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Thanksgiving Dinner Preparations Essay

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Updated: Dec 1st, 2021


Thanks giving dinner can be defined as the celebration of thanks giving day in a traditional way that includes different items of menu such as potato, cranberries, corn, pumpkin, pie etc. It is a tradition observed every year. On this special day, people celebrate feast and give thanks. Usually, the dinner is served in the afternoon and the whole family and their friends come together to celebrate by taking delicious food and drink. Food is prepared along with a number of side dishes. Turkey can be prepared in many ways such as roasting, frying, grilling etc.

Table Setting and Preparations

There are a set of table tips for the thanks giving dinner. At first, make sure that everything is ready at the table such as sufficient plates, spoons, chairs, utensils, knives etc. Take all the dining equipments for washing and cleaning one by one. Plastic dining sets which are very attractive and beautiful can be used for the dinner. Arrange the table and chairs in a way that is convenient to the people to sit. The plates have to be placed at the center of the table in front of the guest and the knives and spoons on the right side of the guest. The fork and napkin must be placed on the left side of the guest. Drinks must be on the right side and bread must be kept on the left side of the guest. Soup must be poured in a soup bowl and must be kept on the plate. If the table is not big enough to keep all these items, keep a separate folding table near to the table and make space for the turkey on the table. Before serving, it must be ensured that everyone sits at the table. If everyone is seated, start with serving side dishes.

There are a lot of things which are to be kept in mind while one plans a thanksgiving dinner. At first, the list of the guests should be prepared before planning the menu. Thanksgiving dinner includes mainly four sections, such as appetizers, main course, side dishes, and desserts. It requires a lot of hard work to prepare and cool all these items. It is important to know whether the guests are vegetarians or non-vegetarians and if there are vegetarians, vegetarian food must also be prepared. Making the list of all items which are required for the menu is a risky work. We must check whether they are available in the kitchen. Then invite the relatives and friends and identify the guests who are sure to come and who are not sure for the function. Then, the dining table should be arranged with wine glasses, dinnerware, napkins, spoons, knives and other decorations and it should be set according to the number of people. Other appliances such as oven, thermometer must be checked whether they are clean or not. We have to start cleaning the house before weeks and start decorations.


Some of the dishes must be prepared in advance. Buy a turkey before one month of dinner and make cheese cakes before two weeks of dinner. Preparing cranberry sauce and defrosting the turkey are important and it should be done before a week. Preparation of pie and chopping of vegetables can be done one day before the dinner and other dishes like roasted turkey, salads have to be prepared on the day of dinner.

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