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Family Life Cycle

It is impossible to remain optimistic about the "institution of marriage" in the conditions of the current cultural anxiety when the importance of marriage and family is declined.

Self-Perception in Mother-Child Conversations

The children in the study adopted the cultural systems of their families because European and American children were as autonomous and elaborate as their mothers were, while the Chinese children were as social as their [...]

Marriage Expectations in Newlyweds

When asked about the expectations they had about marriage, they appeared to have had different ones, with the wife saying that she expected that they would agree on everything.

Traditional Family, Its Definition and Future

Thus, one of the reasons why it is difficult to dwell upon the idea of the traditional family is the absence of the concrete definition of the notions of family and the traditional family.

Dream Family Vacation and Its Benefits

Vacation also benefits the family as a whole in that it makes it easier to understand one another as there is a close involvement hence allowing for the learning of what each person likes and [...]

Marriage Process in Saudi Culture

I also told her that I would only agree to the marriage if I was comfortable with my prospective husband. I was to travel on the night of my wedding to Spain.

“I Want a Wife” Article by Judy Brady

In the first paragraph, the author clarified that she was a wife and a mother. In the fourth paragraph, the author argued that she needed a wife that would take care of her physical needs.

Household Chores and Ways to Avoid Them

That is the time you have to say good-bye to your beloved couch and hello to the lawnmower. On the other hand, you can take a break from the chores and have a nice time.

Environmental Autobiography: Cities and Career

This was a completely new environment to me; although much of the norms and customs of the people were similar to those of Shenzhen, the architecture and general appearance of the city was strange to [...]

Personal Interests vs. Family Needs

Let me first write the definition of the purpose and course of my life."I am totally committed to fulfill the needs of my family and ensure their happiness and security, even if I have to [...]

Family Types, Relationships and Dynamics

In the case of a consanguine family, the relationship with the family is more absolute in that expenses, food, and other aspects related to living within the same "roof" are shared.

National Outdoor Leadership School Experience

Being a leader in one of the groups, we were informed that a leader should be in charge of his or her group and is also expected to influence members to be creative, work towards [...]

Parenting Styles and Authority Problems

Authority or the right to influence the actions and opinions of other people plays an important part in many areas of our life, including the relations between a parent and a child.

Working Women’s and Senators’ Responsibilities

Despite the strict schedule, Senators should be able to strike the balance between work and leisure time. Mixing personal life with work is not acceptable because it is hard to distinguish between working space and [...]

Trust and Interpersonal Relationships

Trust and self-confidence are critical towards establishing the best relationships. The practice will make it easier for people to achieve their goals and potentials.

My Inspiration to Reading

She has since revealed to me that I was her first audience and my opinions mattered a lot. There was a time I wanted to write children's books like my aunt.

A Ride With a Police Officer

By signing the waiver, I assumed all the risks that I could have been exposed to at the time of the ride and throughout the program.

Divorce: Agreement or Disagreement

Lack of socialization in a marriage is often associated with the discomfort that makes many married people involved in activities that may result in betrayal and exposure to some diseases.

Experience Working at a Power Station

My responsibility was to oversee all the operations of the units in both the local area and the control room. I was also charged with the responsibility of giving instructions to local operators and control [...]

Family and It Sociological Perspective

First, it allows me to experience the sensation that I am not alone in the universe, as the individualities of my parents and siblings are inseparably fused with that of my own.

Family Issues in the United States of the XXI Century

According to Cherlin, in poorly-educated families, the chances for poverty and divorce are considerably higher, since people without proper education are unlikely to find a job that will satisfy the needs of the entire family.

Family as a Social Institution

In the article, various views on family, the positions of the family in society, preconceptions about the family, the importance of family, sociological approach to family research, and definition of family are highlighted.

Marriage: The Good, the Bad, and the Greedy

To defend the role of marriage for people, the authors refer to the opinions of such researchers as David Popenoe and Linda Waite who perform as advocates of the marriage idea because it provides people [...]

Children in Gay and Lesbian Couples

These techniques of getting children not only provide gay and lesbian couples with an ethical method to have children, but they also provide them with a chance to raise children for the donors.

Stereotyping Experience of American Laborer

One of the things that make human life intriguing and, to some extent, captivating is the diversity and variation exhibited by people as a result of their differing cultures, jobs, personalities, and physical appearance.

Can an Enemy Be Your Child’s Friend?

The purpose of this paper is to comprehend the factors that can lead to a child's friend being his/her enemy. Second, there is an assumption that the hostilities and bullying amongst children are always detrimental [...]

Dealing with the Death of a Grandfather

In my mind, I never expected grandpa to depart from us, and when he finally did, I felt that God was so unfair to me because He should have left grandpa to see my children.

The UK Construction Sector Evaluation

The aim of this paper is to explain why it would be ethical for parents to relinquish some of these rights in order to maximize the welfare of the targeted children.

