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Ethnicity Studies Essay Examples and Topics

Portable Dictionary of Multiculturalism Concepts

Even though these people had to leave their motherland, parts of their souls are in that land and people stick to their core values as they still feel the connection.

Chinatown and Local Celebrations in Los Angeles

This place is now known as the new Chinatown and it is the first Chinese closed society in the country to be designed and owned by Chinese Americans.

Ethnicity Studies: Hindi Culture and Issues in the US

Women are supposed to submit to their husbands and to play the role of a mother, house wife and caregiver. Congenital malformations and genetic disorders are known to cause a significant high number of deaths [...]

Minority Groups and Their Cultures in Georgia

Due to this, there are several fine arts centers that bear witness to the influence of art in the State, for instance, the High museum of art, Telfair Museum of Art, among others; moreover, the [...]

‘Muslim Hipsters’ Backlash by Layla Shaikley

That being said, regardless of the narrow focus on the life of Muslim women in America, the article is more than just a mere description of the author's story and the video created by her.

Nepali People Profile and Mission Strategy

The Tarai people are traditionally from the plains in the South of Nepal. The overthrow of the Rana dynasty in 1951 opened Nepal to the outside world, allowing Western missions into the country for the [...]

Native People in “Usable Pasts” by Tad Tuleja

The traditions and cultures of people that make up the populations of the United States and Canada are filled with unique experiences and events that have changed the norms of the past and present.

Adolescent Middle-Class Native Americans

The discussion of the ethnicity was quite eye-opening the adolescents noted that they were proud of being Native Americans and were ready to reveal and emphasize their cultural heritage.

Dominant-Minority Groups Relations

That said, if a location was primarily inhabited by the people of one race, then the newcomers belonging to other races would inevitably become a minority because they do not have a strong presence and [...]

Muslim, Mexican, Greek Americans’ Input to the US

The primary goal of this essay is to discuss the contribution of Muslim Americans, Mexican Americans, and Greek Americans to the social, economic, and cultural growth of the country while introducing innovations, values, and cultural [...]

The Culture of the Nacirema Society

The Nacirema, who have managed to live under exotic customs, have devoted themselves to the rituals of the body, where the emphasis has been put on the appearance and health of society.

The Kurds Culture: An Ethnographic Study

The most popular of the two dialects is the Kurmanji, it is the language of communication for most of the Kurds today.

Ethnography: Current Issues and Possible Solutions

This ambiguity results in the variety of issues ranging from the lack of the standard results and conclusions on any given study to the degradation of the quality of the research and the emergence of [...]

The Adinkra Clothing and African-American Quilt

In line with understanding the origins of the Adinkra, the aim of this paper is to trace the evolution of the Adinkra and determine its connection with the African-American quilt.

American Armenians’ History, Culture, Religion

This paper's objective is to examine the peculiarities of the cultural and religious background of the Armenian ethnic minority, history of its development, and features of the cultural events inside the community.

Mesoamerican Ethnographic Interpretation

The civilization of these people faced strong influences from the people in the non-Maya cultures which include the Olmecs of Mexico and the Izapa cultures of people who lived in the Pacific coast.

The Asian American Ethnic Enclave

The experiences of people living in ethnic enclaves have long attracted the attention of many scholars, journalists and writers because they want to understand how these communities are formed, and how the residents of these [...]

Ethnography: Media, Technology, Social Movements

The paper goes further to discuss the influence of mobile phones on ethnographic blending and the impact of social movement on social transformation.

Cultural Assimilation and Ethnic Pluralism

Hence, the minority groups adopt the norms and the traditions of the locals so that the latter are enabled to preserve the habitual environment.

Ethnicity Significance in the Post-World War Conflicts

The failure to recognize the impact of the ethnic conflict phenomenon is the main reason for the slow response of the Western World in general and the United Nations, in particular to the Rwandan and [...]

