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Lifestyle Essay Examples and Topics

Household Chores and Ways to Avoid Them

That is the time you have to say good-bye to your beloved couch and hello to the lawnmower. On the other hand, you can take a break from the chores and have a nice time.

Working Women’s and Senators’ Responsibilities

Despite the strict schedule, Senators should be able to strike the balance between work and leisure time. Mixing personal life with work is not acceptable because it is hard to distinguish between working space and [...]

Choosing The Best Sharpener for Kitchen

It is essential to have adequately sharpened knives in any kitchen. Sharpening is an easy, accessible, and not-time consuming process that can significantly boost the cook's productivity.

“Learn to Edit Life” by Charley Reese

When for a larger part of a day, people are constantly bombarded by immense volumes of information and face endless options to choose from, it is easy for them to get lost and forget what [...]

Urban Life: City Air Makes You Free

Chauncey notes that "in a home town you need to conform at all times to the social conventions of the community being the subject of the constant surveillance of the family and neighbors".

Personal Responsibility in College Education

Personal responsibility involves understanding of the effect of one's actions on the welfare of others and acceptance of one's mistakes and failures. In addition, it refers to the attitude of accepting one's mistakes and looking [...]

Life of the Future

In the life of the future everything is about time and speed- the faster you move, the more successful you are.

Work Life Balance

The ability of a person to maintain the healthy work-life balance is critical for his performance and commitment to the goals set by leaders.

Analysis of “The Lonely Grindstone”

Statistics have suggested that the protestant work ethic and the aging workaholics with their central faith are today losing the office space fast to a new breed that is committed to the doctrine of the [...]

Work-life balance

These non-monetary benefits include the number of hours that a person is expected to commit to the job and other benefits given by the employer to the employee.

Do Working Mothers Benefit Families?

For example, the nature of the job and the structure of the family are some of the factors that influence the relationship of working mothers and their children.