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Thanksgiving Dinner Reflective Essay

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Updated: Jun 26th, 2019

It has always been said that the more you travel and go places the more things you get to learn and experience. This statement incidentally suits me in very many ways such that I can attest to it. During the course of my study in America, I got to meet and mingle with different people who from each I was able to at least gain something.

Among the experiences, there is this memorable event I will live to remember as long as I am alive. There was this friend of mine whom we happened to share the same college as well as the course I was pursuing. Because of this we became inseparable friends and extended the friendship to our parents as well.

At one time during summer, my friend’s parents invited my parents and me to a thanksgiving dinner that was being held at their home. Since the Thanksgiving Day in America is among their major holidays, this family had made so many preparations to just make the event colourful and successful.

I was amazed by the different varieties of recipes available, most of which were new to me. The meal was served in three main courses. I can admit that this was my first time to attend a buffet and was almost confused when it came to the food selection given the wide categories. Apart from food, there were also a wide variety of drinks ranging from the non-alcoholic to the alcoholic.

Since I was in the company of my parents, I pretended to only take little of the alcoholic drinks though deep down in my heart I eyed the different brands I had not tested before.

This was a dinner of its kind since after the people had feasted to their fullest they were led to the dancing hall where we found salsa dancers performing. Everyone joined them and the whole hall was filled with a little bit slow music for the better part of the dinner.

This can be said to be one of my best experiences so far in my life. This is because I got to learn so many things and especially about the American culture. I was advantaged to have a taste of various American delicacies, more so those prepared on thanks giving dinners. For example, wild mushroom pates, caramelized shallot dips, creamy blue cheese just to mention but a few.

These are delicacies prepared during such occasions and since I had not been privileged to attend any of such I therefore had not encountered them. Not only did I get to taste new food varieties but I also got to meet new friends among the attendants of the dinner.

For instance, one of the friends I got to chat with on that day happened to be a technology student in our college and helps me greatly with any problems in my electronic devices. It is usually from such meetings that people get to meet true friends and even lifetime partners.

Last but not least, I had the chance to experience how functions are organised such that I do not have any problem in future in case I want to organise one for a friend or myself.

In all these, I acknowledge my friend who not only gave me such an opportunity but also to my parents who were not any different from me. This was also their first time to attend such a dinner and with that, they thanked me abundantly for our good relationship with my friend.

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