Mayan Ethnographic Interpretation: Traditions and Rituals

According to The Mayan culture, the human body was viewed as a combination of the body and the souls. This means that the blood could communicate to the inner and the outer environment of the [...]

Mesoamerican Ethnography: Language, Religion and Culture

The conversion of the Indios into Christianity, introduced a change in the native language used by the Indios to a Telos language which the Christians opted as the medium for Christian practice.

Mesoamerican Ethnography: Experience and Theory

In this region, the oppression of the poor is evidenced by how the rich treat the poor. This is due to the anthropologists' inability to relate the archeological materials created, used and disposed by the [...]

The Nacirema Group Rituals and Practices

The very sick patients in the community are taken to the Latipso where they are expected to receive treatment from the most famous medicine men.

Sacred Space Studies: Crater Lake

The serenity of the place comes from the lake itself and the vegetation surrounding it. The locals associate the blue color of the lake with the royalty of the place.

Navajo Cultural Anthropology

The story is preserved in myths and is recounted in the ceremony known as 'blessing way' which is the foundation of the Navajo way of life.

Ethnic Conflicts and Misrepresentation of Rwandan Hutus

Many people see the core of the conflict in the period of European colonization of Africa and especially the first part of the 20th century, when European nationalism spread all over the world.

The Armenian Diaspora in France

This was the case among the Armenians who were forced to flee from their homeland by the genocide of 1915. The term "Diaspora" is appropriate for the Armenians living outside the Republic of Armenia since [...]

What Is Ethnicity and Does It Matter?

In her study What is ethnicity and does it matter, Kachan Chandra attempts at defining the phenomenon, and she does so very successfully by introducing the religious influence onto the process of ethnicity shaping into [...]

Ethnic Minorities in China

In spite of the claims of the Chinese government about distributing equal rights and recognition to all the ethnic minorities of the Country the tension between the Han people and the other nations never goes [...]

Hutus and Tutsis Ethnic Groups Conflict

This essay will explore the concept of ethnic conflict concerning the conflict between the Hutus and Tutsis of Rwanda. The most notable ethnic difference between the two groups is that Hutus are generally shorter than [...]

Problems in Defining Ethnicity

The author will rely on the writings of Chandra to illustrate the points of departure from a common definition of ethnicity.

History of the Race Evolution

The law stated that the condition of the offspring of a white and black couple should be decided on the basis of the mother's lineage.

Exploring Race and Ethnicity

They comprise the Inuit from the northern parts of the continent and the Indians from the southern parts of the continent.

Hispanic American Diversity

These groups are the Mexican Americans, Cubans, Guatemalans and the Puerto Ricans. The main political issue relates to the Mexican American borders and the reduction of illegal immigrants.

Brazil and the United States: Ethnic Groups Relations

The culture of Brazil is composed of both the whites as well as the blacks from Europe and Africa respectively. The regional inequality is as a result of the groups' migration to the county.

African-American Women Stereotypes

Practically, the modern mass media are helping create a negative collective image of an Afro-American woman and feed a list of destructive stereotypes, which influence the lives of women, a human mind can have no [...]

Ethnicity: Maintaining Balance in Indigenous Societies

One of the most notable aspects of what can be deemed the existential mode of Aboriginal people is that fact that the members of Indigenous communities in Australia tend to regard the notion of kinship [...]

The Ukrainian Museum in New York City

There are plenty of the historic and cultural museums in the New York City, some of them are devoted to the history of mankind as a whole, and the other ones are dedicated to the [...]

Race and Ethnicity in Children’s Cartoons

To find out what kind of influences and ideas the mass media may create on the minds of adolescents and children, I have viewed several cartoons made in different countries, but aired in English and [...]

“Mi’kmaq Treaties on Trial” by William Wicken

In the treaty, the British acknowledged the existence of the local community and promised to respect its norms and regulations. In this regard, the historian was in support of treaty making between the government and [...]

