Family, Life & Experiences Essay Examples and Topics

The Family as the Basic Social Unit

Introduction The term family has been applied differently by various scholars and people. Mostly, it has been used to connote social institutions, such as schools and organizations, or a community. Therefore, its definition depends on the context where it is used. This paper focuses on discussing the concept of family in relation to the social […]

American Family’ Changes since the 20th Century

Introduction In order to comprehend the transformation in the contemporary American family, it is imperative to review the dynamics of family life from the middle of the 20th century. This paper reviews the past census figures to quantify the changes within the American family over the years. Changes in the American family The scope of […]

The Incarceration Effects on Mothers and Children

Political issues An examination of current political orientations involving child custody within countries such as the U.S., the U.K. and various parts of Europe show that there is a distinct orientation towards child custody proceeding where the mother is the predominant choice despite evidence showing that she does not have the financial capacity or sufficient […]

Feminism and Modern Friendship

It is argued that feminists have become the major opponents of liberalism. Feminism critics assert that this move exhibit an intrinsic gender prejudice, which emphasizes on the works of Sandel and Macintyre. In the article Feminism and Modern Friendship: Dislocating the Community, Friedman Marilyn explores these allegations (Weiss & Marilyn 108). Marilyn seconded the communitarian […]

Ten Year Life Plan

Planning ten years of my life seems like a kind of challenge now. We can’t predict what will happen with us after several months. However, I believe that a great success is impossible without the personal motivation and clearly defined goals. Ten years from now I want to own an event company which can be […]

Preparing for the Millennium

Introduction This research paper preparing for the millennium endeavors to state my detailed goal for the year 2021. The paper illuminates the amount of effort and resources that am going to invest towards achieving these set goals. The research paper will capture three main areas: the educational plan, the work plan, and the lifestyle plan. […]

Boundaries in Marriage

A summary of Boundaries in Marriage Cloud and Townsend (2002) recommend a hypothetical model that can be used to maintain a healthy marital association. Their proposed model summarizes both the theological and theoretical orientation to a healthy relationship. They argue that marriage basically concerns love. Nevertheless, the authors claim that love itself is insufficient to […]

The Movie About Family Relations: Family Systems

The movie explains family relations. It is noted that one family member may influence the behavior of others. From the movie, it is evident that the family plays a critical role in the life of an individual since it restrains behavior (Knapp, & Womack, 2003). Agency-structure theory suggests that the individual does not exist freely […]

Gay Marriage’s Social and Religious Debates

Beginning the year 2001, some nations among them being the U.S.A., Argentina, Canada, and Netherlands among others began to authenticate gay marriages. Following this legalization, proponents of same-sex marriages like Sullivan have since then advocated for legislative changes to the existing marriage laws. He says that the bottom line of marriage is love regardless of […]

Thanksgiving Dinner

It has always been said that the more you travel and go places the more things you get to learn and experience. This statement incidentally suits me in very many ways such that I can attest to it. During the course of my study in America, I got to meet and mingle with different people […]

An Advocacy Campaign Strategy

Abstract Same sex marriages have become issues of public concern because of the perceptions that people have about the practices of their members. This advocacy campaign strategy aims at educating the public about the need to respect gays and lesbians. In addition it presents the expected outcomes, objectives and targeted audiences. This paper describes the […]

Surrogacy and How it Affects Families

Background Information The modern breakthrough in the medical field and specifically in the area of assisted reproduction has resulted in the emergence of new types of families in the contemporary society whereby genetic parenthood does not necessarily guarantee social parenthood (Golombok et al., 2004). Surrogacy, one of the forms of assisted reproduction refers to an […]

Early Communication between an Unborn Child and a Mother

Introduction Though often underrated as opposed to the communication between a mother and an infant, the process of interacting with the unborn child is also essential for an expectant mother. More importantly, the caregivers must monitor the process of communication, channel it the proper way and enhance it with the tools such as the enhancement […]

Personal Problem Solving

Problem solving is a powerful practice because it addresses different challenges in life. My problem solving skill set can make it easier for me to deal with various obstacles and difficulties. However, the skill step has a major gap that requires immediate improvements. The gap that required some improvements is “Defining and Gathering Evidence”. This […]

