Romantic Relationship Essay Examples and Topics

A woman’s love

What is love? There are diverse answers to this questions basing on the different perceptions of men and women. This is mainly because of the differences regarding what is important to women when compared to what is important to women. It is basing on this approach that women have a different perspective of what love […]

Creation and Breaking of Relationships in You’ve Got Mail and Annie Hall

Human nature varies from person to person. Actions and reactions to emotional change are different, and this difference, studied widely in various aspects of relationships, shows the emotional response of humans during creation or ending of a relation. Social psychologists and sociologists have studied the effect on human nature due to creation or break-up of […]

Love and Relationships

Introduction Try to immerse yourself into the following scenario: you are a boy and you have been friends with a girl for the past 5 years. You know almost everything about her and she knows almost everything about you. Not a single day passes without the two of you talking and you start to believe […]

Gender communication in Romantic relationship

Introduction Communication is the transfer of information and ideas from one person to another. Gender communication in romantic relationships expresses feelings, emotions, opinions, and values, to learn and to improve the level of interaction. The diversity of characteristics of those involved creates a gap during communication incase of information misinterpretation or misunderstanding (Dindia, 2006). The […]

Love, in the Form of Romance, Can Never Give Us What We Want

Romantic love is usually forceful. It is formed at the level of a char feeling and is an entire body experience. It emerges from nowhere, is never planned for, and it overshadows those who encounter it. It comprises of a necessity and a hysterical urge that dislodges logic. It cannot be equated to mere sexual […]

Maintaining and Repairing Relationships

Introduction: The need to belong Human beings, regardless of their location, have a need to belong. The sense and need for belonging may be satisfied within the context of family, friends, work colleagues, or in an interpersonal relationship with a member of the opposite sex. To satisfy this sense of belonging, an individual has to […]