Racial Groups in Business

Young people from minority communities need to be empowered to make them well prepared to compete for all economic opportunities in the country.

Ethnicity or Cultural Background

The idea of a child according to Montgomery and Kellett refers to a representation of a whole category of young people that are identified by their age and intellectual development and also their social maturity [...]


Now distributed around the globe, but concentrated in Central Europe 1and in the countries of the former USSR2, they often maintain a strong sense of their own identity, even though they are living within many [...]

African Americans: Race and Ethnic Discrimination

This group also remains one of the most discriminated even though the struggle of the 1960s has resulted in a number of improvements for African Americans. At that, there is tension based on issues associated [...]

Hispanic Americans: roles played in the American society.

In the first place, it is necessary to remember that Hispanic Americans constitute about 15 % of the entire American population, which makes them the second largest ethnic group in the USA.

The US Ethnic Groups: the Hispanic Americans

Of all the Hispanic Americans ethnic groups in the US, the Mexican is the largest, followed by Puerto Ricans, and then Cubans. The population of the Hispanic Americans has increased rapidly and is now the [...]

Ethnic Cleansing

Another difference between the two terms is that genocide is the systematic and widespread destruction of particular segment of the population or specific group of people, ethnic cleansing on the other hand is understood as [...]

Kinship Organization of Yanomamo Culture

The dynamics of the Yanomamo people involve receiving and giving girls during the process of marriage. Kinship in Yanomamo culture has a number of influences and impacts on the people's way of life.

African Americans: Immigration and Ethnic Relations

One of the most controversial aspects of the issue is that African Americans had to endure forced immigration. It is important to note that African Americans had to face lots of issues in a variety [...]

Origin of Human

Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans are the biggest ethnic groups in the USA. The spread of the Latin American minority in the US, Puerto Ricans, Mexican Americans and Cubans have immigrated to the USA during [...]

Ethnicity and sport in sport park

The researcher captured some of the activities in the park using photograph and designed appropriate questionnaires for the interview. What are the overall levels of participation in sports among different ethnic groups in the park [...]

How Ethnicity Affects Normal and Abnormal Behavior

Geographic location, ethnic believes, ethnic traditions, and ethnic dispositions are some of the universal philosophies binding every ethnic group into a unique whole subset in the world.

The Caribbean Identity

Nevertheless, the actual realities of Caribbean living point out to the fact, unlike what the proponents of a strong 'Caribbean identity' would like us to believe, the natives in the Caribbean proper continue to think [...]

Ethnicity and Health

Considering that the government has, as its objective, the idea of ensuring that there is equity in health care access and provision, it is necessary that the underlying social mechanisms are understood in order to [...]

The French Creoles of Louisiana

In the state of Louisiana, it refers to the French-speaking people of French or Spanish descent whose ancestors were upper class whites, many of whom served as officials during the colonial reign of the French [...]

Ethnic Concentration in Cabramatta

Different theories dwell on the principles of ethnic diversity and ethnic concentration whereas it is necessary to focus on the benefits of such social and territorial division of the population and their application in the [...]

Wolof Communities and Culture

Wolof is a common name for the entire sub-ethnic group given that the indigenous people of the communities speak the dialect. It could be said that the men control the use as well as the [...]

Jehovah’s Witnesses and Latinos Similarities and Differences

Thus, Jehovah's Witnesses differ from the other religious groups in rejecting the concept of Trinity and hell, in discussing Christ as one of God's sons but not as God's Person, in rejecting Christian holidays, in [...]

Hispanic populace

The Hispanic population represents the largest minority group in the United States. Around one half of Hispanic residents in the United States were born in a foreign country.

The Ethnic Issues of the Hispanic American People

In the article, it is evident that the population of people from the Hispanic American origin has risen over the years, and currently, they contribute to approximately fourteen percent of the entire population of the [...]

Race and Ethnicity in the U.S

The race and ethnic relations have been affected in a great way by the increasing number of ethnic groups migrating to the U.S.