Work Life Balance

The ability of a person to maintain the healthy work-life balance is critical for his performance and commitment to the goals set by leaders. Therefore, managers should enable workers to attain this goal (Bogenschneider, 2014). The key issue is that non-profit organizations usually provide more support to employees. It is important to understand why they […]

“His Needs, Her Needs” by Willard Harley

Introduction Most couples do not realize the flaws in their relationship until their marriages start falling apart. Harley’s masterpiece, His needs, her needs, highlights the critical factors underlying a successful marriage, which is full of love and understanding. Before reading the book, most skeptics will wonder why they should read anything on marriage. However, after […]

Single Parents Raise Kids

According to DeJean, McGeorge, and Stone (2012), findings from majority of the past research studies on the attitudes of the society towards single parents have been negative. The authors note that such negative perceptions are directed more toward single motherhood than single fatherhood. Additionally, it is important to understand such attitudes, as they are likely […]

“Dating and the single parent” by Deal, R

Summary of the Book Dating is a vital practice since it allows people to know and love each other in a bid to make a happy life. Deal (2012) presented various pertinent arguments regarding dating and paid particular attention to a single parent. This book titled as Dating and the Single Parents has a discussion […]

Is the Family a Fabricated Thing?

Introduction The family has traditionally occupied a central place in society with communities hailing it as the basic unit of society. Families provide the social core in all societies and the nuclear family is present in all societies in the world. The unifying function of the family has been credited with the development and advancement […]

Gay Marriage in The UK

Introduction Marriage is one of the significant institutions around the world including UK which connects the citizens together, offers long-run stability and commitment, and makes the society robust. Thus, marriage should be available to everyone including the same genders. Since 1836 in the UK, the marriage has been a civil institution as well as a […]

Personal Development Plan: Effective Acculturation

Introduction Personal development entails diverse activities that aim at improving one’s awareness, talent, potential, identity, health, self-knowledge, and building one’s human capital. Additionally, personal development also contributes towards the realisation of an individual’s dreams and aspirations. Chambers, Schwartz, and Boath (2003) emphasise the importance of incorporating a personal development plan in one’s quest to continue […]

Marriage and Love are Incompatible

Marriage has existed as long as the history of humankind can be traced. It is therefore, an important element in the society. Different people uphold the practice of marriage in all cultures of the world. In fact, marriage is an essential element in most cultures that it is considered a significant institution in the society. […]

Effects of Divorce on Children

Introduction Divorce is the act of dissolving or terminating a marriage between two people before the death of one partner thus rendering the marriage null and void. Divorce frees one of legal responsibilities and duties that he/she was previously bound to by the union of marriage. It also frees one of marriage with another person. […]

At-Risk Children

Responses to the questions Overall, the course readings and my personal experiences suggest that much attention should be paid to the problems of at-risk families. In this case, one should refer to those households that can be affected by such adverse factors as poor living conditions, low income level, disability of parents, unemployment, and so […]

Families with Members who Experience Disabilities

Early childhood services which offer professionalized care services to parents help them meet the needs of the special children so that parents are able to balance their strengths, resources and challenges in the family (Bachraz & Grace, 2009; Goodley & Tregaskis, 2006). Early childhood services can effectively help parents with appropriate information from professionals and […]

Role Strain in Family Care Giving

Abstract Role strain in family care giving is a common phenomenon in most families. This is arises from the fact that in every one out of five families, there is a situation that requires care giving. It facilitates caring for those suffering in one way or another in a family and creating a conducive environment […]

The Cultural Heritage of Canada

As each generation changes it creates a unique identity. With the changes in generational identity, the family life also changes. The main culprit of this change is the value system. An analysis of the past 3-4 Canadian generations demonstrate that each generation regards values differently. Statistics demonstrate that the percentage of the single-parent families has […]

Causes and Effects of Divorce

One of the main reasons why God created human beings was to ensure that all that He had created was taken care of. This was possible through man’s reproduction to fill the world through various generations. Since creation took place many people have used marriage as a way or reproducing to ensure human beings do […]

Constitutional Amendment that Allows Same-sex Marriage

Introduction The same-sex marriage debate has over the past decade evoked diverse comment and political turmoil as people argue both for and against it. This uproar has emerged since making gay marriages legal would require constitutional amendments that would redefine marriage. Marriage is traditionally understood to exclusively mean the union between two members of the […]

Gay Marriages

Introduction Homosexuality refers to sexual desires among people of the same gender. In the past, psychological journals classified it as a mental disorder. However, it was removed from the journals in 1973. To date, most theorists still try to find out the exact circumstances under which individuals become homosexuals. Homosexuality is a highly condemned behaviour […]

Why the American Citizens are Adopting Children from Other Countries?

