Lifestyle Essay Examples and Topics

Work Life Balance

The ability of a person to maintain the healthy work-life balance is critical for his performance and commitment to the goals set by leaders. Therefore, managers should enable workers to attain this goal (Bogenschneider, 2014). The key issue is that non-profit organizations usually provide more support to employees. It is important to understand why they […]

Analysis of “The Lonely Grindstone”

This paper seeks to analyze “The Lonely Grindstone,” a grizzled workaholic who at one particular time haunted the darkened offices within the land. This haunting is now going to the way of other work place dinosaurs such as the Christmas bonus, the typewriter and the lecherous. The book is written beautifully and its characters are […]

Work-life balance

Introduction Choosing the best kind of a job to take is perhaps the most challenging task facing contemporary professionals. Many people have therefore found themselves being victims of wrong decision making as far as job-choice is concerned. This is because professionals are usually attracted by monetary benefits in such a way that they fail to […]

Why Do I Admire Steve Jobs? – Essay Example on Personality and Qualities

When deliberating on such outstanding and remarkable personality as Steve Jobs, the first thing that can be mentioned about him is that he was the most fascinating communicator and speaker on the world stage. Following his heart and intuition, the co-founder of Apple is the most remembered for his speeches and presentations where the projects […]

Do Working Mothers Benefit Families?

Introduction Nowadays, married women are not relegated to the role of housewives; many pursue a career. “In 2008, 64% of women with children aged three to 17 years were in the labor force, and 39.6% were employed; In 2009, 70.3% of women with children aged three to 17 years worked, 43.1% of them were employed, […]

Organizational and Household Decision Making

Introduction Family members are involved in purchase decisions and marketers should be able to learn the behavior of all members of a family concerning purchases for the household. Children acquire knowledge about what and how to purchase from their parents. Collective decision making is applied when purchasing household items and this requires combining ideas from […]

Theory of Ideology: Relations between Desire and Interest

Siegfried Kracauer’s The Salaried Masses: Duty and Distraction in Weimar Germany is one of the most fascinating books, which present German society as it is, describe the relationships between employers and workers, and underline their spiritual state and its impact on the things around. In this work, the author explains the essence of ethnography and, […]