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Perception of Intelligence in Different Cultures

As it was mentioned above, religions and philosophy play an especially important role in the perception of intelligence in the Eastern culture, while technological societies of the Western culture shape the understanding of what it [...]

Work Ethics in a Culturally Diverse Environment

The report will explore theoretical perspectives and related them to principles such as integrity, flexibility, and professionalism as factors influencing successful work experience in a culturally diverse environment.

Asian Cultural Identity: Interview

It will explore the individual's definition of cultural identity, his family origin, most important cultural values, factors that contributed towards the development of cultural identity, and the interaction between the self and cultural identity.

Traditional Culture and Modernisation

The value of culture in society is rapidly fading away as people continue to adjust to the patterns of modernisation. Modernisation, on the other hand, is the process of adopting new trends of life in [...]

Diversity Philosophy in Communication

Therefore, the moment we learn to appreciate other people who are different from us, immediately, we begin to understand humanity because their cultural, ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds shape our worldview.

American Diversity in Metaphors

Describing the diversity of human differences in the United States, it is impossible to omit the factor of immigration which plays a great role in the social development of the country.

Museums and Social-Cultural Interrelations

Nowadays, museums are usually regarded merely in the relation to the categories of Cultural Studies and Museology, but museums are also linked to the social-cultural interrelations, and museums as the institutions thus include multiple social [...]

Culture, Subculture, and Their Differences

The different activities that people across the world engage in lead to the existence of different. When people develop negative impressions of the activities that their society undertakes they are said to be in a [...]

Ugandan Culture, Traditions, Holidays

During the days of mourning, the neighbors and relatives are not allowed to engage in any form of manual work: this is meant to be a consolation signal to the deceased's relatives.

Mesoamerican Ethnographic Interpretation

The civilization of these people faced strong influences from the people in the non-Maya cultures which include the Olmecs of Mexico and the Izapa cultures of people who lived in the Pacific coast.

Gender and Racial Identity in Different Cultures

Dwelling upon gender identity, it is important to understand that the main peculiarity of male and female gender from the point of view of the cultural differences is not in the physical differences, but in [...]

Traditional Japanese Wedding and Ceremonial Dress

The purpose of this research is to learn what a traditional Japanese Wedding ceremony entails and to explore its influences and roots in the perspective of the historical, cultural and social peculiarities of the Japanese [...]

The Asian American Ethnic Enclave

The experiences of people living in ethnic enclaves have long attracted the attention of many scholars, journalists and writers because they want to understand how these communities are formed, and how the residents of these [...]

American Culture: Values and Factors

The process of development of every country is unique because of onliness of the sets of factors which influenced it. That is why, it is possible to say that they have a great influence on [...]

The Impact of Language on Culture

This work discusses the gay culture, the use of a marked language among some white men, the relationship between language and the Nerdish culture in high schools and the impact of language on racism.

Cultures in Conflict and Modernity

The culture of a people is more than the ethnic language, way of dressing and their way of working. In a society where racism is practiced, the people who are discriminated feel that life is [...]

Traditions and Heritage Revival in the UAE

Within the discursive context of Sakr's article, the term 'invention of tradition' is best discussed as Arabic oil-states' tendency to invest in exploring the cultural roots of its populations by the mean of encouraging architects [...]

Eastern and Western Cultures Difference

The story illustrates this clearly through the narrator who represents the western culture as he has stayed in California for a long time and his father who represents the eastern culture.

Mi’kmaq and Saudi Cultures Comparison

In Saudi Arabia, the Arab inhabitants of the country have a unique and rich culture. Religion plays a huge role in the lives of the Saudi Arabs and the Canadian Mi'kmaq.

Time-Space Perception in the Asian Culture

Because of the challenging alterations, which the humankind had to go through in the course of the globalization, the technological breakthrough and the opportunities that it unleashed, the cultures fusion, which new methods of communication [...]

Singapore Diversity Culture

Under the control of the principal minister and the head of state, the cabinet holds the administrative supremacy. Singapore has one of the richest cultures in Asia.

