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Festivals and Celebrations

Music festivals are sources of entertainment and pleasure, and they provide opportunities for actuality and being in the right place. The prime objective of most of the festivals is to fulfil the specific needs of [...]

Personal Worldview and Intercultural Communication

Since I believe that living according to the word is the only right thing to do, I tend to disregard other people's cultures because, in my view, my culture is right and other people's cultures [...]

Racial and Ethnic Identities

Multi-Facial is a short film which discusses the issues of race and ethnicity in the society and film industry. The film demonstrates how amulti-facial' Mike attends several auditions and changes such markers of the race [...]

Ethnicity and Nationalism

In the chapter, the author lists a number of different approaches to studying the position of women in society. This is a very interesting application and extension of the ideas expressed in Peggy Macintosh's article [...]

Differences Between Ethnic Groups

However, this article certainly is a warning about how to listen to the way people use language, and perhaps ask questions about specific words and phrases.

The Body Ritual Among the Nacirema

The author is extremely ethnocentric because he is very judgmental of the values that are important to these people. The laptiso is a hospital, and a shrine is a bathroom.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Subculture

The pioneers of such campaigns disagree with the ideas and behaviors associated with the LGBT Subculture. These celebrations "have also made it easier for different members of the subculture to network and exchange their views".

Italian Heritage and Its Impact on Life in the US

The low rate of career penetration for Italian-Americans in the field of medicine is in part due to a combination of false stereotyping, belief that other ethnicities are simply better in the field of medicine, [...]

The Amish People: Personal Opinion

This practice encourages more individuals to support and follow the teachings of the religion. The above practices make it possible for members of this culture to have a sustainable lifestyle.

Birthday Celebrations in the China

This is one of the main goals that had to be accomplished in the course of this study. It should be noted that the parents of my friend insisted on holding this dinner in their [...]

Cross Cultural Interview with a Turkish Female

The aim of the interview was to get a better understanding of the peculiarities of the Turkish culture, to get to know some interesting facts about national customs and traditions.

National Leadership and Culture of France

The France national culture dimensions of individualism or collectivism, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity or femininity, and power distance, influence the predominant leadership style in the country.

Cultural Background: Personal Journey

This work explains my racial and ethnical background, the challenges I have gone through, effects of these challenges and the necessary measures that I have taken to improve my profession as a counselor.

What I Can Do About Prejudice?

Now that I have realized with the help of my younger sister that being young or old does not make a person any less intelligent, professional or responsible, I suppose that I am ready to [...]

Gender Relationship: Food and Culture

As a result, the kind of government that continues to be exercised in the region is that developed on the olden principles of leadership. There was a variation in the position given to the women [...]

Communication Between Cultures

A person that believes that he or she is an Australian shares common values with fellow Australian people such as the spirit of adventure, willingness to help the less fortunate in society, and brief humor.

The Cult of Ethnicity: Good and Bad

Now, by reading the article "The Cult of Ethnicity, Good and Bad" we are asked to maintain the same open-mindedness as the article begins to highlight the struggles of ethnic groups within our borders and [...]

Ethical Risks and Cultural Adaptation

It should be clear that the measure and extent of informed approval necessary is determined by the nature of the research and therefore might be affected with necessities of other codes such as the law [...]

Visit to France: Cultural Experiences Description

For several millennia now, France has been at the core of European economic and cultural renaissance, and the heritage of this wealth, liveliness, and experience is clearly evident in the astounding multiplicity of things to [...]

The Hawthorne Study: Dominant Cultures and Subcultures

They also responded positively to change when they realized that the top management is caring about them, and the changes are meant to make the work environment to be more accommodating for them.

Cultural Diversity Definition, Elements and Concepts

The organization puts in place structures and practices to integrate cultural diversity. It challenges individuals to effectively respond to culturally diverse environments and enhances the realization of organizational goals.

Ecotourism vs Cultural Voyeurism

Moreover, cultural voyeurism can be attributed to the practices of international companies that do not attach much importance to the lives of indigenous people. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that the inflow of tourists [...]

Individualization of the Apartment Lobby

Site of individualization refers to a location that is designed to help people to meet and learn about their needs. Culture refers to the way of life of a group of people in society.

Vodun and Minkisi Practices in the Kongo Culture

While in the Minkisi practice, people are traditionally believed to be inferior to the almighty gods, both the good and the evil ones, in the Vodun practice, the "assimilation of peoples and spirits" is possible.

Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness

If the baby has a birthmark similar to one the departed relative had, then the baby is automatically given the name of the deceased relative.

