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🏆 Best Native American Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Native Americans: The Sad Aftereffect of Decentering
    Sayre provides the idea of decentering as the reason for the Native American culture to come to decay and finally dissolve in the melting pot of the Europeans coming to the continent and taking control […]
  2. History of Native Americans in Mississippi
    According to Baca, the Native American Indian groups of Choctaw and Chickasaw were the most populous; the southern and central parts of the present Mississippi were occupied by Choctaw native group while the northern part […]
  3. Through Women’s Eye: Native American Women Changing Experiences
    This essay shall discuss the prominent factors that affected views and social values of Native American Women in the late nineteenth century, variation of White and Native American women, boarding school experiences of Native American, […]
  4. The History of California: Native Americans and Chumash Beliefs
    Though some of the documents were not originally from that period, the fact that they covered the period and they were later used as the prime sources of information qualifies them to be primary sources […]
  5. Historical US Relationships With Native American
    The Native Americans mostly reside on western states, south, and the mid West; this distribution reveals the outcomes of the historical pattern of settlement and relocation of the American Indians to the western and southern […]
  6. Overview of the Native American Culture
    Apart from the high standards of quality attained from products of Native American art, the contemporary artists working in literary fields is a source of pride Survival According to Belgrad, the American Indian is branded […]
  7. Native American Spiritualism
    They all believe in the existence of God and that the soul continues to exist in the world of the living dead, that every one will carry his own cross and that even after death […]
  8. Causes and Consequences of Native American Migration
    The major cause of the migration of the Native Americans stemmed from the great immigration of European colonialists.”European colonization forced thousands of Native Americans to migrate from their settlements to other parts of America”.
  9. Native Americans and Colonization
    The disregard of the human rights of the Native Americans by the Whites put in place the foundation for racism, prejudice, and discrimination for all the Native Americans for decades in the future.
  10. Themes in Native American Tricksters
    Whether the character is the wizened old man Coyote of the Crow tribes, Raven in the Indian lore or even Wakdjunkaga of the Winnebago, the narratives seems to be written from the same script.
  11. Decentering of the Native American Culture
    During this era, they craved to have their culture intact and untainted by the white settlers way of life as depicted in the performance of Lakota Ghost Dance, which was a performative cultural and religious […]
  12. Native American Stories of Early American Settlers
    He believed that the loss of land was a great evil to the Native Americans. They also drew parallels between their own religion and that of the European settlers.
  13. The Relationship Between Native Americans and Christians
    In the two stories, the writers have discussed the topic in a way that leaves no doubt as to the nature of the relationship between Christianity and Native Americans.
  14. The Native Americans and the Euro Americans
    The entry of the colonialists into Native America was the beginning of the suffering of the Native Americans. However, the situation changes in 1812 when the policy of assimilation of the native lands was no […]
  15. Rivalry Between the Europeans and Native Americans
    The protracted rivalry that existed between the two cultures was indeed beneficial to the Native Americans bearing in mind that they had a tendency of supporting the opponents of the Europeans in return for unilateral […]
  16. Native American Mascots and Nicknames in Sports
    The use of the term Washington Redskins has brought many controversies, with majority of people particularly the Native American groups and the United States government arguing that the term “redskin” should be withdrawn from the […]
  17. Native Americans Transition From Freedom to Isolation
    From the arguments of many anthropologists and archeologist, the first people to arrive in America most probably arrived during the last ice age period of about 20,000-30,000 years ago when they used the bridge at […]
  18. Violence Against Native American Women
    The goal of this paper is to examine the factors contributing to gender violence against Native American women and the response of their religious and spiritual traditions.
  19. The Native Americans: Origin, Society and Culture
    In addition, we see that the Chumash Elders and young Apprentices pays tribute to the composer and recorder of the notes as symbolic of a traditional tool for passing on language and culture to the […]
  20. Native Americans and the Federal Government
    The worsening of ties between Native Americans and the Federal Government: a review of related literature The worsening of the ties between the federal government and Native Americans can be traced back to the colonization […]
  21. Native American Visual Arts
    In particular, the paper discusses the richness of Native American art that depicts various aspects of the history and the culture of indigenous people.
