Marriage Essay Examples and Topics

“His Needs, Her Needs” by Willard Harley

Introduction Most couples do not realize the flaws in their relationship until their marriages start falling apart. Harley’s masterpiece, His needs, her needs, highlights the critical factors underlying a successful marriage, which is full of love and understanding. Before reading the book, most skeptics will wonder why they should read anything on marriage. However, after […]

Marriage and Love are Incompatible

Marriage has existed as long as the history of humankind can be traced. It is therefore, an important element in the society. Different people uphold the practice of marriage in all cultures of the world. In fact, marriage is an essential element in most cultures that it is considered a significant institution in the society. […]

“The Real Problem With Monogamy: Asymmetric Information”

In the article, “The Real Problem With Monogamy: Asymmetric Information”, Bryan Caplan presents the notion that due to the inherent nature of asymmetric information the revelation of one partner’s views regarding monogamy results in a distinct dissatisfaction of the other in the partner that revealed the information (Caplan, 2009). This is not to say that […]

Intimacy, Love and Friendship

Introduction Compared to the past century, women in Australia have more rights and privileges and their status has risen higher. The transformation that is now being witnessed among the Australian women came about as a result of hard fought political and social battles by movements advocating for change in women’s roles both. In the past, […]

The Slippery Slope to Polygamy and Incest

Marriage defines one’s family based love. The parties to a marriage consecrate based on love; they enjoy equal protection and fundamental rights encrypted in the American Constitution. Even though opponents of same sex marriage are right in arguing that such unions lead to polygamy and incest, the institution of marriage is one that pursues happiness […]

Millennials Say Marriage is Ideal but Parenthood is the Priority

Article Summary The topic of marriage has recently stirred debates amongst the millennial population. Interestingly, the millennial generation seems to be more inclined to the priority of parenting rather than the actual marriage. Most studies have indicated that few millennials prefer and value the essence of marriage. Close to half or average of the surveyed […]

The effect of marriage on crime rate

This paper endeavors to find peer reviewed journal articles, which analyze the relationship between crime rates and criminals who are single or those who have a family. A study conducted by Sampson, Laub, and Wimer (2006) aimed at evaluating whether marriage reduces crime. These researchers argue that marriage significantly influences adult outcomes but the current […]

Current Trends Affecting Marriage and Family Formation in Asia

The average age at first marriage has been increasing in Asia over decades. Though this phenomenon is worldwide, it is more prominent in Asia. Related to timing of marriage is family structure. The outlook of Asian families has been changing alongside the timing of marriage. This paper will explore various trends that affect timing of […]

Married to the Wrong Sex

There exists a lot of historical and archeological evidence that prove that throughout history people have exhibited ways of expressing one’s sexuality other than the heterosexual marriage community that is prevalent in the majority of our Western societies. In addition, the fact that homosexual behavior is present among all other animal species gives us a […]

Incest – how did society’s view on consanguineous marriage change throughout history and science development and why

It has become very difficult to articulately place incest in its correct sphere: could it be within the morality, legislation, biological, cultural, or psychological sphere? The intense reflection on, and the heated debate revolving around this topic is the most certain occurrence. Consanguinity was highly upheld in most traditional societies. However, in the later decades […]

Qualities of successful marriages

Communication Good communication is important in any marriage in order for it to succeed. Good communication helps to avoid all forms of disrespect between the parties. Such forms of disrespect have been referred to as disrespectful judgments. They include ridiculing, sarcasm, making statements in a judgmental way or making false accusations. In other words, proper […]

Marriage and the Limits of Contract

Introduction Marriage has in the recent past had various definitions. The Western world has been on the forefront in redefining marriage because the society is slowly changing the definition of marriage through legal means (Morse 1). These legal definitions are guaranteed by the state and through this development, the state is gaining a strong influence […]

Influences of marital quality

Introdution Marriage in the ancient days was viewed as a way of union of two for production and love, with production being focused on bringing up children that are obedient and follow the steps of their parents. It bestowed one as being an adult and set limits in sexual activity (Wickham, Lorenz, Conger &Elder, 2007). […]

Early Marriage Advantages

Introduction Marriage and family are the two institutes which form the basic building blocks of communities and by extension the society. Sudha (2000, p.198) declares that marriage is a fundamental universal social institute that “facilitates proper progeny and helps to have life long companionship and family life”. This assertion is true since it is through […]

People Under the Aue of Eighteen Should Not Be Allowed to Marry

Introduction Marriage refers to a union of two individuals who come together to form a family as recognized by social or legal provisions. With the consideration of marriage as a contract and provisions of laws of contracts, there are limitations to age at which people can marry at their own consent. People under the age […]

Why should people allow marrying only after age 30?

