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Cultural Studies Essay Examples and Topics

Wolof Culture in West African States

During the wrestling, the wrestlers were to face their contestants in a tussle that was to be decided in organized fights. Essentially, the winner of the contest was the one who was able to wrestle [...]

The Culture of Wrestling in Africa

In this contest, the victorious individual is the one who manages to make the opponent fall on the ground. The close relationship Bamba had with Allah is revealed to the Mourides through a picture taken [...]

Cultural Authenticity

Bishop further shows that the multicultural work in children's literature is marked by the presence of "authenticating detail," which the author believes is present in the storyline and is embedded in the dialect used for [...]

The Cultural Competence Development

Accordingly, it led to the invention of the cultural competency, which could be described as the ongoing dynamic process of learning and engaging in cultural differences.

Cultural Competence in Action

In this paper, the analysis of several case studies about cultural competence will be discussed to clarify how to achieve positive results and reduce the wasting of resources. In the second case, certain attention is [...]

The Culture of Irish American People

In addition to that, migration from cities and cultural enclaves to suburbs and rural areas, greater participation in the public schools with multiple cultures attending, and a considerable reduction of immigrants from Ireland led to [...]

The Shield of the United Arab Emirates

The symbols the falcon, the flag, and the parchment are on the shield of the UAE because they highlight strength and freedom, national colors, and the national pride of the country.

Is Cultural Relativism a Viable Way to Live?

This paper aims to discuss the viability of such ethical theory as relativism in the context of the mentioned issues. From the relativist standpoint, such practice is the expression of the different cultural norm which [...]

Culture Dimension and Influences

A regular basis of people's behavior is caused by their cultural background that impacts on the various levels of human life such as the ways of workers' behavior during the staff meetings, how they perform [...]

“High” and “Low” Culture in Design

It will defend the view according to which the distinctions between popular culture and 'low' culture are no longer relevant since the emergence of amiddle culture'.'High' culture can be defined from the perspective of those [...]

The Daily Lives of People in Haiti and the UAE

However, in the case of Haiti, structural suffering is a cultural phenomenon connected to the historical background of the country and the changes in the gender system because of economic and social transformations.

Famous People and Culture

In this regard, the preliminary thesis for the project could be formulated in the following way: Famous people are the main actors who impact the evolution of culture by their actions and behaviors and precondition [...]

Navigating the Culture Theory Jungle

The amastery' culture gives individuals the power to decide what they want and how they want it in their lives. Relationship-based cultures imply that influential people moderate society and not the rules.

Cosplay Subculture Definition

Thus, within the cosplay subculture, there are a number of activities for the participants to choose from. A set of values and norms is also present in the cosplay subculture.

Globalization in the United Arab Emirates’ Culture

Despite the numerous economic advantages, globalization has impacted the traditions and culture of the Emirati people. The increased pressures of compliance attributed to globalization resulted in the Emirati society uniting in a bid to preserve [...]

Modern Greek Culture

The Orthodox Church in Greece is very important in the history of the Greek people. In addition, the Church is central to the management of government and civilian affairs.

Jamaican Culture and Philosophy

A combination of fried bread and chickpeas is unusual enough to create the impression of an exotic environment. Even though the specified items do not necessarily create a complete portrait of the cultures in question, [...]

Blue Jeans in the US Culture

The paper at hand is going to examine the idea standing behind the blue jeans and prove that they have become an important component of popular culture in the US as they reflect all core [...]

Incan Culture and Quechua Language Nowadays

One of the main reasons why Incas are still known and remembered is the ability to save and to esteem the traditional way of thinking, the rituals, the history, which certainly find the reflection in [...]

Islamic Modernism and Its Culture

Modernists reforms aimed to deal with aspects relating to the law of evidence, modern education, the status of women in the society, right of Muslim to have independent thinking and rationality, constitutional reforms, the nature [...]

What Is Chinese Culture?

Chinese culture is one of the oldest cultures, as evidenced by the presence of numerous writings from the past, highlighting some of the elements of the culture.

Tea House Building and Functioning in China

The following project aims to detail the main factors connected with launching a successful tea house project including the location of the facility, the decoration patterns, the tea serving ceremony, and the organization of cultural [...]

The Phenomenon of Queer Customs

Culture is the center of a person's life and marks as a blueprint of all practices and behaviors in society. Customs and beliefs affect actions and behaviors of the infants in the society; therefore, this [...]

Cape Breton’s Cultural Heritage

One of the major disadvantages of this strategy is that the fine details of the history may be altered by the narrator. The text by Caplan provides a narrative of the Mi'kmaq way of life [...]

Cape Breton’s Cultural Identities

Notably, the use of the Gaelic language in the island demonstrates the Celtic culture prevalent in Nova Scotia since the dwellers of the area, particularly those in the Cape Breton communicate through it mostly.

Popular Food as a Part of Contemporary Culture

Thus, the objective of this paper is to analyze various approaches to the interpretation of popular food as a part of modern culture, to explore the contemporary food in the framework of cultural authenticity, and [...]

Nova Scotia Folklore Collections of Helen Creighton

The collector's bibliographical information, the individual responsible for depositing folklore collections to the archive, historical context, and the significance of the collection will be discussed. The publication contains songs of love, songs of the sea, [...]

Culture Dimensions and Cross-Cultural Leadership

After providing an overview of the said body of literature, the proponents of the study shifted their focus to significant advances in the context of cross-cultural research initiatives, specifically the appreciation of the said framework [...]

Perception of Intelligence in Different Cultures

As it was mentioned above, religions and philosophy play an especially important role in the perception of intelligence in the Eastern culture, while technological societies of the Western culture shape the understanding of what it [...]

Asian Cultural Identity: Interview

It will explore the individual's definition of cultural identity, his family origin, most important cultural values, factors that contributed towards the development of cultural identity, and the interaction between the self and cultural identity.

Museums and Social-Cultural Interrelations

Nowadays, museums are usually regarded merely in the relation to the categories of Cultural Studies and Museology, but museums are also linked to the social-cultural interrelations, and museums as the institutions thus include multiple social [...]

Culture, Subculture, and Their Differences

The different activities that people across the world engage in lead to the existence of different. When people develop negative impressions of the activities that their society undertakes they are said to be in a [...]

Ugandan Culture, Traditions, Holidays

During the days of mourning, the neighbors and relatives are not allowed to engage in any form of manual work: this is meant to be a consolation signal to the deceased's relatives.

American Culture: Values and Factors

The process of development of every country is unique because of onliness of the sets of factors which influenced it. That is why, it is possible to say that they have a great influence on [...]

Time-Space Perception in the Asian Culture

Because of the challenging alterations, which the humankind had to go through in the course of the globalization, the technological breakthrough and the opportunities that it unleashed, the cultures fusion, which new methods of communication [...]

Culture: American Values and Society Aspects

The holidays are, therefore, an important aspect of American life, and they contribute to making the nation great. In this way, sports bring people together, and they are able to relate with each other, which [...]

Culture of Italy: History and Evolution

The Eastern Rite Catholics and the Jews among other religions such as Islam and the Orthodox makes up the other 2%.as already mentioned, the Roman Catholic is the major religion in Italy and therefore it [...]

Tattoos Meaning in the USA Today

Looking at modern popular culture devoted to tattoos, it is possible to state that the tendency to making tattoos on more visible parts of the body has occurred.

Japanese Symbolic Competition in Consumption

This, aptly put, dictates that the consumption of the given product is influenced by the symbol attached to it, and the value appended is directly proportional to its symbol in society, such is regarded as [...]