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Holidays Essay Examples and Topics

Thanksgiving Dinner Preparations

The plates have to be placed at the center of the table in front of the guest and the knives and spoons on the right side of the guest.
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Christmas Celebrations in Spanish Culture

The Virgin Mary is Spain's patron saint and this is the reason behind the Christmas officially beginning in the 8th of December with the Immaculate Conception feast.
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Day of the Dead: History and Cultural Aspect

The Day of the Dead, a feast celebrated in honor of the souls of departed loved ones, dates back to the 16th century, and its origin has been linked to the European colonial conquest of [...]
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Lunar Vietnamese New Year’s Event: Flower Festival

It should be noted that the festival is held for several days, and its primary purpose is to prepare the visiting people for the main celebration. The center of all activities that bring the majority [...]
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The Dragon Boat Festival on Qi’ao Island

The origins of the holiday are unknown, but there are many popular theories that suggest the holiday to be associated with the death of Qu Yang a famous Chinese thinker and poet.
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Festivals and Celebrations

Music festivals are sources of entertainment and pleasure, and they provide opportunities for actuality and being in the right place. The prime objective of most of the festivals is to fulfil the specific needs of [...]
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American and Israeli Festivals and Celebrations

The notable difference between festivals and celebrations in Israel and the US is the origin of the festivities. For example, The President's day is celebrated by the Americans in the month of February to honour [...]
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Christmas Celebration in New York City

I was mesmerized with the arrangements and the atmosphere of the city which was full with a colorful holiday spirit as everyone enjoyed the celebrations to their fullest.
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The Day of the Dead

The festivity of the "Day of the Dead is a concept that demonstrates strong respect for ancestors, the continued love for the departed ones, the strength of family relationships, and humor in death".
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Spring Festival Gala

The festival has led to massive public awareness on the Chinese culture The culture movement led to the realization of the importance of the support received from the mass media and the role the popular [...]
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St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated all over the world today due to the spread of the Irish heritage around the globe.
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Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos celebrations

Halloween was celebrated by the Celtic inhabitants to mark the beginning of the New Year celebrations. The Druids were the priests, and the educated class of the Celtic group.
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Chinese New Year Foods

This piece of work will give an in depth discussion of Chinese culture with the central focus being on the Chinese New Year Foods and its relationship with the changes that have been experienced in [...]
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Thanksgiving History and Significance

This holiday is celebrated with a lot of merrymaking and communal Thanksgiving as it is the day celebrated with an aim of showing gratitude for all the great things that life has given to a [...]
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Thanksgiving’s Day History

It hence makes much sense to conclude this essay by attesting to the fact that for a fulfilling commemoration of the thanksgiving event, the satisfaction of almost all the human senses is deemed necessary.
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Halloween is bad

It signifies the time when the wall between the world of the dead or supernatural and the living was broken down.
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Easter Celebration

The annual celebration of the Easter holiday is one of the major events in lives of all religious Christians. The Orthodoxies consider the resurrection of the Christ the most important occasion in the whole history [...]
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Wedding in the UAE

The preparation for the wedding in the UAE is a long process, and the wedding ceremony is the great beautiful act which consists of several stages.
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The Surprises of a Dutch Birthday

My friend is from the Netherlands, and it has appeared that the Dutch have a very different understanding of the way birthdays should be celebrated.
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