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71 Pregnancy Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Pregnancy Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. How does cognitive function influence spatial perception during pregnancy of the human species?
    The recent researches have detailed the multifaceted alterations in maternal brains affecting the female cognitive function in general and spatial perception in particular.
  2. Increasing of Sex Education in Schools to Curb Teenage Pregnancy
    Increased sex education is important because it emphasizes on the need to abstain and use of contraceptives. It is therefore important to increase sex education in schools to avert cases of teenage pregnancies.
  3. The Problem of Legality or Illegality of Terminating Pregnancy (Abortion)
    As most antagonist of legalizing abortion, I held the idea that, abortion is an immoral act not only in the eyes of the society, but also in the eyes of God.
  4. Legal Response to Substance Abuse during Pregnancy
    The issue at hand therefore is analyzing the various legal procedures in practice and proposing a valid course of action that is beneficial to both the fetus and the mother.
  5. Why Drinking Alcohol during Pregnancy Occasions Unnecessary Risks to Prenatal Development
    In spite of the fact that many women are well aware that heavy consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can occasion a myriad of birth defects, many do not realize or are ignorant of the fact […]
  6. Teen Pregnancy: Causes, Effects and Prevention
    Teenage pregnancy is the pregnancy of underage girls during their adolescent period, normally between the ages of 13 to 19 but this range varies depending on the age of the menarche and the legal age […]
  7. Teenage Pregnancy in the Modern World
    Teenage pregnancy rate in America is among the highest among the developed nations; although the teen pregnancy rate is said to be dropping in the past years in the developed world, in the US, rate […]
  8. Popular Culture and Teenage Pregnancy Among Americans
    This has been the case particularly in regards to the Western society of the early to the middle 20th century and the up-and-coming international normalcy of the late 20th and 21st century.
  9. Correlation Between Multiple Pregnancies and Postpartum Depression or Psychosis
    In recognition of the paucity of information on the relationship between multiple pregnancies and postpartum depression, the paper reviews the likely relationship by understanding the two variables, multiple pregnancies and postpartum depression, in terms of […]
  10. Teenage Pregnancy Major Causes and Solutions
    Thus, one of the manifest functions of the family is to be the meaningful unit which supports the accepted social order and is a support of the state.
  11. Teenage Pregnancy Concept and Problems
    This becomes potentially dangerous to the teenage girls due to the lack of prenatal care and the fact that her body is not fully developed to carry a pregnancy.
  12. How Drugs and Alcohol Affect Pregnancy and a Developing Child
    Therefore, it is the intention of the paper to link all these studies in a bid to generate a comprehensive display of both substance abuse and alcoholism during pregnancy and the effects attached to this […]
  13. Teenage Pregnancy Causes and Effects Cause and Effect Essay
    In addition to this, the modern society allows the teenagers to have a lot of time and space with the opposite sex on their own, which results to instances of pregnancy at teenage hood.
  14. Sex Education and Early Pregnancies
    Although most people have failed to address the issue of sex education, the failing nature of the gospel of abstinence and thus increased rates of teenage pregnancies has led to a new awakening for all […]
  15. Teenage Pregnancy and Its Consequences to the Society
    The opportunities of mother and the child to build a future are further depleted by these risks. Education to the youthful teens would be a valuable tool to curb early pregnancies.
  16. Positive Impacts of Sex Education on Teenage Pregnancies
    Failures of Sex Education in reducing teenage pregnancies According to the article by Stobbe, education has not achieved much in terms of helping students change their attitudes and behavior on sex and use of birth […]
  17. The Major Factors of Teenage Pregnancy
    Mooney, Knox, & Schacht, states that low self-esteem is often associated with abused children and are one of the factors that shape teenagers’ sexual behavioral patterns and lead to teen pregnancy.
  18. The Ways to Reduce Teenage Pregnancies
    Although teen pregnancy is an ongoing problem, it can be reduced with good education, parental support, and birth control Over the last couple of years, the United States of America has woken up to the […]
  19. Social Issues: Teen Pregnancy
    Lastly, there are no good role models to teach children the importance of abstinence, and this has led them to believe that they should engage in premarital sex to become famous.
  20. Controlling Pregnancies of Adolescents
    When teenagers will be in a position to follow instructions on pregnancy prevention, the project will have attained its medium-term goals. The medium-term goal of the program would be to reduce the cases of abortion […]
  21. Teen Pregnancy Causes and Consequences
    Considering the fact that instances of teen pregnancy are on the rise, the issue has become of great concern. Girls are becoming pregnant at younger ages and it is believed that children born to such […]
  22. Pregnancy’ and Sexually Diseases Prevention – Sex Education
    It is also common for students in college and universities to engage in an unsafe group sex where different STIs are passed to the participants.
  23. Sex Education Role in the Teenage Pregnancy
    In a bid to survive, the teens resort to prostitution as a means of earning a livelihood, which in turn leads to teenage pregnancies.
