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Study of Cultural Differences Essay Examples and Topics

Cross-Cultural Differences Between the US and Pakistan

Trying to describe the differences between the countries, Hofstede managed to single out a few dimensions that allow us to understand the priorities peculiar for cultures. The choice of more precise ways to express thoughts [...]

Cultural Differences and Human Intelligence

So, the difference between the two viewpoints mentioned above is the fact that relativism rests on the existence of different sets of abilities defining intelligence while universalism points to the homogeneity of talents. It goes [...]

American vs. Japanese Cultures as Adaptive Systems

Since the analysis of these cultures will be done from the perspective of the cultural theory, the paper will also examine how each culture influences the development of people, identity, and personality within it.

Gender and Racial Identity in Different Cultures

Dwelling upon gender identity, it is important to understand that the main peculiarity of male and female gender from the point of view of the cultural differences is not in the physical differences, but in [...]

Eastern and Western Cultures Difference

The story illustrates this clearly through the narrator who represents the western culture as he has stayed in California for a long time and his father who represents the eastern culture.

Mi’kmaq and Saudi Cultures Comparison

In Saudi Arabia, the Arab inhabitants of the country have a unique and rich culture. Religion plays a huge role in the lives of the Saudi Arabs and the Canadian Mi'kmaq.

The Erosion of Cultural Differences

This paper looks into globalisation via cultural perspective whereby the mobility of people in the contemporary world has facilitated the understanding of new cultures and identities in a globalised world.

Chinese and Argentine Cultures Comparison

In contrast, in LC cultures, people rely on nonverbal cues, such as body language, to determine the exact meaning of a verbal communication. There are also differences in the way HC and LC cultures convey [...]

Conformity: Western Culture vs. Islamic Culture

Religious conformity, in general, means the submission of personal religious views, values, and beliefs to the values, principles and norms established in the religious system of the particular society.

Developing Cross-cultural Competence

To show that the families who belong to different cultural groups have many distinctions that are to be noted to enhance the delivery of the services, the diversity of the population in the United States [...]

Zitkala Sa’s Rejections of the White World

According to tradition, the girl-child learnt the house chores and how to respect the elders just the way the author's mum trained her on how to behave before the elders, how to cook, do beadwork [...]

Racial Identity and Religion

The inferiority concept here refers to the level of intelligence, degree of morality, physicality of the individuals in the social group and culture of the social group.

Ghost’s Fear

Believe you me that as one listens to all mysterious actions of the ghosts in the stories, he or she is forming the same picture in the mind.

Stereotypes people have toward Chinese

Most of these studies focus on the major stereotypes held about the Chinese but forget to address the effects of these stereotypes to the Chinese students especially the ones studying in other countries.

Working and living in UK and Poland

The aims of the research can be summarised as follows: To examine Poland and the UK's climatic compatibility; to evaluate the political backgrounds of the two nations; to analyse the economic background of Poland and [...]

Cultural differences in arranged marriages

All the expenses of the marriage are taken care of by the parents of the couple. The reason why arranged marriages are encouraged among the Hindus is that there is utmost respect compared to marriages [...]

Maori and Minangkabau

In the first place, it is necessary to note that New Zealand is the only place in the world where population of indigenous people is about 15% of the overall population.

Cultures around the World

This made the countryside look so different for me in regard to various aspects including the environment, the customs, the food taken, the values and beliefs among other things.

Discovering the Humanities

The interaction between the Americans who are referred to as the 'westerners' had massive effect on the culture of Africans more than among the Indians and China as a result of the resistance they subjected [...]

Cultural diversity

It is not possible to separate Islam as a religion and the way one who professes the faith lives because it has been said to be a way of life.

Redneck Culture

This is not true; redneck culture represents a way of life of the southern people and may include other people too.