Introduction One of the mainly sure ways to progress the physical condition and well-being of the world’s inhabitants is to hearten and shore up the thought of marriage. The continued researches divulges that, the married people are normally bodily healthier, more contented, survives longer, enjoys enhanced mental health, are more satisfied and less expected to […]

No Need to Justify Our Love

Standardization Taking alcohol is a lifestyle (cc). Lifestyle entails many things and is not limited to some aspects of our life. Therefore, cycling, becoming a vegetarian, moving out of geographical locality or being gay is also lifestyle choices (xcc). Lifestyle is does not attract interest (cc). Therefore, it happens to be arrogant to refer to […]

Polygamy in Canada

Introduction Polygamy is a form of marriage whereby more than two parties are involved. Polygamy occurs in three forms. When a man marries more than one wife simultaneously, this is referred to as polygyny. If a woman is married to more than one man, this is polyandry. In other cases, a family may consist of […]

Why Get Married?

Nowadays people are disturbed by a variety of questions and dilemmas which have to be solved and evaluated, and one of the most burning ones is the idea of marriage. Is it really important to get married and legitimate relations all the time? Why are so many people eager to get married? And why do […]

Effects of the social, economic and technological change on marriage

In the past decades, the marriage institution has transformed due to the social, economic and technological changes that have resulted to major changes; in population of the married people and their ages, the number of children in a family, the number of the unmarried adults, division of responsibility in household especially the role played by […]

Why People Choose to Marry

Marriage is considered as an important stage in the life of every person when any man or woman is ready to become responsible for building strong relations with a partner and for creating a family as a significant social institution. Thus, the society consists of many families, and marriage is the most traditional way to […]

The Women’s Career Role in the Institution of Marriage

What is the role of the women’s desire to build a career in the modern institution of marriage and how does it impact the attitude to love and family creation in general? It is obvious that many women in the modern world have changed their attitude to business and to family due to the shift […]

Travel For Abuse: Mail Order Brides From Asia

Looking at the conceptual meaning of the word mail order brides, it will mostly revolve around marriages that find roots in ages that are partially, if not fully outdated. The marriages take place in distances that are extended. The device that orchestrated the pioneering of this idea was none other but the web which has […]

The Changes that has Occurred in Transpacific Vietnamese Marriages

Scientific innovation, invention, and growth in international cooperation has resulted to corporate citizenship and good cooperation between the Americans and the Vietnamese; according to Hung Cam Thai in his book “Better or For Worse”, globalization has had an effect on transpacific Vietnamese marriages; the Vietnamese are increasing engaging in trans-border marriages. Since the Vietnam War, […]

Cohabitation vs. Marriage

Introduction Cohabitation comprises of coexisting couples in a sexual liaison without the legal acknowledgement. Marriage is formally composed of a husband and wife who legally, traditionally or religiously vow to commit themselves to each other. Family formations have modified where many people prefer to cohabit as an alternative to having a marriage commitment. Some views […]

Contemporary Sexuality Class: Monogamy

Monogamy and polygamy are the two different kinds of marriages that exist in the world today in which the former is regarded as the norm and the latter as the exception to the rule. These social patterns for marriage have differentiating circumstances encompassing their views. Monogamy, common in the developed countries, is whereby a person […]

Problems in Marriage Case Study

The case under consideration evaluates the situations where a wife and a husband face a number of problems connected with their family life and cannot find another decision but divorce. The husband believes that it is impossible to trust his wife as she cheats him through the Internet services, and the wife explains that her […]

Sex Marriage: Personal Opinion

The problems of sex and marriage, sex before and after marriage, and the role of sex in marriage are considered to be one of the most burning ones in different spheres of life. Lots of people prefer to talk about it just in order to solve own problems and share own experience. Some people like […]