Brodzinsky, D.M., Schechter, M.D., & Henig, R.M.  (1992). Being adopted: The lifelong search for self. New York, NY: Doubleday. The authors of this book managed to outline developmental tasks at each of seven stages throughout the life of an adopted person. Brodzinsky, D.M., & Schechter, M.D. (Eds.) (1990). The psychology of adoption. New York, NY: […]

Concerns Preventing Families from Seeking Help for a Child

Occurrence of illnesses and disorders in children is inevitable. Therefore, parents and families need to seek help for their children. However, there are concerns which may arise and hinder parents from seeking medical or any other type of help (Stanton & Skipworth, 2005). Lack of knowledge about illnesses or disorders is one of the concerns. […]

Triumphs of Experience

In order to guarantee the conceptual soundness of the would-be undertaken longitudinal study of the selected cohort of UCLA students (concerned with identifying/measuring the ‘factors of happiness’, throughout their lives), its theoretical premise must be consistent with the currently predominant socio-cultural discourse. Moreover, it must also be observant of what account for the driving forces […]

Raising a Child

Abstract Raising children is a very sensitive issue in every society because it determines what the future generation will be. The aim of this study is to find out whether both parents should assume equal responsibility in raising a child. This question has often been hotly debated. However, just as the conception of a child […]

The Problems of Marriage and Divorce

Marriage is not only a social institution. It is a spiritual alliance between two people who love each other and in which belief and trust are the necessary parts of its development. However, many couples often can face definite difficulties with their marriages because they can deviate from the way on which they should follow […]

Effects of self-esteem and gender on goal choice

Introduction The journal being criticized is called “effects of self-esteem and gender on goal choice” journal of organizational behavior, volume 12, issue 6 and the pages being discussed are 529 to 541. The authors of the article are Paul E. Levy and Ann H Baumgarder. The paper contains a discussion about the relationship between self […]

“The Real Problem With Monogamy: Asymmetric Information”

In the article, “The Real Problem With Monogamy: Asymmetric Information”, Bryan Caplan presents the notion that due to the inherent nature of asymmetric information the revelation of one partner’s views regarding monogamy results in a distinct dissatisfaction of the other in the partner that revealed the information (Caplan, 2009). This is not to say that […]

Transracial adoption and how it affects the adopted child

Abstract The main aim of this study is to explore the effects of interracial adoption on the adopted children. Some people view interracial adoption as the only remedy for the persistent though diminishing racial/ethnic discrimination. Interracial adoption occurs both domestically or internationally. The study focuses on how it affects the transracial adopted child psychologically and […]

Balancing work and family

Abstract This study deals with the analysis of the balance of work and study in an organization. A balance of work and family is a major concern for employees in any industry or organization due to role conflict. The organization should support employees to balance work and family to ensure smooth running of their activities. […]

Changes in family structures

During the 20th century, family structures and dynamics were changed. Families turned from large to nuclear size, the level of divorces increased and new forms of cohabitation arose. The traditional emphasis in Western society is based on the image of heterosexual married couple who has biological children. In such traditional system, non-traditional families, non-married couples, […]

Homosexuals and Marriage

The topic regarding homosexuals and their right to marry has created widespread controversies. This has prompted scholars to identify and weigh the benefits and disadvantages regarding this practice. Being a sensitive issue, it requires thorough understanding before taking a stance. Based on the meticulous research conducted in this regard, homosexuals should be allowed to marry. […]

Conservative Views on Same-Sex Marriage Campaigns

Contemporary society is at the core of progressive and liberalist views on relations, love, and sexual orientation. Therefore, the campaigns supporting same-sex marriage cannot be regarded as provocations and strikes against the existing morale in society. In political and social terms, gay and lesbian unions cannot be regarded as liberal movements, or as something that […]

