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Divorce Outcomes: Poverty and Instability

Divorce is not the solution to challenges in marriage since it results in poverty, instability and unstable environment for children. Personal analysis shows that due to this situation, some children are usually left to the [...]

Early Marriage and Its Impact on Education

Given the significant impacts that early marriage has had on education, this paper builds on the available recent research to establish the extent of early marriage and its impacts on the lives of children.

Parenting Styles of Young Adults

The authoritative parenting style generates intrinsic motivation in students, which enables them to have better academic performance. Different studies have indicated that better academic performance is not confined to the authoritative parenting style.

Marriage in the New Millennium

It is in the opinion of this paper that such attitudes are actually connected to the prevalence of divorce in the present day era due to how children perceive the frailty of relationships, the inherent [...]

Family Studies: Various Approaches

Negative spaces explored in the article are the sides and issues of the family that are not easy to perceive, the areas Daly is the most interested in are the factors of intuition, folklore and [...]

Marital Dissolution: Risk Factors in the US

One of the reasons for this is that, due to being multidimensional, in the discursive sense of this word, the issue of marital dissolution in this country is much too complex, to be concerned with [...]

Homosexual Marriage: Causes of Debates

This question can be discussed with the help of scholarly sources that throw light on various peculiarities of same-sex marriage. On the whole, this research may show that there are no valid reasons to prohibit [...]

Life of the Future

In the life of the future everything is about time and speed- the faster you move, the more successful you are.

Money and Happiness in Poor and Wealthy Societies

Comprehending the motivations for pursuing money and happiness is the key to understanding this correlation. The Easterlin paradox summed this view by showing that income had a direct correlation with happiness.

Planning a Wedding: Cultural Differences and Challenges

The processes involved in processing include the discovery of the problem, making the decision to find solutions to the issues, working to understand the issue, research on possible options that could be utilized in problem-solving, [...]

Relationships’ Types and Differences

Common types of relationships include family relationships, intimate relationships, professional relationships, and friendships. Each of these relationships is expressed in a different stage of development.

Absolute Gender Equality in a Marriage

Despite the fact that the principles of gender equality in marriage will clearly affect not only the relationships between a husband and a wife but also the roles of the spouses considerably, it is bound [...]

Divorce and Its Effects on Women

Both the adherents and the non-adherents of religion concur that the harmony and civilization that the world has been enjoying in the past century has been possible due to organization. Divorce, on the other hand, [...]

Cohabiting Before Marriage: Reasons and Benefits

The concept of cohabitation is traditionally looked down at by the representatives of the contemporary society, which is quite weird given the fact that the phenomenon of diversity and plurality of opinions have been promoted [...]

Marriage and Family Challenges

As a rule, one of the principal reasons for a difficult adaptation is the initially inflated requirements of one of the spouses or even both of them.

Family Life Education and Management

Using Andrea Henderson's case, Hill et al.show the need for IBM to develop flexible corporate work and family programs, which are beneficial to both the employees and the organization. In this article, Tubbs, Roy, and [...]

Parenting and Its Major Styles

Relations between the children and their parents are the basic criteria on which the development of the child is based. In the course of a month or two, an infant begins to show the affection [...]

Is the U.S. Family in a Moral Decline?

That is why it is possible to analyze different points of view on the problem to understand what factors influence it and what is the future of the family in the USA.

Definition of the Term “Family”

It is obvious that to be regarded as a part of the family, a person needs to fulfill certain functions. All of these factors may be a by-product of family relations, but in the end [...]

The Family as the Basic Social Unit

Furthermore, liberals, such as Archard, argue that the family is characterized by the roles and responsibilities that are evident in family privacy and the protection of intimacy.

Feminism and Modern Friendship

While criticizing these individuals, Marilyn asserts that the omission of sex and gender implies that these individuals wanted to affirm that social attachment such as societies, families, and nationalities contribute to identity rather than sex [...]

Ten Year Life Plan

My education will be done at the University of Nevada where I am planning to study the hospitality management as a major and the event management as a minor.

Preparing for the Millennium

With respect to work plan, the research paper will argue in detail why I chose to work in a given area, how I got the job. I intend to transfer to the University of Nevada [...]

Boundaries in Marriage

The model proposed by Cloud and Townsend is practically applicable to the development and preservation of healthy affiliations. The establishment of healthy boundaries has proved to be a rather difficult task because the authors assume [...]

Gay Marriage’s Social and Religious Debates

However, whether one is for or against gay marriages, the paper argues that, depending on the angle from which one would look at same sex marriages, he/she needs to do a careful scrutiny of the [...]

Thanksgiving Dinner

During the course of my study in America, I got to meet and mingle with different people who from each I was able to at least gain something.

An Advocacy Campaign Strategy

The higher the number of same sex partners in this campaign the better and easier it will be to pass their messages to the public.

Surrogacy and How it Affects Families

Further, the use of a medical practitioner in the entire process of surrogacy considerably reduces the above events and other factors that may promote destruction of the institution of the family.

Personal Problem Solving

The person solving the problem must prioritize the issues surrounding the problem. The targeted evidence and information will determine the success of every problem solving process.