  22. Native American Culture and American Indians
    However, the history of the USA has come through the colonization and many people who now inhabit the continent are not the Native Americans.
  23. Native Americans: Social Issue
    In addition, the references of the natives by the mainstream society have led to the under development and have prevented the evolution of the Indian Americans.
  24. European Colonization Impacts on the Native American Population
    An examination of various historical accounts from the 15th to 19th century show that the Native American population was adversely affected by the arrival of European settlers due to various conflicts that arose and the […]
  25. Stereotypes of Native Americans in Film
    From the beginning of the Film industry to the end of the Second World War, all the scenes in films revolved around the negative perceptions that the Europeans had on the Native Americans.
  26. Native American Multicultural Literature
    When the old medicine man recognizes that he fails in his attempt to cure him, he attributes his failure to the coming of the white man.
  27. Racism Against Native Americans
    He uses a number of racial and cultural abuses that are used in a derogatory way to refer to people of other cultures, races, sexual orientation and religious affiliations to make the point that the […]
  28. The Lived Experiences of Native American Indian Women Parenting off the Reservation
    On the same note, the study will try to bring determine the attitudes and perceptions that women have with regards to raising their children on and off the reservations.
  29. Native American Indian Arrowheads
    The method used in identifying the arrowheads involved observing the shape of the base, the style used in flaking, and the material used to make the arrowhead.
  30. The Main Persons in Native American History
    During the early 16th century, he sailed to the Dominican Republic and to Cuba, where he reinforced the effort of the Spaniards to conquer the two areas.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Native American

  1. The Settlers and the Native Americans Relationships
    Following the discovery of the continents of North and South Americas, the accounts and chronicles by the men who discovered the New World amazed the Europeans of the 16th and 17th centuries.
  2. Native Americans in the United States
    Having analyzed the great history of American people, its great cultural heritage and peculiarities of its development it is possible to conclude that there are some main characteristics which give America its identity.
  3. The Native Americans and Immigrants Lives
    Summary of the Article This article explains why the process of transplantation continued to affect the lives of both the Native Americans and immigrants.
  4. Europeans and Natives in British and Spanish America
    As a result, the exploitation and enslavement of the American Indians was the characteristic features of the relations between the Spanish and American natives.
  5. Andrew Jackson’s Policies Toward Native Americans
    He was the seventh president of the United States and a core founder of the Democratic Party. The law supported for the resettlement of Native Americans on the west of Mississippi River in Indian Territory.
  6. Sacredness of the Native American Religious Groups
    Religious ceremonies are a reminder of sacred origins and indicate the necessity of harmonious way of life and a balance of the universe.
  7. Blackfoot People in the Native Americans History
    The presence of the Europeans in the form of traders acts as the origin of the changes experienced by the Blackfoot people. There are numerous ways of revitalizing the Blackfoot culture and language.
  8. Native Americans Role in World War I
    Most of the students who went to schools away from the reserves came to the realization that they were, ‘first Americans and then indians second.’3 The schools also taught patriotic songs as well as observation […]
  9. American Protest Literature: Native American Injustices
    Native American protest literature was mostly characterised by non-fictional stories written in the form of autobiographies, short stories and novels that were authored in response to the American society’s infringement of the Native American people’s […]
  10. Native Americans, Colonial Militia, and US Military
    The Native American Timeline shows how the Native Americans suffered in the hands of both the American colonialists in the 1600s before the country gained independence and in the hands of the United States military […]
  11. Counseling Native Americans vs. White Population
    A counselor should be ready to deal with tribal considerations and diversity in general to offer quality services to the client.
  12. Native Americans History in “Thunder Heart” Movie
    It should be stated that the historical significance of lands and the population living on it during centuries should not be underestimated and cannot remain underdeveloped notwithstanding the contradicting political views as they might hinder […]
  13. Native Americans and Colonists’ Conflict
    It is also paramount to understand the fact that Native Americans did not know the meaning of the concept of a nation, and it was one of their weaknesses during the conflict.
