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Volunteering as Extracurricular Activity Essay

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Updated: Apr 22nd, 2022

Life requires us to make right choices on how to best utilize our personal time whether in the course of everyday life or while enjoying leisure time. For young people who are getting their education, parents, as well as a common social setting, might insist on their focusing on academic activities to the prejudice of extracurricular activities. This means that our social settings determine the extent to which most of us participate in anything else apart from what society requires from us. Moving to the United States of America after graduating the 10th grade of high school, provided me with a number of opportunities that I had not had in the country I lived in before. In India, academics is the main, if not the only, focus, and students are expected to devote all their time to improving their academic performance. Thus, being a student of the Indian school, my activities were limited to classes, tutoring, and doing my homework assignments. Today, I am firmly sure that it is a healthy and refreshing experience to be able to participate in extracurricular activities which Thayer Academy offers me as a student and member of the American society.

Thayer Academy focuses on the comprehensive development of its students, and not just on their academic performance. I have spent most of my junior years familiarizing myself with the new society and the ways people do things. The United States is a unique country that provides all its members with a chance to be whatever they want to be by encouraging them to follow their dreams. The cultural mix here is amazing, and it requires one’s full attention to appreciate and understand it in order to fit in. Now that I have adjusted well here, I am showing an increasing interest in the extracurricular activities offered by the academy. Currently, I find my robotics class very interesting. My real interest lies in philanthropy and, therefore, I am a devoted member of the Uganda Aid club at Thayer.

Uganda Aid Club works with an organization called Invisible Children to end the use of child soldiers in the rebellion led by the internationally wanted Joseph Kone. This organization hopes to provide help with putting an end to war and maintaining peace and prosperity in Central Africa (Invisible Children, n. d.). One of the main concerns of the organization and our club is the use of children as soldiers at an age when they should be getting an education. The club is raising money for establishing radio towers in Congo. We conduct sales in school where we sell various merchandise like bracelets and t-shirts to raise money. We also hold coin drives and fundraising events, as well as screening educational films from Invisible Children to spread awareness and encourage people to make donations.

I have always taken every opportunity to help out in programs aimed at making this world a better place. The best way to do this is to lend a helping hand to every place where help is needed. In India, I used to serve meals at our neighborhood temple every Saturday to people who couldn’t afford buying their own food. Such experiences are rewarding, and it is important to all people to assist their fellow human beings. All people cannot live under the same conditions, and those who are lucky to go to good schools and afford life’s necessities must show gratitude by offering little time and resources they have to assist the needy.

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