Ethnicity Studies Essay Examples and Topics

Racial Groups in Business

Many economic systems in the country are dominated by racial, cultural and social factors that have made it difficult for diverse cultural groups to live in harmony. For instance, Whites and Asians living in the US have better incomes compared to Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans. This has made them shun areas that are populated […]

Ethnicity or Cultural Background

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to assess the impact that ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds have on the daily lives of children or young people. Many cities and countries around the world are made up of diverse ethnic societies and communities that have different social practices and values. Cultural backgrounds and ethnicity provide […]


Even after centuries of identification and marginalization, there is ignorance surrounding the Roma, their origins, and their unique culture. Now distributed around the globe, but concentrated in Central Europe 1and in the countries of the former USSR2, they often maintain a strong sense of their own identity, even though they are living within many different […]

Sri Lankan Tamils and Sinhalese ethnic groups: Ethnic conflict

Introduction An ethnic conflict can be described as a conflict that takes place between ethnic groups commonly as a result of ethnic nationalism (Hogg & Vaughan, 2005). Ethnic conflicts are prevalent in about 47 countries around the world and more often they result into genocide and crimes against humanity. Factors that lead to ethnic conflicts […]

Relevance of Race and Ethnicity Issues: Asian Americans

The contemporary trends in immigration have significantly changed the population ratio of Asian Americans, as well as their attitude to this ethnicity group. Racial issues precisely concern Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and Filipino immigrants who had to undergo the pressure on the part of the white population in the United States. The first waves of immigrants […]

Hispanic Americans: roles played in the American society.

The article under consideration dwells upon roles played by Hispanic Americans in the contemporary American society. The author considers major reasons for development of such roles and relationships between the ethnic groups in the USA. Historical factors have played crucial role in the development of this ethnic minority which still has to endure discrimination in […]

Race and Ethnic Relations: American and Global Perspective

The Hispanic Americans represent various different ethnic groups that are related through a common language and cultural heritage. These groups were heavily influenced by Spaniards who were their earlier colonizers. This essay is a response to Martin Marger’s chapter entitled, “Hispanic Americans” from the book titled, Race and Ethnic Relations: American and Global Perspective. The […]

A Review of ethnic diversity with a special interest in the Anglo European Americans

This paper entails a review of ethnic diversity with a special interest in the Anglo-European Americans. It shows the influence that this group has made in the American society. The origin and existence of this group, in the US, is well explained in the paper. In addition, the paper reviews the challenges, which the group […]

Ethnic Cleansing

Introduction Ethnic cleansing can be defined as the exclusion of an unwanted section of a population. An acknowledgeable example of ethnic cleansing is the dispersal and annihilation of the North American population which was motivated by the desire to gain and secure frontier which involved the cleansing of Indians from their lands and also the […]

Kinship Organization of Yanomamo Culture

Introduction Horticulture can be defined as a non-mechanized mode of cultivation. This form of cultivation is never intensive in nature. However, members of a horticulture society can still engage in the collection of wild food products. Foraging societies are mainly involved in wondering for food provisions. Unlike horticulture society, which is greatly dependent on domesticated […]

Origin of Human

Origin is one of the most important questions in the USA. Living in the world where racial discrimination was an occasional affair for a long period of time, the problem of human identification was really crucial. Nowadays, this issue still remains central due to a number of reasons. The USA is the country with a […]

Ethnicity and sport in sport park

Abstract This research focuses on the experiences and participation of different ethnic groups in sports and sport pack. The researcher used fifty participants selected randomly from the park. They consisted of male and female from different ethnic groups. The age group was 16 years and above. The research utilized both observation and interview for data […]

The Caribbean Identity

Nowadays, it became quite fashionable sociologists and political scientists to discuss the essence of Caribbean people’s existential mode as such that derive out of their possession of strongly defined ‘Caribbean identity’. In its turn, this identity is being defined as something that has very little to do with the qualitative essence of native populations’ tendency […]

Ethnicity and Health

Introduction A growing body of literature has pointed out that race, ethnicity and gender are characterized by strong social dimensions which greatly implicate on the health of individuals. It has been discovered that the underlying mechanisms within these ethnicities have profound influence not just on the access to primary, secondary and tertiary health care but […]

Wolof communities and culture

Introduction Wolof is one of the major ethnic groups in West African countries, particularly in Senegal. The largest Wolof ethnic group consists of fifteen communities or sub-ethnic groups and occupies a part of Senegal and Gambia. In Senegal, this group is the biggest one in both the population and political affiliations. Wolof is a common […]

