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Traditions Essay Examples and Topics

A Tradition of the Thanksgiving Day

I liked the dinner not only because it was a very delicious, but also of the atmosphere which was during the preparation of the evening.
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Japanese Kimono: A Part of Cultural Heritage

The other reason behind the waning popularity of the kimono is the intricate design used in its knitting. In the beginning of the 18th century, the name of this garment was changed to kimono.
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Colonial Traditions Inc: Key Elements

The key elements of the issue are improper treatment of Colonial Traditions Inc with the Townsends. Besides, the delay of making of the order due to some external factors of the manager is terrible.
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Traditional Malay Wedding Ceremony

I was particularly impressed by the love and care among the family members and was amazed to see how the traditions and rituals were fulfilled with utmost care and attention, with special attention given to [...]
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Costumes and Makeup During the Carnival

To welcome the carnival, thousands of Brazilian streamed to different venues in the city as elsewhere in the country and took part in the festivities.
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Hebrew and Greek Traditions in Western Culture

On the other hand, the Hebrews believed in one God who gave them wisdom through their leader Joseph and made them have fear of supernatural forces like the ones in the God of Joseph.
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Immigrants’ Traditions in America

There is also laughter, laughter about the in-laws and their families, discussions of the wedding gifts, and sly jokes about the wedding guests, affairs, and even the government, all of the humor carefully manipulated by [...]
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Weddings in the UAE Culture

The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the traditional wedding in the UAE culture as applied to the olden days and modernity.
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Tradition of Orientalism

The predominantly civilizational studies carried out in the context of Orientalism are connected with the study of the East, usually opposed to the West, as a result of which the Western concepts of the East [...]
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Family Traditions and Values in the United States

The preservation of individual family traditions is an important component of the cultural heritage, and the desire to follow certain customs and pass them from generation to generation emphasizes attachment to family values.
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Native Americans’ Burial Rituals

Additionally, the obscurity of the perspectives awaiting the dead conditioned the formation of the concept of the spiritual world and the growth of rituals used to prepare a person for his/her existence in the new [...]
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African Hebrew Israelites Community’s Traditions

They claim to be the descendants of one of the ten lost tribes of ancient Israel, the tribe of Judah. The community is highly collaborative and acknowledges the principle of common labor for the common [...]
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Bullfighting in Spain: Animal Rights vs. Tradition

Despite heavy criticism concerning animal rights activists as well as other groups, corrida, the Spanish name for bullfighting, is still one of the symbols of Spain, but will we and our children watch mouth-opened the [...]
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Middle Eastern Weddings Celebration

This responsibility is given to the fathers of both the bride and the groom, who have to agree that their children are good enough to bring up a responsible family.
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Rumspringa, the Amish Rite of Passage

Despite the fact that this rite of passage presupposes that the teenagers are allowed to experience the outside world and do everything that is otherwise considered inappropriate or downright immoral in their community, it is [...]
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The Kenyan Ogiek Tribe Rites of Passage

The main objective of these rituals is to establish the transition of a person from one stage of life to another and the transformation of their roles, duties, ways of thinking.
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Ghana’s Traditional Spiritual Care and Practices

Africans have a way of understanding the world, which is not seen; for instance, they have a particular way of interacting with the supernatural world of spirits and believe in spiritual powers that influence different [...]
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Traditional Japanese Wedding and Ceremonial Dress

The purpose of this research is to learn what a traditional Japanese Wedding ceremony entails and to explore its influences and roots in the perspective of the historical, cultural and social peculiarities of the Japanese [...]
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Ceremonies within Aboriginal Cultures

Richardson notes that one of the primary goals of the ritual is to "reduce isolation" and help an individual to find his/her place in the world.
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Traditions and Heritage Revival in the UAE

Within the discursive context of Sakr's article, the term 'invention of tradition' is best discussed as Arabic oil-states' tendency to invest in exploring the cultural roots of its populations by the mean of encouraging architects [...]
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Falconry Tradition in the United Arab Emirates

The universality, principles, the craving, the art of practice, significances, depictions and morals of falconry is similar among the practitioners in all the countries albeit with negligible differences.
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Chinese and Japanese Garden Traditions

On the other hand, the Japanese garden was created in 1928 to preserve the traditions of the Japanese. The essence of the garden is to express the beauty, meaning, and depth of nature as well [...]
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Way of the Tea

From this point onwards, the discussion shall analyze the Way of the Tea from the point of view of a chaji, the formal version of the ceremony.
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Traditional Beliefs and Values

Furthermore, marriage is an institution that is very basic and a necessity for the growth of any community; it is well developed among all cultures around the world.
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The Reasons Behind Customs

However, joy is also one of the most important factors affecting development of people's rituals and traditions. Other traditions and beliefs bring the joy of accomplishment to people's lives.
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The Burial of a Navy White Hat

When I saw the White Hat for the first time in my life, I had already known that it is a symbol of a Navy that I had to wear with honor.
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