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70 Christopher Columbus Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Columbus Discovered America in 1492 and How It Impacted the History of America
    To begin with, it is profound to note the contemporary civilization being experienced in America was mainly triggered by the Columbus’ discovery of 1492.[1] While some historians may argue that the American civilization was bound […]
  2. Christopher Columbus- Not an American Hero
    This is generally because the discovery of America is greatly attributed to Columbus who in 1942 is said to have visited the Central America.
  3. Analysis of Christopher Columbus Voyage
    According to Butterway, the fallacy anchored on the aim of Christopher’s voyages was that he was not motivated by the possibility of gaining more wealth for himself and his Spanish government, but to construct the […]
  4. Rethinking Columbus, Rediscovering America: In Search for the Promised Land
    Speaking of the most appropriate way to introduce the new facts about Columbus to the elementary school students, a teacher can possibly start with asking the kids what they know about Columbus and his adventure.
  5. Technology and Colonization: Columbus Discovers the ‘New World’
    The mission to the discovery of the new world was enhanced by the ruler of Spain in 1492. The spirit of colonization was enhanced by the struggle for supremacy and the increased technological advancements that […]
  6. Christopher Columbus: Biography, Discoveries, and Contributions
    Christopher Columbus was born in the Republic of Genoa in the middle of the 15th century. It led to the development of market relationships and the emergence of new items in Europe.
  7. Christopher Columbus and His Condescending Attitude
    Columbus’ entrepreneurial family initiated him into the world of seafaring, however it was the expansion of the Turkish Empire that fired up his imagination with regards to testing the claim that the earth is round […]
  8. History of Christopher Columbus’ Voyage
    Each country was famous for its particular products and searching for the new way to the East with the purpose to make increase the delivery of goods might be the reason for financing the voyage.
  9. West European Studies: Columbus’ Journey
    The period from the beginning of the 15th century until the end of the 17th century was marked as the Age of Discovery.
  10. The Four Voyages by Christopher Columbus
    The voyages were made in the Caribbean and Central America between 1492 and 1504 following the consent granted to him by the monarch. In the course of his expedition, he discovered and named the Island […]
  11. Columbus’s Encounter With Caribbean Natives
    The history of the discovery by Caribbean people of Christopher Columbus in the service of the king and queen of Spain who assumed he was on the coast of China has explained the impact of […]
  12. Traveling With Columbus: How to Have a Smooth Trip
    If cameras and phones are not allowed during the trip, they would have to rely on drawings and paintings to capture the beauty of the newly discovered lands and the unique culture of the island […]
  13. Period of the Indians Discovery by Christopher Columbus
    Each extract from the letters is a unique opportunity to learn and try to understand the past and history.”The Diario of Christopher Columbus ” is the story of how the Admiral found the land and […]
  14. Zheng He and Christopher Columbus as Great Explorers
    Besides, he is renowned for his voyages that were of the state of the art, and he played a major role in the economic development of China.
  15. Columbus’ Discovery for Western and Native Civilizations
    Instead, the article promotes the message of acknowledging the idea that the discovery of America led to immense progress, societal growth, innovation, and development.
  16. Christopher Columbus as a Famous Historical Figure
    Basically, the political aspects of the modern world should be attributed to the efforts and achievements of Christopher Columbus. In conclusion, Columbus is accredited for the discovery and exploration of the Americas after his successful […]
  17. The Heirs of Columbus: Discovery and Innovation
    As such, the introduction of the New World to Europeans can be seen to have initiated the development of innovative thought in terms of anthropology, philosophy, social sciences, as well as biology, and geography.
  18. First Voyage of Columbus and Biography of John Smith
    In a few words, the explorer is trying to assure the king that the decision to send him on the voyage was sensible and would surely turn profitable, He also mentions the magic word of […]
  19. Columbus Day: An Incorrect Celebration
    The impression received by the school child is that a promising age of wealth and discovery was launched by this single explorer, bringing Europe out of the dark ages and into the light of the […]
  20. “Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress” by H. Zinn
    Focusing on two major issues – the difference between the native civilizations and the Western civilization in the context of sharing; and the depopulation of the natives in Bahama due to Spanish exploitation and natives […]
  21. The Life of Christopher Columbus
    He was much fascinated with Marco Polo who had managed to travel across Europe to India in reaching the far East, and it was in this context that the idea was born in him to […]
  22. The Voyages of Christopher Columbus
    Through the means of his discoveries, Christopher Columbus shattered the myth that the world was flat and that the entire planet was centered on the holy town of Jerusalem.
  23. The Changing Legacy of Christopher Columbus
    The current legacy of Columbus states that he was the first person to discover America and that he had set sail to prove that the Earth was round and hence an oceanic voyage westward would […]
  24. European Expansionism: Columbus, Arawaks, and Aztecs
    Zinn and Stannard in their works expose that the new settlement was attended by gross interference into the peaceful life of the indigenous population, provoking war and leading to the indigenes’ total extermination.
  25. Was Christopher Columbus an Imperialist?
    The travel narratives of Christopher Columbus were given in the Letter and Journal of Columbus. The Letter by Columbus was addressed to his mentors namely Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, is not just a narrative […]
  26. Columbus’ Voyage to America
    The purpose of this paper is to reveal the factors that have drawn the Europeans to the exploration of the New World.
  27. The Concept of American Dream: Examples of Columbus and Bradstreet
    Bradstreet’s other dream was to be able to secure a position in the ‘New world’ and still be seen as a woman who cares for her family.

