Multiculturalism Essay Examples and Topics

The complexity of relationships between americans and the representatives of other nationalities through the prism of literature

In the “melting pot” of the United States, intercultural relationships have always been complicated (Bayor 98). Despite the fact that the numerous attempts at restoring the balance between the American culture and the culture of the minorities have failed so far, which can be traced in the regular instances of injustice and violence among the […]

Key Elements and Processes in International Business Communication

Introduction Business communication is a vital concept that makes it possible for organizations to improve their internal and external work functions. Organizations that have proper communication policies are likely to benefit from their employees’ skills and talents. Business firms need to establish strong inter-cultural human resource policies to enable their workers perform their duties more […]

Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

The increasing internationalization and globalization armed with technology has made the world a global village. This means that people in different parts worldwide can intersect at a common place for reasons such as employment. Likewise, companies start looking around to expand their operations as the world increasingly becomes interconnected. Though this concept looks interesting, it […]

Cross Culture Communication

During the years, the trend of companies having call centres has developed rapidly. This has made communications with customers easier, faster and cost effective. In order to save more on the cost, companies from the developed countries such as the USA and UK have opened their call centres in the developing countries. But this has […]

Effective Communication Strategies in a Culturally Diverse Workforce

As more and more organizations come face to face with a multicultural workforce structure due to enhanced globalization and internalization of labor (Seymen, 2006), contemporary managers must demonstrate proficient cross-cultural communication skills if they wish to succeed in today’s global environment (Munter, 1993). The present paper discusses some communication strategies that can be used by […]

Organizational Culture, Its Missions and Objectives

Brief Examination of the Issue and Concept Conceptually, culture is a wide and multi-faceted term. In some way, it defines the kind of people we are and how we socialize with one another on the regional and national fronts (Tosti, 2002). Best described as a system of values and norms with acquired behaviors which are […]

Embarking onto the Path of Multiculturalism

Business communication is not an easy process. A person responsible for the communication processes in a company must be prepared for a range of issues that may occur in the course of negotiations. However, the problem of the culture clash remains the most difficult problem to handle in business communication. Communication Issues and the Related […]

Culture and Communication: Egypt

Introduction Egypt is the origin of the earliest civilizations and has taken an important position in the Middle East as the connection between the Arab and Europe regions. Egyptian culture and practices are greatly influenced by Arab, African, and Mediterranean cultures, and it is a distinctive mixture of modern and traditional cultures and behaviours. Most […]

Culture and Conflict

Paul looks at how understanding and communication are essential to analysing issues of culture and conflict among people from different cultural backgrounds. He argues that global meetings and negotiations rely on other factors like human perceptions ad behaviour. These factors rely on subjective and common cultures of the people involved. Conflicts may occur due to […]

The Prompts to Adapt to the US Culture according to Hofstede’s Taxonomy

The effective adaptation to the culture of the foreign country contributes to the further progress within the unfamiliar society. To adapt to the US culture and to the principles of interaction within the society, it is necessary to pay attention to the specific aspects according to which it is possible to characterize the social relations […]

Material Culture as Media Communication

The prevailing culture in a society influences individual and collective perceptions of materials belonging to people in a given culture. Artefacts, adornments, and other objects within a culture are also perceived within the realm of cultural beliefs and practices (Appadurai 304). However, different groups of persons within a society give different interpretations to such artefacts, […]

Importance of Stereotypes in Communication

Communication between people may be predetermined by a variety of means, and the role of stereotypes is crucial indeed. People are eager to use their prior knowledge about different ethnic groups to be ready for communicating, still, the impact of stereotypes cannot be pure negative or pure positive, and this is why it is always […]

Bridging the Cultural Gap in a Medical Practice: Use of Body Language

The knowledge about non-verbal communication cues and the use of body language among individuals of various cultural orientations is critical in the health practice because clinicians and support staff who may be unaware of the cultural variations in communication may not only miss critical medical implications for a patient but can also unintentionally aggravate an […]

Culture,Communication and Intercultural Relationships

Introduction Studying intercultural communication and relationship between culturally diverse groups in the work setting is important because it assists employees and employers in catering for experiences and characteristics of different people within an organization. Cultural diversity is made of various aspects of human existence for instance gender ethnic, age and racial differences. It also caters […]

Cultural dimensions

From a global business perspective, understanding culture of various communities is critical. This is because culture plays a critical role in business transactions and operations. Yamagishi (2003) identified various aspects that define culture. They are heritage, norms of reciprocity and rules, way of life, societal norms, psychological orientations, regulation of human life, common beliefs, community […]

Intercultural Communication Analysis

Introduction Intercultural communication refers to how people originating from different cultural backgrounds interact. These cultural differences include the various ways in which people perceive and symbolize things as well as the various ways in which they express themselves. (DeFleur, Kearney, Plax, & DeFleur 6). Different co cultural affiliations There are various co-cultural affiliations that a […]