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Multiculturalism Essay Examples and Topics

Multiculturalism Effect in the UAE

In some countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, globalization has led to the migration of people from other countries, and consequently, the country is populated by more expatriates than the Emiratis, that is, the [...]
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Multicultural Society and Labor Force in the USA

In this regard, the society has the implications that there is a mixture between different cultures, and through this, the different mixed cultures are amalgamated with no existence of any sort of intervention by the [...]
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Multiculturalism as the Practice of Recognizing

Multiculturalism is the practice of recognizing the existence of diverse ethnic and cultural groups in the society. This is because all the citizens have a right to own property and hence the gap between the [...]
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Leadership Theory in the United States and Korea

The style of leadership theory promoted in western countries such as the UK and the US, it is impractical in eastern block nations like China and both the Koreas unless modifications are made to accommodate [...]
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Multiculturalism: Positive Impact

Most improper and incorrect views of other cultures and races is the result of stigmatization which is never disproven due to the segregation of the country and the overall lack of opportunity for people to [...]
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Cultural and Cross Cultural Perspectives in Education

If we start to understand the concept of ME by viewing the history of pages, it is obvious that throughout history, Americans were the first to hear that African-Americans were not very intelligent and were [...]
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Policy of Ethnicity and Identity: Multiculturalism

It emerged as a philosophy at the end of the nineteenth century in Britain and by the twentieth century, it transformed into political and cultural pluralism along with the widespread ethnic conflict that is remembered [...]
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Canadian Immigration and Multiculturalism

The number of Aboriginal peoples in the total Canadian population is growing. The third force consists of the racial and ethnic minorities that are not included in the Charter groups.
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Multi-Culturalism in America

Where most of the people have immigrated to America in pursuit of the "American Dream" of success, others have been forced into this country as slaves of the natives.
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Multiculturalism Issue in the USA

To champion the rights of "peoples," as multiculturalism does, is contrary to the foundations of traditional democratic freedoms which have their roots in individual rights, not group or peoples' rights. The dilemma is the popular [...]
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Culture, Globalization and Intercultural Adaptation

At the same time, I feel that the welcoming environment of the Canadian society encourages me to accept some of the local traditions and values as well, the idea of shared cultural knowledge and openness [...]
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Cultural Competence Within the Healthcare System

It could be hardly doubted that in the contemporary world, which is the subject to continuous changes related to the process of globalization the understanding of different cultural values and norms, as well as developing [...]
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Socialization and Cultural Background of People

Hardships of Tan's mother and Lia's parents can be regarded as an illustration of the importance of speaking the same language which is not limited to speaking 'perfect' English but it also means to be [...]
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Multicultural Matrix in the United States

It is because of these particular migratory behaviors and their positive impact on the aboriginal societies that prompt this paper to explain the multicultural matrix in the United States of America and its importance.
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Multiculturalism Policies Importance in Modern World

The changes include the necessity to learn a new language and speak several languages at the same time, the inability to solve financial problems and get the income level required, and the necessity to study [...]
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Disneyland in American, Japanese, European Cultures

Due to the popularity of the American culture, Disneyland's representation of American culture that spreading a positive attitude about life has a significant impact on Disneyland in Asian countries, especially in Japan.
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Developing Multicultural Competence

Practice within the multicultural context has many ethical implications, and the inability to assess clients with distinct social backgrounds and values objectively and equally may be regarded as the major violation of the ethical standards.
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Cultural Pluralism in American Social Relations

In my virtual field trip, I visited three museums dedicated to the exploration and preservation of the cultural backgrounds of American Indian, African American, and Latino communities; the fourth museum was the United States Holocaust [...]
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Multiculturalism and Its Five Dimensions

By applying the principles of multiculturalism to any area of education, a teacher will be able to promote independence, lifelong learning, and critical thinking to students, therefore, building the foundation for their further academic success. [...]
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Intercultural Relationships Importance

However, this study does not mean that a person is born with a predetermined perception on things, only that genes can define the temperament of the person and can later suggest different preferences of beliefs [...]
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Advice on Multiculturalism Issues

The ethical issue of multicultural counseling refers to the problem of cross-cultural interactions in the framework of clinical, counseling, and psychotherapy services that are rather important.
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Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

For a high UAI, It means that communication and preparation in the company is in time. An example is a company that wants to invest or intends to start a business in the United Kingdom [...]
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Cross Culture Communication

In order to save more on the cost, companies from the developed countries such as the USA and UK have opened their call centres in the developing countries.
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Organizational Culture, Its Missions and Objectives

They are the kind of relationship between the workers and the company's administration, the nature of the hierarchical model of command and the general viewpoint of the workers concerning the future of the company.
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Embarking onto the Path of Multiculturalism

There is no doubt that the road to a successful and easy business communication between the representatives of different cultures and communities is not going to be easy.
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  • Words: 602

Culture and Communication: Egypt

Egypt is the origin of the earliest civilizations and has taken an important position in the Middle East as the connection between the Arab and Europe regions.
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Culture and Conflict

Paul looks at how understanding and communication are essential to analysing issues of culture and conflict among people from different cultural backgrounds.
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Material Culture as Media Communication

The prevailing culture in a society influences individual and collective perceptions of materials belonging to people in a given culture. In the religious sphere, the cap is used as a symbol of one's religion.
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Importance of Stereotypes in Communication

People are eager to use their prior knowledge about different ethnic groups to be ready for communicating, still, the impact of stereotypes cannot be pure negative or pure positive, and this is why it is [...]
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Culture, Communication and Intercultural Relationships

Both the employer and employees must focus on the differences and similarities presented to the workplace. When there are intercultural relationships, the workplace is free of non-discriminatory instances and the management are able to support [...]
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Cultural dimensions

A study to investigate the "influence of individual cultural orientation on the effectiveness and demand for auditing" carried out by Kachelmeier and Shehata revealed that, in situations of low anonymity, self-interest is likely to be [...]
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Intercultural Communication Analysis

This way, they will be able to learn the different languages and this is important for communication and good co-existence in the societies. The kind or number of affiliations that a person may have with [...]
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