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Dream Job in Business and Retirement Scenario Essay

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Updated: Apr 29th, 2021

Importance of a Dream Job

Young people should think about their futures before they choose their majors. I believe that I am fortunate to have chosen business as my main field of study. It helps to unite various ethical issues, leadership skills, and financial items. A successful leader has to think about many things at the same time. Self-regulation, empathy, and social skills are the competencies for a leader’s consideration (Goleman 78). It is not enough to know what job should be chosen. It is important to understand the worth of a dream job, develop a detailed plan to obtain it, find enough motivators, and be sure that the choices made promote personal happiness and satisfaction. (Colby et al. 51).

After graduation, I hope to succeed in the finance and gain the required portion of experience in the U.S. to come back home and join the family business started by my grandfather. I think that an investment bank or some private equity could be chosen to gain a better understanding of cultural principles, the peculiarities of the work in teams, and the concerns that could be developed between employees. Still, to be a part of a team and to work as a part of the already established business should not be defined as my final goal. These are simply the means to achieve the dream job. I want to be educated and experienced enough to establish a company. To be a leader of my own company connected with the family business is my dream job.

My motivation is based on my ability to weigh different people’s experiences and consider my personal dreams. The experience of Black Irving, CEO of GoDaddy Company, shows that people may have no ideas about their future careers (Bryant). Sometimes it is enough to work with good people and find it interesting to organize people in regards to a personal tone. Besides, I am motivated by such concepts as curiosity, love of learning, and using new ideas in routine affairs (Crossan et al. 287). In the UAE, many business people develop their projects on foreign experiences and knowledge. I want to be ready for the challenges and stay competitive. Therefore, I believe that my practice in the USA and my devotion to our traditions and recognition of family values should help me create a strong company with clearly identified ideas and goals.

My Best Retirement Scenario

The success of my future career is hard to predict. Still, it is always possible and even helpful to dream of effective leadership. Leadership is the process of guiding people and promoting the importance of changes in the workplace. Being a transformational leader is my goal. I would like to underline the importance of change and innovation in the UAE family business because I believe that this field could be improved considerably regarding the current experiences of different nations. In 40 or 50 years, I would like to listen to one of my followers giving a speech about my retirement and my personal contributions to the business’s development.

“This person has proved that it is necessary to have a dream. It is not enough to identify it and make people aware of this dream’s existence. It is more important to understand how to obtain the dream and make other people believe in it. From an early age, this person demonstrated a number of qualities that were inherent to true leaders. He decided to go to an American university and obtain a high level of knowledge. It was unnecessary to motivate him because he had enough strength and dreams to take all steps independently.

“His devotion to his family and intentions to make something useful for his country made him strong and goal-oriented. Though some people thought that the existing difference between American and Arab cultures could not result in something successful, this person showed that friendship between nations was possible. Relying on the experience of his grandfather as the main role model in business, this leader combined American persistence and Arab innovations and created a spirit that could inspire people and solve ethical dilemmas that remain common in the workplace. Ethical problems could mislead and intimidate. They could gain different forms and lead to unpredictable outcomes. The development of trustful relations and communication are the best solutions, and our leader showed how those steps should be taken.

“A family business is not an easy task. This leader came to the country to break some rules and help people not to divide friendship and business but use it to succeed. There are many stories of certain problems that may occur when a leader has to punish or fire a worker he/she has no tight relations with. However, when it is time to solve a problem with a friend or family member, a number of questions and concerns occur. The example demonstrated by this person inspires millions of people because he made something impossible: He combined friendship, finance, and business success over many years. He proved that people had the right to make friends in the workplace and promote trustful cooperation, sincere explanations, and fair corrections. At the same time, this leader taught us how to control emotions and how to use them for good only. Emotions and business could co-exist. This has been proven by our retiring leader, who will never be forgotten.”

Such a speech as this would show that my achievements and contributions were recognized by others, my ideas helped people, and my attitudes supported the development of the business in the UAE.

Personal Experience to Help Comprehend “What’s the Matter with David?”

The scenario introduces David, a smart and funny person, who was a good student at Stern and then became a good worker in the company after graduation. Because of the close relationship that developed between David and me during his education, I was not able to define several slights, although still evident, shortages in his work. I remembered the words of one of the greatest philosophers that “it is unlawful either to weigh true morality against conflicting expedience, or common morality, which is cultivated by those who wish to be considered good men, against what is profitable” (Cicero 273). Therefore, I came to the conclusion that a certain change should be offered in order to avoid any unpleasant results, to improve the work of my team, and to avoid judgments. The last annual review process that took place showed that some members of the team were not good workers. My manager offered me the idea of pruning a tree so it could grow better. The hint was clear enough, and I had to make a decision about David. I understood that my friend might need to be let go. Still, it was necessary to avoid judgments and wrong considerations in the matter.

After the meeting, David offered me a quick drink that night. In order to not appear suspicious, I could not refuse his suggestion. At the same time, I also wanted to notify my friend about possible changes. Therefore, I accepted his offer of a drink. However, I did not spend much time at the bar and explained that my hurry was because of personal issues. The next day I informed all my team about the possibility of additional checks and the possible professional evaluation. I offered to unite as a team, to remove all personal and professional shortages, and to try to demonstrate the best qualities. Lateness, work evasion, and gossip were not allowed. Those rules should be followed by all members, including me. As a leader, I had to pass this check as well. When David asked about the conditions of the assessment after work, I underlined that I was not aware of the details but that assessment was directed to check all members of a team. The only thing that I could do as a leader and as his friend was to become a good example to follow. I focused on the work, tried to support all members in the same way, and organized special meetings to discuss the things that mattered to the team. I explained the importance of labor division and the worth of such issues as dexterity and justice (Smith 8). I did not want to underline the differences in the relations, but I had to explain to my friend David that all employees had to work hard to demonstrate their abilities and continue working in the company.

As soon as I made a conscious effort to become a good example for all members of my team, David included, I observed a number of changes. It turned out that some other members of the team were also good friends and tried to support each other. In addition, all employees found my leadership style to be rather attractive and effective. It turned out to be my mistake that I did not notice the full potential of my team earlier but rather focused on my friendship with David. The result of this discovery was unpredictable indeed. My team became a team of friends and experts. We got to know the weak and strong sides of each person and helped to identify the best means to achieve good results. My friendship with one person on the team was no longer enough. It was necessary to befriend all members of the team to achieve success. Therefore, the one thing I would do differently with the benefit of experience would be to pay more attention to all members of my team. Finally, when the time to meet with the manager came, I introduced the results of the performance of all my team members and proved that each person had both strong and weak aspects. If some mistakes occurred in the team, a leader should take responsibility for them. I was ready to take that responsibility, and I was justified because my team was one of the best in the company.

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