Jehovah’s Witnesses and Latinos Similarities and Differences

Religious Group: Jehovah’s Witnesses Jehovah’s Witnesses belong to the Christian movement, but their beliefs differ from the ideals of the mainstream Christianity. Charles Taze Russell founded this religious group during the end of the 19th century, and he proclaimed the main principles of the movement. Thus, Jehovah’s Witnesses differ from the other religious groups in […]

Hispanic populace

The name Hispanic has been branded with more traditional viewpoints, and the term Latino has been linked with more liberal politics. This is partly because Hispanic is an English word meaning “belonging to ancient Spain.” The U.S. census bureau has determined to settle on one term, Hispanic. The Hispanic population represents the largest minority group […]

Ethnicity and race in the USA

America has in the past had immigrations that brought about the various ethnic groups that exist in the vast country. The existence of different ethnic groups here has since impacted on its racial relations. Race may be defined as a biological variance between two groups of people. The phenotypic racial difference is characterized by physical […]

The Individual and Ethnicity Choice

Introduction Recent analysis of international affairs paints the picture that the world is embroiled in age-old ethnic conflicts. Proponents of this notion contend that people from different ethnic groups harbor deep hatred for one another, and are only restrained by modern civilizations. They predict that, in the future, either the modern states will break up […]

Johnson, E. Patrick. “Performing Blackness Down Under: The Café of the Gate of Salvation.”

Johnson, E. Patrick. “Performing Blackness Down Under: The Café of the Gate of Salvation.” Text and Performance Quarterly 22.2 (2002): 99-119. Print. The article under consideration focuses on ethnical identity. The author explores the way African American gospels affect Australians. The author focuses on the way the performance changes Australian’s perception of the song and […]

Ethnicity Problems in United States

Introduction The United States is a host to many varied cultures and is considered the world’s super power with developments that are envied all over the globe. The country’s democracy has undergone various changes over the years. It has also made several steps towards peace, and equity, among other principles of its foundation. However, this […]

Market Matters: Ethnography of the 9th Street Italian Market

Introduction The different societies that evolve around the world differ distinctively from each other. Most of these differences persist to date. Apart from the more evident cultural diversity that exist between people, such as their dressing codes, their language and even traditions, there are also marked differences in the way societies structure themselves, in their […]

American Ethnic Studies

Introduction Human beings have always been enslaved by their fellow men as long as they have lived. All this time what varied were conditions of servitude or slavery. Inequality was employed by the ancient Mesopotamian, Mayan empires among other communities. Even in the Bible it is mentioned with the slavery of Israelites in Egypt (Friedman […]

Multicultural Differences in Modern World

Human beings have significantly different attitudes, belief systems, and perceptions in life that collectively define their unique cultures (Sam & Berry, 2006). All efforts to understand groups or individuals should take into consideration the impact of cultural orientation. Researchers in different disciplines have appreciated the role of cultural differences as far as drawing meaningful conclusions […]

African American Ethnic Group

African Americans are citizens of United States of America forming an African American ethnic minority group whose ancestral land is Africa. Perhaps one of the poignant questions to ask is on how these African descendants arrived in America. From the age period of 1620 to around 1865, there was massive slave trade taking place in […]

Ethnic Group Conflicts

Cultural expressions are main identifiers of any ethnic group for they give communities their real identities as concerns specific communities’ fears, values and strengths. In addition, these cultural expressions determine how communities perceive other communities with differing cultures hence, forming the foundation of a group’s understanding of other communities motives and dealings. It is important […]

Ethnic Groups and Conflicts

The conflict between whites and blacks is not devoid of social perception, conformity, and social recognition as crucial components. This conflict has been witnessed in countries that have citizens with both white and black origins. In many countries, such as the United States of America and South Africa, the conflict between the two ethnic groups […]

Ethnicity Influence on the Individual’s Position in Society

People are different not only because of their appearances, habits, preferences, and behaviors but also because of their definite ethnic characteristics. It is important to note that the role of ethnicity as the significant factor of the individual’s development associated with the person’s identity can be discussed from several different perspectives which are the personal […]

Ethnocentrism and its Effects on Individuals, Societies, and Multinationals

The film selected for review and aiding in analyzing the concept of ethnocentrism and its effects on individuals, societies, and multinationals is “The Namesake”. Released in 2007, the film chronicles the lives of an Indian couple and their children as they attempt to adjust to the cultural dynamics involved in emigrating from West Bengal in […]