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Personal Experiences Essay Examples and Topics

Failure and Success in Human Life

Success if one of the major concerns of modern society, Nowadays, it serves as the main determiner of the significance of an individual and his/her position in society.

Death in Psychological and Personal Understanding

Of course, young people are often ignorant of this issue, but there is always certain period when people have to face the problem. I believe people have to think about death when they are young [...]

Pregnant Embodiment Autoethnography

Pregnancy and bodily experience concerns provide a solid basis for introducing the concepts of subjectivity and consciousness in the body itself.

Ten Year Life Plan

My education will be done at the University of Nevada where I am planning to study the hospitality management as a major and the event management as a minor.

Preparing for the Millennium

With respect to work plan, the research paper will argue in detail why I chose to work in a given area, how I got the job. I intend to transfer to the University of Nevada [...]

Thanksgiving Dinner

During the course of my study in America, I got to meet and mingle with different people who from each I was able to at least gain something.

Personal Problem Solving

The person solving the problem must prioritize the issues surrounding the problem. The targeted evidence and information will determine the success of every problem solving process.

Personal Development Plan: Effective Acculturation

The personal development plan is illustrated by outlining the personal development objectives intended to be attained and the actions that will be undertaken in order to accomplish the stated objectives.

Triumphs of Experience

Probably the primary discursive aspect of the discourse of post-modernity, which now encompasses the realities of a modern living in America, has to do with the fact that, unlike what it used to be the [...]

Effects of self-esteem and gender on goal choice

The paper contains a discussion about the relationship between self esteem and gender to the type of goals that people make. Therefore, there is a link between high self-esteem and the behavior to make difficult [...]

Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

The injury became a brick wall in the quest to fulfill my childhood dreams. He also shares his experiences and successes with the world as a way of inspiring people to fulfill their dreams.

I do not believe in ghosts

A ghost can be defined as the spirit of a deceased person that can appear in the form of a body to living people and haunt them.

What is the value of the examined life?

He is keen to note that the examined life is the central explanation of what makes it a virtuous life. Nozick outlines the portrait is trying to capture the essence of an individual in life.

Loyalty Questions

Considering the fact that the alien country, is where one lives and has accumulated most of her/his wealth, it becomes reasonable to show loyalty to the country though this action can also result into negatives [...]

The Color of Water

It is quite peculiar though that, in contrast to his mother, who is trying to keep her secret deep inside, James is eagerly trying to find the answer to his secret: "Sometimes it seemed like [...]

Practice Makes Perfect

The much practice required depends upon the nature of the activity, and upon the individual due to difference in peoples' nature and desire to learn and achieve more.

My Restaurant Experience

I had decided to take a couple of my friends for a treat and I chose Horizon Restaurant as the venue of choice; more because of the friendly rates than anything I must admit.

My Values in Life

This is as a result of my belief that what defines me most as a person is my determination to succeed and my desire to make a positive contribution to society through my career.

College Technology

Before my grandmother passed on in 2004, she took me to Disney world every year during my vacations and the great experience I earned has always stirred my interest to want to associate with them.

Most Influential People – My Uncle Jack

While my parents and my other relatives thought that Jack was unusual, I found in him a fascinating as well as complex man who was always a source of intrigue and inspiration.