Blacks’ Prison Experiences in Hip Hop Culture

Though considering the controversy that has been the "elephant in the room" for quite a time, Dyson clearly takes his argument to an admittedly high level of convincingness, it is not only the consideration of [...]

Culture: American Values and Society Aspects

The holidays are, therefore, an important aspect of American life, and they contribute to making the nation great. In this way, sports bring people together, and they are able to relate with each other, which [...]

Culture of Italy: History and Evolution

The Eastern Rite Catholics and the Jews among other religions such as Islam and the Orthodox makes up the other 2%.as already mentioned, the Roman Catholic is the major religion in Italy and therefore it [...]

The Erosion of Cultural Differences

This paper looks into globalisation via cultural perspective whereby the mobility of people in the contemporary world has facilitated the understanding of new cultures and identities in a globalised world.

Cultural Diversity: Diversification and Integration

Cultural diversity influences the development and integration of the global society through the formation of collective identity. The various components of culture determine the identity of various groups and individuals in the society.

Tattoos Meaning in the USA Today

Looking at modern popular culture devoted to tattoos, it is possible to state that the tendency to making tattoos on more visible parts of the body has occurred.

Sacred Space Studies: Crater Lake

The serenity of the place comes from the lake itself and the vegetation surrounding it. The locals associate the blue color of the lake with the royalty of the place.

Japanese Symbolic Competition in Consumption

This, aptly put, dictates that the consumption of the given product is influenced by the symbol attached to it, and the value appended is directly proportional to its symbol in society, such is regarded as [...]

Culture Research: the Nayar of India

This paper explores the culture of the Indian Nayar's with the perspective to establish their subsistence methods. The Nayar society is matrilineal in nature and women enjoy massive power regarding diverse aspects of their culture.

Navajo Cultural Anthropology

The story is preserved in myths and is recounted in the ceremony known as 'blessing way' which is the foundation of the Navajo way of life.

Chinese and Argentine Cultures Comparison

In contrast, in LC cultures, people rely on nonverbal cues, such as body language, to determine the exact meaning of a verbal communication. There are also differences in the way HC and LC cultures convey [...]

Westernization of the World

From this review, it is clear that the author links westernization to colonization, which means that adoption and practice of western culture by third world countries is similar to colonization.

Conformity: Western Culture vs. Islamic Culture

Religious conformity, in general, means the submission of personal religious views, values, and beliefs to the values, principles and norms established in the religious system of the particular society.

Dealing With Multicultural Patients

Therefore, it is crucial for a therapist to be culturally competent in order to be able to understand the patient's cultural assumptions, unerringly identify their diagnosis, and choose the proper treatment.

The Armenian Diaspora in France

This was the case among the Armenians who were forced to flee from their homeland by the genocide of 1915. The term "Diaspora" is appropriate for the Armenians living outside the Republic of Armenia since [...]

What Is Ethnicity and Does It Matter?

In her study What is ethnicity and does it matter, Kachan Chandra attempts at defining the phenomenon, and she does so very successfully by introducing the religious influence onto the process of ethnicity shaping into [...]

Ethnic Minorities in China

In spite of the claims of the Chinese government about distributing equal rights and recognition to all the ethnic minorities of the Country the tension between the Han people and the other nations never goes [...]

Hutus and Tutsis Ethnic Groups Conflict

This essay will explore the concept of ethnic conflict concerning the conflict between the Hutus and Tutsis of Rwanda. The most notable ethnic difference between the two groups is that Hutus are generally shorter than [...]

American Born Chinese’s Cultural Dilemma

Therefore, the focus of the research is to assess the cultural dilemma that the American born Chinese face in America. Many respondents highlighted that this makes the American born Chinese to possess bicultural behaviors of [...]

The Dalai Lamas Influence on American Culture

Nevertheless, even though the growing popularity of the Buddhist philosophy in the U.S.is being commonly referred to in terms of a 'thing in itself', there are many reasons to think of it, as something that [...]

Developing Cross-cultural Competence

To show that the families who belong to different cultural groups have many distinctions that are to be noted to enhance the delivery of the services, the diversity of the population in the United States [...]

American Culture

In fact, every corner of the globe feels the influence of the American culture. This positively contributes to easy transmission and friendly reception of the American culture.