History of Lipsticks

As such, the desire and pursuit of beauty led to the invention of what is commonly called lipsticks today. The modern lipstick is a result of many years of the scientific revolution of the first [...]

Asian Community’s Cultural Values and Attitudes

This means that the male gender is dominant in the community, and authority or leadership is inherited from one family or clan, and the problem of one household is the problem of the whole community.

Japanese and Southeast Asia Cultures

The activities of the warrior were based on the principle of bushido. Human civilization is the main characteristic of the culture in the continent of Asia.

African American Family Cultural Background

They have a unique culture that is characterized by a unique parenting style, structure of the family, the role of gender in the family, and their views on marriage.

Value of Orientalism

It was widely used in the 19th century to refer to the Middle East, especially the region covering Islamic nations, such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and the neighboring countries. The Orients were viewed by [...]

Importance of Cultural and Anthropological Knowledge

The author claims that cultural evolution helps people adapt to the changing world. The author states that the western interpretation of cultural development is incomplete and should be revised to fit the contemporary world.

Indonesia: Evolving Culture

It is also noted that Indonesian officials have different views on the future of indigenous people. It is stated that the experience of indigenous people should be integrated into Western culture.

Socialization and Cultural Background of People

Hardships of Tan's mother and Lia's parents can be regarded as an illustration of the importance of speaking the same language which is not limited to speaking 'perfect' English but it also means to be [...]

Portable Dictionary of Multiculturalism Concepts

Even though these people had to leave their motherland, parts of their souls are in that land and people stick to their core values as they still feel the connection.

Cultural Field Trip Experiences at an Irish Pub

As a non-Irish, I was going to be exposed to new situations and cultural and ethnic differences from the Irish people and other people who visited the pub from all over the world. As an [...]

Arabian Cultures in Hofstede’s Categorization

Classification of countries is done based on the study of the cultures of the population of the country. One of these trends is in the classification of people, societies and even countries according to the [...]

Cooties Tag as a Children’s Fictional Disease

In the synthesis of child conception, cooties in the modern medical world mean this is a complex disease function or a sue Samuelson. When a game of "cooties tag" commences, the disease is transferred in [...]

Decorative Culture in Nietzsche’s History for Life

For Nietzsche decorative culture is a culture that is not real and is not based on reality. Popular culture seems to celebrate the past and is based on a life that is not it's own.

Youth Subcultures Causing Moral Panic in Media

The norm is to compel members of the society to seek newer ideals as presented solutions to the problems identified by the interested parties in the cultural industry.

Life in the Modern United States of America

This enables individuals to relate well to their peers. Most importantly, one should retain his own culture while at the same time acclimatize to his new setting.

Wolof Culture in West African States

During the wrestling, the wrestlers were to face their contestants in a tussle that was to be decided in organized fights. Essentially, the winner of the contest was the one who was able to wrestle [...]

The Culture of Wrestling in Africa

In this contest, the victorious individual is the one who manages to make the opponent fall on the ground. The close relationship Bamba had with Allah is revealed to the Mourides through a picture taken [...]

Multicultural Matrix in the United States

It is because of these particular migratory behaviors and their positive impact on the aboriginal societies that prompt this paper to explain the multicultural matrix in the United States of America and its importance.

Chinatown and Local Celebrations in Los Angeles

This place is now known as the new Chinatown and it is the first Chinese closed society in the country to be designed and owned by Chinese Americans.

Ethnicity Studies: Hindi Culture and Issues in the US

Women are supposed to submit to their husbands and to play the role of a mother, house wife and caregiver. Congenital malformations and genetic disorders are known to cause a significant high number of deaths [...]

Multiculturalism Issues: Literature Review and Methodology

The reason why this is important is due to the fact that work teams are the backbone of any project wherein through the utilization of a variety of management practices these teams are the basis [...]

American and Israeli Festivals and Celebrations

The notable difference between festivals and celebrations in Israel and the US is the origin of the festivities. For example, The President's day is celebrated by the Americans in the month of February to honour [...]

Saudi Arabian Tradition, Etiquette and Leisure Time

It is also important to be aware of events such as prayer hours. During an invitation for leisure in Saudi Arabia, it is important to note that nothing is expected of the guest.

Indigenous Australian Culture, History, Importance

I also learned the history of indigenous Australians' abuse by White settlers, which contributed to the fact that even today, the majority of native Australians lag behind Whites in terms of what accounts for the [...]

Intercultural Dialogue and Cultural Diversity

He then introduces the aim of the article, which is to study what cultural diversity involves, clarify the need to promote it and evaluate the significant role of new media technologies in promoting that goal.

African Circumcision Festival and Western Attitude

I would make sure that I want to visit this event for the elders to be sure that I am interested in the supportive environment at the workplace and the place, I am living.

