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The Importance of Core Human Values at Workplace Term Paper

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Updated: Apr 1st, 2022

Identify Your Core Values

In my view, values are attributes that are of worth to society and me. I have several core values that have over the years become a part of who I am. My first core value is respect, which dictates that I am to treat all people in a courteous and considerate manner. In society, respect is often not given to all people equally. In most cases, the level of respect given to a person is dependent on his socioeconomic level. In my opinion, respect should be given to all individuals regardless of their class in society. Another value that I have developed over the years is optimism. As we go through life, we are bound to encounter many negative and often discouraging experiences. Such experiences might cause a person to develop a negative attitude towards life and/or people. I try to avoid negatively viewing life. Instead, I maintain a positive outlook and remain optimistic even when faced with adversity. Integrity demands that I practice honesty and seek to uphold morality at all times. This value requires me to act ethically even when it might not be pleasant for me. Integrity is necessary for establishing good professional and personal relationships with other people.

Describe how people acquire and change values

A person acquires values in several ways.

The first way in which people acquire values is from their parents or guardians. In the family setting, where most children are brought up, core values are instilled by the parents. The parents inculcate in the children favorable moral and social values. The childhood years are important in the development of values since children are impressionable and they are likely to hold the values instilled in them at this stage in high regard. Individuals also acquire values as they interact with other members of society in the school environment or the workplace. In school, teachers cultivate desirable values in students in a bit to prepare them to be good citizens. Students are also likely to borrow values from each other. In the workplace, individuals are likely to develop values that are in line with the needs of the organization. Some organizations emphasize certain values, which are deemed crucial to achieving organizational goals and objectives.

Values do not remain constant and people are likely to change their values as they go through life. These changes might occur due to several reasons. Experiences in life may lead to a change in values (Reece, 2013). As we grow older, we face new experiences that provide us with more knowledge and wisdom. The new knowledge might cause us to reassess our values and make changes. For example, a person who values stability in life might face experiences that teach him that flexibility is important in life. Such an experience will cause the person to change this particular value. Changes might also be triggered by interaction with people from different cultures. A person who has grown up in a homogeneous culture is likely to adopt values that are shared by other members of his society. If the person is to move to an environment that has other cultures, he will be exposed to values that might differ from those of his original community. The individual might end up abandoning some of his previous values and adopting new values.

Explain what values do for and to us

Values influence our interactions with other people. A person who believes that respect is of great importance is likely to treat the people he interacts with in a courteous and considerate manner. On the other hand, a person who values success above everything else might only treat people courteously if he perceives them to be successful. Values serve as a guide on our conduct and significantly influence our behaviors. Values help us to make significant decisions in personal and professional life. In life, we are constantly faced with situations that require us to make decisions. Reece (2013) documents that values provide a means of evaluating and deciding among several options. In this way, values enable us to make the best judgment in a given situation.

Values can change us into individuals who adopt the right path in life. By focusing on our values, we can avoid the temptation of achieving quick success by whatever means. Instead, if we remain true to our values, we are going to take a broader view of life and recognize what real success means (Reece, 2013). Values help us assess what is important in our lives. By reviewing the values we hold, we can recognize our priorities in life.

Explain the nature and importance of human values in the workplace

By definition, human values are those values that can be relied upon to guide people to carry out actions that are right and acceptable. Glenn (2011) notes that human values are the words such as honesty, fairness, respect, decency, and generosity, used to describe qualities that we approve of in people. By adhering to human values, individuals can engage in the right conduct. One place where human values play a crucial role is in the workplace. To begin with, human values enable people from diverse cultural, political, and economic backgrounds to work together and achieve organizational goals. Glenn (2011) reveals that values help to create a sense of community in the workplace. Individuals can demonstrate concern for others and act in a manner that is beneficial for everybody. This creates a good work environment where everybody feels valued.

Core human values assist in the effective resolution of conflicts in the workplace. Conflicts are a normal occurrence in all organizations and they may contribute to growth. However, conflicts can only serve a positive function if they are resolved constructively. Human values enable workers to resolve their conflicts amicably and continue to enjoy a good working relationship with others (Glenn, 2011). When values such as fairness, justice, and respect are used as the framework for conflict resolution, the best solution will likely be reached. Considering these significant impacts of human values in the workplace, they should have a high priority in all organizations.


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