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Romantic Relationship Essay Examples and Topics

McDonald’s Organizational Analysis

In the present essay, the chain of fast-food restaurants McDonald's was selected as an example for analyzing communication in romantic relationships, through the lens of such processes as listening and responding.
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Shteyngart: The Case of Lenny and Eunice

When a person is hurt because of love, it is painful for them and it takes time to heal. This is one of the greatest challenges and it could lead to people losing trust for [...]
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The Influence of Pornography on the Internet

This paper argues that the sexualized images and messages presented in pornography are affecting the development of children and young people and influencing cultural norms in such as way that teenaged boys that spend hours [...]
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The Role of Secrecy in Erotic Romantic Love

It is also said that the love goddesses for instance Aphrodite and Hathar of Greece and Egypt respectively had the capacity to enslave and influence human beings with the invincible power of love.
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Dating Online as a Part of Human Life

The technological advancement of internet has made cyber sex to be on the rise. The best they can do is to exchange their feeling where some of them might be flirting and using internet to [...]
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Arguments: What Is Love?

Love can even be considered in a simple relationship, usually in the form of person-to-person. However, for those out there who cannot feel something in a work of man and woman relationship love, there is [...]
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Ideas of Love: Western Civilizations

One could hypotheses that this is an Eastern view of love, as the situation described here resembles events leading to the attainment of nirvana, a state of being that is the ultimate goal in such [...]
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What Is The Meaning Of Love?

The more you think about what love is, the more you ask yourselves about love, and the more you get closer to the true meaning of this feeling, the more you realize that the definition [...]
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Creating a Healthy Loving Relationship

Offering support to the other partner at all times and in all endeavors enhances the bonding and creates a path for commitment of either partner in his/her role in the relationship.
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Long-term Intimate Relationships

In the formation of long-term intimate relationships the environment or surroundings that a human being is exposed to greatly determines the type of relationship and the level of intimacy.
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Why Beautiful Women Prefer Unattractive Men

Sprecific purpose: Why beautiful women resist the stereotype that beautiful women only marry attractive men as per the understanding of professionals in the field of interpersonal communication.
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First Date: Sociological Analysis

It is very important to make your first date successful because it will give you an opportunity to continue relationships with the person you like. Good manners and a little forethought will help you to [...]
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Why Do People Search for Love?

This proved that even in the face of abuse, the need for love was overwhelming and moreover shows that love is not just a biological need. The quest for love needs a person to be [...]
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Long-Distance Relationships: Literature Review

Despite the negative views that many people have regarding long-distance relationships, research shows that there are couples who are in such arrangements and happy with the way they relate to each other. On the other [...]
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  • Words: 1991

Love Components in Sternberg’s Triangular Theory

Empty love anchors exclusively on commitment, thus, it lacks the other two components while romantic love is a combination of the intimate and passionate components, but lacks commitment. It becomes fatuous when only passion and [...]
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Attraction and Relationships Analysis

The essential concepts applicable to this relationship are the age of the partners, the type of society they live in, romantic love, and marital satisfaction.
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Online Relationships Are Real and Positive

Today, with the widespread use of social networking services, it is much easier to access a lot of photographs of a person one is likely to meet online, which brings physical attraction back to the [...]
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Early Dating Rituals in Filter Theory

Moreover, during the 1950s and 1960s, dating in the traditional society resulted in many early marriages due to quick courtship and the uncontrollable desire for sex among the respective parties.
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Common Conflict Areas in Marital and Couple Relationships

Measure of sexual intimacy among spouses maybe a possible cause of frequent conflicts between partners in a serious relationship. Disagreement in issues concerning how many children to have and how to raise them leads to [...]
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A woman’s love

Basing this, what is it that constitutes the love of a woman and the how is the love is reflected by the woman to a man?
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Love and Relationships

In the case of relationships where a man says that he is willing to wait till marriage to have sex with a woman he ignores the present "what is" and focuses on the "what will [...]
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Gender Communication in Romantic Relationship

In order to understand the gender communication in romantic relationship it is important to understand the different styles of communication. It is up to the parties to determine the kind of interaction and intimacy they [...]
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Maintaining and Repairing Relationships

The future of such a relationship depends on the couple's ability to overcome the challenges of understanding and maintaining an interest in each other at the courtship phase.
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