  24. Healthy Pregnancy Management: Tips, Issues, Costs
    The management of a healthy pregnancy is the duty of the couple responsible. The condition of the pregnancy covers the emotions and the state of the baby developing in the womb.
  25. Teenage Pregnancy and Abortion: Articles Evaluation
    The article highlights the importance of coming up with sexual health services and contraception methods, which are community-based for the benefit of the young people in a bid to counter the seemingly never-ending menace of […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Pregnancy

  1. Psychosocial Thriving During Late Pregnancy
    In the context of correlation research model, one may use the data gathered by the observational method, for example, the archives of the previous research.
  2. Nicotine’s Harm on Pregnancy and Fertility
    Nonetheless, it is vital to highlight the gaps in knowledge related to the selected topic of the research while depicting the essentiality of the understanding of the negative consequences to women’s health and fertility.
  3. Nutrition During Pregnancy and Childbirth
    In the book, the authors are concentrated on demonstrating that nutrition during pregnancy and lactation is extremely important with the focus on nutritional requirements, the physiology and phycology of pregnancy, and factors that affect the […]
  4. Teenage Pregnancy, Abortion and Sex Education
    According to, some individuals in the society particularly the religious ones see abortion as a vice affecting every corner of the world.
  5. Pregnancy Termination in Down’s Syndrome Case
    One of the reasons why women of different ages decide to terminate their pregnancy is any genetic disease of the fetus and the risk of having an unhealthy child.
  6. Abortion Debate: Immoral Aspect of Pregnancy Termination
    Since it is morally wrong to kill human being, it is in order to argue that it is equally wrong to terminate a potential person in the form of a fetus.
  7. Pregnancy, Parentage and Family Development
    The mother was the first to learn of the pregnancy. The expectation of the man was that the child would be a girl.
  8. Major Depression Treatment During Pregnancy
    Based on the personal and medical history of the patient, the first line of treatment would be to introduce fluoxetine at a starting dose of 10mg po each am and may increase to 20 mg […]
  9. Low Back Pain and Care During Pregnancy
    It is important to follow conservative management of treatment for pregnant patients, including education, the adjustments of activities, and the measurement of movements.
  10. Termination of Unwanted Pregnancy
    Even though pregnancy termination presupposes a murder of an unborn child, it should be allowed in case of an unwanted pregnancy that may lead to negative outcomes in the physical or emotional state of a […]
  11. Psychiatric Medications During Pregnancy: Benefits and Risks
    Based on the results, the authors develop a range of recommendations concerning the pharmacological treatment of depression and bipolar I and II disorders in pregnant women.
  12. Teen Pregnancy Can Lead to Suicide and Poverty
    Importantly, it occurs as a result of various factors, and the complexity of the situation lies in the fact that a teenager is not ready to experience this condition and its consequences neither from the […]
  13. The Effect of Maternal Exercise during Pregnancy
    Tomic et al.suggest that the positive effects of physical activity on fetal development may be defined by the impact of exercising on glucose tolerance, which also determines the occurrence of gestational diabetes.
  14. Ethical Issues in Abnormal Pregnancies
    However, the insurance company refuses to cover the pregnancy due to the issues with the first birth and not because of the testing results. However, I do not think that it should have direct access […]
  15. Health Promotion and Nutrition During Pregnancy
    The leaflet also states that fat is a crucial part of the diet for pregnant women and that its increase is not a negative sign.
  16. Care Plans for Healthy Pregnancy
    Thus, it is the role of a nurse to prepare the patients for pregnancy and childbirth and evaluate their wellbeing to prevent or eliminate any arising issues.
  17. Adolescent Pregnancy as a Global Issue
    The wider the information system is, the more effective methods of solving problems related to the health of pregnant teens are.
  18. Teenage Pregnancy Rates and Prevention Programs
    The purpose of this paper is to study the adolescent pregnancy rates in the US, identify the risk factors, list health and mental risks of teenage pregnancy, and find existing and other possible solutions to […]
  19. Bone Marrow-Derived Cells Helping Pregnancy
    The article by Taj et al.proves that the use of bone-marrow-derived cells can prevent cases of pregnancy failure and loss in mice, thus positing that it has the potential to be used in women as […]
  20. The Necessity of Health Promotion During Pregnancy
    It is vital to provide examples of adverse outcomes related to drinking to help patients understand the threat that alcohol may pose.
  21. Typical Symptoms During Pregnancy
    Placental abruption is one of the many conditions associated with vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, so it is vital for women to seek help when these signs occur.
  22. Care Plans for Pregnancy
    The preparation for pregnancy can be frustrating for a woman, and the role of a nurse is to provide assistance to the patient in this process.
