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Emotions Essay Examples and Topics

Emotional Expressions and Facial Management

The purpose of this paper is to discuss why it is important to study nonverbal emotional expressions, identify core emotions and facial expressions connected with them, and describe existing facial management techniques.

Color Effect on Emotions Study by Valdez & Mehrabian

Even though there is a possibility that each person perceives colors in a unique way and that contemporary individuals cannot differentiate as many variables of color as their predecessors because of the regular interaction with [...]

What Is Happiness?

One would say that happiness is to be with a loved one, the second would say that happiness is the stability, and the third, on the contrary, would say that happiness is the unpredictability.

The Meaning of Happiness

On the other hand, another study found that the birth of a child is associated with the loss of spousal love, and the decrease in the total level of happiness is stated to be the [...]

Aesthetical Beauty’s Understanding

Still, it can hardly be denied that the value of appreciating this kind of beauty is rather high because it allows the representatives of the general public to find a reason to be happy and [...]

Happiness and Its Influence on Decision-Making

The strength of this paper is that it explores not only the meaning of the word but also the results of its offered revision, including the reconsideration of the importance of the phenomenon of competition, [...]

Money and Happiness in Poor and Wealthy Societies

Comprehending the motivations for pursuing money and happiness is the key to understanding this correlation. The Easterlin paradox summed this view by showing that income had a direct correlation with happiness.

Love is illogical

It is actually rather interesting to note that in many modern day retellings of love it is either shown that love is blind or that love is sacrificial yet few ever delve into the concept [...]

Fallacious Love

Shulman presents the protagonist who believes that his perfect match should be a woman with a number of obligatory qualities, whereas the main heroes of the Chinese legend do not try to adhere to specific [...]

Analyzing Love and Love Addiction in Relationships

Given that, the book focuses primarily on raising awareness on when love crosses into the realm of obsession, the characters in the book exhibit an intense and obsessive attraction for their partners, to the detriment [...]

The Nature of Humor: What Makes People Laugh

Academically, literary works are a creative and constructive way of condemning evils such as corruption, impunity, gender violence and discrimination of any kind, which could be understandably an obstacle to the progress of a society [...]

Emotions and reasoning

The belief by rationalists failed to hail the fact that we are humans, thus emotional in nature and even the most 'rational' of all beings can err. Emotions ensure that we act in a manner [...]

Love is varied and dynamic

This adds to the confusion of what love is. The time it takes for the characters in these two stories to fall in love is too short.

Emotions of anger and happiness

The emotion of anger is usually considered to be negative and it can lead to various negative consequences. On the other hand, the emotion of happiness is positive and it has numerous benefits to our [...]

The Effects of Humor and Persuasion

Nevertheless, humor does still have a firm standing in as far as enhancing persuasion is concerned since the source is able to build rapport with the receiver which is the fundamental goal of persuasion. Humor [...]

What Love Is and Why It Matters

The personal decision to love enables one to decide on venturing into a commitment to love regardless of the present feeling in the inner self at that particular period. Conversely, the possibility for a person [...]

Sense of Humor

Satire is more particular because it is based upon a proper understanding of the target of the humor and may only be interesting and entertaining to a mature and probably educated audience.