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Native American Culture and American Indians Research Paper

Native Americans or American Indians are the first inhabitants of the American continent. These people are considered as the earliest inhabitants of the continent and its owners. However, the history of the USA has come through the colonization and many people who now inhabit the continent are not the Native Americans. Therefore, it is natural to presuppose that the culture of Native Americans and other citizens of the today’s USA differ greatly.

The style of life, customs, traditions and other aspects are absolutely different. It should be mentioned that depending on the American Indians’ tribes, place of reservations, etc. they may have absolutely different values and their behavior may differ as well. However, the notions under consideration are commonly met among native population and may be considered as the generalized issues.

First of all, Native Americans still live either in tribes or in reservations. This style of live prevents Native Americans from using many facilities of the contemporary world, however, these people are absolutely comfortable about their life. Furthermore, Native Americans are sure that noncoercive and noninterfering methods of parenting are the most effective. It means that parents give absolute freedom for their children in their development and growth, no strict control under children is applied (Merrell, 2002).

Religion for Native Americans is reflected in nature and all objects they are surrounded with. Spirituality of Native Americans is reflected in the nature phenomena and similar factors.

Native Americans believe in many Gods and worship all of them. Dwelling upon cultural and religious peculiarity of Native Americans, it is important to mention that these people respect four things most of all. First, they respect Mother Earth; second, they respect the Great Spirit; third, they respect fellow men and women, and finally, the highly appraise personal freedom.

Native Americans have Ten Commandments they always follow, Earth and followers treating with respect, remaining close to the Great Spirit, Native Americans are to work together for the benefit of the mankind. Native Americans live in accordance with the rules of kindness and positive attitude to all people.

They do all whatever they think correct and correspond to the moral rules. The well-being of mind and body are really essential for Native Americans. All the actions done by Native Americans are to be for the good. Americans Indians are sure that truth is a guarantee of a successful life as well as the responsibility for all personal actions.

One of the main peculiarities of Native Americans is respect to difference. People do not tend to be similar. If they are different it does not mean that one of them is either good or bad they just different (Traditional Native American values and behaviors, n.d.).

Native Americans prefer to listen than to speak, therefore, silence is valued in those tribes. Patience is another characteristic feature of Native Americans. They are sure that everything will happen in its certain time. Hearing, observing, and memorizing remained the most important skills of Native Americans who used to apply those while hunting or wars.

Therefore, it may be concluded that Native Americans remained to follow their traditional cultural aspects which still continue to be their traditional features. Cultural and religious peculiarities of Native Americans have not developed from the paganism and it is a distinguishing feature of Native Americans. These people, as if stopped their development and remain beyond the innovative technologies.

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