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Electrical Engineering Career Development Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Mar 22nd, 2022


In every career, there are distinct factors that guide the decision-making on the career that best fits an individual. However, most of the intellectuals have difficulties in determining their career due to poor introduction at the primary level of career development. Lecturers, parents, and guardians play an important role in career development positively or negatively. Some parents forcefully choose the best career for their children, but this is not advisable (Freitag, 1986).

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In my case, curiosity played a huge role in my personal career development since childhood. I was wondering how a wire could produce energy that can produce light to the house and act as the aerial for the small radio receiver at home. My father wondered about such kinds of questions. However, my father never talked much about engineering, but instead, he continued supplying the play materials, which are related to the engineering of which I had a lot of interest in it.

After elementary education, I opted to study sciences due to my earlier interest. On other hand, the lecturers too kept encouraging me, following the exemplary performance which continued to the end. At the University level, the long-awaited career dream of becoming an engineer had come to a reality. However, after the completion of the course, I informed my parents that I would be graduating with a first-class honors degree in electrical engineering.

When I look back at my life and see how far I have come, I cannot help but remember the words of my father when he told me studying electrical engineering will change my life. This career has allowed me to interact with people outside of my race, culture, and religion and now all the stereotypes that I had before are gone. Some say that life is a rollercoaster ride, but what I have come to know is that life is about opportunities and grabbing them with both hands because you just cannot tell which opportunity will change your life permanently. I have tremendous respect for my father who saw my career as an opportunity while I did not seem to see it that way. Hitherto, my father remembered how he supported my ambition to become an engineer at a tender age. Surprisingly, I managed to be the best in our class without wishful thoughts on career choice.

The field of electrical engineering has greatly changed in the last 100 years with the invention and introduction of electrical machines and equipment that uses integrated circuits, programmable and logic control circuits as well are remote control and assistance (Wildes & Lindgren, 1985). A century ago, electrical machines and equipment were very heavy and bulky while the performance was 20 times slower than the present speed (Hambley, 2010).

However, only a few people were able to understand the idea behind the profession. Switching on an electric machine would take an hour just for the transistors to generate heat to warm the system to be switched on. However, the few who were in the profession when gamma and x-rays were invented suffered due to the effects of working on the destructive rays with the naked eye. They gradually lost their eyesight, though this did not hinder the professionalism in electrical engineering (Wildes & Lindgren, 1985).

With the changing technology in electrical engineering, the problems that were faced by the engineers decades ago are no longer there due to the invention of more advanced mechanisms that corrects the failures. The gradual development in the profession has led to the introduction of more advanced systems that allows quick production and processing of domestic and industrial products. This has positively impacted development globally with the production of relatively large goods that ease the business growth and development.

With the advancement in the technological level, in the next century, it is evident that casual workers will no longer have jobs within the companies instead robots will be programmed to perform the duties that ought to have been done by man. However, this will be a possibility due to the size of equipment and machines that reduce with the increase in technology (Freitag, 1986). Human beings will no longer drive the automotive, such as vehicles, and others, but instead, robots will take control with minimal cases of accidents (McMahon, 1984).


The career will elevate me to another level in technology with more understanding and professionalism in engineering. Considering the far that technology has come, there is still a possibility of more advanced changes in the current system.


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