Ethnicity and race in the USA

Owing to the fact that some ethnic clusters are smaller in terms of numbers as compared to others, there is bound to be ethnic prejudice.

The White Immigrants in America

This is because they are the reason for the mediocre lives of the ethnic minority. The only way to understand the experiences of the ethnic minority is by learning about these specific ethnic minority groups.

Framing ethnicity in the mass media

The public therefore, tends to relate the events in the show with this particular ethnic community; hence, causing a round of disapproval from the members of the community.

The Individual and Ethnicity Choice

In the African case, ethnic conflict, in the political perspective, is a product of the struggle over power and resources. It is often assumed that ethnic diversity is the cause of ethnic conflict and political [...]

Ethnicity Problems in United States

In this regard, the most effective way of fighting against racial discrimination was through political participation. In this regard, the most effective way of fighting against racial discrimination was through political participation.

Tattoos and shaping of desirable body

In the ancient period people adopted many cultural practices and the use of tattoos was one of them. Pilgrim tattoos also became popular in the middle ages, and it was part of the devotional tattoos.

American Ethnic Studies

The struggle for civil rights in America among the blacks also brought along the voting rights for the blacks in that though previously the blacks did not have the power to vote not only did [...]

Latinos and African Americans: Friends or Foes?

The People with Two Hearts: Between American and Spain One of the most peculiar things about the Latin Americans, or Hispanics, is the fact that they manage to keep their culture highly worshipped and yet [...]

Historical US Relationships with Native American

The Native Americans mostly reside on western states, south, and the mid West; this distribution reveals the outcomes of the historical pattern of settlement and relocation of the American Indians to the western and southern [...]

No Reparations for Blacks for the Injustice of Slavery

Due to the extreme suffering that the black slaves went through, and the fact that, the U.S.government took a very long time to apologize to the Black community; there has been numerous campaigns to compensate [...]

The Cultural Patterns of the Mexican Americans

The continued colonization of the Mexican Americans in the form of low-wage jobs for the better part of the 20th century was met with resistance and protest by the Mexican Americans as they endeavored to [...]

Tribal Tattoos of Western Americans

The paper critically looks into the meanings and purposes of tattoos in the two communities as used in the past in juxtaposition with how the tattoos are used today and associated meanings.

Multicultural Differences in Modern World

Among other concepts, ethnic identity and acculturation have been pointed out as the most crucial in enhancing the understanding of cultural differences, particularly by social and psychological researchers.

African American Ethnic Group

The environmental setup of the black people in America did not allow them to question the deeds of the white man and the inequalities they met.

Ethnic Group Conflicts

The Sunni and the Shiite are the two main Islamic groups, although the Sunnis are many as compared to the Shiite population.

Ethnic Groups and discrimination

In line with Takaki's writing on a "A different mirror", the Native Americans were as a result of settlements by people of various ethnic groups such as Africans, pilgrims and Asians in the nineteen sixties.

Ethnic Groups and Conflicts

On the other hand, the conflicts in the two American continents originate from the fact that the whites are historically known to have been the slave masters of the blacks.

Ethnicity Influence on the Individual’s Position in Society

It is important to note that the role of ethnicity as the significant factor of the individual's development associated with the person's identity can be discussed from several different perspectives which are the personal identity, [...]

A comparison Between Asian Americans and Latinos

By examining how learning takes place between Asian Americans, it emerges that we are more intelligent than the rest of the population, in addition, it also emerges that the environment has something to do with [...]

The White Dilemma in South Africa

This is what presented the dilemma in that how were the white people who remained in South Africa after the apartheid supposed to be treated by the black people who had been ill treated previously [...]

African American Studies

The studies ought to apply distinctive and appropriate analytical techniques that assist in studying of specific circumstances that captures and accounts for experiences of all the major societies of the African Diaspora especially outside the [...]