Cultural Limits and Practices in African Villages

In particular, I will explain briefly my values and moral visions that do not correspond to the cultural perceptions and, therefore, I will agree to attend the meeting at the very beginning of the event [...]

Cultural Authenticity

Bishop further shows that the multicultural work in children's literature is marked by the presence of "authenticating detail," which the author believes is present in the storyline and is embedded in the dialect used for [...]

Minority Groups and Their Cultures in Georgia

Due to this, there are several fine arts centers that bear witness to the influence of art in the State, for instance, the High museum of art, Telfair Museum of Art, among others; moreover, the [...]

Japanese Culture and Identity in Modern Era

I strongly believe that Japanese popular culture might lose its identity due to influence from other cultures, which may lead to a slight modification of the culture.

Homosexuals and Their Personal Culture

Unique culture generally refers to a set of beliefs, values, or generally the way of life of an individual irrespective of the way of life of people in the larger society.

Three Stages of Cultural Development

The main goal of this paper is to describe my personal experience along the lines of the stages of cultural development.

The Cultural Competence Development

Accordingly, it led to the invention of the cultural competency, which could be described as the ongoing dynamic process of learning and engaging in cultural differences.

Cultural Competence in Action

In this paper, the analysis of several case studies about cultural competence will be discussed to clarify how to achieve positive results and reduce the wasting of resources. In the second case, certain attention is [...]

The Culture of Irish American People

In addition to that, migration from cities and cultural enclaves to suburbs and rural areas, greater participation in the public schools with multiple cultures attending, and a considerable reduction of immigrants from Ireland led to [...]

Multicultural Competence and Its Evolvement

In order to be effective in the current multicultural environment, one has to be fully aware of the four components of multicural competence.

Multiculturalism Policies Importance in Modern World

The changes include the necessity to learn a new language and speak several languages at the same time, the inability to solve financial problems and get the income level required, and the necessity to study [...]

Cross-Cultural Differences Between the US and Pakistan

Trying to describe the differences between the countries, Hofstede managed to single out a few dimensions that allow us to understand the priorities peculiar for cultures. The choice of more precise ways to express thoughts [...]

‘Muslim Hipsters’ Backlash by Layla Shaikley

That being said, regardless of the narrow focus on the life of Muslim women in America, the article is more than just a mere description of the author's story and the video created by her.

Sociocultural Memory in European and Asian Americans

The Asian perspective on the use of memory, however, suggests that a much greater emphasis should be placed on using memory as a learning resource so that it can be expanded with the help of [...]

Disneyland in American, Japanese, European Cultures

Due to the popularity of the American culture, Disneyland's representation of American culture that spreading a positive attitude about life has a significant impact on Disneyland in Asian countries, especially in Japan.

The Shield of the United Arab Emirates

The symbols the falcon, the flag, and the parchment are on the shield of the UAE because they highlight strength and freedom, national colors, and the national pride of the country.

The Fundamental Elements of Culture: the US and India

Fundamental elements of culture, including locus of control and power distance, are influenced by a variety of factors, such as historical and socioeconomic changes that impact the development of culture.

Is Cultural Relativism a Viable Way to Live?

This paper aims to discuss the viability of such ethical theory as relativism in the context of the mentioned issues. From the relativist standpoint, such practice is the expression of the different cultural norm which [...]

Culture Dimension and Influences

A regular basis of people's behavior is caused by their cultural background that impacts on the various levels of human life such as the ways of workers' behavior during the staff meetings, how they perform [...]

“High” and “Low” Culture in Design

It will defend the view according to which the distinctions between popular culture and 'low' culture are no longer relevant since the emergence of amiddle culture'.'High' culture can be defined from the perspective of those [...]

Nepali People Profile and Mission Strategy

The Tarai people are traditionally from the plains in the South of Nepal. The overthrow of the Rana dynasty in 1951 opened Nepal to the outside world, allowing Western missions into the country for the [...]

The Daily Lives of People in Haiti and the UAE

However, in the case of Haiti, structural suffering is a cultural phenomenon connected to the historical background of the country and the changes in the gender system because of economic and social transformations.

Cultural Differences and Interpersonal Communication

The cause of the conflict is the perception of gender in workplace. Keeping this in mind, it is possible to analyze case studies from the perspective of cultural context.

Famous People and Culture

In this regard, the preliminary thesis for the project could be formulated in the following way: Famous people are the main actors who impact the evolution of culture by their actions and behaviors and precondition [...]

Native People in “Usable Pasts” by Tad Tuleja

The traditions and cultures of people that make up the populations of the United States and Canada are filled with unique experiences and events that have changed the norms of the past and present.

