Traditions Essay Examples and Topics

How Zen Buddhism Has Influenced The Development of Tea Ceremony

Zen Buddhism has had a big influence on the development of tea ceremony in Japan. The Tea Ceremony was a custom which came to Japan from continental China and had a dramatic influence on the country’s culture. Zen Buddhism has strengthened the relevance of this ceremony because it is done within tranquil surroundings influenced by […]

Way of the Tea

The tea ceremony, popularly known as the Way of the Tea, is a traditional socialization activity in Japan that involved a ceremonial preparation and serving of green tea1. Tea ceremonies in Japan are divided into two main categories, depending on the size of the occasion. The first type of ceremony is the chakai, a simple […]

Analysis of the Article: Sowing Blood with the Maize: Zapotec Effigy Vessels and Agricultural Ritual

Basic Overview The article under the analysis is called Sowing Blood with the Maize: Zapotec Effigy Vessels and Agricultural Ritual. The research seeks to define how the bloodletting rituals and the maize depicted on Zapotec urns are conceptually connected. Specifically, the author assumes that effigy vessels embody the concepts associated with maize and bloodletting rituals […]

Differences between the European, American and Asian Packaging Systems

The culture of wrapping gifts is important in different countries. Presents become too symbolic and denote the attitude of the givers to the present receivers. However, present package plays great role in the meaning of the present as being appropriately prepared, present wrap may show the receiver passionate and loving attitude, or, vice versa, disrespect […]

Traditional Beliefs and Values

Culture can be defined as a set of shared beliefs, attitudes, values, objectives, and practices that constitutes an organization, an institution, or a group (Rojek, 2007). Norms, beliefs and values vary in diverse ways across different cultures; all cultures are driven by certain principles that propose a certain direction depending with the situations (Rojek, 2007). […]

Deployment and Rejection of Tradition in Asia

Introduction The onset of modern technology as well as globalisation has created new awareness of modernisation and democratisation in nations considered non-Western (Inglehart & Welzel 112). Differences found in existence for the various civilisations across the globe are considered important despite the onset of modernisation process (Roberts & Hite 254). Even though societies differ from […]

The Reasons Behind Customs

Traditions and customs evolve from people’s experiences and their evaluations. Admittedly, numerous events affect development of traditions and beliefs. However, joy is also one of the most important factors affecting development of people’s rituals and traditions. It is noteworthy that the vast majority of rituals are associated with positive emotions or aimed at becoming at […]

The Burial of a Navy White Hat

There are so many naval traditions, which amaze ordinary people with its simplicity and unbelievable significance at the same period of time. One of the most captivating traditions is the burial of a White Hat at sea. This tradition makes an E-7 Chief Petty Officer, who is in transition from an E-6 First Class Petty […]