Intimacy, Love and Friendship

Introduction Compared to the past century, women in Australia have more rights and privileges and their status has risen higher. The transformation that is now being witnessed among the Australian women came about as a result of hard fought political and social battles by movements advocating for change in women’s roles both. In the past, […]

The Concept of International Adoption

Introduction International adoption is a situation where a person or a couple legally acquires the responsibility of becoming permanent parents to a child whose country of origin is completely different from that of the adopting parents (Brodzinsky & Schechter, 1990). It is worth mentioning from the onset that those parents who are in the process […]

A woman’s love

What is love? There are diverse answers to this questions basing on the different perceptions of men and women. This is mainly because of the differences regarding what is important to women when compared to what is important to women. It is basing on this approach that women have a different perspective of what love […]

Contemporary Understanding of Intimacy and Friendship

Introduction The social network film by David Fincher was nominated for the Golden Globe awards in 2010. The film is concerned with the narrative about Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates among them, Eduardo Saverin who founded the social site ‘Facebook’. The Social Network film discusses how Facebook was developed and the challenges of developing the […]

The Effectiveness of Marriage Conflict Resolution Programs in Reducing Number of Divorce Cases in USA

Background Marriage is an institution that can be found in any society. Every society has its own definition and arrangement of marriage and as a result, it is likely to find many differences as to what marriage is composed of (Strong, De Vault, and Cohen, 2010). Nevertheless, in all situations marriage is always founded on […]

The effects of parental involvement on student achievement

A brief summary of the article The research article written by Andrew Houtenville and Karen Conway (2007) is aimed at examining the effects of parental involvement on student achievement. Secondly, the authors attempt to examine the connection between parental involvement and other factors such as school resources, family structure, or educational background of parents (2007, […]

How people react to pregnant women

Depending on the culture of the people different people react differently to pregnant Women. However, there is a perception that is common in most societies. When people see a woman who is pregnant, most of them perceive her to be a mother, although this is just a thought, it is not exactly true because anything […]

How children of incarcerated parents are affected

Introduction When parents are incarcerated, children tend to face difficulties associated with the lack of close relationship with their parents. As a result, some of these children face trauma due to the separation. Other problems include anger, depression, fear and anxiety. Incarceration also leads to a cause where the child is moved from one care […]

Analysis of “The Lonely Grindstone”

This paper seeks to analyze “The Lonely Grindstone,” a grizzled workaholic who at one particular time haunted the darkened offices within the land. This haunting is now going to the way of other work place dinosaurs such as the Christmas bonus, the typewriter and the lecherous. The book is written beautifully and its characters are […]

Role of parents in the education of young children

Introduction Primarily, under normal sociological grounds, parents are protectors of their own children. No single parent will even imagine of not supporting his or her children socially or educationally. For years now, parents have realized how significant players they are, in determining the educational standards and progresses of their children. In some countries like United […]

Problems Experienced by Children of Homosexual Parents

Research Methods Research Design This study will utilize a quantitative research design to evaluate the multiplicity of problems experienced by children reared by homosexual parents. At the most general level, a research design refers to all the issues that are involved in the preparation and execution of a specific research project, from problem identification through […]

The Slippery Slope to Polygamy and Incest

Marriage defines one’s family based love. The parties to a marriage consecrate based on love; they enjoy equal protection and fundamental rights encrypted in the American Constitution. Even though opponents of same sex marriage are right in arguing that such unions lead to polygamy and incest, the institution of marriage is one that pursues happiness […]

Rich couples have lower divorce rates

Abstract Divorce is the termination of relationships between married couples. Divorce could be decided through a court litigation or mediation. Several factors have been shown to lead to increased rates of divorce in the society. This paper introduces the divorce topic by discussing the types, causes, and impacts of divorce. It presents three models for […]

Creation and Breaking of Relationships in You’ve Got Mail and Annie Hall

Human nature varies from person to person. Actions and reactions to emotional change are different, and this difference, studied widely in various aspects of relationships, shows the emotional response of humans during creation or ending of a relation. Social psychologists and sociologists have studied the effect on human nature due to creation or break-up of […]

The government should sanction marriages of same sex couples

The debate concerning Same Sex Marriages (SSMs) has become a controversial issue in the contemporary US society. In the recent past, we have witnessed a lot of debate either in favor, or against the sanction of the same sex marriages by the federal government. This essay explores the underlying assumptions that individuals have against the […]