  14. Native Americans’ History, Farming, Agriculture
    Nowadays, the task of primary importance is to educate the society and convey the idea that the rich past of the American Indians should be remembered.
  15. Taos Pueblo in Native American Culture and History
    This practice has been embraced to support the traditional values and aspects of such structures. Such values have therefore been used to define the social aspects of many native groups.
  16. Native Americans in the US of the 19-20th Centuries
    In the beginning of the twentieth century, the number of the Native Americans in the United States was approximately 25,000. The political problem that the Native Americans faced was the issue of land.
  17. Native American Imagery Causing Prejudice
    The concept of the Native people as savages and their implementation in business and commerce creates barriers to the development of the basis for moral respect.
  18. Native Americans’ Evolution in the XIX Century
    The Corps of Discovery, war, and assimilation policies had the most significant impact on the development of the relationships between Native Americans and the US citizens.
  19. The Storage of Radioactive Waste on Native American Lands
    The main issue that is being brought up is a question of the credibility on the part of Angela Smith when she is making her argument against the storage of radioactive waste on Native American […]
  20. Native Americans’ Burial Rituals
    Additionally, the obscurity of the perspectives awaiting the dead conditioned the formation of the concept of the spiritual world and the growth of rituals used to prepare a person for his/her existence in the new […]
  21. Adolescent Middle-Class Native Americans
    The discussion of the ethnicity was quite eye-opening the adolescents noted that they were proud of being Native Americans and were ready to reveal and emphasize their cultural heritage.
  22. Native American’s Journal Entries in 1875-1934
    We had initially moved from the North East heading towards the Southwest because of the mounting hostility between our tribe and the vicious Ojibwa, who were lucky to have guns as weapons, thanks to the […]
  23. Native American Population and Federal Policies
    As the Native populations were unaware of the expedition’s aims in detail, they provided the Corps with the needed information, thus facilitating the next step in federal policies toward Indian populations and the expansion of […]
  24. Native American Studies in “We Shall Remain” Series
    Actually, these are the major cohorts used in the entire play which appears to have been directed to the audience to give some in-depth insights and understanding of the political stand and relationships of the […]
  25. Native American Culture and Its Development
    After sovereign tribes were resettled by the US government and the reservations’ boundaries became ultimately fixed, Native Americans were exposed to the influence of the western culture.
  26. Native American Culture’s Development History
    The Hohokam culture was concentrated in the region of the American Southwest and consisted of a cluster of small villages spread across the Gila River banks.
  27. Native Peoples of the American Southwest
    Many of the differences can be attributed to the vast size of the continent where they live relative to the size of the population.
  28. Problem of Racism to Native Americans in Sport
    The primary reason is that the issue began with a Native American person demanding the change of the name, but the problem was escalated to a national or societal degree.
  29. Virginia Colony: English and Native Americans
    The development of the Virginia colony started with the settlement of Native Americans, this was followed by the establishment of European settlements at Jamestown in 1607 by the English colonist.
  30. Chesapeake: A Native American Tribe’s Challenges
    The Chesapeake involves the following lands: Virginia, Maryland, the New Jerseys, and Pennsylvania. In contrast to the Chesapeake, New England’s life was based on religious traditions and values.

💡 Interesting Topics to Write about Native American

  1. Native Americans History: Trail of Tears
    Therefore, The Trail of Tears was a battle between the Europeans and Native Americans, often referred to as the American Holocaust because it completely outcast a group of people due to the fact they were […]
  2. Native Americans in Canada
    Thus, the current paper will compare and analyze the arguments from the book by Bumstead and from the article by Trigger so that to see the actual facts from the history.
  3. The Battle of Fallen Timbers: The U. S. Army Against Native American Indians
    The lands over the Appalachian Mountains, extending to the Mississippi River was ceded to the United States by Great Britain as part of the treaty which saw the end of the American Revolution.
