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“What Makes People Happy” Article by Yolanda Yepes Essay

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Updated: Apr 5th, 2021


There is no use denying the fact that throughout all the history of humanity people have been trying to give a clear definition of what happiness is. This question became so topical because of the nature of human beings, who had the inborn thirst for cognition and tried to investigate the issues which were the most important for them. Being one of the main phenomena of the existence of humanity, the notion of happiness has been developing along with society, becoming more complicated and obtaining new features.

A great number of definitions, which were given to this term, still did not stop researchers and philosophers as every person had his/her concept of happiness and tried to prove the fact that this concept was the most correct one (Oishi, Graham, Kesebir, & Galinha, n.d.). Thus, this process is endless, and it is possible to predict that the clear and universal definition of happiness could hardly be given. However, this fact does not stop contemporary philosophers, and they continue cogitations about the issue of happiness, suggesting their arguments, which should support their vision of the issue. Yolanda Yepes is one of these philosophers.

Main conclusion

In her article What Makes People Happy, she tries to define the issue of happiness and tends to show processes and sequences which make people happy. It should be said that the article is quite logical and, in the course of considerations and bright examples, the author concludes that happiness is not the result of some actions or activity, though, it is the process of attainment of this final result, the expectancy of some positive emotions and belief that at the end everything will be fine.

Yepes concludes that a person could be happy while making some steps in their turn and guaranteeing the future in this way. Nevertheless, at the end of the article, the author also tends to show a reader that every person has a certain chain of aims gradual achievement of which could make him/her happy. Moreover, the author also wants to stress the idea that the natural desire to make life better and become happier could be taken as the manifestation of this very happiness because it is quite natural for a person to have such sort of wishes (Yepes, n.d.).

Authors premises

It should be said that during the work, the author figures out several very important premises which could be taken as her attempt to make a person believe in the rightness of her assumptions and guarantee the appearance of their desire to follow the pattern outlined by the author. One of the most vital premises is the idea that happiness could not be stable. In other words, the process of the achievement of happiness is more important and pleasant than happiness itself. Very often, having achieved some desired state and obtained some things or notions which a person considered to be necessary for his/her happy life, a person might not be completely satisfied.

That is why the author suggests that people become happier when they enjoy the process of achievement of some purpose. Thus, another essential premise of the author is the thought that no one wants to start his/her life as a famous person as there will be no enjoyment for a person. Possessing all elements of happiness, a person is deprived of all pleasant moments which he/she might face while struggling for happiness and apprehension of this feeling.

Quality of the argument

Having read the article and analyzed the main authors arguments, it is possible to state the fact that the author manages to pose the main arguments in a very understandable and logical manner. Moreover, it is impossible not to admit the quality of the argument. Yolanda Yepes does not simply provide her thoughts and assumptions, however, she also tries to support them with clear examples and explain her point of view, which can be taken as the best evidence of the power of the arguments.

Having stated the fact that the process of achievement of happiness is more important, she suggested the research of Daniel Kahneman and his colleagues, which could be used to support the authors statement. In the course of the experiment with various temperatures and peoples feelings, researchers conclude that the gradual relief is better than the final feeling. Yolanda Yepes tends to prove the fact that the same could be observed in the real life.

Supported by such good evidence, the authors premises sound more convincing. Additionally, the research of Argyle, which is also used in the text of the paper, shows that achievement of one aim leads to the appearance of another one, which is more complicated, and the expectations of happiness increase. Taking this evidence into account, it is possible to say that Yepes manages to suggest her vision of this process in terms of the concept of happiness. Nevertheless, supported by clear evidence her ideas seem to be quite logical and the arguments rather strong.

Own vision of the concept

It should also be said that the authors ideas seem to be so clear because they coincide with the concept of happiness that we had before. Moreover, judging by some personal experience, it is possible to admit that a person is not able to be happy for a long period as it has a thirst for new achievements and self-improvement. Remaining unchanged for a long course, a human being starts to degenerate, losing his/her wishes and purposes. That is why people find the new aim to become involved in the process of its achievement because the expectancy of success can already be taken as happiness. A person is sure that a good future awaits him/her and tries to do a lot to guarantee it. Under these conditions, the main concepts suggested by Yepes seem to be rather logical and clear.


With this in mind, having read the article What Makes People Happy by Yolanda Yepes, it is possible to make a certain conclusion. The author tends to stress the necessity of constant progress as only the process of development and achievement of an appointed aim can guarantee some happiness for a person. Resting on investigations o various researchers, Yepes, creates her concept of happiness which is comprised of gradual, step by step attainment of some stages. Every new stage could provide some happiness for a person, though it could not last forever, and that is why a new stage is needed. Moreover, every new phase raises expectations and, as a result, a person could not be satisfied with his/her current progress anymore. With this in mind, it is possible to conclude that the issue of happiness is still rather ambivalent as there are many various concepts connected with it.


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