Navigating the Culture Theory Jungle

The amastery' culture gives individuals the power to decide what they want and how they want it in their lives. Relationship-based cultures imply that influential people moderate society and not the rules.

Cosplay Subculture Definition

Thus, within the cosplay subculture, there are a number of activities for the participants to choose from. A set of values and norms is also present in the cosplay subculture.

Adolescent Middle-Class Native Americans

The discussion of the ethnicity was quite eye-opening the adolescents noted that they were proud of being Native Americans and were ready to reveal and emphasize their cultural heritage.

Age in the American and the Japanese Cultures

In the Japanese environment, elderly people are respected and appreciated, whereas in the environment of American society, old people are viewed as dead weight.

Significance of the Rite of Passage: Maasai Lion Hunt

Serving as the means of marking the stage of a Maasai's personal growth, it works not only as a transfer from childhood to adulthood but also as the means of proving one's worth in the [...]

Developing Multicultural Competence

Practice within the multicultural context has many ethical implications, and the inability to assess clients with distinct social backgrounds and values objectively and equally may be regarded as the major violation of the ethical standards.

Cultural Pluralism in American Social Relations

In my virtual field trip, I visited three museums dedicated to the exploration and preservation of the cultural backgrounds of American Indian, African American, and Latino communities; the fourth museum was the United States Holocaust [...]

Iranian Cultural Differences in Communication

Also, Persian language is popular for Indian-European culture and makes it easy for people who speak English to speak it in Iran, which is not the case with other languages of most countries in the [...]

Globalization in the United Arab Emirates’ Culture

Despite the numerous economic advantages, globalization has impacted the traditions and culture of the Emirati people. The increased pressures of compliance attributed to globalization resulted in the Emirati society uniting in a bid to preserve [...]

Native Americans’ Burial Rituals

Additionally, the obscurity of the perspectives awaiting the dead conditioned the formation of the concept of the spiritual world and the growth of rituals used to prepare a person for his/her existence in the new [...]

Twin Pitfalls in the Cultural Diversity

Lee mentions the dramatic changes that occurred between the 1960s and the 1990s in the Dobe area that is located in modern Namibia. Lee states that he came to Kalahari to examine the hunting and [...]

Familial Culture and Individual Identity

The more a person communicates with people, the greater impact they have on the person. The impact of a family on a person affects their choice.

Traditional Maori Culture of New Zealand

This concept involves working together with other Maori people to achieve a common good and accentuates the importance of Maori business networks;

Mdewakanton Tribe of the Sioux Nation

One of these tribes of the North American continent is the Mdewakanton Tribe of the Sioux Nation, the group of people who have their unique history.

Islamic Culture and Civilization

In such a way, the objective of this paper is to analyze the crucial milestones of Islamic culture and civilization in relations to its achievements in the fields of both sciences and humanities.

Modern Greek Culture

The Orthodox Church in Greece is very important in the history of the Greek people. In addition, the Church is central to the management of government and civilian affairs.

Jamaican Culture and Philosophy

A combination of fried bread and chickpeas is unusual enough to create the impression of an exotic environment. Even though the specified items do not necessarily create a complete portrait of the cultures in question, [...]

Pop Culture as a New Tool of Imperialism

From the first standpoint, most of the experts agree upon the point that the effectiveness of pop culture as one of the instruments of the so-called "soft power" is unquestioned.

The Transformation of Caribbean Carnival Celebrations

However, due to the migration from the Caribbean and the formation of large Caribbean communities in the US, Canada, and European countries, the carnivals were transformed and helped the diaspora shape its sense of identity.

French, Chinese, Brazilian Culture & Communication

In contrast, the French culture is individualistic and has a polychromic perception of time. The mood of the person is easy to tell, and in the case of anger or discomfort, the outbursts could be [...]

Multiculturalism and Its Five Dimensions

By applying the principles of multiculturalism to any area of education, a teacher will be able to promote independence, lifelong learning, and critical thinking to students, therefore, building the foundation for their further academic success. [...]

Blue Jeans in the US Culture

The paper at hand is going to examine the idea standing behind the blue jeans and prove that they have become an important component of popular culture in the US as they reflect all core [...]

The Multifaceted Study and Comprehension of Monsters

It is worth noting that in the era of late capitalism, the multifaceted study and comprehension of monsters, as well as the study of their historical hypostases and particular social habitat, have become the recognition [...]

Intercultural Relationships Importance

However, this study does not mean that a person is born with a predetermined perception on things, only that genes can define the temperament of the person and can later suggest different preferences of beliefs [...]
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