simplistic propaganda techniques and devices, such as Beautiful People and Flag-Waving, the movie manages to get the key idea of the major flaws at the very core of the current healthcare system […]
  15. Propaganda of Adolf Hitler and Jim Jones
    This is a scenario that has occurred with the Nazi, under the command of Adolf Hitler, and the story of Jim Jones, and the people who followed him in a quest to build an ideal […]
  16. Propaganda and Marketing Relationships
    This aspect was meant to prevent the wrong societal perceptions that Bernays was promoting Venida products in the market, but showing the public the importance of the hairnets.
  17. Propaganda: Terrorist, Government, State, Non-State
    Extremists pass their terrorist propaganda to the youth through the power of the media and the internet. Ideally, propaganda that is produced by the state aims at influencing the opinions and attitudes of its people […]
  18. Propaganda as a Social Phenomenon
    Edgar Henderson, also comprehensively in propaganda scholarship, argues that propaganda is basically a social phenomenon owing to its objectivity and capacity to appeal to the psychological or sociopsychological dispositions of individuals.
  19. Political Propaganda in The Aeneid by Virgil
    As the paper reveals, The Aeneid is a political epic that was written with a political agenda to justify the founding of the nation of Rome.
  20. Islamic State’s Online Propaganda to Men and Women
    The third hypothesis is that the ISIS extensively uses misrepresentation as a tool of online communication, i.e.the way the role and position of women in the ISIS presented in the terrorists’ online communication are significantly […]
  21. Authoritarian Propaganda in Education and Media
    The question that people often ask themselves is, ‘how do authoritarian regimes get away with violence, torture, and oppression?’ Most of the citizens in countries led by authoritarians often seem to be in agreement with […]
  22. Holocaust, Antisemitism, and Propaganda
    That is why, nowadays great attention is given to issues which led to the death of millions of people. Being a part of the ideology of Nazism, it led to the elimination of a great […]
  23. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and Its Propaganda
    The Middle East also has a serious economic impact on the rest of the world because of the rich oil deposits, especially in the countries bordering the Persian Gulf.
  24. American Government: Propaganda and Persuasion
    He successfully achieved his goal of sending a man to the Moon and managed to beat the Soviet Union mostly due to his ability to capture people’s imagination.
  25. Propaganda Techniques in Advertising
    The end goal is to solidify the brand in the subconscious mind of the buyers, in order for it to be able to compete with other brands.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Propaganda

  1. Effect of Propaganda during Second World War
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the confrontation between the German and the Soviet propaganda machines during the period of the Second Patriotic War, outline the goals and purposes of each, and identify […]
  2. The Cyberspace War: Propaganda and Trolling
    To justify the theory that will be used in the study, it is necessary to state that the Russian government has been using the workforce of its employees to change people’s opinions to the ones […]
  3. Propaganda: “Total” and “Time” Concepts
    The fact that the most outrageous instances of propaganda are never forgotten and stay in history brings us to the next aspect of the investigated phenomenon and technique, which is the “Time”.
  4. Advertising: Rhetoric or Propaganda?
    The shorter video mainly features the executive director of the “Morningside Recovery” company, who might be described as an attractive person, which creates additional appeal in the viewers of the video; the director briefly outlines […]
  5. Terrorism as Spectacle: Extremist Propaganda
    The objective of terrorist propaganda is to influence the attitude of a specified mass audience. Terrorist propaganda in the video links is intended to publicize acts of brutality committed by the militants.
  6. Propaganda of Social Movements and Non-State Actors
    Taking a closer and more attentive look at the FARC video, it is easy to notice that the cartoon characters are of Latin origin, the video is designed to attract the people of Colombia and […]
  7. Propaganda and Framing
    The video chosen for the overview in this paper is called “Euromaidan/Kijow 2014”, it was posted on YouTube by a user under the nickname MrMitos1 in the end of February this year, which was the […]
  8. Albert Speer’s Architectural Scale as a Tool of Nazi Propaganda
    In the center of attention of Hitler, there was the restructuring of Berlin by the architect Albert Speer. Such buildings as the Volkshalle and the Cathedral of Light were the most expressive projects that illustrated […]
  9. Propaganda Theory Analysis
    Communication Theory Propaganda Theory Meaning The propaganda theory explains how social, political, and economic attitudes are manufactured to manipulate the populace, for the sake of the welfare of entities with power and money. Invention Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky introduced the theory in their book, Manufacturing Consent – The Political Economy of the Mass […]
  10. Bolshevik Propaganda in the Russian Revolution
    Communists hoped to achieve, and that was why they had more and more concentrated their propaganda efforts on the boys and girls and the young men and women.
  11. The Power of Propaganda
    He is of the opinion that lies comprise the lion’s share of propaganda and describes it as a very powerful tool utilized in the arena of politics.
  12. Post-World War II Propaganda Art
    According to Arendt, the “who” is revealed in the narratives people tell of themselves and others. We humanize what is going on in the world and in ourselves only by speaking of it, and in […]
  13. Anti-War Movement DADA Vs. Propaganda Posters of WWI
    In relation to the causes of the WWI, these can considered as pertinent specifically on the basis that the reasons can be related to the type of society that is present during the said era.
  14. Nazi’s Propaganda in the XX Century
    At first, Nazis used propaganda technologies to draw attention of other political organizations of the right wing, then, after the departure of imprisonment by Hitler, the party becomes better organized and, finally, propaganda is used […]
  15. The History of Propaganda
    The history of propaganda shows that some means of encouraging the troops, or discouraging the enemy were undertaken in the ancient times, and the times have preserved and brought up the names of the greatest […]
  16. Persuasion and Propaganda: Differences and Similarities
    In contrast to propaganda, persuasion is characterized by private acceptance of the position advocated in the message. In contrast to persuasion, propaganda is based on mind control aimed to condemn the recipients of a particular […]
  17. The Use of Propaganda in Political Campaigns
    The issue of propaganda is of current importance because we hear such words we can face propaganda in every sphere of human life: political campaigns, propaganda of healthy way of life, propaganda in the sphere […]
  18. Persuasion and Propaganda in Modern Society
    Persuasion is based on discourse and dialogue; propaganda is intended to be one-sided” Some researchers, such as Cain, look at any piece of media communication according to the ten points identified by Jowett and O’Donnell […]
  19. Stereotypes and Propaganda in Society Analysis
    The unfortunate reality is that the propaganda onslaught is continuous and the gullibility of the audience is also too often and thus the thinking of the majority of the audience is corrupted on heavy scales.
  20. Propaganda in Art During the Second World War
    In the background of the Great Depression, and the Second World War this poster was the embodiment of the unification of generations, which takes place at the feast table.”The Four Freedoms” speech, proclaimed by Roosevelt […]
  21. Anti-Japanese Propaganda During World War II
    The content of propaganda was much the same as that of broadcast propaganda: emphasis on the Allies’ growing war potential, ridicule of the more preposterous assertions of the National Socialists, evidence of self-contradictions in the […]
  22. World War II Propaganda Posters in America
    The imagery of the boot stepping on the American church is not just a threat to the religious ideals of the country but a threat to freedom itself as the church often doubled as the […]

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