  4. Native Americans in Anglo-American Nation Building
    The Natives became resistant and hostile towards the whites, and in the 1830s, the government made a policy to get rid of the Natives.
  5. History of Native Americans and First Europeans
    The Natives were very friendly to the Europeans to the extent that they offered a lot of support in terms of food and transport.
  6. Taensa Group: Native American Culture
    So that the Taensa children can see the important of the education the government in America should initiate change in that they should begin to work on the content of education and not on the […]
  7. Native American Studies: Iroquois Creation Legend
    Much of what we know of ancient culture is brought to us in the form of stories, either the stories of the descendants or the stories of the conquering outsiders.
  8. Jeffersonian vs. Jackson and His Supporters’ View on Native Americans
    Again his interest was to see the Native Americans’ culture, religious belief, as well as lifestyle integrated into the Western Europe’s culture, which he believed held the key to the prosperity of the United States […]
  9. “Shoshone Love Song” a Native American Song
    For a considerable amount of time, this masterpiece was neglected yet in the twentieth century the tide turned, and this work of art began to attract the attention of many musicians, and poets.
  10. The Cultural Differentiation Between Native Americans and Euro-Americans
    In what concerns the historical relations between the Euro-Americans and the Native Americans in the United States, the case is much worse, as multi-culture does not imply considering one culture superior, and thus assimilating the […]
  11. The Exploitation of Native Americans through Indian Gaming and Slot Parlors
    They suggest the need to distinguish among different types of casino and slot parlors activities, both in terms of characteristics of the particular type of casino and slot parlors and characteristics of the particular Native […]
  12. Indian Strategies of Native Americans
    This marked the evolvement of different strategies that were used by the Indians to counterattack the expansion of the American territories.
  13. Native American Spirituality
    Visions, dreams, insight and knowledge comprise this world view as well as transcendence of time and space, metamorphosis, and the role non-human. Shamanism has become somewhat of novelty and is prevalent only in many indigenous […]
  14. Effect of Disease on Native Americans
    As any serious epidemic would do, the birth rate of the natives was heavily reduced, caused by a lack of proper health due to the prevailing diseases especially in the childbearing stage of life.
  15. The Circle of Life: Belief of Native Americans
    He shows the weakest and frailest infants being at the base of the hill while the oldest were on the top.
  16. Migrations Stories of the Native Americans
    In this essay, the similarities in the thematic of the stories, the differences that are present in the stories and the possible reasons for these differences will be examined.
  17. Native Americans Before the Arrival of the Europeans
    The paper will particularly focus on the Aztecs, the Incas, the Pueblo and the Iroquois. These ethic groups include the Mohawk, the Oneida, the Cayuga, the Seneca and the Onandagua and the purpose of the […]
  18. Art Native American: Sand Painting
    This paper aims at giving a brief analysis of the sand painting done by the Native Americans as well as the purpose of the painting.
  19. How the French, Spanish and British Dealt With Native Americans
    The settlers were mainly made of French, British, and the Spanish who interacted differently with the natives depending on their primary mission.
  20. Native American Identity in ‘Smoke Signals’
    Native American identity is represented by the differences between Victor and Thomas and the attempts of each to turn the other into an Indian.
  21. “Summer Rain” and “Rainbow”: Comparing of the Poems of Native American Poetry
    It is probably done to encourage the audience to think about the superiority and grandeur of the Universe and show humanity the importance of a respectful attitude toward it.
  22. Native Americans and Hawaiians
    The Native Americans also hold the belief that they are the god’s chosen people, and so they deserve to be first-class citizens.
  23. Cultural Geography of Hopi, a Native American Tribe
    This is a tradition to them and it is done by the Hopi women. The Hopi basketry is a symbolism of tradition connecting the past, present, and future and specifically reflects their religion and agriculture.
  24. Native-Americans: The Removal from the Mississippi Strip
    Red Indians were the initial land owners in this region and only welcome white Americans to settle close to them due to their generosity.