Three Types of Male Bonding in China

Exploring the specified concepts closer will help develop a profound knowledge of the Confucian principles of relationships between men as a part of the Chinese culture.

Attraction and Relationships Analysis

The essential concepts applicable to this relationship are the age of the partners, the type of society they live in, romantic love, and marital satisfaction.

Parenting Styles and Academic Motivation

Lyengar and Brown conducted a study about the correlation between the academic achievements among the students and the parenting styles. This report paper tries to synthesize the literature review that surrounds the influence of parenting [...]

Choosing The Best Sharpener for Kitchen

It is essential to have adequately sharpened knives in any kitchen. Sharpening is an easy, accessible, and not-time consuming process that can significantly boost the cook's productivity.

The Issue of Toxic Masculinity

Toxic masculinity is the sum of values and behaviors that are traditionally viewed as “masculine” in many cultures and includes several crucial characteristics that allow calling it toxic.

Emotional Expressions and Facial Management

The purpose of this paper is to discuss why it is important to study nonverbal emotional expressions, identify core emotions and facial expressions connected with them, and describe existing facial management techniques.

Family and Relationships: New Tendencies

For instance, one of the apparent advantages of online dating is the lack of awkwardness peculiar to face-to-face communication, especially during first meetings. That is why more research is needed to conduct the in-depth investigation [...]

Relationships and Online Dating

The creation of online dating sites and applications was most likely intended to eliminate these issues and make the process of finding new partners easy and stress-free.

Divorce Mediation

Compared to litigation and collaboration, mediation is the best option for couples who wish to avoid the involvement of the court and prefer to choose a third, independent party to manage the process of separation.

Parenting Style and the Development

First of all, the effectiveness of the authoritative style has been repeatedly confirmed in the relevant literature; in fact, it is now considered to be the most effective of the three styles.

Free Relationships Problem

According to the good will theory that was developed by Kant and the principle of respect for persons, he should have explained the situation in person.

Parental Investment Theory

In this theory, Trivers linked the levels of parental investment in their offspring with the potential of this offspring's survival in the future, as well as the parental ability to invest in a new offspring [...]

Parenting Styles: China vs. North America

Since Chinese parenting styles pay critical emphasis on the role of parents in shaping their children's outcomes, it may be viewed as better compared to the North American style that only focuses much on self-esteem.

How to Put a Baby to Bed?

The peculiar feature of the process of putting a baby to bed is its unpredictability: on the one hand, it has to be properly analyzed and followed, and, on the other hand, it may be [...]

Working Mothers and Child Development

Although most mothers who participated in full-time employment showed a high degree of sensitivity to their children, it is evident that they failed to provide ample care to their children because of depression. According to [...]

Same-Sex Marriage National Legalization

According to it, civil authority is the product of the will of people and not the Almighty. Same-sex marriages should be accepted nationally to lower the level of discrimination that takes place in many societies.

Online Relationships Are Real and Positive

Today, with the widespread use of social networking services, it is much easier to access a lot of photographs of a person one is likely to meet online, which brings physical attraction back to the [...]

The Modern Family Concept

One of the recent changes that have caught the attention of media as well as others safeguards of moral values is the phenomenon of co-parenting.

Authoritarian vs. Permissive Parenting Styles

Authoritarian and permissive styles are parenting approaches that are commonly used and that have varied effects on children because they approach the concepts of discipline, warmth, nurturance, and communication differently.

Early Dating Rituals in Filter Theory

Moreover, during the 1950s and 1960s, dating in the traditional society resulted in many early marriages due to quick courtship and the uncontrollable desire for sex among the respective parties.

“Learn to Edit Life” by Charley Reese

When for a larger part of a day, people are constantly bombarded by immense volumes of information and face endless options to choose from, it is easy for them to get lost and forget what [...]

Color Effect on Emotions Study by Valdez & Mehrabian

Even though there is a possibility that each person perceives colors in a unique way and that contemporary individuals cannot differentiate as many variables of color as their predecessors because of the regular interaction with [...]

What Is Happiness?

One would say that happiness is to be with a loved one, the second would say that happiness is the stability, and the third, on the contrary, would say that happiness is the unpredictability.

The Meaning of Happiness

On the other hand, another study found that the birth of a child is associated with the loss of spousal love, and the decrease in the total level of happiness is stated to be the [...]

Communication and Marital Distress

Thus, Segrin and Flora believe that "communication is at the heart of most cases of marital distress" the statement that seems to assign both positive and negative implications to the communication process.

Spoiled Children and Parenting Mistakes

However, in order to bring a child who will earn the respect of the society at present and in the future, it is important for the parents to reverse this trend in spoiled brats by [...]

Family Relationships in Media and Theories

Understanding the way in which relationships are built between family members, as well as learning about the nature of the connection between family members, is crucial to the identification of the existing issues and their [...]

Child Parenting Guide and Challenges

Some parents call their children names and this can be very destructive to the child's self-esteem. The advice that Brett gives parents is that a parent should only buy what is basic and helpful to [...]