Family Members Essay Examples and Topics

Families with Members who Experience Disabilities

Early childhood services which offer professionalized care services to parents help them meet the needs of the special children so that parents are able to balance their strengths, resources and challenges in the family (Bachraz & Grace, 2009; Goodley & Tregaskis, 2006). Early childhood services can effectively help parents with appropriate information from professionals and […]

Role Strain in Family Care Giving

Abstract Role strain in family care giving is a common phenomenon in most families. This is arises from the fact that in every one out of five families, there is a situation that requires care giving. It facilitates caring for those suffering in one way or another in a family and creating a conducive environment […]

Concerns Preventing Families from Seeking Help for a Child

Occurrence of illnesses and disorders in children is inevitable. Therefore, parents and families need to seek help for their children. However, there are concerns which may arise and hinder parents from seeking medical or any other type of help (Stanton & Skipworth, 2005). Lack of knowledge about illnesses or disorders is one of the concerns. […]

How people react to pregnant women

Depending on the culture of the people different people react differently to pregnant Women. However, there is a perception that is common in most societies. When people see a woman who is pregnant, most of them perceive her to be a mother, although this is just a thought, it is not exactly true because anything […]

Kinship system of the San community

Kinship by definition is the most basic principle of doing classification of people while putting them into social groupings, responsibilities and categories factoring in marriage together with parentage as key elements of the classifications: this is a common scenario in the society of human beings. The San community which is known to reside in the […]

The African Family

Introduction A family is the social institution where every individual belongs. Mpho ‘M’atsepo Nthunya an African woman of Lesotho belongs to a large family. As a child she learnt important aspects of life from her family as she grew up. Apparently, the society expects people to adopt its changing environment something Mpho ‘M’atsepo Nthunya has […]

Sibling Relations and Subsequent Characteristic Traits

The loss of parents has devastating effects on the lives of the children. Suddenly, the children have to learn to exist without the comfort and sense of re-assurance that parents tend to give to their children – whether young or old. The absence of parents makes the children relate to each other in a different […]

Correlation between Multiple Pregnancies and Postpartum Depression/Psychosis

Introduction Currently, there is an ever increasing incidence of multiple births especially in the developed nations and this is mainly attributed to increase in assisted reproductive technologies. Such multiple pregnancies have well known risks on the infants as well as risks on the mother, more so related to premature births. Although there is a broad […]

Are Women Better Parents Than Men?

Traditionally, the role of raising children was the mothers’. Therefore, it is often considered that women are better parents than men. However, today, circumstances have changed, and both the father and mother are responsible for bringing up the children. There is a stronger bond between a mother and child from birth. The relationship that a […]

Comparing Between Single Life and Married Life

Growth of human beings is a natural process that entails various stages from infancy, childhood, adolescence/teenage, adulthood and old age. People undergo various life experiences which could be universal or individual. When one reaches adulthood or maturity stage he or she make personal decisions about life for instance in regard to living a single life […]