Millennials Say Marriage is Ideal but Parenthood is the Priority

Article Summary The topic of marriage has recently stirred debates amongst the millennial population. Interestingly, the millennial generation seems to be more inclined to the priority of parenting rather than the actual marriage. Most studies have indicated that few millennials prefer and value the essence of marriage. Close to half or average of the surveyed […]

The effect of marriage on crime rate

This paper endeavors to find peer reviewed journal articles, which analyze the relationship between crime rates and criminals who are single or those who have a family. A study conducted by Sampson, Laub, and Wimer (2006) aimed at evaluating whether marriage reduces crime. These researchers argue that marriage significantly influences adult outcomes but the current […]

Creative Children Culture

The idea that some cultures went by the names “savage”, “civilized”, or “barbarous” is long gone and is viewed trying to revive the same stands out as racism. Nevertheless, the same notion comes out in different ways when people talk about other cultures for some argue that terms like “first world” and “third world” are […]

Love and Relationships

Introduction Try to immerse yourself into the following scenario: you are a boy and you have been friends with a girl for the past 5 years. You know almost everything about her and she knows almost everything about you. Not a single day passes without the two of you talking and you start to believe […]

Current Trends Affecting Marriage and Family Formation in Asia

The average age at first marriage has been increasing in Asia over decades. Though this phenomenon is worldwide, it is more prominent in Asia. Related to timing of marriage is family structure. The outlook of Asian families has been changing alongside the timing of marriage. This paper will explore various trends that affect timing of […]

When Couples Become Parents

Procreation is the societal norm of marriage. If couples cannot have children, they may seek other means of having children. They may choose adoption or surrogate motherhood. Very few couples choose not to have children. Prior to having children, couples usually enjoy the comfort of each other. However, the birth of a child leads to […]

Family in US and Saudi Arabia

Introduction Family refers to a group of people affiliated by blood kingship, attraction or shared residence. A family forms the basic institution for socialization of children. A nuclear family comprises a father, mother and the children. If family members from either or both of the parents reside together with the family, then it becomes an […]

Effects of Same Sex Marriage to the Society

According to Studies done concerning homosexuality in 1974 by some America psychologist, homosexuality was said to be an emotional confusion rather than a way of displaying sexual terms. One person gets psychologically, physically and emotionally aroused by another person and this did not last for long, since it was suitable for same sex partners sharing […]

Gay Marriages and US Constitution

Introduction The gay marriage debate has been going on for a very long time. 37 % of voters in the United States of America are of the opinion that gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry legally. In addition, some proponents of gay marriages oppose a constitutional amendment to illegalize gay marriages (Pinello 35). […]

Relationship between Childhood Understanding or Construction and Child Intervention

Introduction Childhood construction is a vital aspect in determining child intervention within the child protection system. Parents possess a natural responsibility to intervene in their children’s lives. Childhood is recognized as an important status by the religious and secular world. For example, throughout the ages, religious teachings have encouraged parents to protect their children from […]

The Issue of Gay Marriages: Meaning, Importance and Cons

Introduction Unlike the previous generations, the modern world is faced with a host of issues ranging from economical to social, both of which have significant impact on people’s day-to-day lives. From financial crises to same sex marriages, world leaders have had to confront these issues through decisions and stances, which will forever affect our society. […]

Married to the Wrong Sex

There exists a lot of historical and archeological evidence that prove that throughout history people have exhibited ways of expressing one’s sexuality other than the heterosexual marriage community that is prevalent in the majority of our Western societies. In addition, the fact that homosexual behavior is present among all other animal species gives us a […]

The Old Age Concept in O’Connor’s “A good man is hard to find”

In the article, “A good man is hard to find”, the concept of old age is pictured form its negative side. The loneliness that a grandmother experiences on growing old can be observed from the old woman. She wishes that her grandchildren stayed. She also tries to convince her son to stay. The old woman […]

Legalizing Gay Marriage

The topic on gay marriage whether it should be legalized or not has been a huge topic all over the world. There are those people who view gay marriage as sin hence strongly against it. There are those people who however believe that marriage is all about love and support hence should not depend on […]