📍 Interesting Topics to Write about Christopher Columbus

  1. A Biography and Actions of Christopher Columbus, an Italian-Born Spanish Explorer
  2. A History of the First Voyage of Christopher Columbus in a Letter to King Ferdinand of Spain
  3. A Look at the Impact of Christopher Columbus in the History of America
  4. An Analysis of Christopher Columbus and the Spread of the Religion of Catholicism in America
  5. An Analysis of the Discovery of the America by Christopher Columbus in 1492
  6. An Examination of the Morality and Personality of Christopher Columbus
  7. An Overview of the Curiosity of the European Countries and the Travels of Christopher Columbus
  8. Christopher Columbus: American Hero or Is It All Just a Sham?
  9. Christopher Columbus And The New Era Of Exploration
  10. Christopher Columbus, Corn And Potatoes: How The New World Fed The Old
  11. Christopher Columbus Voyage to the New World
  12. Comparison of Christopher Columbus & Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca
  13. Differences And Similarities Between John Glenn And Christopher Columbus
  14. Factors Contributing to Christopher Columbus’ Voyage
  15. Genocide in the Letters and Documents of Christopher Columbus, Cabana De Vaca and Las Casas
  16. History: Christopher Columbus And George Washington
  17. How Contemporaries Depicted Hernan Cortes and Christopher Columbus
  18. How Natives Today React Christopher Columbus
  19. If Christopher Columbus Returned To The “New World” In The Year 2000
  20. Marco Polo’s Influence on Christopher Columbus

💡 Good Essay Topics on Christopher Columbus

  1. The Columbian Exchange By Christopher Columbus
  2. The Debate About Honoring Christopher Columbus
  3. The Difference between Myth and Reality about Christopher Columbus
  4. The Face of America If Christopher Columbus Have Not Discovered It
  5. The Fact and Fiction Surrounding Christopher Columbus Voyage
  6. The Historical Legacies of Christopher Columbus
  7. The History Behind Tobacco Goes As Far Back As Christopher Columbus
  8. The Importance and Role of Christopher Columbus in Our History
  9. The Inevitable American Revolution By Christopher Columbus
  10. The Life, Achievements and Influence of Christopher Columbus
  11. The Life and Times of Christopher Columbus
  12. Theme of Cannibalism in the Age of Exploration in the Writings of Christopher Columbus
  13. Themes Of Cannibalism And Torture At Christopher Columbus
  14. The Motivations of Christopher Columbus and Father Jogues in Coming to the New World
  15. The Portrayal of Christopher Columbus in Elementary School
  16. The Positive and Negative Impacts of Christopher Columbus on the Americas
  17. The Significant Contributions of Christopher Columbus
  18. The True Story Of Christopher Columbus
  19. The Ugly Truth Behind the Expeditions of Christopher Columbus
  20. Truth About Christopher Columbus: The Man Behind a Genocide
  21. Was Christopher Columbus A Man Responsible For The Decimation
  22. Positive Impact Of Christopher Columbus ‘s Discoveries
  23. The Age Of Exploration By Christopher Columbus

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