Pets Essay Examples and Topics

Debates on Whether Dog is the Best Pet or not

Debates on whether dog is the best pet or not are very common when it comes to choosing a pet. There are many pets that a person can keep, but dogs stand out from the rest. Dogs have been branded as the best friends of man for a very long time and this yet to […]

People Should Consider Owning a Pet Because Doing so Can Relieve Stress

Introduction People often deliberate on complicated techniques of reducing stress such as practicing yoga, meditation or sports activities. These are great techniques, but the issue of having a pet as a best friend is unique and one of the recently discovered best practices of relieving work-related strains or stress. Human friends are good and unique […]

An Adventure with My Pet Pit-Bull Dog “Tiger”

They say that a dog is man’s best friend. While I cannot establish the universal truth of this declaration, I have no doubts that the statement holds true to me concerning Tiger, my 5 year old Pit Bull. Tiger is a brown, thickly muscled medium sized dog. His agile nature combined with his broad cheeks […]