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Worldwide Cultures Essay Examples and Topics

The Japanese Culture and Ecological Interests

Many Japanese practices have been adopted in the western world due to the popularity of the culture. Among the many cultural practices of Japan, karate is the most practiced one outside the state.
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Beat Generation’s Writers and American Culture

Another important detail of the novel which helps to understand the desire to travel is "the road" and car culture which was the core of the American dream and the remarkable feature of the "beat [...]
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Hip Hop Culture and Music

Scratching is a technique which in hip hop culture is used to gauge the expertise of a DJ, as he is expected to produce new sounds simply by moving a record back and forth while [...]
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Australian Studies. Bush Legend in Urban Context

The bohemian highly contributed to imagery of the life, with that in mind, the people who favor thorough and complete social reforms and were holding extreme views on the bush legend and those who supported [...]
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Harappan Culture: World Civilizations

This culture was called as the Harappan Culture or the Indus Valley Civilization and takes it name from the ruins of ancient city of Harappa discovered in 1921 and other ancient cities discovered in the [...]
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Diversity of Jamaican Culture

The culture of Jamaica is a rich blend of the ways deriving from both Spanish and British eras which affected lives of the people on this small island.
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Symbols in Mesoamerican Civilizations

This is first and foremost because of the fact that lots of Mesoamerican glyphs bear similarity to real objects such as creatures, people, natural features, etc, although in a stylized manner.
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Globalisation: What Is Happening to Us?

For this reason, many people are still afraid of globalization because of its negative impact on peoples mentality and the increased importance of the idea of "the other".
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“Cultural Globalisation” Article by John Tomlinson

Then, the author doubts this claim and, after analyzing the arguments for and against it, concludes that the process of globalization is more complex, that it does not necessarily entail the spreading of the Western [...]
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National Leadership and Culture of France

The France national culture dimensions of individualism or collectivism, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity or femininity, and power distance, influence the predominant leadership style in the country.
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Visit to France: Cultural Experiences Description

For several millennia now, France has been at the core of European economic and cultural renaissance, and the heritage of this wealth, liveliness, and experience is clearly evident in the astounding multiplicity of things to [...]
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Mi’kmaq Culture in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

The Mi'kmaq people live in the Northeastern side of the United States and on the Eastern side of Canada. The cultural identity of the Mi'kmaq people from the early days to the present times in [...]
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A Culture Briefing of Germany

The Western European country shares its borders with Czech Republic to the east, the Baltic Sea and Denmark to the north, France to the Southwest, and Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg to the northwest.
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Summary of Parisians

In addition, they are baffled by Parisians' mode of communication. Examples provided give the reader an opportunity to decipher the behavior of Parisians through actions of people involved in disputes.
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Attitude of Being Right

The French have a propensity to believe that they are always right. French people believe that they are right in all matters and situations.
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Two commandments in French

They believe that they work to live unlike other people who believe that they live to work. The French do not set many targets at work because they are certain of their failure.
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The Parisian Culture

In spite of the fact that the large flows of Muslim migrants were the result of the labour and immigration policies developed in the 1960s-1970s, the active arabisation of the city became observed only in [...]
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Creative Industry in New Zealand

Overview of Cultural, Economic, and Political Changes since 1997 Aimed at Enhancing the Creative Heritage in New Zealand The growing concern with cultural heritance of the world community has emerged on the threshold of the [...]
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Irish Culture in Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia

The entry of Irish immigrant in Cape Breton began after the discovery of the island by John Cabot in 1497, this also saw the influx of other communities such as Scottish, French and English in [...]
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Diasporic Cultural Institution

The popularity of the culture is due to the activities the Chinese people have been involved with over the years, the main activity being immigration.
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  • Words: 1969

Monaco Cultural Analysis

The lowest point of the country is on the border with the Mediterranean Sea. The institution is attached to the control of the Minister of the State.
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Cultural Influence on the People of Vancouver

The city of Vancouver has developed national policies and programs that are aimed at protecting and educating the people on the importance of cultural traits for the well being of the citizens.
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Cultural life of Canadians

The striking feature of Canadian cultural matters is that it is a subject of constant debate in cities and predominantly touches on public visibility, community cohesion and social interaction as the main aspects of cultural [...]
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Russian Popular Culture

Nevertheless, this was not to continue in the 20th century following the emergence of the communist ideology that played a major role in the culture of the Soviet Union like no other part of the [...]
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Multiculturalism, the Italian Culture

The purpose of highlighting these issues is two fold: to help shape the conceptualization of the term multiculturalism and to shape the ideological perspectives for this essay.
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Multicultural Australia

The use the national language, in the case of Australia, English, and fair treatment of people of both sexes is also a way of showing acceptance of the basic principles of the country.
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  • Words: 2460

Cultural Pollution

The cultures traditions and historical concepts of the Middle East have over the centuries been characterised as by a distinct sense of variety that stems from a whirlwind of customs and traditions.
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  • Words: 1027

Greek Culture and Traditions

The current culture and traditions is rich and varied representing the region's customs has an overlap between the western culture and the eastern culture.
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History of Hippie’s Culture

The most recent guesses as to the number of communes were in the low thousands. There is no doubt that publicity in Time, Newsweek, and Life encouraged the growth of the communes.
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Kinship among the Inuit of the Arctic

The kinship system of the Inuit and its effects will then be compared to those of my society. The kinship system of the Inuit emphasizes the role of the men in their society.
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MacArthur Foundation

After the committee makes a decision, they pass the list to the Board of Directors as well as the President of the Awards. A winner of the award is called a genius due to the [...]
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Play, Games, and Sport

This article describes a sport or leisure activity within a particular group whereby the following aspects are keenly observed: the nature of the sport, its history within the group, the participants, the audience involved, elements [...]
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Haiti History and Culture

The Haitian culture features the Spanish, American as well as the French music. The salad is provided as a supplement in Haitian meals.
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The Role of Popular Culture

The popular culture has changed the way people dressed and dressing the way most people on the music videos do is cool, no matter how irrelevant a piece of clothing is to the situation.
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The Breakdown of Indigenous Culture in Australia

The settlement of the Europeans in Australia had superficial effects on the Aboriginal groups in the continent. The colonialists claimed that the main aim of the close supervision was to protect the Aborigines from the [...]
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American Popular Culture

In dance for instance, ballet is believed to be a preserve of affluent people in the society and predominantly white while 'break dancing' is believed to be a preserve of African-Americans in less affluent sections [...]
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The Use of the Cell Phone While Driving

Indeed, many of the culprits of this dangerous practice are teens and the youth, ordinarily the most ardent expressers of popular culture in a society.
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Analysis of Gypsy Life

As a member of a wandering band, Kumpania, which was part of the Gypsies, Jan Yoors stands the best chance to confirm or discard some of the claims that have been made about the Gypsies [...]
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  • Words: 1212

My First Spurlock Museum Exhibit

Because of such inconstancy of images, the Spurlock Museum presents this exhibit with one of the possible and probably the most important masks the mask of lion.
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The Aspects of Hispanic History and Culture

S history emphasize on how the British colonies of North America were found and their subsequent growth, their gaining of independence in 1776 and the east to west growth of the U.S.
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Canadian Stereotypes

On the cover of the novel Canadian stereotypes, there will be the image of the maple leaf bag. The image of the maple leaf bag will represent both the flag and the history of the [...]
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Visit to the Jewish/Hebrew Historical Sites

The Western Wall, situated in the Old City of Jerusalem, is a remnant of the wall that once marked the boundaries of the Jewish Temple's courtyard, and is regarded as one of the holiest places [...]
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