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89 Birth control Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Birth control Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Doctors’ Reluctance to Prescribe Birth Control Pills to Early Adolescents
    These are some of the proposed solutions that could help solve the problem of doctors not prescribing birth control pills to teenagers.
  2. Population Growth Control
    From a perspective of political economy, control of the population is a matter that is in the sphere of women, and thus they deserve to have right to their sexuality and reproduction.
  3. Rhetoric: “The Morality of Birth Control” by Margaret Sanger
    In her speech, Sanger supports the argument that the American women should have the right to learn more about the birth control because of their responsibility for the personal health and happiness in contrast to […]
  4. Giving Birth Control to Teenagers
    It is paramount to say that it is a significant problem that needs to be addressed because the number of cases of teenage childbearing is one of the highest in the United States compared to […]
  5. Birth Control Against Overpopulation
    Based on the information presented, it can be seen that the current growth of the human population is unsustainable in the long run due to the finite resources on the planet.
  6. Birth Control Methods & Options
    The male condom is one of the most popular and arguably the least complex methods of contraception. This leads to the prevention of fertilization and interferes with the movement of sperm and effects.
  7. Advanced Pharmacology: Birth Control for Smokers
    The rationale for IUD is the possibility to control birth without the partner’s participation and the necessity to visit a doctor just once for the device to be implanted.
  8. Birth Control Education and Resource Availability for the Prevention of Teen Pregnancy
    The rationale for this position is mostly based on the fact that teen pregnancy tends to create more complex problems in the future pertaining to the education and literacy rate of the population, the increase […]
  9. The Birth Control: Safe Methods
    The first relates to a couple that uses the method correctly every time the couple has sexual intercourse and the latter is for an average couple who actually do not use the method every time […]
  10. Birth Control for Teenagers
    This is exactly the reason why the idea of using birth control should not be given to teenagers. The third reason why birth control should not be advocated for teenagers is that there are more […]
  11. Abortions and Birth Control
    As a result the overall mortality of women increases in the countries where legal abortions take place. The general point of view in decreasing the number of abortions is the use of contraceptives as a […]
  12. Why Teenagers Must Be Allowed to Use Birth Control?
    It is the purpose of this paper to underscore why teenagers should be given the opportunity to use contraceptives. These findings point to the importance of contraceptives in solving the problem of teenage pregnancy in […]
  13. Birth Control, Pregnancy and Childbirth
    According to Priscilla Pardini who is a re-known scholar in this field of the study states that: “It is can be viewed as a selfish study in the way that an educational institution is studying […]
  14. Human Sexuality Birth Control
    They include tubal ligation that involves the cutting of the fallopian tube which supplies ova to the uterus for fertilization it can also be done on men through vasectomy which involves the cutting of the […]
  15. Population Increase and Birth Control
    The end of the 2oth century can be seen as a starting point to the global rivalry between nations, states and continents.

📌 Simple & Easy Birth control Essay Titles

  1. Why The Regulation Of Birth Control Should Be The Health
  2. Understanding Your Birth Control Options
  3. Unaware And Unprotected: Misconceptions Of Birth Control
  4. The Different Methods of Birth Control in Our Modern Society
  5. Should Tennagers Be Allowed to Get Birth Control Without Parent Consent?
  6. The Birth of Birth Control: An essay on Margaret Sanger
  7. The Consequences of Using Birth Control on the Spread of HIV/AIDS in the United States
  8. The Effect of Sanger’s Birth Control Movement
  9. Talking To Your Folks About Starting Birth Control
  10. Why Birth Control Should Be Readily Accessible To Teenagers
  11. What You Ought To Know About Emergency Birth Control
  12. The African American Community and the Birth Control Movement
  13. Which is the Best Birth Control Method: Pills, Patch, Nuvaring, or Depo Shot
  14. The Ethical Debate of Free Contraception and Birth Control
  15. Various Options of Birth Control and Their Effectiveness
  16. Should High Schools Provide Birth Control Information And Condoms
  17. To Control or to Not Control: The Government and Birth Control
  18. Why Parents Should Obtain Birth Control
  19. Social and Political effects of Birth Control in England
  20. Uncertain Aims and Tacit Negotiation: Birth Control Practices in Britain, 1925-50
  21. Taste Buds Outside The Mouth And Male Birth Control
  22. The Cognitive Response Theory On Birth Control
  23. The Birth Control Pill: The Pill That Changed America

