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Emotional Expressions and Facial Management

The purpose of this paper is to discuss why it is important to study nonverbal emotional expressions, identify core emotions and facial expressions connected with them, and describe existing facial management techniques.

Family and Relationships: New Tendencies

For instance, one of the apparent advantages of online dating is the lack of awkwardness peculiar to face-to-face communication, especially during first meetings. That is why more research is needed to conduct the in-depth investigation [...]

Relationships and Online Dating

The creation of online dating sites and applications was most likely intended to eliminate these issues and make the process of finding new partners easy and stress-free.

Divorce Mediation

Compared to litigation and collaboration, mediation is the best option for couples who wish to avoid the involvement of the court and prefer to choose a third, independent party to manage the process of separation.

Parenting Style and the Development

First of all, the effectiveness of the authoritative style has been repeatedly confirmed in the relevant literature; in fact, it is now considered to be the most effective of the three styles.

Free Relationships Problem

According to the good will theory that was developed by Kant and the principle of respect for persons, he should have explained the situation in person.

Parental Investment Theory

In this theory, Trivers linked the levels of parental investment in their offspring with the potential of this offspring's survival in the future, as well as the parental ability to invest in a new offspring [...]

Parenting Styles: China vs. North America

Since Chinese parenting styles pay critical emphasis on the role of parents in shaping their children's outcomes, it may be viewed as better compared to the North American style that only focuses much on self-esteem.

How to Put a Baby to Bed?

The peculiar feature of the process of putting a baby to bed is its unpredictability: on the one hand, it has to be properly analyzed and followed, and, on the other hand, it may be [...]

Working Mothers and Child Development

Although most mothers who participated in full-time employment showed a high degree of sensitivity to their children, it is evident that they failed to provide ample care to their children because of depression. According to [...]

Same-Sex Marriage National Legalization

According to it, civil authority is the product of the will of people and not the Almighty. Same-sex marriages should be accepted nationally to lower the level of discrimination that takes place in many societies.

Online Relationships Are Real and Positive

Today, with the widespread use of social networking services, it is much easier to access a lot of photographs of a person one is likely to meet online, which brings physical attraction back to the [...]

The Modern Family Concept

One of the recent changes that have caught the attention of media as well as others safeguards of moral values is the phenomenon of co-parenting.

Authoritarian vs. Permissive Parenting Styles

Authoritarian and permissive styles are parenting approaches that are commonly used and that have varied effects on children because they approach the concepts of discipline, warmth, nurturance, and communication differently.

Early Dating Rituals in Filter Theory

Moreover, during the 1950s and 1960s, dating in the traditional society resulted in many early marriages due to quick courtship and the uncontrollable desire for sex among the respective parties.

“Learn to Edit Life” by Charley Reese

When for a larger part of a day, people are constantly bombarded by immense volumes of information and face endless options to choose from, it is easy for them to get lost and forget what [...]

Color Effect on Emotions Study by Valdez & Mehrabian

Even though there is a possibility that each person perceives colors in a unique way and that contemporary individuals cannot differentiate as many variables of color as their predecessors because of the regular interaction with [...]

What Is Happiness?

One would say that happiness is to be with a loved one, the second would say that happiness is the stability, and the third, on the contrary, would say that happiness is the unpredictability.

The Meaning of Happiness

On the other hand, another study found that the birth of a child is associated with the loss of spousal love, and the decrease in the total level of happiness is stated to be the [...]

Communication and Marital Distress

Thus, Segrin and Flora believe that "communication is at the heart of most cases of marital distress" the statement that seems to assign both positive and negative implications to the communication process.

Spoiled Children and Parenting Mistakes

However, in order to bring a child who will earn the respect of the society at present and in the future, it is important for the parents to reverse this trend in spoiled brats by [...]

Family Relationships in Media and Theories

Understanding the way in which relationships are built between family members, as well as learning about the nature of the connection between family members, is crucial to the identification of the existing issues and their [...]

Child Parenting Guide and Challenges

Some parents call their children names and this can be very destructive to the child's self-esteem. The advice that Brett gives parents is that a parent should only buy what is basic and helpful to [...]