  23. Nonadherence to Lifestyle Changes During Pregnancy
    A clinician needs to notice if the pregnant patient’s health is changing due to nonadherence and take action to prevent long-term adverse effects on her health and the condition of the fetus.
  24. Anxiety Disorder in Pregnancy
    To be precise, the dangers of anxiety disorder during the pregnancy period can equally affect the mother and the unborn child.
  25. Pregnancy-Related Pelvic Girdle Pain
    The physical aspect of the treatment plan is targeted at developing management strategies that the patient will find possible to implement and easy to follow.

💡 Most Interesting Pregnancy Topics to Write about

  1. Adolescent Pregnancy Rate Analysis
    The title of the article clearly reflects the content of the article. The significance and pertinence of the problem of osteopenia amongst adolescent girls were clearly shown, and the rationale for the study was provided.
  2. Birth Control Education and Resource Availability for the Prevention of Teen Pregnancy
    The rationale for this position is mostly based on the fact that teen pregnancy tends to create more complex problems in the future pertaining to the education and literacy rate of the population, the increase […]
  3. Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
    Any damage to the hair-like cilia located on the internal surface of the fallopian tubes that move the fertilized egg to the uterus, Pelvic inflammatory disease that causes occlusion of the fallopian tubes, tubal ligation, […]
  4. Psychological Causes of Teenage Pregnancy
    They are not settled in their lives and are not able to bear the responsibility of a child. Abortion is also justified in the unfortunate event of teenage marriage and pregnancy.
  5. Methods of Prevention of Teen Pregnancies
    In this research paper we will try to look at the major causes of teenager pregnancies, the impacts that the teen pregnancy has on the young mothers as well as their families and finally how […]
  6. The Problem of Teenage Pregnancy
    Marx, Fleur Hopper Faith-Based versus Fact-Based Social Policy: The Case of Teenage Pregnancy Prevention published in Social Work, Volume 50, 2005, is dedicated to the idea of teenage pregnancy in the United States.
  7. Youth Issue: Teen Pregnancy
    Only when the parents of these teenagers openly discuss sexuality and the harmful effects of teen pregnancy with their teenagers are they most likely to understand the risks involved with sex and pregnancy and thus […]
  8. Teenage Pregnancy Statistics, Factors and Strategies
    One of the causes of the high levels in teen pregnancies is attributed to poverty and the social inequalities in both Britain and America.
  9. Pregnancy Center Externship
    The individuals that work at the counseling center have a genuine concern for the women that are seeking treatment from the center.
  10. Birth Control, Pregnancy and Childbirth
    According to Priscilla Pardini who is a re-known scholar in this field of the study states that: “It is can be viewed as a selfish study in the way that an educational institution is studying […]
  11. Ethical Issues in IVF and Multiple Pregnancies
    The four principles include the principle of autonomy, the principle of beneficence, the principle of non-maleficence and the principle of fairness or distributive justice.
  12. Smoking During Pregnancy Issues
    Three things to be learned from the research are the impact of smoking on a woman, possible dangers and complications and the importance of smoking cessation interventions.
  13. Teen Pregnancy Problem Overview
    The aim of the study is to inquire on how they found themselves in the situation and how they are coping with the same. To the victims of teenage pregnancy How did you become a […]
  14. Teen Pregnancy: Abortion Rates Rise
    In the spotlight was the matter of teen pregnancy since teen births and abortion are both consequences of the former. That teen pregnancy rates fell in the 1990s and rose in the middle of this […]
  15. Maternal Consumption of Alcohol During Pregnancy Should Be Unlawful in Canada
    Supporting the assumption to make maternal alcohol consumption illegal in Canada, it is appropriate to review corresponding articles that are associated with health and women’s rights.
  16. The Issues of Drugs in Pregnancy
    The existence of the teratogenic drugs in the market has resulted to uncertainties concerning effectiveness of various drugs on the health of the pregnant women.
  17. Teenage Pregnancy in New Jersey
    This paper aims to address the issue of teenage pregnancy in New Jersey and identify the parties that influence young people’s decisions related to sexual behavior.
  18. The Risks of Maternal Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy
    Certainly, the risk of abnormal development of the fetus depends on the number of alcoholic beverages and the frequency of their use.
  19. Stages of Pregnancy
    Brewer et al.state that “from the moment of conception, hormonal changes in the mother’s pregnancy and adapt to the future needs of the embryo”.
  20. Pregnancy and Proliferative Activity of the Ovarian Surface Epithelium and Follicles
    The immunohistochemical analyses of OSE layer using PCNA and Ki67 clearly revealed proliferative activity only in cycling ewes, that too in close proximity to steroidogenic antral follicles and CL, suggesting that ovulation stimulates multiplication of […]
  21. Preterm Birth and Maternal Smoking in Pregnancy
    The major finding of the discussed research is that both preterm birth and maternal smoking during pregnancy contribute, although independently, to the aortic narrowing of adolescents.

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