👍 Good Essay Topics on Birth control

  1. Teens Getting Birth Control Without Parental Consent
  2. The Perspective of Margaret Sanger on Birth Control
  3. The History of Birth Control and Society
  4. The Negative Effects of Birth Control for Minors without Parental Consent
  5. Undergrad: Birth Control and Human Sexuality
  6. Teenage Girls Should Be Allowed For Get Birth Control Without
  7. The Misconceptions Of Birth Control In Developing Countries
  8. Television As Birth Control By Fred Pearce
  9. Women Have the Burden of Birth Control
  10. The Problems With the Birth Control Options for the Modern Society’s Teens
  11. The Pitfalls And Positives Of Abstinence Only Birth Control
  12. The Question of Whether the Use of Birth Control Increases Promiscuous Sexual Behanvor
  13. The Lack of Significant Advances for Men’s Health and Male Birth Control
  14. The Positive And Negative Effects Of Birth Control Pills
  15. The Pros and Cons of Over the Counter Birth Control Pills
  16. The Introduction of Birth Control in Things Fall Apart, a Novel by Chinua Achebe
  17. The Importance Of Educating Adolescents On Various Birth Control Methods
  18. The Significance of the Introduction of Birth Control for Teens to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy
  19. The Supply of Birth Control Methods, Education, and Fertility: Evidence from Romania
  20. The Social Impact of Birth Control in Germany
  21. The Sexual Activity and Birth Control Use of American Teenagers

❓ Research Questions About Birth Control

  1. Why Should Birth Control Be Taught in Schools?
  2. Should Governments Provide Free Access to Birth Control?
  3. Why Isn’t Birth Control Education Being Taught in Schools?
  4. How Does Birth Control Affect Society?
  5. Should Americans Have Easier Access to Contraception?
  6. Why Should Parents Obtain Birth Control?
  7. Should Public School Students Be Given Birth Control Pills?
  8. Does Parental Consent for Birth Control Affect Underage Pregnancy Rates?
  9. Why Should Women Not Use Birth Control?
  10. Should Schools Distribute Birth Control?
  11. How Does Banning Birth Control Affect Women’s Lives?
  12. Should Birth Control Pills Be Available for Teenage Girls?
  13. How Does the Birth Control Pill Work?
  14. Should Birth Control Pills Be Sold Over the Counter?
  15. How Has Abortion and Birth Control Affected the 20th and 21st Century?
  16. Should High Schools Provide Birth Control Information and Condoms?
  17. What Should Women Know About Birth Control Pill?
  18. Should Teenagers Have Access to Birth Control Without Parent’s Consent?
  19. Why May Birth Control Patches Be More Dangerous Than Pills?
  20. Should Teenagers Have Access to Birth Control?
  21. Why Should Birth Control Be Readily Accessible to Teenagers?
  22. Should Health Insurance Companies Provide Complete Coverage for Birth Control?
  23. Does Learning About Birth Control in School Help Prevent Teen Pregnancy?
  24. Should Pharmacists Be Allowed to Refuse to Fill Emergency Contraception Prescriptions?
  25. What Are Some of the Current Birth Control Options?
  26. How Are Federal Reproductive Health Rights Legislation or Denied by State and Local Government?
  27. What Myths About Health Risks Associated With Contraceptive Devices?
  28. Should Birth Control Be Taught in School as a Way of Preventing Teen Pregnancy?
  29. What Are Some of the Religious/Ethical Issues Arising From the Usage of Birth Control?
  30. What Are Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Birth Control?

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