  25. Native Americans: Boundaries and Organization
    Native Americans are people from nations that are dependent domestically and these nations are to be found within the boundaries of the United States of America.
  26. A Native American Girl with a Large Second Degree Burn
    As part of the follow-up process, the public health nurse had to pay a visit to the family to take care of the wound.
  27. Life Course Theory in Native Americans
    The life-course perspective shows that the patterns of crime vary as per individual life due to different attributing factors. The third paradigm is the life perspective criminology with a focus on events in life, transitions […]
  28. Alcoholism in Native Americans
    Theories suggest that the rate at which alcohol is absorbed in the body of a Native American is different from that of the rest of the U.S.population.
  29. The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
    NAGPRA is part of the extensive debate in the United States between the Native American community and the archaeological community. Walter Echo-Hawk, who acted as the community’s spokesperson for this case, said, “The time has […]
  30. The Way the Federal Government Treated Native Americans
    A 2009 series of documentaries titled We Shall Remain is dedicated to the history of Native Americans, and its third episode, The Trail of Tears, is particularly about the forced removal of Cherokee from their […]
  31. American History: Native Americans
    I agree with Student A that the war was inevitable, and we both refuted a popular argument that the war could have been avoided if the federal government had allowed some states to preserve slavery; […]
  32. Native Americans and Religion
    Therefore, all three explorers of the American continent would have agreed on this particular point and wanted to convert the Native Americans to Christianity.
  33. “Native Reactions to the Invasion of America” by James Axtell
    The Europeans took advantage of the disunity among the native tribes to grab their land and exploit them. The author explains that the Native Americans designed a similar language to the Europeans to communicate with […]

📌 Simple & Easy Native American Essay Titles

  1. Stereotypical Images and Attributes Associated With Native American Culture
  2. African American and Native Americans, Their Similarities and Differences
  3. How Did the Environment Affect the Native American Indians
  4. Native American Casinos and Their Influence on the Community
  5. History, Techniques, Casinos, and Their Impact on Native American Affairs
  6. Native American’s Discrimination and Disenfranchisement
  7. Historical Challenges That Native American Women Have Faced
  8. Cultural Diversity Among Native American Women
  9. Native American Slavery and Its Impact on American History
  10. Essential Native American Historical Dates
  11. Life for American Women and Native American Woman
  12. Politics and the Reduction of Native American Land
  13. Cultural and Political Autonomy Preservation Struggles of Native American Leaders
  14. Language Loss: Native American Languages
  15. Native American Civilization Before Columbus
  16. Comparing the Assimilation Into American Culture of the Irish and the Native American
  17. 21st-Century Race, Gender Class, and Ethnicity Issues for Native American
  18. Indian Land Rights Native American
  19. Constitutional and Civil Rights of Native American Indians
  20. Religion and Native American Faiths

🔎 Most Interesting Native American Topics to Write about

  1. Did Westward Expansion Affect Native American Life
  2. Assess and Analyse the Impact of Consumerism Upon the Native American Peoples
  3. Cleansing and Forced Relocation of Native American Nations
  4. The Underlying Motivation for European/Native American Interaction
  5. African and Native American Influence in America
  6. Native American Culture and Way of Life Decimation
  7. Five Reasons for Traditional Native American Resistance to Acculturation
  8. Native American Culture and Their Non-verbal Communication
  9. Gender Roles and Sexuality in the Cultural Beliefs of the Native American Tribes
  10. Native American Relations During the Seven Years’ War
  11. Falsehoods and Misconceptions Regarding the Native American Healing Ceremonies
  12. Contemporary Native American Poetry Essentials
  13. Inspirational Native American Women: Maria Tallchief
  14. Pocahontas: Native American Stereotypes in a Disney Movie
  15. Native American Societies and the Evolution of Democracy in America 1600-1800
  16. Art and the Reflection of Native American
  17. Native American Mortuary Practices & Their Association With Culture
  18. Comparing Christianity, Buddhism, and Native American Religions
  19. Bible vs. Native American Creation Stories
  20. Native American Traditions and Traditions of Clothing

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