Work Life Balance

The ability of a person to maintain the healthy work-life balance is critical for his performance and commitment to the goals set by leaders.

Single Parents Raise Kids

Similarly, the research by DeJean et al.reports that the attitudes toward single parenting are negative in regard to the parent's stability and the personalities of the children.

“Dating and the single parent” by Deal, R

The features involved in any premarital counseling include steps to bring the couples together, issues that entail the roles of the couples, occurrences of grounding the religious marriages, and the resources helping pastors during counseling.

Is the Family a Fabricated Thing?

The family also serves as a tool for socialization since the shared moral and social values of the community are inculcated in the children withing the family setting.

Gay Marriage in The UK

The proposed law in UK will permit one to have equal access to civil marriages for same-sex couples instead of civil partnership as is available now.

Personal Development Plan: Effective Acculturation

The personal development plan is illustrated by outlining the personal development objectives intended to be attained and the actions that will be undertaken in order to accomplish the stated objectives.

Marriage and Love are Incompatible

Majority of the people believe that marriage and love go hand-in-hand, but the truth of the matter is that marriage and love are completely incompatible.

Effects of Divorce on Children

When a divorce happens between a married couple with children, the interest of the children have to be secured as provided for by the law so that they do not end up suffering as a [...]

At-Risk Children

This is one of the main issues that should be considered by educators and social workers. This is one of the main aspects that can be identified.

Families with Members who Experience Disabilities

Early childhood services which offer professionalized care services to parents help them meet the needs of the special children so that parents are able to balance their strengths, resources and challenges in the family.

Role Strain in Family Care Giving

Some of the roles in a family that require care are looking after the elderly, parents take care of their children until when they are old enough to take care of themselves, disabled and even [...]

The Cultural Heritage of Canada

In addition, the percentage of the common law marriages is on the rise. In addition, the law favors women about the custody of children in divorce cases.

Causes and Effects of Divorce

Infidelity makes many marriages to break due to the fact that the person being cheated on feels that all the commitments and sacrifice made to ensure the marriage lasts are betrayed.

Gay Marriages

Critics of gay marriages in the United States point out that the practice is morally wrong because the purpose of a marriage is to portray a relationship between a man and a woman and the [...]

Triumphs of Experience

Probably the primary discursive aspect of the discourse of post-modernity, which now encompasses the realities of a modern living in America, has to do with the fact that, unlike what it used to be the [...]

Raising a Child

However, just as the conception of a child requires father and mother participation, the ideal environment to raise a child and ensure wholesome development regardless of other factors is a setup where both parents play [...]

Effects of self-esteem and gender on goal choice

The paper contains a discussion about the relationship between self esteem and gender to the type of goals that people make. Therefore, there is a link between high self-esteem and the behavior to make difficult [...]

Transracial adoption and how it affects the adopted child

However, one of the limitations of the psychological studies of trans-racial adoption is the fact that they have failed to directly determine the racial/ethnic experiences of the trans-racial adopted children and their probable contribution to [...]

Balancing work and family

A balance of work and family can be attained and managed if both negative dimension of the conflict and positive dimension of the employee effort of balancing work and family are considered to facilitate a [...]

Changes in family structures

However, one can notice that due to the process of globalization, migration and cultural mixing, the representatives of non-Western culture demonstrate the new attitude to the family relations which is more Western, than Eastern.

Homosexuals and Marriage

From the religious perspective, marriage is the foundation of a family This unit is supposed to bear children and bring them up in the belief that they will adopt the same moral principles as their [...]

Conservative Views on Same-Sex Marriage Campaigns

In particular, Shumway emphasizes, "the connection between romance and marriage forged in the nineteenth century was an expression of individualism, of the growing freedom of the individual from traditional social structures".

Intimacy, Love and Friendship

In the past, women in Australia led a life characterized by a lot of hardships because of the harsh traditions that they were supposed to follow.

The Concept of International Adoption

It is worth mentioning from the onset that those parents who are in the process of adopting across boarders are obliged to meet the adoption requirements of both their country and the country of the [...]

A woman’s love

Basing this, what is it that constitutes the love of a woman and the how is the love is reflected by the woman to a man?

The effects of parental involvement on student achievement

The scholars single out several elements of parental involvement, such as discussion of activities or particular interests of the child, discussion of those things which children studied during classes, attendance at school meetings, or participation [...]

How children of incarcerated parents are affected

Among these factors include: the living arrangement before incarceration of the parent, the degree by which the parent was involved in the life of the child before incarceration, the age of the children, the gender [...]

Analysis of “The Lonely Grindstone”

Statistics have suggested that the protestant work ethic and the aging workaholics with their central faith are today losing the office space fast to a new breed that is committed to the doctrine of the [...]

Problems Experienced by Children of Homosexual Parents

The study intends to employ descriptive survey technique to collect data that will assist the researcher fulfill the objective of the study, namely to determine the problems and challenges facing children from homosexual family backgrounds.

The Slippery Slope to Polygamy and Incest

Even though opponents of same sex marriage are right in arguing that such unions lead to polygamy and incest, the institution of marriage is one that pursues happiness and human flourishing.