Worldwide Cultures Essay Examples and Topics

A Culture Briefing of Germany

Introduction MVC Consulting is among the oldest professional services and management consulting companies located in Chicago, US. Founded in 1981, the privately held company now wants to expand its operations internationally. MVC Consulting is considering venturing into the German market. The research paper aims at developing an analysis of Germany as a potential market for […]

Summary of Parisians

Parisians behave in ways that foreigners find hard to understand. They are aggressive, ill mannered, and hostile. In addition, they are harsh and vulgar. This is evident from an example of a conversation between the writer’s husband and a dog owner. Parisians speak impolitely or in high tones. Their main objective is to get things […]

Attitude of Being Right

The French have a propensity to believe that they are always right. They also believe that other people are always trying to prove them wrong. They wonder why people do not speak French instead of English, why many people prefer American movies to French movies, and why people do not do things in a manner […]

Two commandments in French

The French have two commandments that set them apart from other people. First of all, they believe that too much work is unhealthy, and second of all, they regard food as an important aspect of life. They believe that they work to live unlike other people who believe that they live to work. They take […]

The Parisian Culture

Paris is one of global cities where different cultures, values, beliefs, and social behavioural patterns are mixed as a result of historical and political processes. Paris as the capital of France inherited the main products of the French colonial politics that influenced the cultural pattern in the city. The main outcome of these processes is […]

Hispanic American Culture and its Impact in America

Hispanic Americans population in USA has been increasing over the last few decades. Today, Hispanic Americans make up about 16 percent of United State’s population and are minority group in the country. Their presence is felt in various sectors; from work places, business, entertainment, to politics (Cafferty & Engstrom, 2002). As the number of Hispanic […]

Creative Industry in New Zealand

Introduction Overview of Cultural, Economic, and Political Changes since 1997 Aimed at Enhancing the Creative Heritage in New Zealand The growing concern with cultural heritance of the world community has emerged on the threshold of the twenty-first century. This deal has been raised with particular reference to the questions of cultural identity because all social […]

Irish culture in Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia

Introduction The entry of Irish immigrant in Cape Breton began after the discovery of the island by John Cabot in 1497, this also saw the influx of other communities such as Scottish, French and English in the island. Since then, these communities and others who came afterwards have remained on the island to date. Various […]

Acadian culture in Cape Breton in Nova Scotia

Introduction The island of Cape Breton is located along the coast of northern America. It is a constituent of the province of Nova Scotia in Canada (Dronet 12). The island has four counties namely: Inverness, Richmond, Victoria and cape Breton. In the recent past, this island has experienced a sharp reduction in population. However, the […]

Diasporic Cultural Institution

Introduction The culture of a community is their value trait that identifies them. Their beliefs and principles enable them to be identified by other people or communities in the global society. The people who practice their culture are essential elements in the preserving and maintaining their culture. Without such people, a culture will soon fade […]

Monaco Cultural Analysis

Introduction Monaco is a country located in the Western Europe. It is a small, independent state located between the French Alps and the Mediterranean Sea. The country has an advanced economy, which has global acknowledgement as a world’s luxury destination. It enjoys strong constitutional framework (Stoll-Davey, 2007). The backbone of the Monaco economy is based […]

Cultural Influence on the People of Vancouver

Introduction Cultural Background of Vancouver City; Canada Culture can be understood as the basic values, beliefs, and norms that help shape the behavior and characters of given people in a society. In most societies, and especially preindustrial societies, it takes the form of religion. The Canadian cultural policy of diversity has profoundly shaped the profile […]

Cultural life of Canadians

Introduction From the ancient times, much significance has been attached to the cultural life of Canadians; this is marked by the attachment to the institutions that seek to preserve and perpetuate culture. The primary institutions seeking to preserve the Canadian culture are the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the National Film Board and the Canadian Council. The […]

Russian Popular Culture

Introduction Russia is one of the countries with the oldest and richest culture around the globe. Intertwined with several factors, the country has continuously witnessed a transformation of its culture and influence from other countries throughout history. It boasts its excellence in arts with special recognition to philosophy, painting, literature, cinema, architecture and music among […]

Multiculturalism, the Italian Culture

The concept of multiculturalism has no clear-cut definition due to its varied perceptions within the scholarly, political and social spheres. Critics of multiculturalism perceive it to be the other side of racism. However, scientific discovery that the human DNA and race have no connection turned the debate towards culture and ethnicity as the underlying philosophies […]

Understanding Greek Culture’s Influence on Democratic Ideas

Introduction The Greek culture shaped the Western thinking and culture as its influence is felt in almost every aspect of human life from medicine, law, art, architecture to science (Noble, 2008). The Greeks, for example, invented geometry as they used it to make sense of the world and specifically to measure distance. In everything, Greeks […]

Multicultural Australia

Introduction The concept of multiculturalism does not have a straight forward definition because it depends on the context of its usage. Again, it is not easy to have a universally acceptable definition because there are more people putting in their contributions about this concept, therefore leading to numerous definitions of the same. For example, multiculturalism […]

Cultural Pollution

Introduction Culture is the representation of the totality of all socially conveyed or learned mannerisms, views beliefs ad interactions that result from human work and activity. The cultures traditions and historical concepts of the Middle East have over the centuries been characterised as by a distinct sense of variety that stems from a whirlwind of […]

