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Minority Groups and Their Cultures in Georgia Research Paper

The purpose of this paper is to research on the different cultures of the minority groups found in Georgia and make a comparison or contrast of their cultures. Georgia, like many states across the U.S., is a multicultural State that comprises many different types of races and ethnicity. This multicultural State has a population of over 10 million people. Although Whites are the majority, they comprise just 61 percent of the total population, while the rest of the population is comprised of minority groups. African-Americans comprise 28 percent of the minority group while the rest of the percentage comprises Hispanics of Asians Americans, Native Hawaiians, and American Indians (Bartley, 1990)

Since the African- Americans comprise the highest number among the minority group, a larger percentage of this group is heavily influenced by the fine and performing arts culture. This culture has heavily influenced the youth, especially those of the African and Hispanic races (Kanell 2009, Peter 1991). Due to this, there are several fine arts centers that bear witness to the influence of art in the State, for instance, the High museum of art, Telfair Museum of Art, among others; moreover, the State has one of the largest orchestras, the Atlanta Symphony orchestra, which majority of the group comprises of African- Americans and Hispanics- Americans.

The Georgia minority groups have some common themes and cultures in life, for instance, in arts and literature. This can be attributed to the common history of the majority of the minority group who are native Georgian’s and their previous generations had lived in Georgia since independence.

Literature in Georgia is quite unique as it is influenced greatly by Georgia’s past history and its geographical location in the south of the U.S., whereby there was a lot of racial discrimination that has influenced not only the academic sphere of this State but also the political tendencies. In addition, the American- Indians have influenced the literature culture with their traditions, which they continue to observe to-date. In addition, people also observe drama and film festivals. Due to the film culture, a state film commission was established to ensure that the film industry in Georgia grew steadily and that all the races in Georgia are well represented.

Indian- Americans in Georgia have also held onto their traditional practices which they still practice to date; for instance, they observe their sacrifices and naming ceremonies (Walker 2005, Charles 1968).

Despite the State being a cosmopolitan of many races, English and Spanish are the two languages that are spoken by the people. Furthermore, the state administration has embarked on a policy to ensure that all minority students have access to education, and all graduate in the end.

From the above, it can be established that the minority groups have some cultures that they share and others that they do not. For instance, the Hispanics and the African – Americans share Arts and literary culture. In addition, due to their past history, they both have the same political tendencies, whereby they tend to have the same political ideologies (Coleman 1991). On the other hand, the Hispanics and the African- American have different kinds of meals and linguistics. The Hispanics speak Spanish while the Africans – Americans speak English.

In order to get all the basic facts for this research, I spoke to a number of librarians from different races and cultures who referred me to materials that could be useful to me. In addition, I interviewed several students who also represented different races who were able to point out some places where I could get reliable information (Bullard 2005).

The best sources of information were books from the State Library and peer-reviewed articles and the internet. This is because the internet provided information and statistics that were very current, and getting it was quite easy. In addition, internet information could be compared with each other within a short span of time. Secondly, books were also reliable as they provided in-depth information which had been researched over a long period of time, thus giving very accurate information.

Peer-reviewed articles were also favorable sources to me as they provided information that had been reviewed by other professionals hence providing information that is more correct and updated, taking into consideration our changing times (Peirce, 1974). But the most important source of information on this research was from the primary sources. Although some of the information varied slightly from one person to another, this information was the most accurate source as the people could directly answer my questions, some of which the secondary sources could not address.

After gathering all the information, I synthesized information that touched on the diversity of Georgia and researched more on this. In addition, I analyzed the information that I got from primary sources and relied on information that had a great degree of similarity in a given group or culture while at the same time comparing it with the secondary sources (William 2004, Patricia 1986).

As a teacher, I expect that my classroom will comprise of different races that have different cultures and races. Such interaction will need tolerance and understanding in dealing with each other’s different beliefs. Thus, as a teacher, I will be in a position to understand their cultures and appreciate them while at the same time teaching students to embrace diversity, respect, and learn each other’s culture.

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