Personal Experiences Essay Examples and Topics

Ten Year Life Plan

Planning ten years of my life seems like a kind of challenge now. We can’t predict what will happen with us after several months. However, I believe that a great success is impossible without the personal motivation and clearly defined goals. Ten years from now I want to own an event company which can be […]

Preparing for the Millennium

Introduction This research paper preparing for the millennium endeavors to state my detailed goal for the year 2021. The paper illuminates the amount of effort and resources that am going to invest towards achieving these set goals. The research paper will capture three main areas: the educational plan, the work plan, and the lifestyle plan. […]

Thanksgiving Dinner

It has always been said that the more you travel and go places the more things you get to learn and experience. This statement incidentally suits me in very many ways such that I can attest to it. During the course of my study in America, I got to meet and mingle with different people […]

Personal Problem Solving

Problem solving is a powerful practice because it addresses different challenges in life. My problem solving skill set can make it easier for me to deal with various obstacles and difficulties. However, the skill step has a major gap that requires immediate improvements. The gap that required some improvements is “Defining and Gathering Evidence”. This […]

Personal Development Plan: Effective Acculturation

Introduction Personal development entails diverse activities that aim at improving one’s awareness, talent, potential, identity, health, self-knowledge, and building one’s human capital. Additionally, personal development also contributes towards the realisation of an individual’s dreams and aspirations. Chambers, Schwartz, and Boath (2003) emphasise the importance of incorporating a personal development plan in one’s quest to continue […]

Triumphs of Experience

In order to guarantee the conceptual soundness of the would-be undertaken longitudinal study of the selected cohort of UCLA students (concerned with identifying/measuring the ‘factors of happiness’, throughout their lives), its theoretical premise must be consistent with the currently predominant socio-cultural discourse. Moreover, it must also be observant of what account for the driving forces […]

Effects of self-esteem and gender on goal choice

Introduction The journal being criticized is called “effects of self-esteem and gender on goal choice” journal of organizational behavior, volume 12, issue 6 and the pages being discussed are 529 to 541. The authors of the article are Paul E. Levy and Ann H Baumgarder. The paper contains a discussion about the relationship between self […]

Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Randy Pausch “last lecture” titled; “really achieving your childhood dreams,” elaborates on his achievements and the lessons he learnt during his lifetime. In his presentation, he hopes to inspire other people to fulfill their dreams through his “last lecture,” which has largely been inspired by his experience of having cancer. A lot of people sympathize […]

I do not believe in ghosts

Today, many people believe in the existence of ghosts. However, there is no enough evidence to prove that they really do exist. A ghost can be defined as the spirit of a deceased person that can appear in the form of a body to living people and haunt them (McCormick 38). Once a person dies, […]

Critique for “Sorry, Strivers: Talent Matters.”

Introduction The question of the extent to which nature determines one’s situation in life has occupied humanity for a long time. With the world almost evenly split between proponents and critics of the notion of free will, this question has been the subject of many debates. Inherent in this argument is the question of whether […]

What is the value of the examined life?

Introduction Philosophy requires one to assess the life he or she is living in a manner to have key fundamental achievement in life. There are many forms of examining ones life. Socrates and Nozick examine life to provide significant information about examined and unexamined life. Socrates Socrates is the founder of western philosophy. He invented […]

Loyalty Questions

Introduction It is a hard thing to pledge loyalty to a country that is not your own; that is, a country that is not your ancestral or original homeland. This becomes evident with a situation whereby one is required to defend a country in which he/she has acquired citizenship either through birth, registration or neutrality […]

The Color of Water

One of the most important conflicts that have ever been raised throughout the history is the problem of personal development. Even now it is still on the agenda of the modern world. Like any other person, the character of the memoir by McBride is changing together with the world around him. In the midst of […]

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice is one of the keys to success. Why am I saying this? Practice, talent and being lucky are equally important. They are interconnected in that one cannot exist without the other. No matter how lucky one is, if no practice is done one is bound to fail. We do practice daily on how to […]

My Restaurant Experience

While I generally consider myself a good person, there are some incidents in my life which greatly contradict this notion that I have of myself. One incident which quickly comes to mind involves my encounter with a waiter at a restaurant I frequent a few months back. I had decided to take a couple of […]

Critical Evaluation of Self, God and Other Philosophical Phenomena

I am aware that I am a mortal being that exists in a constantly changing world alongside other beings. The fact that I am human differentiates me from other non human beings though there are some aspects that we share. I exhibit noesis; a capacity to sense what goes around me, hence understand what is […]

My Values in Life

Values are qualities that one considers to be worthwhile and as such, act as the driving force in their lives. A person’s values take precedence over other qualities and therefore dictate the manner in which an individual may act in particular instances. In my life, I have a number of values that I hold dear. […]

College Technology Admission essay

Since childhood, I have been interested in the exquisite design rides for the Walt Disney Company. My interest in advancing my fascination for design rides into a career stems from my grandmother’s influence who introduced me into the Disney world at the age of two. I grew up in New York and moved to the […]

Most Influential People – My Uncle Jack

Over the years in our lives, we get to interact with many people some of who make little or no impact on our lives while others leave a lasting impression. One of the people who fall under the category of “most influential people” in my life is my uncle Jack. While most people may contend […]

Business Writing and Critical Thinking

Introduction The issue of ethical dilemma is something human beings cannot let alone. It is evident that it remains part of their life. Someone finds himself in such a dilemma. Most of the time it is proper to make the right decision when in such a situation. Personally, I believe the right decision always lies […]

Concepts of Lessons from My Life as a Bully

Introduction Having grown in humble and reserved family my early childhood life was very interesting and enjoyable because at least I had parents who could provide everything to me. My parents always emphasized to me the need to treat other people well, more so other children who sought help from me. Owing to my age […]

This Capstone Class: Practice of Ethical and Social Responsibility

After completing the University Studies program at Portland State University that aims at developing student’s inquiry, critical thinking, diversity, ethical and social responsibility, and communication, I have considerably deepen my understanding of responsibility, both ethical and social. This capstone class, the final class of my curriculum, gives me an opportunity to not only demonstrate the […]