Are Australian Children More Independent than the Chinese

Abstract Child independence is important to his/her development because many communities face various problems irrespective of the social strata, a situation that affects the child’s independence, development and growth. Notably, there is high level of liberalization in Australia than in China. If the community is not able to meet the prevention measures to the future […]

Incest – how did society’s view on consanguineous marriage change throughout history and science development and why

It has become very difficult to articulately place incest in its correct sphere: could it be within the morality, legislation, biological, cultural, or psychological sphere? The intense reflection on, and the heated debate revolving around this topic is the most certain occurrence. Consanguinity was highly upheld in most traditional societies. However, in the later decades […]

Women and Friendship

Introduction A controversy exists in terms of gender stereotyping when it comes to friendship. Women relationships are conceived to be more phony and unreliable compared to men. Women are viewed differently. For instance, they are conceived as being always in competition with one another and disloyal to those whom they view as friends. On the […]

The Article “Against Gay Marriage” by William J. Bennett

Introduction The article ‘Against gay marriage’ was written by William J. Bennett. He has served in various leadership positions including a position as chairperson of the National Endowment for the humanities. He has produced various write-ups concerning cultural issues in America. These include books and articles. His thesis is that gay marriage should not be […]

Qualities of successful marriages

Communication Good communication is important in any marriage in order for it to succeed. Good communication helps to avoid all forms of disrespect between the parties. Such forms of disrespect have been referred to as disrespectful judgments. They include ridiculing, sarcasm, making statements in a judgmental way or making false accusations. In other words, proper […]

Gay Marriage, Same-Sex Parenting, And America’s Children

The article Gay Marriage, Same-sex Parenting, and America’s Children, was written in 2005 by Meeza & Rauch and is found in the Marriage and Child Wellbeing Journal, volume 15, issue 2. The key concept of this reflective treatise is an explicit analysis of same sex marriage and parenting in order to establish possible reasons for […]

Concept of Gender Intersectionality in Society

Introduction Gender inter-sectionality refers to the inter-play within social categories and power. It mainly focuses on differences such as class, sexuality, race and age. Inter-sectionality has brought out factors such as in-equality, racism, sexism and many others. These include categories such as gender, race, class and ability (Nestle, Riki and Howell 89). Gender diversity refers […]

Why Chinese Parents Are Superior

Introduction The question of what the best parenting style entails is one of great controversy. This is especially so whenever western and eastern styles are being compared since the two are perceived to be antithetical. Western styles are thought to be permissive while eastern ones are perceived as authoritative. It would also seem that great […]

The effect of family conflict resolution on children’s classroom behavior

The researcher has written about the effects of family conflict resolution techniques on a child’s school performance. A child’s behavior in school is affected by various factors but the conflict resolution techniques play an important role. This article has shown how children have been affected by the parent’s behavior. These confliction resolutions in the family […]

Comparing and contrasting Terry Martin Hekker’s essays and Edelman Hope’s essay on family life in America

Introduction Families are the basis of all societies in the world. Their sizes may range from very small groups consisting of a husband, wife and their child living under one roof to a very large and complex group consisting of multigenerational combinations staying in a single household or in even more than one household. As […]

A Concept of Best Friends

Human beings are social beings in nature who find it difficult to stay alone. As a result, they require people who are close to them, people with whom they can share ideas and help one another. A person who is close to us and whom we enjoy spending time with is referred to as a […]

Comparison Parenting between Asian Parents and Western Parents

Introduction Parents are an important influence in shaping a person’s behavior and personality. Parents of different cultures will raise their children very differently, explaining why cultural differences continue to exist throughout generations. Asian and Western parents have drastic differences in the way they rear their offspring. Asian parents tend to be more authoritative whereas Western […]

Gay marriage’s rights

Introduction Just like other human beings, gay couples have their own rights that are supposed to be respected by all of us. In this case, we are arguing that gay couples should be accorded the same rights like other normal couples. Same sex marriages should not be discriminated in any way and this is as […]

“Against the Grain: Couples, Gender, and the Reframing of Parenting”

We live in time when the validity of a number of formerly valid social and cultural conventions is being increasingly undermined by the actual realities of a post-industrial living. The soundness of this suggestion can be explored in regards to Gillian Ranson’s book Against the grain: couples, gender, and the reframing of parenting, concerned with […]