Tribal Cultures, Colonialism & Orientalism

The role of tradition and culture in contemporary society has been the subject of extensive academic scrutiny. Scholars have consistently emphasized cultural importance as a pervasive theme of modern life. There have been controversies and debates over “Asian values” concerning the region’s political discourse. This was after the Senior Minister of Singapore Lee Yuan Yew […]

Greek Culture and Traditions

Modern Greek culture and traditions have been shaped by classical past. The current culture and traditions is rich and varied representing the region’s customs has an overlap between the western culture and the eastern culture. Notably, Greek culture and traditions have developed for thousands of years. Greece customs can be traced back to the Paleolithic […]

History of Hippie’s Culture

Introduction Hippies emerged from the mainstream culture of the 1950s and 1960s, following in the footsteps of an earlier counter culture group, the rebellious youth movement known as the Beat Generation (Issitt 1). According to Miller (xiii) communal societies have long been an American cultural fixture, with anywhere from dozens to hundreds of them operating […]

Kinship among the Inuit of the Arctic

Kinship systems among cultures that depend on foraging and horticultural activities are usually very well formulated. Foraging and horticultural based societies are often faced with harsh climatic and environmental conditions. Such realities make it necessary to have a strong kinship system in which all members of the group take care of one another. One of […]

Proposal: MacArthur Foundation

MacArthur Foundation Awards Prizes is a program that was founded by Catherine T. and John D. The title of the award is a MacArthur’s Fellowship Program which is also and more known as Genius Grant (John et al, 2008). Such a title was given because the nominees for these awards are considered genius. These awards […]

Play, Games, and Sport

Play, games, and sport have remained prevalent in the contemporary world. As a matter of fact, different communities or cultural groups would practice these activities for various reasons. Among other things, the general purpose of these activities is mainly to enhance the cultural norms and values of the communities associated with them. The sport activities […]

Haiti History and Culture

Haiti culture is a mixture of African, West Indian and French cultures. The residents of Haiti are referred as Haitian and use Creole language as their national language. In addition, creole language is commonly used in Haiti’s drama, music, literature and arts. Haitians are very creative and talented artists. Their art work is popular worldwide […]

The Role of Popular Culture

The popular culture in the United States of America has taken a concrete foundation in the formation of various contemporary cultures. The popular culture in itself does not have exact information on who started it but there are assumptions or conclusions that are available when the origin of the popular culture arises. The information available […]

The Breakdown of Indigenous Culture in Australia

Culture is the entireness of socially imparted behavioral practices from one generation to the other. Culturally transferred patterns, from one generation to the other, play a vital role in the society, and determine the future prospects of that society (Angelo, 1994, p.10). The Indigenous culture in Australia has been systematically broken down since white settlement. […]

American popular culture

American culture was well set since the 18th century since it was mostly adopted from the British and Irish communities that were present during the colonial era. In its initial stages it reflected the needs of society and the prevalent attitudes within it. This culture was mainly conservative and was greatly influenced by religion. However, […]

The Use of the Cell Phone While Driving

Popular culture is the sum of a society’s actions, beliefs, traditions, and other such similar engagements that define a given society and its people. Although sometimes is described as an expression of the people occupying the lower classes of a society, as opposed to those occupying the higher classes, popular culture effectively encompasses a society’s […]

Analysis of Gypsy Life

Introduction Who are Gypsies? Hunters, entertainers, potters, horse traders or knife sharpeners? There has been intense stereotyping about Gypsies’ lives over the years. Fortunately, Jan Yoors, an outsider from Belgium lived with these people long enough to confirm or reject the stereotypes. Born in Belgium, Jan Yoors ran away from his family at the age […]

My First Spurlock Museum Exhibit

This morning starts as any morning before in my life. The only thing that differs this day from the others is my future visit to a museum exhibition. The Spurlock Museum is known by its collections, documents, exhibitions, and objects that present cultural heritage of Ancient Egypt, Africa, Rome, Greece, East and Southeast Asia, and […]

History and Culture of the Hispanics

History of Hispanics In the history of the U.S, New Spain came into existence before New England. Santa Fe and N.M also came before Mass and Boston. Most of the studies that focus on U.S history emphasize on how the British colonies of North America were found and their subsequent growth, their gaining of independence […]

Canadian Stereotypes

Canada is the world’s second largest nation on the Northern part of America. Canadians are people who hold many stereotypes. The maple leaf bag is a Canadian stereotype that depicts their identity and origin especially during international trips. The maple leaf has a red color, while the design of the leaf, with eleven sharp points, […]

Visit to the Jewish/Hebrew Historical Sites

The three most significant sites in Hebrew/Jewish tradition I would choose for visiting are the Western Wall, the Mount of Olives, and the Old City of Jerusalem. The Western Wall The Western Wall, situated in the Old City of Jerusalem, is a remnant of the wall that once marked the boundaries of the Jewish Temple’s […]

Concepts of Development of Jewish Culture

Introduction Like any other people in the world, the Jewish people are an ethnoreligious society that has its own way of life in addition to religious confederacy. These people have their own practices and beliefs that form their way of life-culture. Thus, it is very difficult to differentiate between traditional culture of the Jewish people […]