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Cultural Issues Essay Examples and Topics

Traditional Culture and Modernisation

The value of culture in society is rapidly fading away as people continue to adjust to the patterns of modernisation. Modernisation, on the other hand, is the process of adopting new trends of life in [...]

The Impact of Language on Culture

This work discusses the gay culture, the use of a marked language among some white men, the relationship between language and the Nerdish culture in high schools and the impact of language on racism.

Cultures in Conflict and Modernity

The culture of a people is more than the ethnic language, way of dressing and their way of working. In a society where racism is practiced, the people who are discriminated feel that life is [...]

Blacks’ Prison Experiences in Hip Hop Culture

Though considering the controversy that has been the "elephant in the room" for quite a time, Dyson clearly takes his argument to an admittedly high level of convincingness, it is not only the consideration of [...]

Westernization of the World

From this review, it is clear that the author links westernization to colonization, which means that adoption and practice of western culture by third world countries is similar to colonization.

The Role of Person Appearance in Western Culture

In this paper, I will explore the discursive significance of the above-mentioned phenomenon at length, while promoting the idea that it should be discussed in close conjunction to what account for the instruments of hegemonic [...]

Relationship Between Language and Culture

The purpose of the essay is to clearly highlight the issue of intercultural communication with reference to language. Language is the first element that helps an individual to distinguish the cultural orientations of individuals.

Cultural Aspects in Different Societies

For example, in some cultures, funerals represent a time of feasting and making merry whereas in majority of cultures funerals represent a time of grief and mourning. Their different cultures enable them to tolerate the [...]

Youth Popular Cultures and Music

In the recent past, the growth and transfer of various types of music, such as rock 'n' roll, hip hop, and other forms of music entertainment only contributed to the expansion and consolidation of the [...]

Appropriation of Black Culture Life by Whites

The cultural appropriation is destined to be hurtful when the source group is a minority group that has been persecuted or misused in different ways, or when the object of appropriation is especially delicate.

Cultural Diversity in Society

The concepts of the diversity of the US culture that are shared in this article are important as they are address different elements of a culture that are important when it comes to determining how [...]

Smoking Culture in Society

Smoking culture refers to the practice of smoking tobacco by people in the society for the sheer satisfaction and delight it offers.

Cultural Diffusion

The process by which cultural traits and items are spread from one individual to another, either within a particular cultural setting or from one culture to another is known as cultural diffusion.

Cultural Belief System

In most communities, the belief systems form the basis for validity of governance systems in the community as well as the acceptable laws governing behavior in the society.

Cultural Sensitivity

Additionally it is vitally imperative that instructors interact with their audience in a manner that is respectful to the audience, that is why it sometimes becomes very hard to crack jokes because jokes that are [...]

Social and Cultural Diversity Statement

Diversity is instrumental and vital in the process of empowering the minority in the society. Having the ability to imagine other points of view, the minority group will start attending to the social dimensions of [...]

The World Heritage Case Study: Australia

Some of the objectives that were set are to conserve and protect the world heritage value of the sites, to incorporate the protection of the site into a complete planning program and to ensure that [...]

‘Cocacolonisation’ and Culture Homogeny

In the article, "The Cocacolonisation of Difference: Homogenized Diversity in 21st Century Cultural Practice", the author is talking of globalization and its effects, by using the word 'Cocacolonisation'.'Cocacolonisation', as the author employs, is a metaphor [...]

Multicultural Counseling Theory

This could be due to the fact that the two clients are from different origins and the counselor in question could be familiar to the culture of one of them hence he was able to [...]

Cultural Relativism and Ethics

Indeed, this implies that ethical issues are out of bounds to outsiders in a given culture and it can only be analyzed within the context of the culture in question.

Dubai Expo

The surveys show that residents of Dubai and UAE expect the Expo to have positive effects on the local culture and multicultural relationships in the UAE with about 65 percent of the respondents encouraging family [...]

Relativism Definition in Philosophy

Relativism continues to experience controversy and contention due to its core ideals that seek to defend the relative and volatile nature of truth and ethical conduct in social contexts.

Understanding Material Culture by Ian Woodward

Using illustrations, the author discusses various aspects of material culture in manner that does not deviate from the main objective of the book which is to show the reader that consumption is part of culture [...]

Cultural Diversity Management in the Workplace

To understand the management of cultural diversity in the hospitality industry, the following areas are discussed, the reasons for managing cultural diversity in the work place, the benefits of managing cultural diversity in the work [...]

The Concepts of Culture

In the definition of culture, emphasis has been laid on the premise that it involves people adapting to the conditions in which they live.

Cultural Representation in Bollywood

Whenever it comes to the study of philosophy, Gramsci who happens to be an author too, discusses the role of identity in the development of a world view and argues that in acquiring ones conception [...]

Cultural Pride and Cultural Baggage

One of the articles that was written by Kincaid gives her experiences in England which portrays her cultural baggage as she finds it quite hard to fit in this society and to adopt a similar [...]

Who owns the past?

The heated debate surrounding the Elgin marbles led to the sale of the marble to the British government, which placed the marbles in the British museum.

Cultural differences

With this respect, managing diversity is core to the effective management of people within an organization, and it is usually relevant to the all the business processes and functions.

All Forms of Culture are of Equal Value

This has come about because of the cultural diversities of many countries in the west as more and more people from developing countries settle in the west. The culture of man is essentially about the [...]

How Culture Builds Everyday Life

In fact, culture as a way of life is the more common definition across the world, to the extent that local communities in the remotest regions tend to have a word that means the same [...]

Globalization of the US Media

Since the advent of information revolution in the 1950s, the media is one of those industries that has undergone through a radical change so as to meet the current global demands as a result of [...]

Intercultural Relations

As Yeh explains, this is mainly due to the reason that the intercultural interactions in history were minimal compared to the 21st century which is reason enough for the course not to be a part [...]

Cultural Conformity

The other value is cohesion in the group; a leader is the semblance of unity in any group or society, therefore, he or she must represent the will of the majority.

Intercultural Language Use

This spiritual thought led to the differences in the way s language is used in different cultures and the way in which the language reflects the culture and it's worldwide.

Managing Across Cultures

One side of the business card should be in the Korean language, placed neatly in a business card portfolio, and should never be written in the other person's presence.

Australian Museum Preview

In the same way, the National Museum of Australia considerably influences the character of history in terms of embroiled presentation of facts distinguishing the history of nation.

Adoption of Modern Ideologies in Asia

This has in turn influenced the way the region views and approaches the rest of the society. One thing that led to the adoption of western ideologies into the Asian region was the spread of [...]

Differences in Culture

These cultural values differentiate one community from the other and thus the need to reduce misunderstanding and conflicts in the business world.

Cultural Diversity Training

At the end of the training, Johns notes that learners should be able to identify some of the benefits and challenges associated with cultural diversity in the context of criminal justice system.

Cultural Relations

Culture is defined as "a system of values and norms that are shared among a group of people and that, taken together, constitute a design for living". For example, in the Chinese culture, the concept [...]

Beauty and Culture

Spain, on the other hand, has adapted the ultra option for the beauty scene just like in the U.S. Most people believe that the ideal nature of beauty is in the context of the U.S.

Multiculturalism in the USA

The USA seems not to have personal culture as the number of immigrants who have come to the country has affected the cultural destinations of the Native Americans and now it seems that the whole [...]

Recognition or Redistribution

The role of the press in this dilemma is highlighted because the press eventually determines how nations handle redistribution and recognition issues. Siapera's account of the redistribution and recognition dilemma is easy to understand.