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A woman’s love Essay (Critical Writing)

What is love? There are diverse answers to this questions basing on the different perceptions of men and women. This is mainly because of the differences regarding what is important to women when compared to what is important to women. It is basing on this approach that women have a different perspective of what love entails when contrasted with the men’s perception of what love actually is to them.

In addition, the differences regarding of what constitutes love can be attributed to the variation of a man’s versus a woman’s needs. For instance, men lay more emphasis on sexual fulfillment companionship that is based on recreation, a spouse that is attractive, admiration and support at the domestic level.

This is in contrast with the needs of a woman, which mainly involves affection, conversation, and honesty, financial and family commitment. Basing this, what is it that constitutes the love of a woman and the how is the love is reflected by the woman to a man?

In its broadest sense, love entails having a personal attachment towards another individual. In this context, we perceive love as an emotional attachment that a woman directs at a man and vice versa. It is a fact that every individual being is has an element of emotion towards another person; love plays an important role in developing compassion for another being.

The universal elements of love include intimacy, passion, and commitment. Intimacy involves developing a strong interpersonal relationship with another person. Passion entails a sexual attraction and is susceptible to reduce as time goes by.

Commitment bases on devotion and its development is gradual. In attempt to love another person, it takes more than just compassion, and entails both action and feelings, in order to create blissful environment. This is why when love ends, comes immense emotional pain characterized by elements such as hate and greed.

This mostly affects a woman, and it is a sign of how a woman reflects the love she has to a man, such that the pain cannot be endured when love ends. It raises a question of whether love must be painful for it to be considered true love. What then constitutes true love in the context of how women show their love?

From the women’s perspective, love can be equated to a rose, meaning that it has to be constantly watered, lest it withers and dies off. Women need love that is constantly redefined in order to avoid the passion dying off in the course of time. This is usually a test task, which men find it difficult to maintain. The love that a woman shows to a man is not easy, as people perceive it. The love from a woman entails more than just feelings.

This means that a woman’s love incorporates actions that are directed from the heartily feelings. It is the heart that loves and the body and mind complies with the orders from the heart, just as the king orders his servants and expects them to behave in a certain way.

This means that the true love from a woman is not based on materialistic things, rather, the inner feelings that dictate the actions that the body undertakes. This is contrary to love that is based on material things, whereby the body directs the mind and forces the heart to love material things. It is such love that does not last long after the material things are gone.

A woman’s love can be equated to drug addiction, and any attempt of failing imposes withdrawal symptoms. A woman’s love leaves a man wanting more, and being attracted to woman usually invokes incredible feelings that a man cannot let go easily. This means that a woman’s love can poison a man, and can tame the beast in a man and humble him down.

Then, what is the power of a woman’s love? The brain usually contains and processes the emotions that are normally fired up when conversing with a woman. The heart usually beats faster compared to the normal heart rate and causes blood to flow to the physical body parts that depict the desire for the love of the woman. The only difference with drug addiction is that the taming of a woman’s love is temporary.

The love from a woman makes use of pleasure to tame a man. Pleasure is a significant requirement in life, and people always work the extra mile to gain pleasures that life has to offer, which aims at satisfying all the sense of a human being.

The worst case is that the human mind and body is never satisfied with pleasures that it receives resulting to anxieties and wanting more every other moment. The most additive kind of pleasure due to a woman’s love is derived from sensual and sexual pleasure. The pleasures from a woman’s love should serve to enhance intimacy in love relationships such as marriage.

One must have an intrinsic love before loving others in a passionate way. It is that intrinsic feeling of happiness that determines the way a person’s maintains a relationship based on love. In life, an individual has to love oneself before he loves another person. Empathizing is one of the most important concepts in the development of love that women need.

It entails having an understanding of how the woman and the man feels, and understanding that the outcome of showing love is that you are susceptible to love from the other part. A woman loves unconditionally, meaning that a woman’s love does not base on opportunism. The love from a woman provides an opportunity through she can be herself. Therefore, love is based on more commitment and intimacy rather than passion.

The hallmark of a woman’s love is marked by marriage, which compels a man to undertake a lifelong commitment. In the context of marriage, love plays a significant role in ensuring that marriage is a success. In fact, love is a prerequisite for a marriage to be successful between a man and a woman. An undisputable fact is that marriage is not complete unless it is established on the foundations of love.

Most of humanity have the misconception that marriage is just a formality stage that one has to undertake; it is through such perceptions that most marriages fail to last for long periods, because they were based on other ideologies that did not encompass love for one another.

The underlying principle is that love is imperative towards the realization of the success of a marriage, irrespective of other factors such lack of material well being and the social background of the married couples. People who lack emotional attachments to their couples hardly make it marriage.

A closer look at the cause of increasing divorce rates in the present times is that there is no love in the marriage; as a result, couples are constantly involved in emotional pains that reach a point whereby it is sustainable no more. The outcome of this is divorce or break ups.

Not only does love play a significant role in upholding marriage, but also, it is essential in the family set up. Love is extensible to other entities in the family set up such as children.

An important aspect of love in the context of marriage is physical fulfillment. Typically, this entails sex. Love based on feelings and compassion is not enough to sustain a marriage or any other sexual relationship between people. Sex serves to fulfill the sexual desires between a man and a woman. In this context, sex is used as an ingredient to enhance love between a man and a woman.

It is notable that love forms the basis of marriage, people can develop their lives through marriage that is based on love and that sex plays a critical role upholding marriage between a husband and a wife. Therefore, love has a significant role to play in the development of life, marriage, and sex, which in turn results to overall persona development

Explanatory notes

  1. Rose: a conventional symbol used for representing love
  2. A woman’s love can be equated to drug addiction: this means that it is not easy to let go of a woman’s love, and it usually leaves the main relenting in pain and wanting to restore the initial love.
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