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Family Communication, Its Role and Advancement Essay

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Updated: Jul 25th, 2020

The society, being the centerpiece of a civilization, must have its own regulations and standards that create order and stability, governed by morals and obligations. Even though masses of people are important, in relation to the time of the social development, family is a small unit on an individual level, which is a significant piece in a great scope of things. But at the same time, the history of a family, its behavior, attitudes, and norms are determined by the greater society and acceptable factors of the larger population or community (Le Poire, 2006).

Every generation bases itself on the knowledge and experiences of relatives, creating new characteristics for the future kin. A family is a system where people are mutually supportive, as society has no particular interest in the individual needs or wants of a person. Family is what people depended on in the past, its cooperation and unity. The more friendly, healthy and close a family was, the more they could achieve because, with a shared goal, people become more productive and directed, as everyone contributes to the matter. This was very true in the earlier days, as people were involved in farming and families had to have many children to develop and prosper. Not so long ago, the upbringing of the young was the central goal of the family. Parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents and grand grandparents must all contribute to the socialization of a child who is learning how the world functions. Sometimes extended family such as cousins and half-brothers, as well as step-brothers and sisters have a great influence on a new individual. Everyone involved makes up a small and unique world for each other and has many effects on an individual. The modern society has changed, as individualism became predominant. Unfortunately, industrialization, technology, and advancements of social communication and opinions have distanced individuals and families (Barnes, 2007).

But even though the pace of life has increased, there are still people who invest a great portion of resources into their young by going against the common negative practice. Now, it is the quality and not the quantity that matters. Relatives play a major role in how well the child will function in the world. This is achieved through involvement in numerous physical/athletic activities, specialized classes for children with talents and skills in a particular subject, as well as constant education. The fact that a person has the support and the acknowledgment of the family creates a very beneficial environment for people to develop strong personalities. The more relatives participate in the upbringing of a child, the better perspectives and pieces of knowledge an individual will receive, which is undeniably a positive influence. The various opinions and traditions are a part of many values that are stored within. All the beliefs, rituals and culture, in general, are passed on through relatives. No person’s life is exactly the same and so, everyone has a different and very unique personality that was created at a certain time and place and was influenced by a great number of environmental circumstances. That is why, it is constantly said that a person should stay close to their own roots, remember the ancestors, as there are many things that they can teach from a different time period and a setting that could possibly not happen again in the future (Wyatt, 2008).

Also, the stories and the information that is passed on through generations create a perspective that helps an individual to form a relation towards the world, its purpose and the major values and goals of humanity as a civilization. The modern world has distanced people within a family and this constantly proves to be detrimental to the larger population. The connections and interdependence of family members were the moving force of society, but this is becoming less evident. It is important to realize that cooperation within the family varies with time and place. The motives or wants that people have for communication are different from the situation and position someone has towards another person. In some instances, people have the need to communicate and must perform certain actions to transport a unique impression properly. Environmental conditions create circumstances that guide individuals. People learn to communicate from an early age and even though sometimes it is unclear in the annunciation of words, the wants and direct message are clear enough to be understood by those around. The ancestors knew that people should feel respected and acknowledged, especially within a family unit. This is true in any situation, a family gathering, friendship or work environment, but this concept is undermined in the modern world.

Communication and mutual understanding within a family have greatly changed with time. The world forces people to become distanced and focus on own goals. Leniency, patience, and understanding, as well as forgiveness, should be a part of any family, so people are expected to value the connection that has existed for such a long time but currently exhibits signs of extinction.


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