Study of Cultural Differences Essay Examples and Topics

Cross-cultural Comparison Between the US and Japan

Introduction Kitayama, Mesquita, and Karasawa (2006) posit that no single definition can satisfactorily cover the aspects of culture. Broadly, culture denotes the cumulative behavior of a group of people that is universally acceptable by that group (Cho & Cheon, 2005). It comprises people’s behaviors, beliefs, and symbols. Culture is not static, but dynamic, which means […]

Zitkala Sa’s Rejections of the White World

Zitkala-Sa’s American-Indian stories explore the culture of the Native-American through examples such as family life, traditions, religion, conventions and social norms. The reserved lifestyle Zitkala-Sa lived in had a significant influence in the traditions of her community that she learnt before the Christian missionaries’ arrival. It was a tradition for the elders of the community […]

Racial Identity and Religion

Introduction Cultural differences can be explained using multicultural concepts that may include racial identity and religion. These two concepts can summarize the behavioral norms in both a single cultured and a multicultural society. Both concepts are important in enhancing the development of co-habitation in the contemporary fast growing world. Multicultural concepts do also come in […]

Compare and Contrast: American Cultures and Scandinavian Culture

Introduction The influence of American cultures on other countries is notable globally. The Scandinavian culture remains one of the observable traditions that have harbored significant manipulations from prevalent global cultures. Renowned academicians as well as writers have noted these influences and presented them within their literary works. Mikael Niemi and Erlend Loe are such authors […]

Culture Comparison between China and Japan

Introduction Culture can be described as the way in which a certain group of people lives. Kroeber and Kluckhohn describe culture as being a pattern of feeling, adaptation, and belief that are practiced by a certain group of individuals and the common mindset they possess (p. 2). This mindset influences the perception and general outlook […]

Ghost’s Fear

The mention of the word ghost scares many people. Mention it and people will be at the verge of breaking their bones as they escape from something that they have not even seen. Ghosts can be defined as the spirits of the dead people that are said to appear to human beings (Ibsen 17). Today, […]

Stereotypes people have toward Chinese

Introduction Stereotypes are considered as the pictures formed in the mind of individuals looking into their social worlds. Individuals hold different views concerning other people’s way of life and what the society expects of them. They also exist from the point of view of the person who is being stereotyped. The society is made up […]

A Monster in the Closet: Viewing the Supernatural through the Lens of Morals. Monster Definition

Introduction: Monsters as a Cultural Phenomenon The basic concept of a monster has been around in people’s culture since the beginning of time. Over the years of culture evolution, the image of a monster shaped, acquiring specific features, which varied depending on the nation and culture that it was planted in. However, the basic idea […]

Working and living in UK and Poland

Executive Summary The report aims at comparing the living and working conditions in the UK and Poland. This will assist Mr. Blake in assessing the viability of his Polish job opportunity. An environmental evaluation revealed that climatic conditions between the UK and Poland are only slightly different; the latter country is cooler than the former. […]

Cultural differences in arranged marriages

Some cultures across the world have been practicing arranged marriages for several decades. Even in the modern age, some communities are still cherishing this tradition. All the successful marriages arranged by parents largely depend on the personality of the individuals who are getting married. There are many challenges faced by couples who are forced into […]

Similarities and Differences in the Cultures of Germany, France, and the Netherlands

The modern tendencies in the world’s progress and social development also influence the cultural interactions between the representatives of different nations and ethnicities. In spite of the fact the process of globalization with its orientation to multiculturalism is in a progress, various European cultures are characterized not only by many similarities but also by significant […]

Maori and Minangkabau

Maori Maori culture is one of the most fascinating indigenous cultures remaining at present. In the first place, it is necessary to note that New Zealand is the only place in the world where population of indigenous people is about 15% of the overall population. However, the fact that made me choose this very culture […]

Disney culture in china and United States

Introduction Disneyland is a park that is regarded as the happiest place on earth. The concept for Disneyland began with Disney Walt when he took his two daughters to visit Griffith Park in Los Angeles. He envisioned a place that both children and adults would go to and have fun. Thus, the idea of a […]

A Comparison between Swedish and Australian Culture

Different nations have different cultures. Cultural practices make an individual to be identified with a certain group. However, cultural practices can result to racial segregation, ethnicity and all other forms of discriminations. This is because different cultures have different norms. So as to develop this topic, two interviewees, one from Sweden and the other from […]

Cultures around the World

Culture is the way of life of a given people. It entails how people behave and perceive different life issues. It includes aspects like religion, customs, language, beliefs, food among others. Culture varies from one place to the other depending on the circumstances surrounding a place such as climate and environment and how people perceive […]

Comparison of US and Germany Cultural Differences

Introduction Peoples values and beliefs on how they behave and interpret experiences either in groups or individually make up their culture; therefore, culture is a “community or group of beliefs and practises with which you share common experiences that shape the way you understand the world” (Bibikova and Kotelnikov, 2002). One of the most notable […]

Discovering the Humanities

To discover humanity, it is important to determine how their interactions affect their culture and their relations. The degree of influence is mostly affected by the extent of interaction and how friendly the two groups were to one another. To conduct a comparison on cultural influence and integration between the American and the Africans with […]

Cultural diversity

Introduction Islam is one of the major world religions believed to have its roots in the prophet Muhammad. He said to have received revelations from God through angel Gabriel. Islam has grown rapidly and the presence of those who profess this faith can be seen in many countries. The religion is known for its strict […]

Similarities and differences between the Cherokee’s and euro-American norms

Introduction Native American Indian otherwise known as the Cherokee is a powerful Indian community. They branched from the Iroquoian-language family and originally settled in the southern Appalachians Mountains, North and South Carolina among other areas. The dominant American culture on the other hand was founded by the euro-Americans and their values and customs still dominate […]

Redneck Culture

The word “redneck” is a term traditionally used to refer to poor uneducated white farmers from southern United States. These farmers worked outdoors in the hot sun, their skin, especially the back of their necks turned red, and from this, the redneck term was derived (Roebuck and Hickson, p. 3). It is synonymous to cracker, […]

Comparison of the Australian and Indonesian culture

Culture refers to behaviors and beliefs system of a particular society; it is the belief system and characteristic of a specific social group or ethic group (Clyne, 2003). Culture is an important aspect that reflects stages of civilization in a given community. This paper will compare and contrast the Australian and Indonesian culture to have […]