Marriage and the Limits of Contract

Introduction Marriage has in the recent past had various definitions. The Western world has been on the forefront in redefining marriage because the society is slowly changing the definition of marriage through legal means (Morse 1). These legal definitions are guaranteed by the state and through this development, the state is gaining a strong influence […]

Familiy Changes

People are naturally social beings as they exist and function in groups. The most basic of these social groups is the family. Thus, it is prudent to mention that the weakening of the family affects the larger social setup. According to some experts, the problems facing the society today are as a result of the […]

Influences of marital quality

Introdution Marriage in the ancient days was viewed as a way of union of two for production and love, with production being focused on bringing up children that are obedient and follow the steps of their parents. It bestowed one as being an adult and set limits in sexual activity (Wickham, Lorenz, Conger &Elder, 2007). […]

Gender communication in Romantic relationship

Introduction Communication is the transfer of information and ideas from one person to another. Gender communication in romantic relationships expresses feelings, emotions, opinions, and values, to learn and to improve the level of interaction. The diversity of characteristics of those involved creates a gap during communication incase of information misinterpretation or misunderstanding (Dindia, 2006). The […]

Child Rearing Among Immigrant Communities

Introduction Children require positive experiences as they grow in order to enhance their self esteem, health and transition into adulthood. Child rearing practices differ substantially across families in North America especially because a vast number of parents are immigrants. It is crucial to analyze child rearing values and approaches in these minority groups because it […]

What is the Family?

Introduction In the human perspective, a family is a group of persons connected by kinship, compassion, or sharing of residence. In a number of societies, the family is the basic unit for the socialization of children. A basic family unit is made up of a father, mother, and children, and is known as a nuclear […]

Early Marriage Advantages

Introduction Marriage and family are the two institutes which form the basic building blocks of communities and by extension the society. Sudha (2000, p.198) declares that marriage is a fundamental universal social institute that “facilitates proper progeny and helps to have life long companionship and family life”. This assertion is true since it is through […]

People Under the Aue of Eighteen Should Not Be Allowed to Marry

Introduction Marriage refers to a union of two individuals who come together to form a family as recognized by social or legal provisions. With the consideration of marriage as a contract and provisions of laws of contracts, there are limitations to age at which people can marry at their own consent. People under the age […]

Family Life Definition and Identification

Introduction A family can be defined as domestic group of people linked together by either a common descent or ancestry or marriage (Avner, 2005, p. 1): “A family is also defined as two or more persons who are related by blood, marriage or adoption and who live together as one household “(Washington Post, 1998, p. […]

Critical Theories of Bodies, Genders, Sexualities and Identities

Introduction Modern society is very complex and dynamic in that, perception of body, gender, sexuality, and identity is becoming very subjective depending on various schools of thoughts and theories. Critical theories have emerged to elucidate and explain changing trends of societal perceptions regarding body, gender, sexuality and identity of persons. Same sex marriage is one […]

Defending gay marriage

Human rights and equality A. Full faith and credit clause: The full faith and credit clause as specified in Article four of the US constitution requires states to respect judicial proceedings, records and public acts from different acts. This means that they should be given the same credit and faith that they possessed in the […]

Analysis of the family social network

The organisation of familial activities can be classified in different ways such as independent, complimentary and joint. Complimentary family is were the activities of a husband and wife are different but they live together as a family. For an independent family, a husband and wife carry out there activities without consulting each other, while in […]

Divorce and its Impacts on Family Members

Introduction Divorce has become a common aspect of our society. Current divorce statistics have been estimated to be 50% in America. This portrays a society where people are moving from a situation where family institutions were used as refugees and comfort zones to a one where they are viewed as a place of doom and […]

Why should people allow marrying only after age 30?

Introduction One of the mainly sure ways to progress the physical condition and well-being of the world’s inhabitants is to hearten and shore up the thought of marriage. The continued researches divulges that, the married people are normally bodily healthier, more contented, survives longer, enjoys enhanced mental health, are more satisfied and less expected to […]

Relation of Gay Marriage to the Definition of Marriage

A legal union of a man and a woman is defined as marriage, and it is the only possible definition of marriage. Defense of marriage act is one of the perspectives that are compatible with the bumper sticker, which keeps away any possible form of marriage such as gay marriage. It aims at discriminating people’s […]