Abusive Behaviors in Close Relationships

When it comes to intentional pain caused to loved ones, the causes of this type may be divided into two main categories the pain caused in response to pain, and the hurt that is believed [...]

Aesthetical Beauty’s Understanding

Still, it can hardly be denied that the value of appreciating this kind of beauty is rather high because it allows the representatives of the general public to find a reason to be happy and [...]

Failure and Success in Human Life

Success if one of the major concerns of modern society, Nowadays, it serves as the main determiner of the significance of an individual and his/her position in society.

Divorce in American Society

It is possible to outline the major effects of the dissolution of marriages on US society, the economy, families, and children in evaluating the risks associated with divorce.

Newlywed Conflict on Expectations and Duties

It seems essential to analyze this conflict using the Conflict Assessment Guide and such questions as the nature of the conflict, power, and styles. The external observer sees the escalation of the conflict and failure [...]

Communication Preventing Marital Distress

Thus, Segrin and Flora believe that "communication is at the heart of most cases of marital distress" the statement that seems to assign both positive and negative implications to the communication process.

Friendship as Moral Experience

One of the things I have realized over the course of the last few years is that while it is possible to experience friendship and have a deep, spiritual connection with another person, it is [...]

The Modern Day Family

It is the opinion of this paper that the changing nature of the present day social environment, in the form of work constraints and perceived social obligations, causes the problems that American society faces today.

Communication Between Parents and Teenagers

Communication between parents and their children, especially teenagers, is an ongoing process that can be developed and modified in order to create a sense of openness and support that will become a basis for the [...]

Decision Making Project: Siblings

However, often the medium child, unless he is the only boy and the only girl in the family, forced to fight for the fact to be seen and get a role in the family.

Happiness and Its Influence on Decision-Making

The strength of this paper is that it explores not only the meaning of the word but also the results of its offered revision, including the reconsideration of the importance of the phenomenon of competition, [...]

Why Young People Live Longer with Their Parents

The graph below shows the trend of the population of youths who live with their parents in the United States. A researcher from the Pew Research Center argued that unemployment contributes significantly to the increasing [...]

Urban Life: City Air Makes You Free

Chauncey notes that "in a home town you need to conform at all times to the social conventions of the community being the subject of the constant surveillance of the family and neighbors".

Weddings Cost in the United Arab Emirates

In effect, this research seeks to analyze the high cost of weddings in the UAE, the effect of this on present divorce rates, the influence of social media in planning such expensive events, and the [...]

Same-Sex Marriage as a Positive Tendency Nowadays

The festival also occurred to celebrate the legalization of same-sex marriage in all the United States by the Supreme Court. In December 2000, the first law in the world that legalized same-sex marriage was adopted [...]

Parental Involvement and Children’s Aspirations

Thus, the primary research question aimed to be answered in the study is whether there is a relationship between parental involvement and children's aspirations, achievements, and successes with the focus on the context of immigrant [...]

The Marriage in Norway in the 1800s

The paper reviews the tendencies of matrimonial and reproduction life in Norway in the 19th century. The research study is based on the academic peer-reviewed article that analyzes marriage in the country in the 1800s.

Personal Responsibility in College Education

Personal responsibility involves understanding of the effect of one's actions on the welfare of others and acceptance of one's mistakes and failures. In addition, it refers to the attitude of accepting one's mistakes and looking [...]

Death in Psychological and Personal Understanding

Of course, young people are often ignorant of this issue, but there is always certain period when people have to face the problem. I believe people have to think about death when they are young [...]

Pregnant Embodiment Autoethnography

Pregnancy and bodily experience concerns provide a solid basis for introducing the concepts of subjectivity and consciousness in the body itself.

Ethical Issues in Adoption Practice

Gestational surrogacy is a term used in reference to the practice of carrying and giving birth to a child that is not related to the birth mother.

Relationship and Marriage Coaching

True to the research, the high number of troubled marriages and divorces is an indication of the need for new and effective approaches to solving the various challenges that are facing the marriage institution.

Divorce Outcomes: Poverty and Instability

Divorce is not the solution to challenges in marriage since it results in poverty, instability and unstable environment for children. Personal analysis shows that due to this situation, some children are usually left to the [...]